Bane the Xodar

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Bane the Xodar
Player: @Professor Immortal
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: high 30s
Personal Data
Real Name: Bane
Known Aliases: None
Species: Xodar
Age: unknown
Height: approx. 7'6"
Weight: approx. 400 lbs
Eye Color: unknown (true nature is obscured)
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: Servant of Law
Occupation: Avatar of Justice
Place of Birth: Perdow (world of conflict)
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: creator (Ares of Perdow, God of Conflict)
Known Powers
Invulnerability/Battle Axe
Known Abilities
superhuman strength and endurance; nearly indestructible; innately magical; does not require air, food, water, or sleep
magical battle axe
  • Genderless
  • Incapable of human speech (projects his "speech" telepathically)
  • Completely humorless and unaware of irony
  • Tireless and relentless in pursuit of "Justice"


The Xodar, as Forged by Ares

Bane hails from a parallel dimenion referred to by its inhabitants as the "RetroVerse". Bane was forged by Ares, God of Conflict and War, during the ancient days of Perdow, where Ares had the greatest influence at the time. Ares created many other such beings as well at this time. Bane in particular was created as an "Avatar of Justice and Law", to be an physical embodiment of equality, fairness, order, and balance.

All Xodar are made of a metal-like substance, and often appear in such a way as to vaguely resemble a large human wearing medieval armor. Their appearance, initially, was more organic and demonic in nature than how most Xodar appear today. Xodar can influence their appearances and component materials over time, causing some to have more "lifeless" appearances than others. Although often mistaken for being merely enchanted armors or a robot, Xodar are actually solid-state metallic lifeforms and are capable of being killed (although this happens rarely).

Xodar do not age or become ill, nor do they need to eat, sleep, or drink. They are entirely sustained by their own willpower. Xodar are notoriously hard to damage via normal means (being metallic in nature) and innately possess superhuman strength. If destroyed, a Xodar can usually reform himself completely, through an act of will alone, in a safe location (this process requires a significant amount of time however). They are genderless, although generally referred to as male in english. They can also recognize each other from sight, as most have been fighting with or against each other for longer than humans have existed.

Xodar speak only in the "construct tongue" common to many similar beings in the RetroVerse, having existed since before the so-called "common tongues" and never having developed humanoid voices. Bane and most other Xodar were granted the ability to communicate telepathically by a goddess of music- others hear these "words" in their minds, in their native language, sometimes causing distress among those not accustomed to psychic communication or magic.

Bane and the Cause of Justice

Bane in particular was created with the singular purpose of destroying all "Minions of Chaos" and ending all conflicts. He does this by personally going into battle against all "unlawful" parties in the conflict and winning decisive battles.

Bane will attack anyone and anything he associates with Chaos and Disorder. He will force these people and entities to comply with the Law or be subdued by his might. He will also attempt via any means available to increase adherence to the strictest Laws possible, whenever he finds an absence of Chaos to combat.

Bane has rarely found an absence of Chaos or Disorder to combat anywhere, at any time in history.

Like most Xodar, Bane has been fighting for his Cause since before humanity existed, often against other Xodar. It has been widely speculated that this was Ares's intention, as the god was known to draw strength from battle and conflict. Other Xodar created with the same Cause would often fight against each other and Bane, as would Xodar with different Causes (such as those created to destroy all of a given thing or attack beings a random).

Bane never questions his objectives or methods, nor does he consider their ramifications at length, having been designed by Ares to be incapable of doing so. Many poets and philosophers have considered the plight of the "Xodar of Order" such as Bane at length, and commented on the irony of their situation- perpetually seeking battle so as to end battle, thus incapable of ever reaching their goal, and unable to recognize this truth.

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