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Player: @Taosin
Also known as: Exceptional Response
Data Vault (MK V)
Age: less than 1 year
Description: Cyborg/Android,
Possibly Sentient,
Possibly AI
Base of Operations: The Rogue Isles

Delgado Harris: Press Release

01 January 2010

Delgado Harris announces the immanent release of the much-anticipated Exceptional Response Data Vault (Mark V) (ERVault for short). Information is everything, and this release uses proprietary technology and manufacturing to ensure that our customers win the Information War.

The Mark V features:

Not to mention the ability to interface and overcome data systems and store vast amounts of data. Of course, there's a lot more as well we can't tell you publically!

The launch is scheduled for 01 February 2010. You are invited to a ringside seat at DH Paragon, our advanced design and research facility in Paragon City.

About Delgado Harris: Delgado Harris is a leading military technology corporation, and operates a number of government and NGO research partnerships. It is one of a select few organisations licensed to work with advanced Rikti technology.


note: not all of this information is publically known or easy to come by.

Technically, verault is closer to an android than a cyborg. A donor brain and spinal column is twinned with advanced computing and artificial intelligence protocols. These latter are based on prototype Rikti technology pursued by Delgado Harris.

The nature of the core programming is not known at this time, nor are the edicts which would exist at the very centre of the operational computational/processing decision-making matrix. It is known (or easily assumed) that Verault 'went Rogue' and has at least some semblance of independent behaviour. What is not known is how constrained his actions are.

His behavior is social settings is less sophisticated than expected, and in some situations will more closely reflect that of a standard Turing machine.

it is unknown if Verault is truly sentient.

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