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"I have nothing left now."

The Black Amaranth
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Amaranth of Sparta
Known Aliases: The Black Amaranth; Deadly Blue; The Lady of Blue; Captain Blue
Species: Human
Age: 2467
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 130
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Spartan
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Sparta, Greece
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Her fists
No additional information available.



This is an ALTERNATE version of the hero Gelle, as such they share the same powers, the same physical appearance (for the most part), and the same voice. However, they differ completely in personality.

Also, please note that her Willpower set is RPed as ice. Being as she is ice - her skin is hard and her body is solid just as a block of ice would be.


Born in 446 BC as the daughter of the popular spartan warrior Obelix, and a demi-goddess named Ianthe, Amaranth was named aptly such because her eyes were that of the color of a purple Amaranth flower. Before she as born, it was prophesied that she would have terrible power worthy to destroy Sparta and it's people. In response, Sparta and its leaders decided it was best to use her for all she was capable of, and they named her male on her birth certificate to throw her into the army.

At the age of seven she started training, the same as all Spartan males. Her entire life she was regarded as male, and several women asked to marry her. Many wanted her power, but no one wanted her affection other than her father, who in 432 BC was killed in battle against the Athenians. Amaranth would decided here and now to become a better warrior. Day in and Day out she trained mercilessly, becoming proficient in the are of knife handling, sword arts, and the Spear.
She stayed in Sparta until it's decline and hopped around the world in search of her purpose.

After hundreds of years Amaranth came to the conclusion she had no purpose and thus began her decline of caring about anything - especially herself.


Amaranth is a walking contradiction. One minute she could be nice, and the next blistering cold. She varies from day to day and what happens to be going through her head. One thing is always constant however: You can always trust what she says. Amaranth detests lying and will get physically sick from it. She has no reason to lie and will tell you the truth if she is asked. Amaranth is easily able to be understood if one simply asks her about her motives. She will put all her cards on the table, even if it means giving away a secret of hers or busting a cover-up operation in her favor. She will only do this if they are her secrets and her truths to be told. If anyone asked her about another person's motives she simply keeps her mouth shut.

She comes off as complex, but she is really quite simple. All it takes is a certain understanding of her. It's hard to get on her good side but if one does they can see that behind the curtain or behind closed doors she is a completely different person. The most important thing to note is that she is Spartan. Honor and duty come first in her mind - honor to those who deserve it, and duty to what or who you pledge to. This makes her completely loyal to her group P.R.E.D.A.T.O.R. ; harming a fellow member of P.R.E.D.A.T.O.R. is almost like signing a death warrant.

Many have said that Amaranth's words are both her worst and best feature, depending on what end you are on.

Through The Ages

Amaranth has lived in several times and places. These are the most significant.

380- 371BC

"You cry when you're forsaken by a small group of "friends". Try lamenting the loss of your entire people who you served in the army to protect. People have no idea what they're crying over anymore. Not only was I kicked from the army and disgraced - but I watched my people burn. Instead of bitching about it or crying, I walked on in search of anything to occupy my time."

It was here that Sparta had begun to collapse. Power hungry, and starved for land their king has decided that war and conquering were the only options. Amaranth, having lived through both The Peloponnesian War and hearing of the struggles and battles of Thermopylae, she stood in the senate and spoke on behalf of her people, loving her country more than she could express. The answer was laughter, rank retirement, and eventual eviction from the Army. The Spartans would decide to have their war, where in 371 - the battle of Corinth would end her people's mythos of being impervious and blessed by the gods - which would result in others coming to claim their land and resources. With no army at home, Amaranth struggled alone to save the very people who betrayed her. Fighting against about 500 people, she was able to kill 89 soldiers alone, saving only 79 people - all of which rebuked her. When the remainder of the army returned from the war, Amaranth was banished from Sparta.

64 BC

"I was paid so I did whatever I was asked - no questions. Having been bitter from being betrayed and spit on by both Roman, Greek, and Spartan people - I started working for my own gain...and this was the perfect payback."

Nero and Amaranth, both having personal gain and revenge to complete burned Rome to the ground. As Nero played the harp, Amaranth stood next to him, keeping him cool from the flames using her ice. Both of them laughed as the entire city fell to the ground, women, children, and men running for their lives.

"I've never had as much fun as I did setting ablaze an entire city filled with rotten people, come to think of it. Plotting, setting dry hay, knocking over oil filled lamps, setting wild life free, and using Nero's powers of fire made for an interesting - and amazing day, those fuckers had it coming."

1096 - 1120 AD

"Do I feel bad about all the killings I did in Jerusalem? No. Most of them deserved it....hell, all of the ones I killed did. You don't go marching into the city and kill people simply because they lived there. I've never been religious, but I've lived a long time. I can't remember a single time when Jews had randomly gone around killing Christians. It didn't hurt that the price was right either - for as much as my contacts were paying me, I'd kill whoever they wanted.

