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With a Thunderous Roar!
Volt Tiger
Player: @Premmy
Origin: Magic/Natural
Archetype: Blapper/Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Tyson Law
Known Aliases: Tiger, Steel Tyger ,Ty, Mr. Law, The Law, Voltiger
Species: Human
Age: 33
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Handyman, Bouncer, various odd jobs.
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Mother: Genevieve Law, Father: Ulysses Law. Brother: Davis Law(Deceased) various extended family.
Known Powers
No native Powers. Whilst Transformed: Electricity Generation, Enhanced Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance. High-Power Sonic Wave Emission context-specific energy-form teleportation.
Known Abilities
Combat prowess
Raiju Talisman. Motorcycle. Steel Tyger mask. Leather Trenchcoat. Steel-toed boots.



Voltiger is a name held by a magically-empowered superhero operating within Paragon City. The Voltiger uses the ancient and mysterious Raiju Talisman to transform his body into a conduit for the power of the Godly Thunder-Beast, the Raiju[1] With this power, he can emit powerful bursts and waves of sound and generate enormous amounts of electricity that he channels into devastating attacks. As long as he lives, the Voltiger is burdened by the constant influence of the Raiju's will, and driven to seek out evil and punish it with extreme prejudice wherever it hides.

The previous Voltiger was Ichirou Sora, Born Febuary 13, 1926 who died during the Shivan invasion. He passed his Talisman,the Power, and the title that goes with it to Tyson Law, who now carries on the name while also fighting crime under the monicker of Steel-Tyger.


Tyson is a Simple man.When pressed to describe himself he uses the term "just a guy that punches things" Prone to fits of rage at what might be considered by some to be appropriate provocation, though he has a tendency to take things "too far" He is very aware of this troubling aspect of himself. He tries to keep himself well contained in most social situations and can come across as awkward to his peers. He has a strong inclination to assert himself as a "big brother" to heroes younger than himself. Even if it is unwanted, unnecessary, or inappropriate.


Tyson Law has many friends in and out of Paragon City, many of which he can actually depend on. Steel Tyger is considered an isolated case of insanity by a random idiot to most people, with few people recognizing him as that idiot, and even fewer willing to talk about it(mostly out of fear)

His life as Voltiger is one fraught with confusion. The Previous Voltiger was well-loved by the public and so many mistake him for his predecessor. Exclamations of "I thought you were dead!" are very common. This is compounded by him being the type of hero that arrives on the scene, and then makes such a spectacle of transforming that many forget what he ever looked like to begin with. In any case the name Voltiger is associated with a strong, stubborn personality and a quick and unrelenting pursuit of villainy.


Tyson Law is a man slightly above average height with a muscular build and a dark complexion. He wears his hair very long and has a small goatee that ranges from "trimmed" to "lost in scruff" He carrieshimself like someone used to hard work and fighting, and prefers simple clothing, almost always seen wearing nothign more than a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. His most noticeable piece of clothing is the White-strapped golden-buckle belt, with the fist-sized Raiju Talisman's open mouth serving as the buckle.

As Voltiger, Tyson's body is a swirling mass of lighting and energy, contained within the padded and gold-reinforce One-piece Blue and white striped costume. His scarf seems to vary in length from one moment to the next and can occasionally be seen emoting on behalf of the faceless Voltiger. The helmet evokes the imagery of a snarling predatory animal, with huge fangs framing the golden reflective faceplate and intricate designs on the forehead, sides, and top.



The Raiju Talisman

The Raiju Talisman is Shrouded in mystery. What is known is that a Powerful beast was sealed in another realm centuries ago, and the Talisman is known as being instrumental to the sealing.While it is referred to as a "Raiju", it's power, ferocity, and nature hint at something more, and it is still unclear just exactly what The Creature truly is. The talisman seems to have passed through many hands over the ages, rarely seeing use and eventually it was thought to have been lost.

It re-surfaced in 1945, uncovered during the turmoil of Lord Nemesis's coup on America. Just as quickly as it appeared, it vanished. It and several other similar artifacts connected to ancient gods and beasts of fearsome power were being collected by the Shadow Lord Syndicate. An alliance between Circle of Thorns rebels, Banished Pantheon heretics, and numerous unaffiliated mystics who sought to Raise and tame these ancient beasts in the pursuit of power. On Febuary 15, 1950, they made their first move.

