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Public company 55% held by Dr. Jackson Hewlett Wolfe with 3% held by Dr. Bonita Wolfe and 2% held by Claire Wolfe.


approx 40B USD

Outstanding Shares: 102,525,581

Price per Share: $400

Revenue 2009: 10 Bilion USD Profit: 900 million ((These numbers would make it about 240 on the Fortune 500))

History and Mission

Wolfetec is a research and consulting firm founded by Dr. Jack Wolfe. Specializing in Exotic Research and Development Wolfetec holds several government and private contracts to examine or reverse engineer the multitude of alien and meta-human equipment in Paragon City. Wolfetec is also contracted to conduct medical examinations of alien and meta-human biology. Not all particapants in these examinations are living.

In addition to contracted work, Wolfetec patents and then licenses exotic technology developed in their labs for manufactuer by other companies including the big defense/home conglomerates such as Honeywell, GE, and General Dynamics. Wolfetec has recentaly begun manufacturing a small line of premier Wolfetec branded weapons for the US governmet and devloped premier product lines for the home markets. This move allows Dr Wolfe to have greater control over where his technology goes and lessens his relience on outside manufacturers. The jury is still out on the impact this change or addtion in the operating model will have on the company.

Wolfetec corporate headquarters is in Steel Canyon, the company also owns several research facilities around Paragon, research labs are suplimented by small manufacturing facilities in Independence Port and Kings Row as well as a large testing facility in Kings Row. These facilities are used to produce prototypes for weapons, vehicles, and devices designed by Wolfetec employees. In addtion there a several branch offices in major cities across the world. One of the most profitable, if not largest, Wolfetec ventures is "Uncle Jack's Surf and Taco Shops" located on some of the best beaches in this world....and others.

Wolfetec, bringing you tomorrow today.

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