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Xarnista Assassin.PNG
She may be small.. but she is just as deadly.
Player: @Mia
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker/Mastermind
Threat Level: 5/32
Personal Data
Real Name: Xarnista Darkblade
Known Aliases: '
Species: Elf
Age: Child Elf ( 36 human years )
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 78lbs ( added about 20lbs from her robotic arm )
Eye Color: Emerald
Hair Color: Raven
Biographical Data
Nationality: Same Area, Alternate Dimension.. Known as Platnia there.
Occupation: House Mistress of House Darkblade.
Place of Birth: Platnia
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: Only living Blood Relative known to her is her sister Lyrina Darkblade.
Known Powers
Taps into a world of the damned for her dark magics.
Known Abilities
She is an engineer and possesses a few combat skills.
Only thing that could really be considered as equipment she always has is her right arm which is replaced with a robotic one. Also she has wings on her back which are also detachable.
She can be seen as either a DB/DA Stalker or a Bots/DM Mastermind.


About the character

Xarnista could be best described as a magical cyborg goth elf child. She is partially enhanced cyberneticly and has a knack for both engineering and magic.. usually wears very gothic outfits.. and is of course, a young elf.

A child... kinda

She is a child in the elven society and she does fit the appearance to a humans expectations of a child. However, she is 36 so could be considered an adult to humans as even humans are often considered children to her society. Her age was determined by myself using my own elf age calculation which probably doesn't fit other elves.

Her personality

Usually, she is calm and serene, however she has very chaotic tendencies. She also knows how to have fun and can sometimes display the childlike nature expected by her form although usually with a chaotic twist.


Xarnista is from an alternate earth. In this earth the myth of elves was broken when they appeared in history almost suddenly in the early 900s A.D. They colonized much of the earth such as what is known here as the west side of North America as well parts of Africa and Asia. Most notibly due to it being the place of origin of Xarnista, Etoile Islands and Barmuda Triangle though these places are both part of what is called Platnia in her dimension.

Descent into darkness

For the first 22 years of her life she was the ideal daughter. Very sweet, very innocent and very playful. This slowly changed when for her 18th birthday her father gave her a 'pet' ice mephit. She named this mephit Xaryna and treated her as a very good friend rather then a pet and eventually even began to fall in love with her. It was a few years later when the relationship had bloomed between the elven girl and the ice mephit and Xarnista hated that Xaryna was bound as a slave through her fathers spell so she studied hard to remove it. When she finally succeeded her father was furious and took Xaryna away to place the spell back on her claiming the mephit to be dangerous. With the spell broken however, Xaryna was able to defend herself and attempted to get away. As she struggled she summoned a large spike of ice which impaled the wizard right though the heart, leaving Xarnistas father dead right in front of her. After looking to the blood on her hands then to Xaryna who was also blood-soaked, she freaked and tackled Xaryna to the ground. Enraged she through every physical attack she could at her and it ended in Xarnista tearing the wings from Xarynas back. Coming to her senses she ran from her home.. running as far away as she could. It was around this time.. her darkest moment in life that she encountered a very dark entity that offered to make the pain go away. It was this moment her life spiraled into the darkness chaning both mind and body. After this point she never seen Xaryna again.

Arriving in this dimension

Xarnista helped her sister Lyrina flee into hiding by using a highly unstable dimensional travel spell from her fathers research to open a portal to this dimension. The spell back fires, sending the entire Darkblade Manor into the portal becoming stuck between the dimensions. This is not viewed as a failure but a new discovery as it makes the manor very hard to breech without the use of some kind of dimensional travel.

She also does travel back to her own dimension on occasion. While opening a portal to act as a doorway for her sister to come and go had its side-effects.. she is able to teleport herself and others between the two dimensions. However, while she finds her world dull and full of order with little chaos... this she finds much more chaotic and to her liking.

Powers and Abilities

Magical Abilities

Xarnista in her past researched magic in hopes of one day becoming a wizard like her father. She caught on to minor cantrips quickly and even somewhat more advanced spells like summoning and teleportation. She has also picked up a variety of spells derived from the darkness within her.

Engineering Robotic Minions

She has always had a hobby in tinkering with gadgets usually making small toys or little automated pets. She would use magic to give them life rather really advanced software.

Battle Droids

Protector Bots

Assault Mech

When one of her robotic minions stopped obeying Xarnista for a short time, it ripped her right arm clean from its socket. This arm was replaced by her by a robotic one with the aid of her protector bots. They have also attached a pair of mephit wings to her once belonging to Xaryna, allowing short bursts of flight.

Dark Servant

While not a robot.. it still protects her. It is not however under her command but instead under the command of the for mentioned 'Dark Entity' that approached Xarnista in the past.

Combat skills

Her sister has taught her some degrees of combat. While not completely trained she knows enough to get by and should things get really bad.. she still has her magic to back her up.


Xarnista is a member and co-leader of House Darkblade which originated by her father, Councilor Lor'Dmere Darkblade. Before his death House Darkblade was a very respected house and due to his death it has nearly fallen apart. With his younger daughters corruption and his elder daughter not around.. all but the most loyal members abandoned the house.

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