Black Graffiti

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Death Graffiti
Player: @Arcane Tek
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Tanya Senmoto, Denounced father's name and took her mother's in reverence.
Known Aliases: Death Graffiti
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight: 132 Pounds
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Jet Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese / Russian
Occupation: General Thief, Assassin, Rebel Leader, Widow, and Mother
Place of Birth: Arkham, Massachusetts
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Mother: Aomiko Senmoto (Deceased); Father: Fredrik Godvosky Deceased?); Daughter: Shawna Knight
Known Powers
Negative Channeling; Somewhat Psychic
Known Abilities
Mastery of various martial arts, channels negative energy into each attack to punch through the super-powered defenses of her various foes. Can absorb light to make herself invisible.
Her fists 'Kage' (Shadow) and 'Fukushuu' (Vengeance)
Themesong: 'Clayman' by In Flames


Death Graffiti

Black Graffiti, originally a stalker by the name of Death Graffiti, was created on a whim near the beginning of her creator's dip into heavy role-playing. The base idea was the generic 'girl who went through a gang,' in this case it was the Skulls, and she was a major player in the politics that is the Skulls smash and grab tactics. After being a leader for some time, the girl got caught by a veteran longbow squad in a botched raid against the Hellions in Perez Park. The power-dampening drugs given to her during her incarceration in Ziggursky Prison weakened her phenomenal power to a very low state by the time she snuck onto an Arachnos flyer as they were transporting their designated quarry. Arriving in Mercy Island, Tanya made contact with Burk the Mercenary, and started her career as an all-purpose villain. She began by forging a Villain ID. Apparently it is quite easy to find the makers and bribe them to forge one. She chose the moniker 'Black Graffiti' because her small faction of the Skulls she controlled was the 'Black Bones Graffiti Crew,' a 'territory regulation' group. She doesn't want to forget her roots.


The Circle Coven

"...Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” -Stephen King

Not even before her very first week on the Rogue Isles was over, Tanya Godvosky was greeted by a mysterious woman. She asked the newcomer if she wanted to meet a friend of hers. The friend was the leader of a coven of sorceresses bent on raising Oranbega from the earth and recreating the old kingdom that was completely destroyed by a demon horde. The Circle Coven. Apparently they were attracted to the newcomer's natural affinity for magic and melee combat prowess, and the leader revealed her secrets to Tanya, judging that the girl would join in their conquest.

Tanya agreed but there was a price. Her soul was to be replaced my one of the Re'i'rin, or the top circle female leaders in Oranbega. This was done the same way as the Circle of Thorns to supplanted their male sorcerers into their followers. The coven lashed her down with powerfully strong and quick vines, and thrust a magical thorn into her chest. The soul was supplanted, but could not push out Tanya's own soul because her body 'tied' it itself with nether energies. This started a unique partnership between her and the soul of N'anoi, Head Adviser of the Re'i'rin.

The Coven accepted this bond as a weird quirk and continued with their plans. Tanya grew quickly with them, learning many magical secrets from the various members. The girl especially benefited from having N'anoi sharing her head. The Adviser lived up to her name and somehow kept the rambunctious girl from getting into terrible trouble. And that was good, for she would need N'anoi's help.

Suddenly learning of a source of Mu blood from both her father and mother, Tanya was in grave danger from the Coven. This danger was from the demonic pact that was foolishly made over twelve thousand years ago by the Re'kai'rin, or the circle of Oranbegan Sorcerer Kings (Who are now affecting the world through the Circle of Thorns). The pact was in defense to the attacks made by the ancient Mu people, and its cost was the death of every Mu person. Knowing full well that destroying every person with mu ancestry would reverse the pact and thus return the bodies to each and every of Oranbegan spirits, the Coven killed all with Mu blood without remorse.

This forced Tanya to kill every one of the Coven, including her new friends. She still secretly mourns their loss. N'anoi, however, is in a strange crux. The sorceress realizes the loss, but feels nothing in the way of sorrow to the second death of her Sisters. She believes this to be the affect of the thousands of years she trapped in the endless hallways of Oranbega.


"The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him." - Sun Tzu

In her career on the Rogue Isles, Tanya has a knack for staying out of sight and out of mind. That is, until her nether-wrapped fist explodes through their skull. The girl always went on her own way, scouring newspapers for articles that could give her a lead on some easy money. Sometimes it payed off and she becomes a fair amount richer, and sometimes it was a wasted effort. At least it would look this way to an outsider. To her, all time spend perfecting herself and doing something was time well spent.

Sometimes she takes to a more reckless, although a still potent, strategy to take out objectives. Before, she would absorb the light around her to make her invisible and then strike with the stored energy, generally defeating the target. Now, she runs fully visible and headlong into her foes, shaking even the most insane and reality depraved Freakshow enough to give her an advantage, and due to her martial arts training she exploits it fully. ((Black Graffiti))

Her minor telepathic ability gives her a small amount of premonition, although her abilities are too undeveloped to work in stressful circumstances. She obtained this telepathic ability from being the host for a powerful sorceress' spirit who taught her many ways to improve her ability.

Tanya's birth on a ley-cross in Arkham, Massachusetts during Winter Solstice granted her powerful control over her soul and spirit energies. This grants her pseudo-immortality through draining the soul energy from other cognate beings. This control also allows her to 'tie' her soul into her body, making her immune to full possession. She is, however, not immune to subtle invasions.

Tanya has a small amount of Mu ancestry from both of her parents. It does not manifest itself in electrical powers, however. The power it gives is more control over her own powers and an affinity for magical things.

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