Commander Sickle

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The Iron Son
Commander Sickle
Player: @Biosphere
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Rudolf Alexandrov
Known Aliases: Sickle
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6'5
Weight: 200lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Revolutionary
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Base of Operations: The Rouge Isles
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

"Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given and transmitted from the past."-Karl Marx

Commander Sickle is an impressive fighter that has brought down a fair share of heroes and villians. A rising threat in the Rouge Isles, Commander Sickle seeks his own goals, oblivious to the people who are in fear of him.




An old and rare photograph of young Commander Sickle

Commander Sickle had a rather happy childhood, he was raised in a warming home, he had many friends who loved to play, and he had an older brother to watch over him if he got into trouble. Sickle read many books as a young child, one of them, The Communist Manifesto, which would shape the course of Sickle's life dramatically. For years this happy attitude carried on, it seemed like there was no pain in the world at all. Yet on a cold winter night near December, Sickle's brother told him that he was going to run from home. Of course Sickle asked why but the brother gave no reason, and after a few minutes of conversation, the brother leaped out the window in Sickle's room. The confused Sickle went to bed that night not knowing what would happen in the morning. When he woke up, Sickle's parents didn't even notice that his brother was gone, and when he asked them where his brother was, his parents would reply, "What brother?" Now Sickle was even more confused, where was his brother? Did he even have a brother? Of course he did, but something is trying to erase that. Sickle developed very good tactical plans using his cunning nature, to find out information about his brother.

Later Years


After Sickle graduated from High School he still had no solid information on his brother, just small talk on the street. There was only one thing he could do that could possibly lead him to any information that was useful. He'd have to join the military. The Russian military kept track of records of missing kids, Sickle figured it'd be the perfect ticket. What he didn't expect was a promotion, then another ,and another. Without trying Sickle had made it to Commander status within the Russian military. Which was very good on his part, since now he had access to all information the Russian Government had in its possession. Sickle looked all around for his brother, or a mention of his name, and found one file. Sickle found out his brother had joined a pro-mutant protest group. It was about a period of time when Russia was training mutants to become living weapons, and wanting to use them in subhuman ways, aiming more to slavery. To further their mutant plans they took over the media and twisted stories around to make all pro-mutant faction seem more like cruel and monstrous terrorists. The group Sickle's brother belonged to was one of Russia's targets. They planted a bomb and destroyed the entire protest rebel group. Again using the media, they made it seem as though the "terrorists" blew themselves up handling unstable explosives they themselves were going to use against the public. Sickle was infuriated at the revelation of his own government's hands in his brother's death. What was he to do? His whole searching had led him to see how corrupt the Russian government was. In his sadness he fell back on the one thing that made him happy in these times of grief, the Manifesto. In retaliation, Sickle looked over all their future plans at creating a "better" Russia on Mutant blood and then realized, he could make Russia a great country again, with no corruption, or torture, or brainwashing. With Communism, Sickle would fix Russia.

Escaping Russia

With the ideas hot in his head, Sickle gathered together the band of soldiers he trusted the most, the ones he had known since joining the military. Boris, Daniel, Kyle, Gaderath, Kid, and Hiemen all met with Sickle and he told them of the horric events that took place in Russia. Sickle told them how to fix Russia, using the ideas of Karl Marx. Surprisingly, the men agreed with him, and they wanted to follow Sickle up on his ideas. Yet all the men knew that they lacked the resources to back up this revolution. So they all decided that they would steal a plane out of Russia.

Crash in Peregrine!

Long hours after they had stolen their plane the controls on it seemed to malfunction and they locked causing the plane to nose dive.
The Portal Corp building on Peregrine Island
Sickle and all the men paniced bracing for the impact as they crashed into the Portal Corp building on Peregrine Island. The explosion and fire killed and hurt many people, and when Sickle and his men appeared from the rubble the Paragon Police Department and Longbow showed no mercy. Sickle and his men were violently arrested and thrown in the Zig on a charge of terrorism against Paragon.

Life in the Ziggurat

Split Up

Commander Sickle's cell

When they arrived at the Ziggursky, Sickle and his friends were split up into different sections of the prison. Since they were put away for such a graphic and horric crime, they were also placed in one of the most protected areas of the prison, where serial killers and terrorists were placed. For a whole year they were inside the prison, and Sickle spent that time planning for an escape.



