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Player: @FredrikSvanberg
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Daniel Howe
Known Aliases: unknown
Species: human mutant
Age: 21
Height: 6'4"
Weight: varies
Eye Color: voids
Hair Color: blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: US citizen/Rogue Isles citizen
Occupation: mercenary
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: none
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: parents, younger sister
Known Powers
energy absorption, gravity manipulation
Known Abilities
Criminally insane, considered armed and extremely dangerous.

This character is a twisted and more extreme version of a character I created for Aberrant many years ago. I decided to try to set him up as someone with great potential, who tries to be good but due to his own flaws inevitably fails. There's also a time-travel mishap worthy of Heinlein or Moore involved in it all but that part of the story will have to be revealed later.



Formerly Riot Gear.


"Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman -- a rope over an abyss. I am the abyss." -- Vincit

Ever since the death of his childhood friend, [name witheld], the subject has been harboring several conflicting emotions and complicated contradictory delusions. A Messiah complex combined with delusions of grandeur makes him believe that he is destined for greatness but in a way which will end his life as a martyr. However, when confronted with the possibility of death and martyrdom a different part of his torn psyche will invariably cause him to shy away, claiming that he must survive to achieve his true destiny.

This cowardice or survival instinct seems to be the main hinder that prevents a career as a hero. The subject has in fact tried to use his powers for "good" several times, always with disastrous results. This hasn't stopped him from trying over and over again, blaming every failure on factors outside of his control. This indicates that the subject seems to suffer from Scirocco's Syndrome. It is a disorder which has become disturbingly common with the recent increase in meta-human activity.

In addition to the aforementioned problems the subject has a borderline personality, a growing number of bi-polar disorders, suicidal and homicidal tendencies and a plethora of sexual dysfunctions. Clearly his violent tendencies stem from an unhappy childhood and feelings of inadequacy, and he suffers from extreme intimacy issues. It is this observer's recommendation that the subject is incarcerated for the immediate and extended future and exterminated as soon as the secret of his formidable powers can be discovered and harnessed for our own purposes. The subject has no redeeming qualities and is far too dangerous to recruit. Frankly, he disgusts me.

-- excerpt from Malta group report on subject "Vincit"


Vincit absorbs all forms of energy and becomes stronger the more he absorbs. The energy is stored, focused and released in the form of electricity to augment his attacks. The ability to absorb energy does not make him invulnerable, merely very resistant. Too much energy too fast can still hurt him. His ability to absorb energy is actually weaker in combat situations if he can't concentrate and prepare himself properly. In relaxed, controlled situations he is able to absorb much greater amounts of energy than in a fight.

While energy absorption was the first and most basic power he displayed it was just a side-effect of his true gift. He can control and strengthen his personal gravity field to extreme degrees, essentially turning himself into a living black hole. In this state he becomes practically invisible, not even light can escape him, and only the outline of his own event horizon reveals his location as a "cloud" of impenetrable darkness.

Electrical Melee

By momentarily decreasing the gravitation field around his fists the energy stored within his event horizon is allowed to escape in great bursts of electricity. Vincit can combine this release of energy with super-strong punches for even greater effect. His most impressive ability is to fold space into a wormhole which allows him to teleport a short distance, exploding out of the wormhole in a magnificent burst of energy.

The more energy he absorbs the stronger he gets. With a minimal energy charge he is able to lift almost a ton. Fully charged he can lift about 200 times as much. While his physical strength does increase when he absorbs energy it is gravity manipulation that accounts for most of the weight.

Dark Armor

The manipulation of his personal gravitational field causes disturbances in space and time around him, forming an entropic cloud which appears to most people as a swirling darkness.

He can cause great damage to his surroundings by letting this field pull at everything within reach, which when combined with the increased entropy will break down matter to elemental particles in a few seconds.

By quickly altering the direction of gravitational pull around him he can disorient enemies who get too close, by making them think that they are falling or being pulled in different directions. The gravity field will also pull and push his enemies causing them to stagger or even get knocked away.

Additional Powers


His mutant powers has gradually transformed a finely tuned quarterback physiqye into semi-divine physical perfection.


Simple gravity manipulation allows Vincit to hover at good speed. He is also able to turn gravity sideways or upside-down, which lets him walk on walls or ceilings.


A theoretical application of gravity control is the distortion of time and space. Vincit can fold space to create wormholes that will let him move instantly from one place to another, or even pull an enemy through to him.


Vincit's eyes appear as voids. Not merely empty sockets, the holes left behind by the lack of orbs seem to go deeper than his skull could possibly accomodate. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

His colors are reversed - possibly as a side effect of his energy absorption power; partially absorbing the energy from light that hits him could cause a shift in wave frequency which would change the color. This effect extends to a fraction of an inch away from his body, which means that his clothes and items he pick up also have their colors reversed.

Quirks of gravity surrounds him. Small objects levitate. Light bends and struggles to escape. Time moves erratically.

Weaknesses and Limitations

It would seem his entire personality is one big weakness.


None of importance.

Character History

Vincit discovered his powers when he and a friend of his were caught in a fight between a group of supers in Siren's Call. The two friends had sneaked into the sealed-off area to look for souvenirs and take pictures to sell on the internet. As they were hiding in a ruined building overlooking one of the so called hot-spots, one of the tactically important locations where the fighting always seemed to become most intense, a pair of combatants crashed through the wall into the room where the two were located. The supers didn't notice or care about the two young men. In an impressive display of exotic energies one man was obliterated and the other reborn. Vincit survived the blasts, mostly unharmed, and sparkling with stored energy. His friend became a black smear on a wall.

He could never remember exactly what happened afterwards. Apparently he attacked the two supers who had killed his friend in a blind rage. Eventually he expended all his stored energy and became unconscious, waking up in a cell in the Ziggursky penitentiary. A psychological evaluation concluded that he had acted in a state of insanity but that it was far from temporary and that he was a danger to himself and everyone else. It was decided that he would remain in the Zig until he could be cured or neutralized. He seemed to make good progress towards recovery when a breakout attempt escalated into a riot. Vincit apparently acted in self-defense when confronted by several convicts but accidentally killed a number of guards and the psychiatrist who had been assigned to him. In the confusion Vincit joined the Rogue Island POW's as they escaped, having managed to impress one of the Arachnos operatives present.


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