Victor Dolorosa

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Victor Dolorosa
Player: Inquizitor
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 15
Personal Data
Real Name: Victor Dolorosa
Known Aliases: Jolly Flamer
Species: Human: Undead
Age: 352
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 95
Eye Color: None (Was Blue)
Hair Color: White (Was Blond)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: St Kitts
Base of Operations: The Atlantic
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
The Jolly Flamer and Crew, Amulet of Sorrows
Themesong: Davy Jones - Dead Man's Chest

Victor Dolorosa was Origionally named Jolly Flamer. It was a bit of a joke and I wasnt really intending on takeing this character anywhere. I just liked the powersets. Since swapped things around and named his Ship Jolly Flamer. His name comes from "Via Dolorosa" which means "Way of Grief". It seemed fitting. The character's background has uncounciously been effected by the Pirates of the Carbean movies. Once I realised that I went ahead and added some other elements. --Inquizitor 16:47, 19 April 2007 (MST)



Victor is now a very cold and bitter "man". He hates all life simply because it is somethign he can never have or steal. He hates society because it was society that sent him to burn in hell. Victor has a very one track mind when it comes to fullfilling his mission. He does not care about inflicting pain nor does he inflict pain out of any sense of enjoyment. He does it because it is a byproduct of someone dying. And THAT he enjoys a great deal. He is very spitful towards people who oppose him and it is for these people he holds back the Amulet of Sorrows.



Victors Soul has been tempered in Hell and now burns with its Fury. Victor can command this power to burn all around him. The smoke and brimstone fill the air leaveing those who oppose him helpless to do anything but wait for death.

The Jolly Flamer

The Origional Jolly Flamer was a Frigate that Victor used to ply his trade. It was burned along with him and has since been restored.

The Ship

The Current incarnation of the Jolly flamer is a burnt out husk of a ship. Its deck is charred black. Cinders float from its railing. Below decks the screams of the crew and glow of fire can be heard and seen through a thick black smoke. IT's sails, Ince the finest silk now burn with a red hot intensity. The entire ship seems to burn but is never consumed. Most cannot stand to be on board without developing severe burns.

The Crew

Victors Crew is made up of two groups. The first group are the souls he has used the Amulet on. Their souls burn with the rest of the ship and their shrieks can be heard for half a mile. Their bodies shriveled into a hunched form. They have no choice but to obey Victor's every whim. The other group are members of Victors Origional Crew. They are bound to Victor as part of his deal. They must serve him but they do not suffer the torture the bound souls do.

The Amulet of Sorrows

The Amulet of Sorrows was given to Victor so that he could fullfill his deal. Useing a special ritual Victor can Bind a sould to the amulet so that when the person dies It returns as part of his crew. Once Victor has collected One thousand and one Souls he will be fully freed from his torment and no longer bound to hell. One of the soulds must be of the same bloodline as the man who ended his life.


The Pirate

As a Pirate Victor lived life to the fullest. He was an exceptionally cruel man and had little use for rules when it interfeared with what he wanted to do. His signature was to burn, with the passengers and crew bound aboard, Any ship he plundered. He was eventually captured by Captain Hawke and sent to trial. His sentance was to be burned along with his ship. Captain Hawke carried out this sentance.

The Deal

Victor Spent the next 300 years in hell burning for his sins. He was eventually apoached by a demon of some power and offered a chance at escape. Desperate Victor agreed not careing what the bargain was to be. His soul was returned to his body and he was given the Amulet of Sorrows. He was instructed to bring back 1000 souls plus the sould whose bloodline could be traced back to [Captain Hawke]. If he could do this within 10 years he would be free to roam forever.

The Final Order

Once freed, Victor immediately began to collect the souls he needed. He initially cared little about who they were. After collecting 50 souls Longbow Captured him and put him in the Zagursky Supermax where he was contained for 2 years. He was eventually Freed by Apollo Rovenski for reasons that are not entirely clear. The only part of the deal that is known is the Apollo Rovenski offered him something Victor despereatly needed, Something even better than the soul of the same blood of the man who wronged him. He offered The soul of Captain Hawke himself. Victors First action was to bind the souls of the warden to him. He then began a reign of Terror in Paragon City as he hunted down those who had initially imprisoned him. He found great joy in seeing these people bow to his every whim and so continues to this day to save the Amulet for special occasions. His alliance with The Final Order has been rikety but continues to hold.

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