After a whole year Arachnos finally broke Sickle out of his cell, labeling him as a "Destined One". Once he was free Sickle then went off to find his men, and break them out of their cells. After all the members of the group were free, they went on to the arachnos flier to leave the prison. Before they left, Sickle chipped off a piece of the jail's walls to carry with him. A little bit of a memory.

Life in the Rogue Isles

An example of some of the places Commander Sickle and his men had the option of sleeping in

Sickle had a hard time living in the Rogue Isles when he first was dropped off in Mercy along with his friends. They had to scramble to find a place to sleep, almost every night. Despite that, Sickle enjoyed going to the Pocket D night club, and finding new friends in a place he had never been before. His first actual friend was Veridian Vision, where the two would exchange stories of their past experiences, and have the occasional duel within the arena. Yet the greatest change for Sickle's life in the Isles came in the form of the visionary, Run Riot. Sickle met Run Riot while he was speaking with Veridian Vision one night in Pocket D. Riot shared with both Sickle and Veridian his ideas about mutants and he talked about his group that he was running by the name of Inevitable Evolution. Riot said that Inevitable Evolution's doors were open to those people who had no place to stay in the Rouge Isles. Instantly Sickle wanted to jump at the chance to join. He had no place to stay in the Isles, and in a way, he felt like he was avenging the brother he lost by serving in Inevitable Evolution. This did not last however, as Sickle's brother, Arctic Gash, returned to him while he was in the group. Arctic Gash soon ran away and Sickle had to leave the group and others to search after him, going so far as Russia. Sickle finally found him allied with a group known as the Injustice-Knights. Sickle quickly joined his brother within the group.


Commander Sickle is a rather quiet man, that usually keeps things to himself. He doesn't like talking to people unless he knows them or somewhat trusts them. Even then he still has a stern attitude, and would be considered boring by the typical person. The reason he does not talk much is that he is always thinking in his mind. He thinks of everything and anything, and in a sense he is paranoid. He has to plan for what might happen, so that when something does occur it won't surprise him. He also likes to see and point out the weaknesses in others. Not their weakness in terms of powers, but the faults in their personality, which can be used as a tool for defeat and information.

Since he is paranoid, Sickle hides his face, always. He'll either use his helment, or a mask and the sunglasses he took off of Back Alley Brawler. He uses the fact he hides his face as a tool. When people see Sickle, they don't see a face which would give him indentity. They see the mask, which puts fear into people and causes rumors to be spread. Some people have even speculated that he has no lower jaw. Someone would have to be very important to Sickle for him to show them his face.

Though Sickle is not truely an evil person at heart, his goals are, and they've made him a much more evil man. He continually hunts heroes and villains alike, sometimes for fun, and sometimes because they are either preventing a goal of his from completing, or they annoy him. He will take any measure to achieve what he determines to be necessary in order to advance forward. He usually keeps prizes from the ones who he takes out, either a piece of their cape, or an item off their costume. For Commander Sickle, the end justifies the means, always.

Commander Sickle's Comrades


The shy but fearless Kyle.
Kyle is a shy man, who usually keeps quiet. He doesn't like large crowds of people and tends to be anti-social. Despite this he lacks fear of anything, which allows him to face down many enemies that otherwise would terrorize a normal human being. He is often found argueing with Daniel as to why he doesn't have a girlfriend. This is mostly because Kyle does not know how to speak in front of women and babbles when one tries to talk to him.


Daniel, the ladies man.
Daniel is a man who likes women. He oftens spends nights trying to find one. The sad truth is that his "skills" with picking up women often meet in failure, with a drink spilled in his face, or a slap to the face. Despite this he continues to use dry pick up lines in an attempt to get a girl. Daniel sometimes is clumsy and forgets when the safety is off on his gun.


A skilled medic, and good friend.
Boris is a well educated man. He studied in biology and has built a device which aids the in the well being of others. Boris works as the medic of the group, and when a member is down, the whole group turns to Boris. He also has a good sense of humor about death, and serious injury. Some consider him their 'friendly doctor'.

The Twins

The twins, Kid, and Gaderath.