The first Crusades had begun and Amaranth wasn't far behind the loads of money, people, cargo, and enthusiasts that came with it. Hearing about the strange trip to Jerusalem in Rome, she jumped on the opportunity to make tons of gold. Her objectives were simple: Kill Templars, kill knights, ????, Profit. Oh and profit she did. Truth being, Amaranth has never had to worry about money since she still retains all of the gold in her locket - the only problem is that she's forgotten about it. Taking no mercy, she killed hundreds of Knights and Templars who dared to harm a peaceful person. The money was good - but she was not going to fold to the level of her targets. Any knight or Templar who proved himself a good man was spared.

1690- 1823

"Mercenary work just wasn't needed at the time - goods were valued over men's lives, so I had to do something. I turned to piracy. For 133 years I remained in the business, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We killed, we drank, we enjoyed each other's company, and we stole a lot of shit. The best part however, is that I am the reason it's bad luck to have a woman on board a ship."

Yes, Privateering was a choice that Amaranth had decided in once her contacts for killing dried up. At first opposed to the idea, she looked around for people wanting solo bandits to make stealth stealing - no go - they wanted it done just like every other nation. With the gold she had made from killing in the First Crusades, Amaranth bought a ship, hired a crew and set out to start a new job. In the process of one of their many raids, their ship was destroyed and her whole crew died during a fight with a Naval power boat. Being taken captive - thinking she was some sort of omen from God (thanks to her Blue hair) she killed them all and took the boat for herself. Any boat she ever set foot on to take over, she did. Thanks to her ice as a preserver and protection - their bullets and knives did nothing to her. Thus the name "Deadly Blue" was awarded to her, and the fear of women being on a boat was born. Under her command over 600 pirates served, adored, and respected her.

1939 - 1957

"Ah yes, World War II, I remember that well. There is a reason people feared my blade. You should have asked the German soldier who lost his head for his comment about my lineage, genes, and my hair."

Amaranth worked as an assassin - but only for the elimination of spies. She went to the top bidder, which happened to be Germany. At first her main job was to kill other assassins, spies, and Russians, but later she discovered it would turn to killing Jews, civilians, and freaks - which is what she happened to be. Amaranth never concealed her blue hair and was often taunted, questioned, and disrespected for her freakish appearances. Her answer? Killing. More than 50 men lost their lives by making snarky comments alone, earning her a reputation for being cold, merciless, and "evil".

Despite working for the Germans - Amaranth did NOT condone or enjoy the senseless killing of pretty innocent civilians, and did her best to help them when she could. She saved about 500 people from the internment camps, which she considered a failure.

1986 - 2007

"Oh... 1986, Paragon City and it's "acceptance". Here's the thing about acceptance. You must accept that no one will ever be truly accepted. You must accept that "acceptance" is only practiced on those who people accept as being normal, functional, or beneficial to society. Even then - not all of them are accepted. I thought here I could start over atone for my sins and start helping people. I was wrong."

At last she had made it to Paragon City. It was said that she could start over there and forget all the wrong doings in the past. She discovered quickly how much of a lie that was... After it was discovered that she had worked for the Germans during World War 2 almost every Hero, Citizen, and person in the nation had turned on her. Not even getting the chance to prove that she had changed, she was chased from the city. In the isles the bounty on her was so large that she couldn't even sleep at night. Everywhere and anywhere she went there were people after her head. Finally tiring of fighting for her life as the bounty got bigger and bigger she hopped through a dimensional portal and ended up in the same dimension of her other self Gelle. Vowing never to intrude in Gelle's life, Amaranth lives in the Isles.

2007 - 2009

"Revenge:... satisfying...hard to obtain...throws you through a few loop holes and makes you become an indentured servant. Worth. Every. Fucking. Thing. As long as I get it....And I WILL get it. No matter what."

Amaranth sold her soul to the being known as Nyarlathotep for a piece of his power. In return she serves him in whatever way he asks - killing, chaos infliction, and destruction. Now being the rule of Pandora's Box - Amaranth can do so much more than simply accommodate her master, she can appease, satisfy, and wonder him. She is the perfect tool to use against this realm's people. She is granted with a portion of his powers - making her much stronger than she appears, and much harder to kill. Anyone who can sense darkness or evil will feel it immediately within her - thanks to the power from the Crawling Chaos himself.

2009 - 2010

"I am destined to be fucked by everyone and everything - and not sexually. I'm not saying this because I'm...whats the word? 'emo'? I'm saying it because I know it to be true. I'm something that people use and toss away. It's my job. I don't trust anyone's word - only action. Prove me what you say is true... or fuck off. I don't care if I'm here to be used....not anymore."

