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Player: @Red Ice
Real Name
Charles Schwarz
June 11, 1975
Boston, Massachusetts
Founders' Falls
mutant genetics practitioner, ER physician, part-time hero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
mother, father, and older sister killed in 2002 Rikti Invasion
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
193 lbs.
Body Type
midnight blue
sapphire blue
Powers & Abilities
Epic Pool
Power Pools
Speed, Medicine, Leadership
· Known Powers ·
manipulation of radiation that naturally flows due to his mutation, super speed
· Equipment ·
none, perhaps a stethoscope
· Other Abilities ·
surgeries, consultations, examinations, geneticism

Blue-Impulse is a general practitioner (with a specialty in mutant genetic studies) who worked as an in-house doctor for the SuperGroup, New Age Mutants. Before being officially hired as an emergency room physician in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, he found an advertisement in Craigslist that would bring back a lot of memories for him. Responding to the ad, he would find himself back to Paragon City. But this time, he would be taking care of the wounded while walking down the path of a hero. He now operates as a freelance hero, not being able to live up to the expectations that the supergroup had expected of him. But after some "convincing" (read: whining from a certain someone), he once again agreed to become a house doctor for a group full of teenagers and young adults.


Fading with the background


Blue-Impulse was born as Charles Schwarz in Boston, Massachusetts on June 11, 1975 as the second of two children. Simply called "Charlie" growing up, he led a fairly decent and normal childhood. As a child, he would always like playing with other kids while in school during recess. While it appeared that Charlie had many friends, he also made close friends with a boy named Bobby. They would see each other pretty much every day. Going on bike rides around the block, flying kites together in the park, their parents taking both of them to theme parks, and so on.

The year after would prove to be very painful for him. One very early morning, Charlie woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of gunshots a few houses down the street. It sounded like it was coming from Bobby's house. And sure enough it was. Soon, the loud sounds of sirens would wake up the entire immediate neighborhood. It would seem like Bobby's family was going through rough times. The father went insane and apparently shot both his wife, his son, then himself. Charlie saw with his own eyes the dead bodies of the three of them on stretchers being put inside the ambulance. Charlie's mother had to stop him from running up to the stretcher that had Bobby in it.

This traumatic event would lead to Charlie becoming a very depressed and very anti-social. At one point, he stopped talking altogether. The next ten or so years would prove to be difficult for his parents and his older sister.

Life Changes

When Charlie turned 15 and his sister went off to college, his father received a job transfer that would have them move to Newport, Rhode Island. Of course, he looked as normal as possible. However, he still kept to himself, and was still very much an anti-social kid. School work was completed diligently, dances and sporting events were shunned, all advances towards him were denied, he really preferred to be in complete solitude. Because nothing would ever bring back what was taken away from him.

All this would change when he became a senior in high school. He would come across a classmate named Viktor whom he had for 4 of the 6 classes throughout the day. For some reason, Charlie could not keep his eyes off of him. Observing Viktor's actions and attitude towards others, Charlie found that they had quite a bit in common. He was diligent with his schoolwork, he didn't care for dances and sporting events and rallies, and all advances towards him were rejected.

One day, Charlie decided to approach Viktor. At first, they didn't hit it off very well. It took about a week for Viktor to come around but with Charlie's persistence, it paid off. One of the biggest things they had in common was their fear to trust others. But it was clear that Charlie was trying. So to speak, Viktor took the bait. They would soon find it that they had much more in common. They both learned from one another that they've had a very hard life. Ever since Charlie lost his childhood friend and ever since Viktor's troubled life began, they both thought that they would never place trust in anyone else again. They found solace in each other, and forged a friendship that they both vowed to each other that would never be broken.

It became a common sighting in school that whenever you saw Charlie, you saw Viktor. And vice-versa. All the kids in school thought that these two were inseparable. And they pretty much were.

They begin anew

Charlie and Viktor both graduated high school in 1992 earning honors status while in their senior year. They both entered the University of Rhode Island. Naturally, they would both apply to be roommates. While Viktor decided to study mechanical and computer engineering, Charlie was still undecided on a major for the first semester but later decided that he would get into the University's medical program to become a doctor. And in order to do that, Charlie would need to work on a bachelors first and decided to get it in liberal arts. He really wanted a jump start on the medical program and decided to do so with this major.

