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Player: @gijoespouse
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender/Controller/Scrapper
Security Level: 50/30/13
Personal Data
Real Name: Cherise Boudreaux
Known Aliases: Cheri, Char
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: um...average for her height and frame =P
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Lavender
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: vigilante
Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA, United States
Base of Operations: Paragon City (Skyway City), RI
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: none that she knows about
Known Powers
'Ghosting', command of Nether energy
Known Abilities
Dark Miasma, Dark Blast, Illusion Control (RP'd as manifestations of Nether energy), Radiation Emission (RP'd as more Nether energy goodness), Dark Melee and Shield Defense (RP'd as hardening of Nether energy to form a shield)
' be honest, the concept for this character came mostly AFTER I got her defender version almost to 50. Darn that double xp weekend. *cough* Anyway, I was aggravated at the fact I had yet to get a defender higher than 20 before deleting it. Who knew that dark/dark was the combo for me? No buffs, just one targeted heal and a buttload of debuffs. Her personality emerged as a mash up of other characters I've made before. Eventually I fleshed her out, gave her a full fledged bio, and she's now become one of my most played characters on the Virtue Server. Since the release of i16, the power customization has made it possible to branch Char out into other ATs, simply RP'ing those other powers as being extensions of her abilities.



In the beginning...

Cherise's parents weren't exactly enthused when their daughter came out of the womb sporting gray skin, a tail and little bitty wings, and it was no surprise to the nurses at the hospital that the parents took off and left the newborn there. She became a ward of the state and put into the foster care system. Eventually she was put into the Lady of Mercy home, a place where many unwanted children (mostly mutants with strange physical mutations) ended up after a time. She grew up happy, and unlike most of her peers she didn't hold any bitterness regarding her situation.

She first became acquainted with her powers when 'the shadow man' (what eventually became her dark servant in game) came to visit her in her dreams. She was around 11. He would talk to her frequently, telling her what she was able to do. Finally, out of frustration, she started to listen to the shadow man. Her first show of power was a reading of the future. She saw the coming of Hurricane Katrina, years before it would actually hit. Of course, no one believed her, writing it off as the workings of an overactive imagination. Her powers began to develop more fully as the years passed.

When the hurricane she'd predicted as a child finally hit, the group home she'd lived in was wiped away, literally swept off its foundation. The children were sent off to different places...and in a moment of desperation, Cherise used her ability to tell the future to find out just what she was supposed to do now that the only home she'd known was gone. She got the answer she sought...and a lot more than she bargained for. She saw herself becoming a force to be reckoned with in Paragon City, joining Evolution-X, traveling to the Rogue Isles and making a presence there...and then her own death (a rather gristly one at that).

The steps she's taken up to this point is all a result of this reading. She took up with a couple of con artists on Bourbon street and fleeced the returning populace and tourists of their cash, saving back so she could make her own trip to Rhode Island. Since arriving in Paragon and joining Evo, she's certainly made herself known, especially in Cimerora. She isn't afraid to throw herself into seemingly suicidal situations...mainly because she knows what the circumstances of her death will be. Hard to be afraid of dying when you know for a fact that 'suicide mission' won't be the end of you, you know?

Charletain's opinion on sewer missions. Commission art by Drunkfu.

Current Events

Fill in zeh blank heifah!


Cherise is of the firm belief that if you have power, you might as well use it. She would probably be the last person to ask about using powers sparingly, as she quite often uses her own for personal gain. She's not the shining example of a hero, and can be quite greedy (primarily seen as her pocketing loot from missions to go sell off later). She firmly believes that the ends justify the means, and if the means stray into the gray area...well, so be it.

On missions, she can be quite reckless, often getting right up in the thick of things with melee fighters when she should probably be hanging back. She seems to have no fear of death, more than willing to throw herself into battle with Arachnos, CoT, Romans, Rikti and whatever else Paragon's evil has to offer. Some have labeled her acts as brave...others as borderline suicidal. Doesn't seem to really matter to her, so long as the job gets done.

She's very confident, to the point of being downright arrogant and cocky. She's willing to admit when she makes a mistake...but usually not unless that mistake really comes back to bite her in the butt, and not a minute before. Overall, if folks can get over this, they'll find she's pretty easy going most of the time. In missions, sometimes she can be a bit overbearing if things aren't going fast enough...or going unsuccessfully.


The most noticeable part of her mutation is the physical aspect of it, which is described in the physical synopsis below. Her mutant ability is basically the ability to 'walk' between our world and the Netherworld. By 'stepping' more fully into the Nether, she can access the powers therein. With these powers, she can decrease the effectiveness of her opponents, put fear into their very hearts, and conceal her allies. She can also heal her allies and bring them back from grave injury if needed...unfortunately she must take the life force of others in order to perform these acts (in game this means she has to have an enemy regular rp's she can sap from other allies if there are no enemies about). She can also use the Nether energy to give fortunes. While she is fully capable of seeing the future, the majority of the time, she simply gives someone a false future, something that they want to hear, rather than the truth.

Recently, she has been learning to solidify Nether energy into a shield. She's still working on this technique.

NOTE: I will never go as far as making up someone's true future in RP...ever. So unless you arrange something with me, consider anything she says to be simply BS, and it'll be up to your character as to whether they believe her or not.

A side affect of 'stepping' more fulling into the Nether is that she takes on a ghost like quality, allowing her to pass through solid objects. In this ghost form, she is able to fly, as her body is weightless.

Physical Traits

Cherise sports stone gray skin, and on her face is an intricate set of markings, just a shade darker than her skin. She has a row of four little horns that run across her brow and tail that has a tuft of lavender hair at its end, very similar to that of a lion's tail. On her back is a tiny set of bat-like wings, and her hands sport sharp claws.

Cherise is tall, and has a willowy sort of build. While she's not all that muscular, she's not exactly a slouch when it comes to strength. She can take a few hits here and there, but she certainly wouldn't be going 10 rounds in the ring anytime soon.


Super Group(s)



Fiction/Forum Role play



Ignoring the religious undertones there in the lyrics for this one, cause uh...yeah...Char just ain't the religious type. They do, however, catch the gist of how she feels and how she's been living since she saw the vision of her own death. She lives each moment like it's her last, and while that makes her go a bit overboard on some things (um...the greed...yeah, she is overboard with that), she's still living it up much more than she used to.

One of a couple songs that seemed to fit for Char's battle theme. Given that Char's ability allows her to tap into some nice unholy powers there, felt that the lyrics of this song, and the music itself, seemed to set the right tone.

This is another song that seemed to fit for Char's battle theme. Just...yeah...the music to me just sets the tone for how she fights. Don't ask why, cause uh...not sure if I could really explain it much.

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