Kid loves to craft things. He tends to spend nights inventing new technological devices, and tricks for Commander Sickle to use against enemies. He often reads blueprints for fun and tends to dislike those who do not approve of technology. He has built a pair of jackets, one for him and his brother, that allow them to blend into the world making them invisible for a short amount of time.


Gaderath, or "Gad" to his brother, is just the opposite. He tends to rely on his own skill when fighting enemies and sticks to a fair distance when facing down an opponent. This allows him to easily take down a target, using the special sniper shot he developed for his rifle. This became so useful that Kid asked Gaderath to import this into his own rifle. Combined the two shots make a deadly combo.


The rude, but powerful Hiemen.
Hiemen is a decorated captain from the russian military. He drinks heavily, and lifts weights everyday. He tries to press Sickle to lift, but it seems like Sickle isn't interested. Hiemen usually will challenge a man to a drinking contest, and tries to prove his manliness on a regular basis. Despite his ego, Hiemen is very skilled with a rifle, and uses a vast amount of things to take down an enemy. Whether that be a grenade, flamethrower, or a rocket launcher.

Villain Group

Main Article: Injustice-Knights.

The Injustice-Knights are a group of the enemies of the supergroup the Justice-Knights. While Sickle is not a true enemy to any one of the heroes of the Justice-Knights he is allied with them through his brother, Arctic Gash. If Arctic sees them as a benefit and a way to move forward, he will join them. The group has a lot of different characters in it, including the Madcap Mangler, and Mr. Cyril.

Historical Events

Trapped in the Shadow Shard

While moving through Sharkhead one day, Commander Sickle was attacked by an unknown group of enemies and teleported to another demension. This he later found out was the Shadow Shard. .
Faathim and Sickle
Commander Sickle, in the Shadow Shard
Filled with amazing creatures, and broken up areas of land to walk on, the Shadow Shard was harsh to live in for Sickle. He had to struggle to find food, and sometimes he even went nights without it. He had to defend himself against the monsters within this demension, and he also had to try and figure a way of it. While walking through one of the floating pieces of land in the Shard, Sickle collapsed from exhaustion
Sickle, searching for fish in a river of red
. As he closed his eyes, he began to accept death. He later woke up inside the citadel that Faathim the Kind controls, the The Chantry.. Confused Sickle began to ask Faathim questions, and he answered. From then on Sickle was under the protection of Faathim. He gave Sickle food, company, and taught him in the ways of the enlightenment. Faathim would do this by presenting images inside Sickle's head, and then giving his voice-over as to the information behind the images. This has had an effect on Sickle, and around magical or religious items or people, Sickle will turn into a manifestation of Faathim's teachings
Re'Vaa the Redeemer
. A guide of the light, Re'Vaa. Finally one day Faathim told Sickle that he had the power to send Sickle back into the demension he knew, but it had a chance of sending him into another unknown demension, one where a person like Faathim could not help him. Sickle accepted the help, but during the final part of the ritual the Circle of Thorns attacked the Chantry, and in the cross-fire Sickle was hit by the magics of the mages, and badly burned. Due to this attack, the ritual was at three-fourths its strength when Sickle was teleported from the demension, and instead of landing in Sharkhead, he ended up being teleported to Pocket D, the stop point between the demensions. He was found by Veridian Vision and Insomnia, where he was brought to the Inevitable Evolution base, and treated for his wounds.

Ghost Widow's Assistance

Commander Sickle in his civilian attire, speaking with Ghost Widow.

As soon as he had returned to full health, Commander Sickle was quick to begin his investigation into the attackers that had sealed him off in the Shadow Shard. For a whole month he had fought many enemies, questioned several enemy groups, and stolen secret files and letters from groups like the Council. All this work however, was being met with dismay. Nothing he found gave him a considerable lead, but the work he had done greatly increased his threat level, and caught him the eyes of the Patrons. Seeing as how he had nothing other than a few papers and letters, Sickle traveled to Grandville, to meet with and decide who he was to become allied with. He traveled through the silent hallways and rooms, and up the elevator to the Patrons. He first talked with Black Scorpion, which in Sickle's opinion was like talking to a ten year old in a power suit. He didn't even try to talk to Captain Mako. Knowing Mako, he'd use Sickle and betray him in the end, like he does to everyone. The only ones left were Ghost Widow and Scirocco. At first, Sickle did not want to aproach Ghost Widow, but soon he seemed as if drawn to speak with her. When he finally came up to her she made clear what her intentions were. "I know of your pain Commander." Sickle was stunned. She continued, "The event in the past few months has caused great disturbances within the psychic plane. The event you were a part of. I can help you find out who did this to you Commander, but you must trust me." With that statement Sickle was interested, finally someone who could promise him a step forward on his mystery. He chose Ghost Widow, and he now works for her on occassion, while she tries to find out new information for Sickle. Or does she have something more sinister planned?

