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The face of Death
Cacciatore Di Anima(Hunter of Souls)
Player: DuskChameleon
Origin: Mutation/Natural
Archetype: Brute/SoA
Security Level: 50/50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kali'zen
Known Aliases: N/A
Species: Galshore
Age: Unknown, looks 20.
Height: 6'3
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye Color: Pure cerulean
Hair Color: Changes...
Biographical Data
Citizenship: N/A
Occupation: Scientest(sorta)
Place of Birth: Raken'shar
Current Residence: Below Grandville...
Marital Status: Single/Divorced/Widowed/Looking
Known Relatives: None alive
Known Powers
Fire control to its best, manipulation of souls
Known Abilities
Speed and flight beyond human capabilities
Loads of high geared tech
Is god :O


I am starting on villains again, but with a...interesting character. I used Anti-hero box because it's cool among other things. This character is the expansion of the Scorned race, but way more so as a diffrent race. Cacciatore is unique to me, and He will be played in so many plots of mine.

Inspired by many characters, including, but not limited to: Edward(Twilight), Janemba(DBZ), Sarutobi(Naruto), Angelus(Angel), and Professor Xavier(X-Men). He has aspects of these guys and more.


Kali'zen is a always calm person. He has no hatred in him, nor would he ever. He always is judgemental however, by actions, and is a protector in his own sense. His face never changes in emotions, its always void of them, but some say he has some just waiting to come out. No one knows otherwise what goes down with this odd humanoid being. His workings are odd, but one thing is for sure, He beleives in equality, and also will harm those who wish to harm women or who insult them. He apparently has gotten himself into a mind state that makes him a strategist and a fighter.

Just don't piss him off, while he doesn't show it, He will inflict pain to make you beleive so.


"Creating order out of chaos" is one extraverted thinker's way of describing his volition. Determined, logical, critical, they love a challenge, especially one that will allow tangible improvement in productivity, efficiency or profitability. They are direct, finding the quickest, most direct path between what is and what should be.

They excel at implementing ideas and are often on the lookout for good ideas worthy of their attention. They are quick to organize, orchestrate, find resources, coordinate, and follow through to the end of a project. They love a problem, especially one that will make full use of their competencies, their logic and sense of order, justice and fair play.

Many find competition to be stimulating and fun. "These are the rules of the game now let us play." Fairness is sharing and respecting the same set of rules, so may the best one win. And since they readily acknowledge that there will be a winner and a loser, they would simply much rather be the winner. So they hone their strategies on the fine knife of experience and sharpen their skills to meet the next challenge head on.

They love having greater challenges bestowed on them as a result of having successfully met the last, as this attests to their competence and skills. They appear dispassionate because of their impersonal and objective approach, but close observation will reveal deep passion and enthusiasm as well as sensitivity, especially to cherished ones. However they expect others to roll up their sleeves as they do and meet the task in spite of personal hardships or discomfort.

They have little tolerance for personal whims that threaten a smooth running operation. They are direct and honest with most things that displease them and expect others to do the same. Their humanity shows in their sense of fairness and justice as well as their love of humour.

--Credit to MBTI for this

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Kali'zen and his history is far from untouched by disaster and horror, and we are about to tap into fully unlocking his dark books of his life.

Book 1:Childhood

Ah, such sweetness my childhood was...except for the fact I was a outcast to my family, a failure to them all. My brothers and sisters were highly liked, but I was not. It was sickening to see me during those days. I was a royal family member, yet I was treated not like that, except I was treated as family by my mother, and my siblings. My father saw me as nothing, as a worthless pile of trash.

You see, My name is Kali'zen Dakar'ze, Prince of the 8th Seat. I was merely 4 when people began realizing I was a unique one, my mind was far beyond the gifted. My..psyche was very unusual but as I began to age, my psyche grew. I was writing long stories, and poems of epic length beyond my people's comprehension. However, I wish to start with my childhood, from the beginning.

And so...lets delve into my mind, the mind of a Psychic Prodigy...

I was born to King Kal'zhe and Queen Bala'kare, and I was the youngest at that time. At first, I was held to be just like my brothers, strong and wise, but that was going to take a turn. I was only 4 when a assassin snuck into the castle and tried to kill me. The good thing was, my mind 'opened' and blasted him through the walls with a bone shattering force. People wondered what happened, when a mystic of our highest respect did some mojo on me and said I was cursed.