Discoveries untold

Throughout the next several years as roommates, Charlie would find himself becoming highly attached to Viktor. More often than not, he would rush back to the dorm just to be with him since Charlie was usually the one who had late classes. This is when Charlie would discover that he was actually falling quite hard for Viktor. In the beginning, Charlie just let things be. But slowly and surely, Charlie began feeding Viktor hints and suggestions. And of course, Viktor caught on. The possibility of taking their friendship to the next level would then be heavily be hinted upon, and even bouts of jealousy would be expressed should one of them end up with someone else. Still, nothing official took place. They felt like they didn't need to since they were always with one another. So officially, there were only "spoken for".

Tragedies abound

Getting a call. Again.

Upon graduating college in the spring of 1997, it was time to say goodbye to the college dorm life. Both of their families decided to move to a more secure area of Rhode Island called Paragon City. Within it was an area called White Plains. Both Charlie and Viktor followed suit and moved there as well. However, Charlie would still continue his education as he entered medical school. Charlie found this program to be quite difficult and would end up being held back for a year. Still, he persisted and made it through and received his MD degree in 2002, though not having a specialty. Unfortunately, another tragic event in their lives would take place, greatly affecting both Charlie and Viktor.

On May 23, 2002, the Rikti Invasion would take place and the mothership would make a crash landing fairly close to where his parents had lived. This is also where destruction and chaos would take place, as many lives were lost and heroes and even Freedom Phalanx themselves would be scrambling trying to seek shelter for the citizens. It was not meant to be for both Charlie and Viktor. Out in the distance, Charlie would find that the next few blocks would be destroyed by Rikti forces, making him believe that Viktor and his family were done for. Before he could react, his own home would be destroyed by the Rikti while his parents were seeking cover, effectively creating two explosions. One from the shots fired off by the Rikti, the second would be a radiant blue explosion coming from Charlie himself. A reaction to what the Rikti had done. This would, for the first time, awaken Charlie's mutant powers. Unfortunately, this would leave Charlie in a coma for a month. As soon as a hero spotted that blue radiant explosion, the hero immediately took him to safety and was eventually taken to Steel Canyon Medical Center for treatment.

The Aftermath

It would be a few weeks after Charlie's 27th birthday when he would finally awaken to the faces of his cousins that he hadn't seen in many many years. These would be relatives from Boston. Of course, Charlie woke up to some very bad news though he wasn't entirely surprised since he still remembered what happened. He knew his parents and sister were done for. One of his cousins would also inform him of something that his parents had been hiding from him for a long time. He is a mutant. Along with his parents and some of his cousins. His powers had finally awoken and it clearly showed. Charlie noticed that he was emitting a slight blue aura all over him. Then, Charlie asked about Viktor. Yes, his relatives knew of him at this point. But none of them could give him a solid answer. "Is he dead...?" he asked them. The most he got was a light nod. Even though he believed that he was dead when the invasion took place, Charlie refused to believe that he was actually dead and is in denial.

Finishing what was started

Charlie knew that he had to get back up on his feet, and he knew Viktor and his parents would not want him to be wallowing in despair for a long time. Garnering what determination he had left, he decided to leave Paragon City in order to try and leave all his troubles behind and hopefully get a fresh start. Taking what he could gather, he headed for Los Angeles in order for him to start his residency to become a general practitioner. On the side, he also studied mutant genetics and had been wanting to do so since he had just found out that he was a mutant. He would live in the east side of Los Angeles while finishing his residency at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center while taking courses in mutant genetics at the same time. While taking these courses, he would also discover the potential of his powers and how to keep them at bay. Thankfully, he was fortunate enough that his powers were fully controllable and he wasn't like other mutants whos powers would get out of control.

During his residency here in Los Angeles, Charlie would not attempt to make friends though of course, he would still be friendly towards everyone. Instead of studying a specialty like cardiology, pulmonology, or ophthalmology, he decided to further his studies in mutant genetics to become a mutant doctor.

Returning to a place once called home

In mid-July of 2009, Charlie had just finished his studies for the night when he decided to surf the web and pointed towards Craig's List. He was curious to know what sort of demand mutant doctors were in and of course, he found it fairly high. Most of the employment ads he found were for hospitals. Though, a certain ad caught his eye that read, "Mutant Foundation Hero SuperGroup in Paragon City is seeking a resident doctor. Mutant Genetic doctor preferred." Seeing this ad brought a lot of memories back for Charlie. He also decided that this may be a good opportunity and find out whether or not Viktor was alive.

