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Wraith Spiders
First Appearance: February 2007
Website: -The Wraith Spiders
Forums: -Wraith Spiders on Proboards
Current Members:  ???
Active Weekly Members: 50-100
Active Daily Members: 16-40
Top 100 VG Rank: 78
Commanders: Night Widow Scourge
Officers: Night Widow Kress, Oracle Void
Banner WraithSpidersbanner2.jpg
"Obey and Serve."



An Out of Character Note
(( I really questioned how to start this.. I remember watching this group first appear, and never would I have guessed that I would join the group and meet some of the most amazing players and characters I've seen in my "City of" playing time. Like every wonderful group of players out there, we've had our ups and downs, but, as always we find our place once more and each time it only strengths the amazing bonds we have. As the Fool begins his journey, even he finds an end at the World, and it is disheartening for me to say as it stands, the Wraith Spiders have indeed disbanded. Faith is strong, and friendship is even stronger in the fact we have as a group formed a new Arachnos group called the Black Inquisition, an experimental group Arachnos division dedicated to hunting down traitorous and renegade elements in the web as well as rooting out insurgency from Paragon and beyond. I'm still a novice when it comes to writing virtueverse entries and I don't like to start until I have all the materials needed so while I wait for the logos, information, pictures and such to flood to me, I want to let you know who can contact if you're interested in joining us in the Black Inquisition. Please feel free to drop a tell to @Dead-ish, @Screth and myself @Lightning Senshi. Any of us will be happy to answer your questions or arrange for your character to join the Black Inquisition. Until next time. ))

Who we are

The Wraith Spiders are Ghost Widow's elite. They are her enforcers and loyal guard. Taken from various positions within Arachnos, they are a military force fighting for their Lady and for Arachnos itself. The Wraith Spiders are curiously unique when compared to other Arachnos units for two reasons. One outstanding reason would be that they have a strict policy AGAINST any form of infighting within their unit that even extends into a policy of avoidance of conflict with other Arachnos units if such avoidance is feasible or reasonable. This is largely due to the idea being spread around within their ranks that the backstabbing typical of Arachnos is "beneath them" and "wasteful". Another curiosity about them is that many among them are not merely elite Arachnos troops, but meta humans who were persuaded away from Project: Destiny and indoctrinated into the ways of Arachnos. Within the Spiders are many divisions: Infantry, Spec Ops, Medical, Tech Corps, Fortunata Corps, and Security.

Join Us!

If you have an Arachnos loyal character, or are planning one, and you want to join up with the Wraith Spiders, contact Night Widow Scourge. We'll have you interviewed as soon as possible. If you decide to introduce your character with a storyline, we encourage this and will assist in any way possible.

Recent Developments

  • When Nemesis attacked the shores of Grandville, digging up from under the sands in the infamous Mole Machines, the Wraith Spiders were deployed to take a handle on the situation. In a matter of minutes, the Wraith Spiders deployment team thwarted the attack and crushed the invading force. Leaving no man or machine standing.
  • After a nearly successful attempt on Night Widow Scourge's life, the Wraith Spiders scramble to follow evidence to find and bring justice to her would be killer.
  • When Allen Gabriel infiltrated the Wraith Spiders base and bombed their entrance, the unit assembled to capture the assassin and condemn him to an Arachnos torture cell deep within the bowels of Grandville. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to hold him...
  • To recover and detain the defected Spec Ops specialist Death-Master, the Wraiths infiltrated and attacked an Omega Watch base in the United States. Discovering him mind controlled and turned into a puppet, they defeated him and dragged him back to the Isles to begin his repatriation...
  • During a kidnap attempt by a nautical assailant, Operative Leviathan was mind controlled into turning on her fellow Wraiths. Night Widow Scourge was incapacitated in the battle and sent to the medical ward where her "little friends" took over and turned her into a nightmarish horror that took a full squad of Wraiths to take down.


Who are the Wraith Spiders?

An Arachnos Villain Group that serves as Ghost Widow's finest and as one of the most successful units currently serving in the Rogue Isles.

Character Types Allowed?

All classifications of villain are accepted. (All ATs)

Roleplay Style?

Roleplay usually revolves around a strict military structure for group events. General gameplay is a bit more lax, but still necessitating behavior appropriate for soldiers.


The Wraith Spiders do have a uniform scheme, being a military organization after-all, the exact uniforms for each division can be located on the Wraith Spider main page, or by checking out the Wraith Spiders homepage.[1]

However, it should be known, that this does not have to be your main character costume slot and can easily be one of the other character slots. Also, VEATs do not need to get a costume, as having the first slot devoted to your archetype is more then enough.

