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Player: @Krazy Kase
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster/Tanker
Security Level: 50/23
Personal Data
Real Name: John Donnet
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI, USA
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Ice manipulation and flight
Known Abilities
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Sordid Past

John Donnet was one of many troubled youths, raised in Kings Row by his abusive father and alcoholic mother. When he was 14, he left home and lived on the streets and, like most runaways, he was quickly consumed into the ranks of local gang members. When his powers manifested at 16, he joined the Outcasts, his ruthless manners and dispassionate attitude quickly gaining him respect in the gang, earning him the name Johnny Cool.

After three years and gathering a following himself, rumors spread that John could overthrow Frostfire for leadership of the Outcasts. Refusing to be defeated by a young upstart, Frostfire bought and threatened those closest to John, forcing them to betray their friend. In a deliberately botched robbery, John was left injured and quickly arrested. Stripped of his powers and sentenced to ten years in the Zigursky prison, it seemed life for John was over.


While serving his time, he met Dr. Alexa Barter, a psychologist that worked with super-powered beings that took the wrong path. She saw something in John beyond the anger and callousness that no one had seen before. After many long sessions, she enrolled John in a community service program that had prisoners clean up streets after meta-human fights. While participating, John saw first hand what his choice of life style was doing to ordinary people and, for the first time, felt guilty.

Dr. Barter continued her program with John, showing him that people can care for him. This broke his hard shell and his behaviour improved dramatically, so much so that he was allowed off the power-inhibiting drug they fed prisoners so he could live comfortably. Grateful to Dr. Barter, John never used his powers against another inmate or guard.

Three years later, his first parole hearing came up and he was approved. Released under probation, he set out to lead a new life. John quickly realized that he could never lead a normal life and applied for a hero liscence. Though many were skeptical, his application was accepted with recommendation of Dr. Barter. Thus, a crime fighting Chillzone was born.

Back to School

After working alone for a few months, John learned of Evolution-X. Though weary of working with others again, considering what happened with the Outcasts, John sought them out and applied for membership. Accepted, John worked hard to gain the trust of his new allies and has thrown himself into getting his high school education.

In Paragon, he's continued to work on helping Paragon City, making many new friends in odd places, including Bob Packer who runs an old movie shop which has rekindled Johns love for old B-movies.


Johns fun-filled life took a dark turn after discovering that Flashbanger, an Outcast leader that was once his best friend, had escaped from prison. He hunted the fiery mutant down and confronted him. In a battle that almost cost him his life, he managed to defeat Flash but lost his left eye. Flash was killed in the struggle and John fled the scene before police could question him, making him a wanted man.

With no where else to go, he turned to one of his closest friends, Charletain, who took him in and gave him a place to lay low while he worked with Lt. Paul Harrison to sort it out. In the end, it was decided that John had acted in self-defense and he was cleared of any wrong doing, much to his relief.

During his stay with Charletain, he learned of her fate and swore he would find a way to stop it. After a talk with Azuria, he learned that it was unavoidable and, instead, decided to spend the time he had left with her by her side.

Early Retirement

After Charletains death, John left the world of heroics and became a recluse. As the warm weather of summer hit Paragon, he spent much of his time sulking in his custom made apartment which was kept at a constant sub-zero temperature. When he did go out, he often helped out at the Steel Canyon Police Department, working with the gang busting units. Occasionally, he would help with a threat to the city but he never donned his costume again.

Return of Chillzone

When Charletain came back from the grave and began to 'haunt' his apartment, John shook himself from his depression and returned to duty. He joined Charletain and other former teammates in the House of Heroes and got himself a new costume.

Unfortunately, his being out of the loop was a costly lesson when he spied the (once) villainous Skull Jester in Steel Canyon. John attacked him, only to be knocked out when the Jester defended himself. This led to a confrontation between Skull Jester and Charletain as she came to Johns defense. After the misunderstanding was realized, Charletain and John left the Skull Jester to himself, though John harbors a small amount of guilt for his part in what happened.


On the surface, John is extremely easy going and carefree. He's usually quick with a joke or smart ass remark and rarely takes things too seriously. Underneath that though, a deeply conflicted man exists, ridden by guilt by the things he'd done and afraid of his own temper. Because of his hard life, he has trouble relating to others on a personal level and can seem cold when people really get to know him. John also carries alot of hatred for his parents and the Outcasts for betraying him.

Recent events have really effected John's personality. He now suffers from severe mood swings from his usual jovial self to depressed to grim.


Johns body is similar to a normal human, but operates in sub-zero termperatures. His blood is a very transparent blue liquid, which accounts to his blue skin, and his muscles are near-frozen. Because of this, John is actually stronger than he looks, though hardly super-humanly strong, and his skin is harder than normal, making it more difficult to pierce.

Chillzone and the Evo-X crew

Fighting Style

Fairly aggresive, he's not afraid to jump into the middle of a fight and rarely knows when to back down. This gets him into trouble alot, but can also tip the odds of the battle. Often, he concentrates on locking down multiple opponents by freezing them solid and shredding the others with shards of ice.


Cold Manipulation

John can freeze the moisture in the air to create various effects from razor sharp ice shards to finely detailed sculptures. He can also lower the temperature around him to create a sub-zero environment. With alot of practice and patience, he's learned to create snow and is able to whip up frigid blizzards in small areas with ease. He's also learned to use this ability to create an ice shield and sword, using his powers to constantly reinforce both in battle.


Somehow, John is able to fly at fantastic speeds. No one has been able to figure out how he's able to do it, baffling experts in genetics and biology. Despite having no mental abilities, John claims that he just thinks he can fly and he can, though it requires alot of concentration. This has left some wondering what other abilities he has.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Because his body is so cold, heat is painful to John. He is able to withstand room temperature, though not comfortably, but fire directly applied is brutal to Johns body, almost literally melting him. Because of this, he is forced to sleep in a cold tank to replenish his strength.


Friends and Allies

Dr. Alexa Barter: Chills therapist and biggest supporter. She meets with him on a regular basis to help him deal with the pressures of hero work and working within the law. Chill has the more respect for her than anyone else.

Bob Packer: Owner of the Golden Age Video store, a little shop the specializes in old and obscure movie titles. Chill stops in there every week or so and has developed a unique friendship with the grumpy old man.

Lt. Paul Harrison: A good cop that's been on the force for ten years. When Chill first met him, he was still with the Outcasts and Harrison was determined to bring him in. After Chill was double crossed, it was Harrison that arrested him and sent him to jail. Now, Harrison is Chills most trusted ally.

Charletain: Though the two have conflicting views on how the world works, they have similar personalities, creating a close friendship between them.

Demon Hunter: The two have worked together occasionally in the past, but have recently developed a budding friendship, based mostly on butting heads with each other.

Madame Shiri: Though John doesn't know her well, he's become a fan of her singing.

Firehawk: Friends almost to the point of being enemies, Laura seems to take great pleasure in tormenting John, but in a friendly manner.

Combustion Gal: Though not really buddies, Chill takes her shyness as a personal mission to open up, often making more outrageous cracks when she's around.

PsiFire.: They get along well enough, though Chill is a little uneasy around psychics.


Flashbanger: A high ranking Outcast member that was once Chills best friend until he betrayed him to Frostfire.




- John often uses his powers to create ice sculptures during his off time.

- Has an obsession with B-Movies and aspires to be a director someday.

- Because of his weakness to heat, he is unable to eat hot or spicy foods and drinks.

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