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During her first run as a hero, Wonder Witch specialized in the more mystic villain groups, having been targeted by many of them throughout her life.

The Cabal: Her longest running feud. To the Cabal, Tamara is an abomination and the result of generations of wasted mystical genetic experimentation to become a vessel for their reincarnated goddess. While only a few attempts have been made against her by rogue Cabal sorceresses despite a shaky truce, Tamara has felt their collective animosity for taking one of their sisters away from them her entire life. She still has an ongoing bounty on her head and is well known by the Cabal through the stories of her traitorous existence.

The Legacy Chain: While unable to take direct action against her due to her status as a hero, The Legacy Chain watches Tamara VERY closely, and have for her entire run of heroics despite her never-ceasing commitment to good. They lie in wait for her to fall in line with the witches of the Cabal, or finally loose control of her powers, waiting in smug silence for their chance to forcefully say “We told you so.”

Circle Of Thorns: From toddlerhood the Cirlce would send spirits to try and coax her to come to them, later trying to kidnap her outright. Wonder Witch has foiled many a Circle plot, and she has a special place in her heart for the Circle of Thorns, believing their plots to be one if the greatest direct threats on the citizenry. Since the start of her career, Wonder Witch has also acquired a number of Circle artifacts and tomes that they would no doubt love to reclaim.

The Hellions and Skulls: These two have provided Tamara with much entertainment. Not really giving either much credit, she does recognize the potential they have. As such, she tends to arrest those she finds lurking about, but not before showing them what REAL magic can do.


Talia Yorke: Tamara's mother, and former Cabal sorceress. She has been there for her since day one and supports her heroic endeavors no matter what. While she doesn't particularly approve of her choice of non magical husband, she keeps her opinions to herself. Mostly.

Rodolphus Yorke: Having returned to his daughter in the form of a red spirit wisp, Rodolphus aids his daughter with secrets from both this world and beyond. He can do all the typical spirit things, plus he retains a small fraction of his former magic and can use it to bestow a blessing upon Tamara.

Hopper: Hopper is the family familiar. A former Red Cap rascal, Hopper is fiercely loyal to the women of Tamara's family, and has even become close to Tamara's husband and become fiercely protective of him and Tabitha. With the added ability of self teleportation, a massive talent for digging, and his rather large axe (axe of undead slaying), Hopper is a highly useful assistant to the family.

Tully: A leprechaun that was brought by a spell gone awry, Tully petitioned Wonder Witch’s help in saving his clan. In return, Tully will sometimes accompany Tamara to give her a bit of added luck in her endeavors.

The Midnighters: Rodolphus' family has a long legacy with the Midnighters Club and the Midnight Squad, and Talia and her mother were both members, leading to a very natural membership for Tamara. She has been a member for over 20 years and has made friends of various high profile members.

Looking for Contact

Wonder Witch is always on the lookout for those who she can help with her extensive mystical knowledge.

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