Year of the Tiger

A Hunter of Evil

Ichirou Sora was a 24 year old man trying his best to enjoy his life. Having suffered through the indignities of Internment in his youth, he moved to Paragon to start anew as a normal citizen of the City of Heroes. He felt a sense of restlessness but was happy with his life and felt destined to hold a silent wistfulness as he admired the heroes who soared overhead everyday.But fate, it seems had different plans for him.

The stars aligned, on the day of his birth, and on the night he, walking alone on a dark path in Paragon Heights, was kidnapped by operatives of the Shadow Lord Syndicate. They planned to use him as a sacrifice, and his blood would awaken the power within the Talisman. Once again men came to take his life away. No heroes to save him, noone to care, his family a world away, and him too weak to stop it. Anger boiled in his heart. As they drew the blade across his arm, His blood drained into the mouth of the talisman. But something unexpected happened. His rage fueled something deep inside and he summoned great strength and speed from within.

Grabbing the talisman, he held it aloft and was reborn. Making his escape and leaving great destruction in his wake, he marveled at his own strength and speed. Looking up at the marvelous night sky he saw the famous neighborhood heroine Galaxy Girl soaring to the scene of an accident. That sight inspired him. Looking back at his own wreckage, he knew the Shadow Lord Syndicate was not finished. Evil men like them never were. He would use his newfound powers to make a change, in the world, and in himself. He would become a new hero to create a new world. As the Voltiger, he would make a better life for all, and he would start with the Shadow Lord Syndicate.

He spent the next six years battling their insidious evil as they attempted numerous schemes to bring their ancient gods into the world. Finally destroying them just as the Might For Right act was passed. But the Voltiger had no concern for that. There was still much evil in the world. And it was his task to vanquish it.

A wanted man, he would spend the next few years operating in secret and traveling the country as a wandering biker. Only after the MFR act was repealed would he return to his home, to continue his work as a fully licensed hero. He would continue his work for many years, well into old age, until the day of his passing in the Shivan invasion.

Raging Beast

Tyson Law was born To Genevieve And Ulysses Law on February 4 1980, and came into the world grabbing with both hands. Rumor has it he might have even tried to gum the doctor's hands. Born in New york city, his family stayed there until he was ten. Upon moving to Paragon City, he and his brother found themselves the victims of rather standard "new kid" bullying. Tyson refused to let anyone pick on his younger brother. He spent the rest of their school years beating up and berating anyone who even thought to harass or bully the younger, weaker, or more awkward children. Looming over them like a protective, somewhat obnoxious, mama bear. He took particular delight in "punishing" those he felt had wronged someone. Only his younger brother Davis could keep "The Tyger" at bay.

Fangs of Steel

Savage hero.jpg

In Tyson, the seeds for heroism were sown early. After graduation, Tyson's family moved back to new york, taking their Youngest son, whod had fallen ill, with them. Tyson stayed behind. he knew what he wanted to do with his life. Unfortunately, after failing to meet PPD specifications due to his intense temper(and a past incident involving the assault of an officer) he decided to become a vigilante on his own. Unfortunately, with his history with Paragon's Finest as a mark against him, and no powers, resources, or connections to leverage, he could not register under FBSA guidelines. This did not give him much pause.

Forging an identity that embodied his old identity as a wild deliverer of justice, Tyson took to the streets of his beloved Galaxy City to strike fear into the hearts of those that would do his home wrong. Keeping his illegal vigilante life secret from everyone, he became immersed and nearly lost himself. His mother, fearing for her eldest after not hearing anything from him for weeks on end, and hoping to give Davis a final bit of joy as his condition progressed, she sent the youngest Son of Law back to the City of Heroes.

Taming the Tiger


Davis arrived back in town and found his old childhood home in shambles. It seems Tyson hadn't been keeping the place up. He asked around the neighborhood to find that his older brother barely was seen around, he apparently worked in some dive out of the row and came and went at all hours of the night. Further rumor has it that some crazy masked man was stalking the streets and savagely beating everyone from Jaywalkers to burglars whole roaring at the top of his lungs.

