Bloodstar Phoenix

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Standing in Pocket D
Bloodstar Phoenix
Player: @Visthera
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Amanda Wright
Known Aliases: Phoebe, Firebird, Red Hots, Hots, Red
Species: Human (?)
Age: 19 (?)
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: Solid Black or White Flames
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Unknown, Adopted
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: George Wright (Adopted Father), Emily Wright (Adopted Mother), Katie Wright (Adopted Sister)
Known Powers
Fiery Aura, Fiery Resurrestion, Conjured Flaming Swords, Hand Flames, Fiery Flight
Known Abilities
History, Swordsmanship
Jump Jet, "Pocket D" VIP Card Teleporter, Comm Link, Paragon Police Scanner



Supergroup: The Jadewire

Former Supergroups: Celtic Cross, Next Wave, Hazard-Guard


Bloodstar Phoenix is a spirited girl with the burning heart of a phoenix!


Her powers are based around controlling the fire she creates. Even in water, she is still able to combusted the very elements around her. Theory has it she can break apart the molecular bonds themselves to cause this to happen.

Phoebe can create a protective fiery aura around herself to varying degrees. Even to the point of being able to use this aura to lightly burn anything that dare touches her with barely a thought. If she concentrates, she can project those flames outward in a circle, burning anything in the way. Or in reverse, draw the heat away from her surroundings to empower herself or her powers.

After learning how to contain that fire around just her hands to burn at a touch, she practiced making a weapon from those flames. In the end, she was able to create a flaming scimitar, to not only to scorch but to cut as well. With some sword practice, she has very proficient with it. If she must, she can also cause something to spontaneous combust with a touch, infecting it with fire that slowly burn from the inside out.

Not only does this flame burn outside of her, but it seems it has start to burn endless within her, causing her once black eyes to burn with a bright fiery light. With a great gale of breath, she can project part of this inner fire out her mouth in a clone of fire, burning all in its way. If ever she is defeated and beaten to the ground, that inner fire literally explodes, lifting her off the ground into the air and knocking back anything around her. If someone is not blinded by it all, such a person can see the fiery wings fading away from her back as she lands to her feet on the ground, alive and breathing with a second wind.

This fire also seems to give her the ability of a fiery flight, giving her some protective mobility in battle and a way to knock down opponents.

Primary Set

Fire Aura: Blazing Aura, Fire Shield, Healing Flames, Temperature Protection, Consume, Plasma Shield, Burn, Fiery Embrace, Rise of the Phoenix

Secondary Set

Fiery Melee: Scorch, Fire Sword, Combustion, Taunt, Breath of Fire, Fire Sword Circle, Incinerate, Great Fire Sword

Additional Powers


Flight: Hover, Air Superiority, Flight

Power Pool

Inherent: Brawl, Sprint, Rest

Power Pool 2


An avid student of paragon history (mystery of the past is an underlying theme of her life) and practiced swordsmanship has left her rather knowledge about these subjects. She is constantly learning any bits of history she can in hopes to find some answers to her own past and her ability with the sword is only getting better with each strike or blow against a villain or thug she comes across.

Weaknesses and Limitations


Jump Jet, "Pocket D" VIP Card Teleporter, Comm Link, Paragon Police Scanner

Character History

((Work in progress, not final. Not all information is currently written nor complete))

"Phoebe," as some friends like to call her, currently struggles her way through Paragon City as an up and coming Mutant hero. Following rumors form her adopted family that Phoebe's real parents might have come from paragon city, she searches for clues while attending the local university there.

After many adventures with a time traveler (TimeShifter Amy) and a claw slicing hero (Miss Calvary), she met up with a group called "the Next Wave." These young heroes are the sons and daughters of the heroes lost or deeply affected by the first Rikti invasion. Being adopted herself, she found some sympathy toward them and joined the group.

During her school vacation time from Paragon University, she returned back home to visit her family and to help look after her little sister. A few months later she returned to find her former group "The Next Wave" largely abandoned and fallen out of activity. With a sigh of disappointment, she regrettably moved on herself.

Thankfully her friend, TimeShifter Amy, introduced Bloodstar Phoenix to "Hazard Guard." Soon afterward she joined this group of vigilant heroes in defending Paragon City from the new Rikti invasion (Issue 10).

Update: Sept 20, 2008

Bloodstar finds herself again, moving on. Recently, she joined Jadewire, in their efforts to confront crime and their enemy, the Red Line. Though not as active of a hero as she was before, she finds the constant activity of Jadewire itself refreshing and will help out when she can.

Update: Jan 5, 2009

Retired from the hero scene. Currently a full time college student.


Received the title "Party Girl" during the 3 year aniversary party of CoX (thanks Ex Libris). Also Bloodstar Phoenix got to ski with War Witch (was a blast).

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