Xia Xia

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A quick sketch of Xia.
Xia Xia
Player: @FallSe7en
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Li Hemuo
Known Aliases: Xia, Snacksize
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 96 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dyed
Biographical Data
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas
Base of Operations: Sin Enterprises
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Favors dual blades.
No additional information available.


Xia is a relatively normal person in a world of super-powered beings. Compared to the usual denizens of the Rogue Isles and Paragon City, Xia is quite underpowered. Still, she attempts to piece together a life in the Isles, pursuing a modest drug trade and trying to make the best of her situation.

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Xia's heavy drug-use, specifically of acid (LSD), has caused her to undergo a process known as Transcension and become a Transcendant. Becoming a Transcendant is a paradigm shift in human consciousness usually accompanied by a massive increase in power and dexterity, as well as heightened senses and elevated awareness--Xia, however, only enjoys a moderate increase in dexterity, and almost no visible manifestations of heightened abilities otherwise. This is because the path towards Transcension is one that requires centuries of arduous discipline and heavily-monitored training--Xia has skipped this path entirely, and thus does not enjoy the full benefits of the process. Still, she can undergo short bursts of such speed that the human eye loses track of her.


LSD not only triggered Xia's Transcension, but also temporarily alters her perceptions in such a way that she can react in fights with what seems like supernatural reflexes. In reality, she simply has a different understanding of the fight--all the unrelated elements of her environment gets filtered out, leaving her with a clear view of how to inflict damage and an even clearer understanding of how to avoid harm. Because of this, Xia ingests specially-prepared tabs of acid before her fights to give herself an edge.

The Orange Tab

The brilliant-orange tab is Xia's primary blend of LSD. It affords her heightened senses and awareness as well as dulling her sensitivity to pain.

The Green Tab

The lime-green tab is the timed-release version of the orange tab. It is designed to release right after the orange tab runs out. Xia usually pops one of these right after an orange tab if she foresees an extended fight.

The Purple Tab

The dark-purple tab is a dangerous cocktail of designer drugs that Xia uses only occasionally to temporarily boost her abilities far beyond their normal limits. Unfortunately, this tab leaves Xia completely exhausted after its effects have subsided.


Center Society

Center Society is an enigmatic group comprised of the world's Transcendants. Center Society trains Transcendants and all Transcendants not trained by them are automatically inducted into the ranks of Center Society upon Transcension. However, Xia's contact with this group has been minimal as the group does not yet seem to have any plans for her. Xia is perfectly content to remain an inactive agent of Center Society as she goes about with the rest of her life.

Johnson, Scott L.

Professor of Chemistry at Aeon University and Xia's mentor as well as her primary informant.


Roboko was an artificial contact-purpose humanoid interface that had been apparently abandoned by her previous owners. Xia happened upon her in an abandoned lab and accidentally reactivated her. Upon activation, Roboko automatically created an Administrator account and designated Xia as her primary user.

Unfortunately, Roboko was destroyed during 'The Campaign', a mystery-shrouded Center Society mission Xia took part in.

Sin Enterprises

Xia works in the Powered Security division at Sin Enterprises.


Xia Xia is a 21 year-old Chinese girl. She tends towards multiple layers and darker, more earthy tones. Her fashion sense borrows heavily from Japanese street styles.

Her hair is dyed a light pink/blonde and she has five piercings total--3 on her left ear and 2 on her right ear.


Early Life

Xia Xia, born Li Hemuo, grew up in a small suburban neighborhood just outside of Houston, Texas. Perhaps in an attempt to distract herself from an otherwise unremarkable and purposeless life, she began experimenting with drugs halfway through high school. It was in this world of illicit narcotics that Xia finally found her niche in life. Quickly and quietly amassing a modest pool of buyers, Xia found herself at the top of her very own drug business.

As Xia's drug business expanded, she began clashing with the local gangs and strong-arms. Although her parents were still unaware of their daughters' night-time activities, Xia was finding it increasingly difficult to keep her business a secret with the gradually-growing amount of suspicious activity and potentially-violent encounters. With this in mind, Xia sought to move away in search of a fresh start.

Although her grades were average at best, Xia had applied to Aeon University under the urging of a Dr. Scott L. Johnson, a professor at Aeon University that Xia met online when she was seeking help in synthesizing her own batch of LSD. After receiving the university's acceptance letter, Xia realized that attending Aeon University was the perfect solution she had been looking for.

Xia left for the University right after her high school graduation, seeking to restart her drug business, albeit more quietly, in the Rogue Isles.

Arriving at the Isles

Upon arriving in the Isles, Xia found that Dr. Johnson was far more well-connected than she had previously anticipated. He arranged temporary housing for her as well as hooking her up with her first clients and suppliers. Taking classes by day and dealing by night, Xia generally kept busy.

The Crackdown and the Lockdown

Xia's business eventually grew large enough to draw the attention of the Rogue Isles Police (RIP). After a quick bust and an even quicker trial, Xia was thrown into the Zig on charges of possession.

Fortunately, Xia did not have to stay long. On the very next day after her incarceration, Arachnos attacked the Zig in search of a "Destined One". Xia managed to slip out during the chaos and return to the Rogue Isles.

Contract with the Devils

Upon returning to the isles, Xia found that, while a few of her clients and suppliers were still loyal to her, most had turned their back to her. Seeking help, as well as employment, Xia fell in with a group known as the Devil's Night Syndicate. From within the relative safety of this shady organization, Xia once again began rebuilding her drug business, eventually dabbling in small-scale grow and synthesis operations.


It was during her time with the Devils that she became a Transcendant and was promptly contacted by Center Society.

Agent of Sin

Growing increasingly uncomfortable with the dangers associated with the drug trade and simultaneously achieving some measure of success in her studies at Aeon University, Xia decided to give up the majority of her drug business in order to concentrate on classes as well as begin a career.

To this end, Xia took a position at Sin Enterprises in the Powered Security division, and hopes to work her way up after graduating.

The Campaign

Just as Xia was growing acclimated to her life with Sin Enterprises, Center Society 'activated' her, sending her on what eventually turned out to be a year-long ordeal.

Upon her return to Sin Enterprises, her abilities had improved dramatically, she had ceased her drug-selling businesses, and a great deal of the immature/girly sensibilities she had previously indulged in had disappeared. She remains tight-lipped about what her mission with Center Society was, but it clearly had a great impact on her growth.

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