Who Can Apply?

Any Arachnos loyalist who can adhere to a military fashion and lifestyle.

How To Apply?

Get in contact with any of the Commanders or Officers of the Wraith Spiders (via emails or tells). They will be more than glad to render assistance from there.

The Web

The following is a list of the divisions found within the Wraith Spiders and who you can contact for those divisions, along with what to expect from them.

  • Infantry

Wraith Spider infantry usually consists of Wolf Spiders, Crab Spiders, Blood Widows, and ex-"Destined" who's meta human talents make them an asset on the front lines. They make up the bulk of the unit's forces and are tasked with more standard Arachnos routines such as patrols and straightforward combat. These are some of the most battle hardened and grisled soldiers Arachnos has to offer.

  • Spec Ops

Night Widow Scourge personally oversees the Spec Ops Division of the Wraith Spiders. The Spec Ops largely consists of Bane Spiders and Night Widows. They are often tasked with the stealthier jobs ranging from acquisition all the way up to assassination. Commander Canterbury's division is notorious for having the highest admittance requirement of any squad within the Wraith Spiders. Spec Ops hopefuls are forced to run "The Trial", a series of goals and objectives increased in difficulty each time a Spider succeeds at the test, in Warburg. The fact that no soldiers have lost their lives on the trial has given rise to the controversial notion that Night Widow Scourge is too soft on her troops. To that, she only has the reply of "I've a keen eye for talent" and the list of countless Longbow who's lives were extinguished by truly gifted soldiers.

  • Medical

Medical support within the Wraith Spiders is extensive and impressive. Many highly active troops have requested transfer to the Wraith Spiders for the security of medical benefits alone. The medical ward is run by Night Widow Kress and maintained by lab technicians and automated surgeons.

  • Tech Corps

Huntsman Rampage heads up the proficient Tech Corps of the Wraith Spiders. They invent, implement, and/or maintain the technology that goes into the Wraith Spiders' base, weapons, armor, and miscellaneous hardware. The two sub-divisions of the Tech Corps are The Air Corps and Section 15.

  • Fortunata Corps

Oracle Void leads the Fortunata of the unit on and off the battlefield. Under his supervision, the psionically advanced widows assist in coordination of troops, prediction of future events via foresight, and in combat itself. Since G'nyaskrnattu's promotion to chief Fortunata, he's taken the group one step further, by changing the way the Wraith's Fortunata corp work in comparison to what other Arachnos branches use the Fortunata for. The transformation can only be described as more "hands on", and the Fortunata are to be considered an inquisitional unit. Psychic interrogations, finding the newest potential of recruits, are just some of the things that G'nyaskrnattu is trying to focus the Fortunata for.

  • Security

Huntsman Creel is the Chief of security for the high tech and already heavily armed facility that houses the Spiders. However, armored walls and high tech defense systems can only do so much. Ever vigilant, Creel's men and women serve as a sort of military police in any area under Arachnos lock down and as sentries at headquarters in quieter times.



(( Gonna have to have someone type this up for me. Keep it IC for me though. ))

Fort Cerberus

The Lonely Tower overlooking Mercy Island is home to Ghost Widow, and as such the Wraiths make their base inside that fortress. Deep under the ground, far below the Widow's observatory lies the impressive Spiders' complex. Its enormous, powerful computers and medical ward are sights to behold, yet the most awe inspiring room in the base is the hangar. It is there that the Widowmaker, the Spiders' personal transport flyer, resides and is constantly refitted and maintained by Warbird Ticonderoga.

(( OOC: A very special thanks to Night Widow Kress for designing this truly amazing base.))

OOC Notes

  • The Wraith Spiders are an RP VG on Virtue. We are HEAVY RP with a slightly mature rating for violence and language.
  • The Wraith Spiders obtained Ghost Widow's permission to begin and carry on this VG and have been proudly doing so for well over two years now.
  • We are a military-based VG and strive to preserve our theme. There is a solid rank hierarchy and characters are expected to adhere to this.
  • Characters do NOT, repeat do NOT, have to be VEATs or take Ghost Widow as their patron at 40. The only restriction we have is that your character be an Arachnos loyalist and be able to function within a military unit.
  • We do have a uniform (with many variants based on the division) and request that when you receive an extra costume slot (be it your second/third/fourth/or fifth), that you use it for your uniform. (Depending on the BM prices, costume salvage will be awarded to Spiders who are active and actively earning prestige).
  • Arachnos helmets and/or the Arachnos Symbol are not required for any uniforms/costumes, though they're helpful in thematic designs.

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