Wire Eidolon

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Wire Eidolon
Player: @MrQuagmire
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: none
Species: Undead
Age: Confidential
Height: 6'
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: none
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Dark Melee, Regeneration
Known Abilities
Superjump, Body Mastery
No additional information available.



Supergroup: Sniper's Edge


Wire Eidolon was once a powerful Mire Eidolon under the control of Dr. Vahzilok. She was assigned to oversee the protection of a Vahzilok lab in a Kings Row warehouse when a group of unknown heroes assaulted the facility. In the struggle, Wire Eidolon was defeated and left broken in the warehouse.

Her corpse lay upon the floor of the warehouse for an unknown amount of time. It could have been days, weeks, or months before Clockwork scavengers began a salvage operation in the abandoned warehouse. Clockwork gears discovered her corpse and attempted to repair it. After completing the repairs, the gears provided a final jolt of electricity to kickstart the new robot, and life coursed once again through Wire Eidolon's body.

The Clockwork King does not control her - it is believed her organic composition makes it impossible.

Dr. Vahzilok does not control her - it is believed her robotic components protect from his mind control.

The process which revived her has left her with amnesia and no end of questions.


Short Summary: Serious, Enigmatic, Reserved

Wire Eidolon keeps mainly to herself. This is mostly due to her Eidolon appearance. She is not trusted by many, often shunned. She expects this, understands why, and reacts accordingly. This unfortunately makes her an emotional shut in and an outcast amoungst many of her peers. In many ways this is a blessing. Wire Eidolon is insecure about her past, unsure exactly what she is, and uncertain about her future. Being a somewhat unapproachable figure grants her solace from probing questions that make her uncomfortable, allowing her to keep her stoic and unapproachable facad.


Dark Melee

Mysterious control of Shadow and Dark Energies are inherrited from whatever twisted process Dr. Vahzilok used to create her Mire Eidolon form. These twisted powers were once the tools of evil, but when evil begets evil, it accomplishes good.


An odd biproduct of the reanimation process. Originally it was believed that the Clockwork injected her with nano-robot technology. However this is inconsistant with anything the Clockwork king has done before, or since. The Clockwork are automatrons, animated purely by the telekinetic control of the Clockwork King himself. If he's controlling these nano-bots, why? What purpose does he have in store for Wire Eidolon, as he has no control over her.

Attempts to extract the nano-bots has proven unsuccessful. The moment they leave Wire Eidolon's body, they self destruct.

Additional Powers

Body Mastery

Her zombie-cyborg body has heightened senses, balance, and focus. She can push her body past pain thresholds that would stunt the athletic prowess and endurance of ordinary humans.

Super Leaping

Her legs can propel her over immense distances.

Character History

Throughout the course of her career, Wire Eidolon has been searching for clues to her mysterious origins. Science had failed to put the peices together properly leaving an insatiable void within as dark as the Mire she eminates.

As soon as she established herself within the ranks of Paragon's Heroes, Wire focussed her attentions to thwarting Dr. Vahzilok's schemes in hopes of turning up information regarding her living identity. Nothing ever came of the investigations into her past. However in the final confrontation between Wire Eidolon and Dr. Vahzilok, something terrible - almost beastial - was unleashed within her. Only by the sheer force of will was able to contain her bloodlust.

This terrible darkness within scared her and haunts her to this day. Was it simply rage, or is something caged within her being held back waiting to be unleashed? Is she a tool of destruction for some unseen puppetmaster? These questions continue to haunt her soul.

In the end, no information of her life before becoming an Eidolon ever surfaced.

She turned her investigations onto the Clockwork King's activities next. Her living origin must remain a mystery, but perhaps she could determine the reason behind the Clockwork King's motive to repair her. Sadly this investigation turned up few answers... only more questions. She confronted the Clockwork King and during his monologue learned that the nano-technology which regenerates her was not that of the Clockwork King at all. His gears essentially "shock-started" the nano-tech and revived her most unexpectedly, preventing the Clockwork scavengers from completing the project they were making of her remains.

Where did the nano-tech come from? A small clue was found when Wire Eidolon rescued a hacker known as "the Doctor". During his hack of the Crey Industries Mainframe, Wire spotted a file marked Project:Poseidon. Something about that stuck a chord with her. She quickly purused the file and found the address of the warehouse where she lay dead for so many months. Then it hit her... she'd seen "Poseidon" labeled on one of the crates in the warehouse when she woke. Before she could read more, she was pulled from the terminal. Crey Industries had located the breach of security and had activated a self destruct mechanism on the lab. They had to evacuate immediately or die.

No further details of Project:Poseidon have ever turned up. What did Crey Industries do to her? What made them abandon the warehouse leaving the work unfinished? What was the intent of Project:Poseidon? These questions remain unanswered.

The Truth to be Discovered

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.
Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

((the following information is not yet known)) Project:Poseidon was a top secret experiment conducted by Crey Industries. The objective was to create nano-robot technology and overcome the issue of power. Nano-bot power has been a design barrier since nano-technology was first conceived. Batteries are too small and if severed would result in life threatening chemicals loose in the host. There is also no way to recharge them and solar technology won't work within a host. The Crey stole information from Dr. Aeon on Elderitch Energy and learned of the process to tap power from a demon. The Crey perverted the technology and using similar theory adapted it to tap negative energy.

The crey needed a host for thier experiments and found the broken Eidolon. Progress was exceeding expectations and the project was nearing completion when one day, without explanation, the entire scientific team died. There was no appearant cause of death. Everyone who died appeared to be in perfect health and based on the expressions on thier faces were not alarmed or scared. It was as if their souls calmly left thier bodies. The anomoly was enough to discourage further experimentation, so Crey Industries sent a cleanup team and shelved the project.

But what killed the scientists?

The four classic elements - earth, fire, water, and wind - are the source of all life on the planet. As any mage knows, all things must have balance. There is a lesser known element, opposite the classic four. This element is the balancer to the equasion and its power is equal to the combined strength of earth, fire, water, and wind. It appears where there is the absense of the classic elements and to harness its powers is taboo, even in the most evil of magic circles. In the common vernacular it is referred to as the Void.

Magicians have forsaken the Void, but it is an essential element of the universe. It exists as nonexistance - tangible only in the complete absense of other four. As magic continues to borrow energies of the four classic elements without tapping the void, the balance is lost. Slowly the powers are siphoned to the perversions of magic users everywhere, but the Void's energies remain at full strength. As the four become weaker, the void will eventually consume all existance.

However a correction to the equasion was inadvertantly created in the name of science. Powers taboo to the magic world have been tapped by Dr. Vahzilok unknowingly in his scientificly engineered undead. He knows not what he does, but as he leeches from the void converting it to Mire, he is unwittingly saving the universe.

As stated before, the Void is the absense of the classic elements that created life and balances the universe. The scientists created a conduit to harness Mire energy but their experiments released a small amount of the raw void element. All life it came in contact with was negated instantly, and as nothingness was a silent creeping death to its victims.

Wire Eidolon carries the nothingness within her. It is the mirror image of her own empty memories, her introverted personality, and the darkness that lay within.

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