Bitter, broken, and humbled, Amaranth keeps to herself quiet a lot now. She opens up to few, but will talk when engaged in conversation. From being betrayed by a few relationships she no longer trusts what people say, but only what they do. She has accepted recently that she is not who she was. She has no power, she has no importance, she's just there to be an instrument. This all became clear when Nyarlathotep killed her when he did not need her anymore, and Dream brought her back because he needed someone - someone that he could trust. Who better to trust than someone who never lies? Amaranth has accepted that revenge is something unobtainable, and now focuses on her work with Bad Dream.

"Yeah... I guess its not so bad... I have something to actually do..."

Leaving Black Tie was the hardest thing that Amaranth had to do, but with Gelle stealing Pandora's Box, Amaranth had no choice. It was either give Gelle a gateway to Black Tie - or she could quit to fight her on her own. She chose the latter. As far as Amaranth was concerned Black Tie didn't deserve to get caught in her petty war, and she wasn't going to let anyone destroy the home that Bad Dream, Vandalist, Markel Darkweaver, Michael Bain, and other members had put so much work into. "Its not my home anyway... I was always just a guest. A background player - you know? I'm not letting Gelle ruin what others worked so hard for, when I did nothing."

Now cursed to never being able to die - she roams around with her band of thieves around the isles - stealing anything and everything they want.


"Honestly, I just want to stay a nobody and steal stuff...but I'm going to kill this asshole first..."

After a break up with Markel Darkweaver and the fall of Black Tie, Amaranth did what she used to do best - start a business stealing things. Though it never took off, Amaranth still waits for Bad Dream's return and Black Tie's revival. Broken hearted over the loss of Markel's "affections", Amaranth continued life as normal, just much more quieter. It was later that she met Pyrogenic Gore (Aeneas). They two of them fell in love after a long courtship and eventually had a child named Acanthus. Though her relationship with Gelle is somewhat functional, the two can seem to get to a common goal if the payout is big enough for both of them.

Powers and Skills




(If I note that you constantly use this page to your advantage without knowing something like this ICly, I may just ignore you. Find out about these things ICly - don't just use my VV. - Thanks :D)


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Quotes about Black Amaranth

((You may add whatever you'd like here as long as your character knows mine. I don't care what it says as long as it isn't absolutely ridiculous :) -Gelle ))

"...hmmm." - Bad Dream

"My relationship with Amaranth is none of your goddamn business." -Darkweaver


Amaranth's Locket

Star copy.jpg

((This section is purely OOC - don't even THINK about using this ICly if you just met my character)).

This locket was forged by Hephaestus himself. It was a gift to Amaranth's mother, and was passed down to her. This locket has an infinite capacity in it's center that only Amaranth can get into - or put things into since she is the locket's owner. IF she wills something in - in it goes... if she wills something to go out, it goes out. All it takes is one thought. If anything that is invited in touches it in they go.

(But what does this mean for my character?)

For you, this means that if Amaranth wills your character into the locket, all one simply has to do is touch it - anywhere. Even if it's with a weapon or a piece of string - if your character is holding something, it belongs to them and that will force them to be sucked into the locket. If you aren't willed into it - then you can touch it and not be allowed in. HOWEVER - once in... if you want something you can take it out as long as you are holding it - I'm fair on both spectrum's. You are free floating inside the locket - so you can touch what you want and take what you want, but don't think Amaranth will simply be okay with it. (If you do take something you must tell me AT THAT MOMENT)

You cannot destroy the locket...ever. It is vital to my character and I'd appreciate it not being destroyed, and I will ignore any attempts to destroy it.
The locket can be stolen, but not used. Only my character can use the locket - so if you steal it... you can have it, but you cannot use it - meaning you can't take anything out of it - or put anything in it. No - even if you have magic... you can't do it. I appreciate that some people may call this God modding, but I am laying it out explicitly right here and now. Plus, this is the only thing I've got for Amaranth that is truly awesome - otherwise she wouldn't be so "super". If you steal it - you need to rp it out with me... she never takes off her locket - ever. So don't just say "I took it from her room". Rp with me - if you do something incredible, hell yeah I'll let you steal it...

(Whats in it?)

Amaranth uses her locket to store things such as relics, weapons, people, and even cake! Ask me and I'll tell you what is inside of it - specific questions or items you may be looking for are encouraged :)

IC Notes

OOC Notes

This is obtainable through RP :).

Amaranth's four rules in life:

Music that relates to Black Amaranth

Theme Song

Coma White - Marilyn Manson
"I want to stop feeling things... especially regret." Amaranth is from another dimension of perfect harmony. No war, no strife, no violence, no racism - ect. Running from it to hide her callousness, and get far away from those who want to get rid of her for their Utopian society, she came here. The song eludes to self torture to drugs.. but for Amaranth she is her own self torturer, and her own worst threat.

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