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The world of Sareves, was once a lush paradise, extremely similar to our own world, until the ages of the black plague, when our own world was ravaged by bacteria, viruses and horrific diseases, the world of Sareves was torn apart by the 'Black Plague' of demons, the skies darkened, the crops died and finally the world was plunged into a practical darkness.

The plague was released by a great sorceror and once the head of the elders, Hartican Alarnas. The mage believed that demons and dark creatures could in turn be bound to help humanity as a slave race. Annoyed at his suggestions, the demons grew angry, and struck back against their 'master' using his own spells against him, he was dragged into the netherworld, never to be heard from again.

Few pockets of resistance survived, using magic in order to pull large chunks of earth from the land, and create floating islands, protected via enormous shields comprised of the strongest magics cast by the strongest mages.

After a few hundred years, the demons finally subsided back to the planet's surface, and the Sareverian's began to attempt to re-establish themselves in their new environment.

Due to the extreme pressure of the demons lashing out on the planet, technological advances were quickly laid aside, as the pressure to create some sort of mechanism for protection against the hordes was deemed more important, the populace then began to rely on the same magics that had saved them, and still currently use them to this day. The pressure on the human species also caused a genetic diversion to occur, not only are Sarevarian people very long lived in comparrison to humans (around 2,000-3,000 is a common life span) they are also all inately talented with the use of magic, be that marginally so or extremely.



The planet and dimension Sareves, is one of the many alternate worlds in parallel to our own, however, one simple difference can mean the difference between a world flourishing or decaying. When the plague hit, the choices were few and taking the least damaging one was the first port of call for any of the currently ruling governments at the time.

The planet is now split into several floating islands, these were once parts of our own continents though, in time, the loss of information across the years has resulted in no way of telling which city came from which continent.

The islands are named, Aloran (Al-or-an), Falaron (Fal-a-ron), Teselle (Tes-el), Balorva (Bal-or-va) and Lavel (Lay-vel).

Time also moves in a very different way to our own, instead of being linear, the time in Sareves is more fluid, ever changing, one day can be longer or shorter than any other. Many scholars theorise that this may be the result of the demonic plague, or possibly the magic used to move the cities from the surface.

Politics and Laws

Sareves is run by a council of elders, each island is ruled by a single elder, and in times of great need, the elders from each island will collect together to pass judgement for the good of the populace.

One such law is that parents may only have one child to avoid over population, however, in times of strained birth rates, parents are permitted to have more offspring, depending on the amount of resources available to the public.

Anyone from the Alarnas bloodline is often the subject of much prejudice from the elders, the general population, however, knows nothing of their involvement with the plague.


Zed was born as the son of two of the stronger mages known to the city at the time, Alaren and Zalaria Hartena. Both specialised in a different side to the magic arts, Alaren being protective magics and Zalaria being destructive. Their son was born around three years after the two met, quickly developing a massive talent for magic, more so than had been seen in recent years. The Elders quickly passed judgement that even when Zed was still little more than an infant he must be taken from his family in order to be taught how to properly use his powers, in an attempt to protect against a second plague ravaging the now somewhat safe aerial cities.

Alalren and Zalaria both fought against the elder's wishes, and were eventually granted custody over Zed, however, he had to participate in training every day of his life, whilst being constantly assessed by the elders.

His childhood passed relatively smoothly, as most children's do, however he wasn't afforded any luxuries like other children, playing games in the sun or turning eachother into various objects and mythical creatures for sport. Instead Zed was put to fight against varying demonic beasts day in, day out, in order to hone his abilities, he was taught how to create protection runes, demonic bindings, enchant weapons to be able to cut through demonic flesh like a hot knife through butter and practically every other idea under the sun.

When he reached around eighteen years of age, Zed was well on his way to becomming one of the legendary demon slayers in Sareverian history, it was at this point that he took it upon himself to have protection runes burnt and tattooed onto his body, running down key points in Sareverian magical knowledge of the human body. Time passed fairly routinely for the next two years until his powers were verging on becoming stronger than even the elders themselves. Concerned by this, the Elders issued Zedaren a task:

"Zedaren Alarnas, you are charged with the sin of your bloodline, and in result, you shall be granted this one quest, find a way to return the Sareverian people to their rightful place, or die in the process. If you should succeed or fail in your attempts and as a result, fall in battle, then we shall clear your name of all charges, once confirmation has been achieved that you no longer walk this plane. This ruling is final, and refusal to follow shall result in banishment to the surface. Do you accept our agreement?"

Agreeing to the Elder's 'proposal', Zed went in search of a way to banish the demons from the world, his search has lead him across dimensions, planets and once or twice across time itself, all yielding no such results. It was upon chancing on paragon, that Zed began to realise how much magic differed across worlds, and that if his own world's magic could not deal with the issue, then learning to wield another's may solve it.


When Zed arrived in our own dimension, the second full scale Rikti war was well under way. Casualties were already hitting high numbers and heroes all across the globe had begun to attempt to push back the invaders along with the help of the Vanguard.

Zed's arrival was fortunate for a number civilians in Edinburgh. A few of them had holed up in a house trying to keep the rikti away from a young psychic. He made short work of them, using their natural weekness for magic against them, and moved the group of civilians away from the battle zone. As he kept moving from fight to fight, Zed chanced upon the Uni-Con offices, where Zack Lanning, Ben Campbel and Rebecca Saunders amongst other staff were repelling the invaders with a rather formidable display of super powers and high tech gadgets fresh from Carnyx's labs.

He stayed to help the group for a long while, until the invaders finally retreated again, then later began working for Tyrfing, Uni-Con's magic sector. Earlier this year, Zed relocated to the Uni-Con offices in the states, to oversee the Tyrfing division in Beccy's stead.

More recently, Zed's time has been taken up by the very astute and attractive Miss Connie Porter, one of Dynagen's latest employees. The two are as different as chalk and cheese, but seem to get on like a house on fire, Zed takes pride in his ability to break down Connie's barriers and let her relax once in a while, although he does tend to worry that he's started using conditioner in his hair.

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