Today, they'd be so wrong.

Anyway, I grew up a slight outcast, my father hated me, people in my kingdom gave me odd looks. But I had a sanctuary, and they were my other family, especcially my older sister and brother, Kali'zark and Karu'zhe. They trained me in our ways better then any other. I was only 11 when I mastered the fiery arts we knew. I had finally caught my father's eye when I beat a long trial, using purely my fire within. So, to redeem myself, I had to fight a tournament.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Book 2:Tournament, Coming of Age

I was merely 14 when the Tournament was going on. I was winning so far, but It was semi-finals and I had to face one of my siblings. We were evenly matched, until I couldn't take it anymore and unleashed something that scared the crap out of my people. From my lips, a giant flaming serpent came and slammed my brother around, and finally dispersed, making me the winner. Many were in shock but we continued, and I showed new extremes with my fire, and in the finals, I became a pheonix almost, and won the tournament.

But, now my father wanted to face me. He gave me 1 year to train, and So I did. For that 12 months, I worked hard and fast, expanding my psychic powers, and my fire powers, essentially becoming the first Psy-flame warrior of my people. When the day came, I was 15, and it was nearing my birthday, about 30 minutes from my coming of age. The match begun and it was a stand still until 30 minutes had passed. Fire and Psychic energy burned me until I unleashed it at my father. He was slammed around like a ball, and when it stopped, He gave up and said he was proud of me.

I knew I had done good, but now, I needed to train more to reach my limits. For years, I trained, working on my fire and psychic powers. I soon become the eye of many girls at the age of 18. My body was so fit, yet I had no interest in marrying a girl, that was, until one caught my eye like no other.

Book 3:Love and War, Fair? I Think Not

To my lover I mentioned earlier, well she wasn't my lover at that time, but thats beyond the point. Her name was Masi'kare, and she had caught my eye when she had caught a peasant trying to steal from the royal treasure. Her skills intrigued me and I approached her, and as I did, she turned and saw me, and without a word, got on her knees and hands before me. I looked down at her with no emotion in my eye, but I told her to rise, and she did. I circled her, questioning her, testing her. It was a good way for me to test if she was really for me. She had good answers and was very smart, this impressed me.

I told her that she had caught my eye and I wished to be her husband. Oh how ironic that my mother was about to walk in with girls wanting to marry me, and when they checked in on who was in the Treasury, there was me and Masi, kissing. So henceforth, a marriage was arranged between us and all was looking up for me. That was, until I heard rebels had declared war, and they were no pushovers. It was then, I realized that something was about to go horribly wrong. Boy, was I not even close.

The war began and the fighting seemed to be on our side, when the rebels brought forth a beast of darkness that tore through my people. One of my brothers, Mali'karz, grabbed me and hauled me to the ships. Only we survived as the ships blasted off, some ramming into each other. We were split up from each other when we crashed on the planet I now know as Earth. I realized what all had happened to me and I wept, and the heavens cried with me.

War was my calling now, as I rose like a pheonix, my wings blazing, and my will forever lit.

I was no longer a Prince...I was the Pheonix, a Immortal beast of fire.

The evils shall heed my call.

Book 4:Pheonix's Curse

As I worked myself into the new world, I realized that this place was far behind in technology or anything, and the place I crashed near was Paragon City. I kept a calm looking face as I explored, but I was taken in by the ones they called Longbow and questioned. I told them my story and was let go, under close watch as a hero, suppoesdely. I began my work, and little did I know, I was about truely live my curse and blessing.

It was when The Rikti invaded, and I fought valiantly against them. But, I became overwhelmed and was shot down, dead. Well, thats what they thought at least. Flames exploded everywhere as I rose like a pheonix, my body untouched and unscathed. I tore through the Rikti without care, and heroes watched me as I unleashed sun-like flames upon the Rikti. As I collapsed, many could only watch as the fire around me seeped into my body, renewing my skin and my life.

When I next awoke, I was in the Zig, and I felt betrayed. As i rotted inside the prison, My powers grew in their power, and without warning, when Arachnos was about to burst open the door the day they came, fire hit the door, and that part of the Zig was melted all around with holes, as I escaped on my own chance. My powers were no longer just a blessing, but a curse. I knew this would be the start of a new me.

It was time to live with the Curse, or let it kill me.

Book 5:Heart Discovered

(To come as soon as he gets a girlfriend >.>)

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