The Tangled Web

Lord Recluse, standing proud.
After he had allied himself with Ghost Widow, the woman showed to him what was the true reason behind his disturbing disapearance in the Shadow Shard. It had turned out that he was sent there by none other than soldiers from future Arachnos. At first, Sickle did not know how this made sense. Why would Arachnos from the future come back in time to send him to the Shadow Shard? This all became clear, as Ghost Widow explained more to him. In the future that the Arachnos soldiers came from, Lord Recluse eventually comes to realize his dream, and defeats Statesman. In this future after he does, no hero or villain could stand against him, and he layed waste to everything in his path. This was all made possible thanks to the device that Dr. Aeon invented for him, the W.E.B., which makes Lord Recluse like a god. Yet in this future, there is one thing that does stand against his plans. Commander Sickle comes to also fufill his dream, and controls Russia. This future Sickle abducted Dr. Aeon, and forced him to build a device that would destroy the W.E.B., leaving Lord Recluse defenseless, and open to take out. To prevent his death, Lord Recluse sent operatives into the past to take care of Sickle so he could not stop him in this future. Yet, Sickle escaped the Shadow Shard, and now knew this information thanks to Ghost Widow. There was only one thing to do in Sickle's mind, go into this future, and defeat this Lord Recluse. Yet Sickle would need help if he was to do this task, and he asked one of the strongest people who knew, and his group leader at the time, Run Riot, to help him. Run Riot was of course eager to help, and the two embarked on the quest together, traveling through the portal to the future. What they saw when they emerged from the portal was a destroyed world, death and sorrow were everywhere, and Sickle wanted to finish Lord Recluse and leave quickly. The two soon found him and engaged him in battle. They emerged victorious, but something in Sickle's mind was wrong. He saw of what the future was to come. The death it would bring, and knew that he must prepare for it. It was hard for him, but he had to say goodbye to Run Riot and Inevitable Evolution. The two shook hands on the ground they defeated Lord Recluse on, and parted ways. Now Sickle was off to Russia, to search for his brother who he had heard and seen as alive. Yet ran away before he got the chance to ask him about how he survived.


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Commander Sickle's powers come from his experianced military mind, and his keen tactics. His training has given him basic skills in all areas, but his true strength lies in his rallying support of his men, and the organization he gives to his group of banded comrades.

Inspire Teamwork

Leadership.pngLeadership: Through his ability of leadership, Commander Sickle inspires the men he works with to become a team. A group of quick, effective, and skilled combatants that can take out many targets with ease. While as a team, Commander Sickle and his men are fearless, and will be able to shake off the effects of taunting, or a placate. They will also be able to see hidden targets easier, and their attacks will cause more damage. However, should a comrade be missing the team loses its effectiveness, and may eventually wear down.

Assault Rifle

From his days of training as a private, Commander Sickle works well with an assault rifle. On his own he can hold out against an enemy with a trusty rifle at his side.

AssaultWeapons ARBurst.pngBurst: Commander Sickle can fire a quick spray of bullets, that is faster, but not as strong as a slug.

AssaultWeapons ShotgunSlug.pngSlug: Sickle can fire a slow but strong shot out of his rifle, which has a chance to knock down an enemy.

Sickle's Helment

Commander Sickle's helment provides a good number of abilities which greatly help him and his team.

Gadgets TargetingDrone.pngTargetting Visor: This upgrade to Sickle's helment allows him to see enemies he otherwise would have a hard time discovering. Whether they are a hidden ninja, or a ghostly undead. It also gives him a reticle in his visor, which provides him with greater accuracy.

Temporary CryoniteArmor.pngCommunicator: Commander Sickle has implimented a communicator into his helment, which he can use to talk to his men and organize them.