It didn't take long for Davis to find and confront his brother on his new "lifestyle" Catching him on the brink of murdering a small-time thug no older than seventeen. Davis was able to remind Tyson of who he aspired to be, and who he was at heart. With Davis's help Tyson would continue to help people in their neighborhood. It was just like old times. Davis and Tyson worked together for several more years until the younger finally passed on with he peaceful and loving reminder to His brother. To always remember who he wanted to be.

A Change

Tyson continued on, His brother's memory keeping his rage in check. Things went along as uneventful as it can for a vigilante, until the day the meteors fell. Trapped in a dying city, the Two tigers found each other. Sora an old man with fire still burning in his heart, and Tyson with a beast caged in his soul. Together, they used their ferocity and power to help many citizens escape the chaos, but soon found themselves trapped in a collapsing building, with Sora mortally wounded, and Shivans closing in on every side. Sora stood up and pushed Tyson away. Despite his wounds he stepped forward. Looking back at this man, and saw the change in the world he had hoped for, and it was so very familiar. He transformed,one last time, into the Voltiger, and tossed his talisman to the Steel Tyger, tasking him the job of using it's power to change the world. With a final, Thunderous Roar. Voltiger was no more.

But he would be reborn. With no way out and Still more Shivans approaching, Tyson blindly imitated what he saw Sora do and was able to carve a mindless, savage path of destruction to safety before passing out. Over the next few months, He practiced hard to try and reclaim the power he tasted for that brief instant, gaining progress in fits and starts before finally communing with the Raiju, battling it until it found his inner Righteous Fury worthy and permanently lent him it's power to use in the fight against Injustice and Evil.

Tyson's power continues to grow exponentially and the Raiju stirs as Dark Gods rise to challenge it and Otherworldly Interlopers loom on the horizon. Within his own soul, constant exposure to moral greys and ambiguity test the limits of his conviction and his beliefs. Only time will tell if Tyson Law can keep the beast, both within himself, and in the spiritual plane, in check.


Beastly Brawling

Beastly brawling.gif

Powered or not, Tyson is a fearsome combatant. From a young age he mastered the brutal art of combat via first-hand experience. His "Hard Knocks" style of fighting is quick, dirty, and devastating. As Voltiger, the beastly aspects of his personality, and the Raiju's influence take over, lowering his stance and expressing his rage with rushing charges and wild but powerful swiping blows

Voltiger Form

When Tyson Law gives the call, He transforms into the Voltiger. His body becomes a conduit of the Raiju's immense thunder powers and he himself becomes an elemental of Thunder, as well as a portal into the Raiju's realm. While in this form he is faster, stronger, more agile, and has seemingly boundless stamina.

Golden Beast Form

A Limited-use form: This secondary transformation gives Voltiger a massive increase in power and improved armor, making him impervious to harm. This form cannot be used frivolously, as the amount of time the fickle and temperamental Raiju is willing to lend it's vessel such power is short indeed.

Raiju Roar

VoltTiger Unleashing the Thunderous Roar of the Raiju

Voltiger can emit intensely powerful and destructive waves, fields, and bursts of sound capable of causing massive

Tiger Thunder

Voltiger can, of course, generate massive voltage in the form of lightning blasts, electric fields, and explosive electromagnetic punches and kicks.

Finishing Moves

By uttering key spells, He can invoke the Raiju's power, and even it's intervention, for greater and more powerful attacks than he can on his own.

Tiger Bolt:

Voltiger Leaps into the air, wreathed in a massive field of electricity that takes the form of the Raiju's massive jaws. Slamming both fists down on the target as the fangs of lightning sink into his enemy and shreds them.

Golden Tiger Bolt

Voltiger Transforms into a bolt of lightning and dissapears into the upper atmosphere, striking down again as a Massive Tiger-shaped Bolt of lightning to deliver a Tiger Bolt to the enemies of Justice.

Beastly Impact

Voltiger Channels a massive field of lightning in the form of the Raiju's mighty hand that reaches out and claws all in front of him.

OOC Stuff


Feel free to listen to this playlist when playing with me(as Voltiger), while reading this, or just for any ol' reason.


Davis's Girlfriend has taken up his old task of looking after Tyson's erratic behavior. As part of this she attempts to direct him towards a more well-adjusted lfe. To placate her in the shallowest way possible, Tyson has signed up for formspring to network with other heroes.

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