Charlie decided to e-mail poster of the ad and they quickly exchanged contact information to schedule a phone interview. He spoke with a gentleman named Albert Drakinsky, who he swore was barely in his 20s. After an extensive interview, this Albert decided to hire him. Unfortunately, Charlie would be unable to arrive back in Paragon City until mid-September due to obligations with his residency and his mutant genetic studies. Also, he had already given word to the board of directors in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center that he would seek to become one of their emergency room physicians there, and now he must revoke that.

Fulfilling his promise, he returned to Paragon City in the afternoon of September 15th. He would then fill his role as the resident doctor for the SuperGroup, New Age Mutants. He's slowly making himself acquainted with the organization. He had made residence in a small apartment in Founders' Falls, but has a feeling that he will often frequent the New Age Mutants base.

Due to the nature of his career and the nature of the supergroup, he submitted a letter of resignation in order to better help the patients of Paragon City. After several months, however, he would once again be convinced to be an in-house doctor of another supergroup.

Words of characterization

Outside the ER, he is simply known as Charlie.

In the Jung Typology Test, Charlie has been tested to be of the INTJ personality. He is, indeed, somewhat self-confident. Especially when it comes to his career. When it comes to medical help, Dr. Schwarz can tell you whether he can help you or not (assuming he knows what the problem is) and how he can help. Charlie is also somewhat of a perfectionist. Again, especially when it comes to his work. Of course, he knows he doesn't have the answer to everything, but will gladly tell you who may have it.

While it is said that INTJs do not readily grasp the social rituals like small talk, Charlie is quite an exception. He is actually quite well-spoken and well-poised. It's sort of required in his career since there's always that possibility of bringing about bad news to patients' relatives and so on. Flirting, however, is something that he tends to avoid. There has only been one person who he was able to flirt with, and that person has... well... disappeared.

Charlie is quite open-minded. However, he will prefer to be alone in his free time either reading a book or magazine, or doing some sort of rigorous exercise. He has been doing a lot of things by himself ever since he was 9. Though being with New Age Mutants, he knows he'll be forced to have to work with people.

Even though the J part in the INTJ is "judging", Charlie is far from being judgmental. Being a doctor, he signed an oath saying that he must help whoever the injured might be. So if a badly injured criminal happens to make his way in the ER, he has to help them. And help them, he does. This is also something he's applied to in his everyday life, though within reason.

Genetic Aptitude

Charlie's powers manifested in him in the midst of the Rikti Invasion in 2002. And he has found that his body chemistry had changed significantly when his mutation surfaced.

Blue Radiation Blasts

The day he awoke from his coma, Charlie began wondering how he was glowing some sort of blue aura around him. He would later find out in his life that he is able to shoot blue radiation blasts, almost appearing to be emitting like reactors from Cherenkov radiation. In reality, his blood chemistry had drastically changed when his mutant powers awoke. His body was naturally producing blue cobalt (CoAl2O4). This would make his blasts have a deep blue color. Said blue cobalt also appears to keep him healthy and active, in which cobalt is present in vitamin B-12. In actuality, what makes his radiation blasts very harmful is that his body naturally produces Plutonium-238 alpha particles and Radon.

Moderate Energy Manipulation

A side effect of his powers is his ability to manipulate energy how he wants to. In his spare time, Charlie does weight-train and keep in shape. One of his regimens include hitting punching bags. He can manipulate raw energy into his fists and use it how he likes. He can also use it to protect himself from harm to a certain degree.

Super Speed

In addition of the presence of blue cobalt in his body chemistry, vitamin B-12 is also a naturally occurring chemical in his body due to the presence of the primary element. Within it are also naturally occurring electrolytes that run through his bloodstream. The natural presence of these chemicals allow him to move at ultra fast speeds, sometimes exceeding Mach 2. Though normally, he would only run at speeds of 200-300 mph.

Mere Acquaintances

(will be filled later)

Mere Oddities

  • Charlie is somewhat of a perfectionist. He will make all attempts to do everything right, and by the book. Though if nothing works, he is willing to think outside the box.
  • Unlike your stereotypical speedster, one could say that Charlie has the patience of a saint, and sometimes even questions his abilities.
  • As one might think of his appearance, he does own a bike. And it looks like this. He barely uses it, though.
(will be expanded upon later)
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