FireTrap Smoke.pngThermal Vision: A setting on his helment for when the targetting visor is not enough. This allows Sickle's helment to display heat signatures and settings in the area he is looking. Useful for when an area is covered in smoke, or fog.

FireTrap.PNGElectromagnetic Vision: This setting on the helment allows Commander Sickle to see electric currents, and allows him to see what machines in a given place are working. If a person is wearing a robotic or other type of suit to avoid being seen, the electromagnetic vision will be able to see it working, and will allow Commander Sickle to find them. Also useful to see if a bomb is set to go off.


Commander Sickle is trained in the ways of Systema, also known as a Russian martial arts style. It focuses mainly on pressure point application and takedowns.

MartialArts CobraStrike.pngPressure Point Strike: A quick jab or punch delivered to the pressure point of a foe, which causes them to become disoriented for a moment.

MartialArts Placate.pngBlock: A defensive move to prevent the strike of an enemy from affecting Commander Sickle.

MartialArts EaglesClaw.pngTakedown: A quick and hard tackle that pulls a foe down to the ground. Most will not be able to move, and will continue to be pinned down.


Fitness Stamina.pngStamina: From his training in the military, Commander Sickle's body is in top physical condition, and he will not get tired easily.


Commander Sickle has a slew of devices and items he uses to hurt enemies, and aid allies. These come from his frequent cargo ship raids, and his great technician, Kid.

Traps TargetedImmoblize.pngWeb Grenade: A tiny grenade that when tossed, will explode and release a sticky substance that holds down most enemies, and it will also slow them.

Traps DroppedAoEDebuffRunSpeed.pngCaltrops: Being so tiny, the caltrops that Sickle carries around come in handy time and time again. Either for use in finding a stealthy foe, or for slowing down a big threat.

Traps DroppedAoEDebuffDefense.pngAcid Mortar: These devices are something that Sickle found in crates on a cargo ship he raided once, and they've become a great help. The acid from these little machines greatly weakens an enemy.

Traps DroppedAoEBuffDefense.pngForce Field Generator: Something Kid built for the team, this Force Field Generator protects the group with a large force bubble, that protects from status effects, as well as increases the chances of enemies missing the team with their attacks.

Traps DroppedAoEDebuffAttackSpeed.pngPoison Trap: A nasty trick that Sickle and Kid invented together. This little trap will cause the enemies in it to vomit, and it will throw the biology of the people inside the area of the poison trap off, causing them to fatigue.

Traps DroppedAoEDebuffDamage.pngSeeker Drones: These little robotic seekers are also something Sickle found while on one of his cargo ship raids. They help disorient foes, and decreases their sight and damage output.

Traps DroppedAoEDamage.pngTrip Mine: A preferance of Sickle, the trip mine is a considerably powerful weapon, that is used by Sickle frequently to take out large packed groups of foes.


Commander Sickle had to find a way to move around the Rouge Isles, and teleporting is something he found easy, and useful. To do this, he must hack into the emergency teleport system, that brings defeated villains to the hospitals all around the Isles.

Teleportation RecallTeleport.pngRecall Friend: By hacking into the system, Sickle can bring a friend to a target location, for fast transport.

Teleportation Teleport.pngTeleport: Commander Sickle can make himself teleport to anywhere he chooses within the Rouge Isles, but he must continue to change the codes and the directions he is teleporting to constantly, or he will not be able to teleport.

Faathim's Blessing

EnergyAura Overload.pngEnlightenment Aura: Due to his time under Faathim's guidance, Commander Sickle now possesses an aura about him. This gives him a certin amount of luck against attacks, though it does not always take effect. Yet it has had enough effect to allow Sickle to beat the odds time and time again, and live to fight another day.


Commander Sickle is a normal human, and he can not take the abuse that a super powered being can. If somebody shoots a gun at him, it's going to hurt. Other than that, there is no known weakness to Sickle. He shields off his mind through force of will to anyone, and he hides his past very well. One would have to dwell deep inside his mind to find any trace of a soft spot. Maybe it is mockery, or illusions? Nobody knows for sure. Perhaps it is the image he presents of himself, that he uses as a resource against others.

Defeated List

Below is a list of the heroes and villains that Commander Sickle has beaten. Most of them by just himself and his men.

Manticore lays defeated
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