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Player: @Daross
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Daross
Known Aliases: None
Species: Unknown
Age: 23 (estimation)
Height: 8'2"
Weight: 1980 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Freelance Artist
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Croatoa, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Dr. Samwell Merzel(Guardian, deceased), Dr. Lauren Merzel(Guardian, deceased)
Known Powers
Invulnerability, Super Strength
Known Abilities
Limited regeneration, superhuman strength, superhuman endurance, superhuman resiliance
No additional information available.



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Daross was found in a warehouse on the Long Beach docks on March 18th, 1983. He was discovered by a dock worker who sold him to Baron Malvor, a collector of exotic creatures. Malvor studied and expirimented on Daross for four years.

In his fourth year of captivity, Baron Malvor was killed by a number of his imprisoned creatures. Malvor’s estate was distributed amongst his relatives. Daross was given to his Malvor’s second cousin: the elderly Doctor Lauren Merzel and her husband for 40 years Doctor Samwell Merzel. Lauren was a well known biologist and xenobiologist. Samwell was a well established physicist who often worked with Portal Corps, NASA, and Longbow.

The elderly couple immediately recognized Daross’s intelligence. They taught him how to speak, read, and control his powerful strength. They did all they could to treat him like a human, and took to calling him their grandson. The mental scars from Baron Malvor’s treatment remained, however.

Daross was enrolled in a school for mutants at the age of 6. During the years he spent in the school, he lived a relatively normal life. He still faced many social difficulties when interacting with the world outside of the school. On a number of occasions people reacted to him as a monster, and he was even chased out of a town at gunpoint because of this.

After graduating with a highschool diploma, Daross and his grandparents went on a cross-country trip. While visiting the Grand Canyon the supervillain Devil’s Advocate appeared. Advocate was using a laser weapon of his own design and was firing randomly at the crowds of tourists. Daross immediately went to the aid of the tourists. Unfortunately, before Daross reached Devil’s Advocate, a random laser blast hit him and sent him over the side and into the canyon. The laser blast that struck him casued a rockslide. The fall stunned Daross, who was then buried by boulders. Eventually Daross was helped out of the rubble by rescue workers. After their shock of what they had pulled from the rubble, they informed Daross that the superhero Mountain Cat had stopped Devil’s Advocate. 12 people were killed by Advocate’s attack, including Daross’s grandparents.

Daross did not handle the death of his grandparents well. Once he returned to his grandparent’s Central California mansions, he wandered into the redwood forest and tried to sever all ties to humanity. He became a local legend much like Bigfoot. Daross has only vague memories of this time in his life.

Two years passed till Daross came out of his mental fog. He left the Redwoods, returning to his grandparent’s estate. To honor their memory, Daross attended a local college where several of his old mutant classmates attended. He earned his bachelors degree in art after three years.

To further his career, Daross liquidated his grandparent’s assets and moved to Paragon City, Rhode Island.

Daross Now

Daross works in Paragon as a freelance artist and illustrator. His work has appeared on book covers, magazines, print ads, comic covers, posters, and so on. He runs a website that hosts his own comic. The comic is bi-weekly, and features pages that look like comic-book pages. Daross has completed 9 issues so far. The comic's main character is a duck named Garen Drake, fashioned after characters like Donald Duck and Howard the Duck. One of the more popular characters of the webcomic is a characature of Daross himself.

A sketch of Daross, by Daross.

Daross’s art is more of a hobby than a profession. Daross earns some of his income from merchandise sales from his webcomic. Most of his money comes from his vast inheritance, and Daross could live comfortably off of that money alone.

In 2007 Daross joined the super group the Pillars of Virtue. Even before the death of his grandparents, Daross used his powers to help others. He was even willing to help those who shunned him. The death of his grandparents spurred on his efforts to an even greater degree. He now spends more time as a hero than he does working on his art.

Daross’s original apartment in Galaxy City was destroyed in the recent Rikti invasion. Daross now owns a building in Salamanca, Croatoa. The building is made up of four attached condominiums. Daross lives in the largest condo, which has been altered to conform to his large size and weight. One condo is now the home of the Pillar Frenzy Claw.

Biology and Physical Traits

Daross stands 8’2” and weighs 1980 lbs. His green skin appears to be covered in scales, but it is actually leathery and shares similarities with the skin of a crocodilian. Daross’s internal biology is nearly identical to a human, with all the same internal and external organs as a human male. He is warm blooded. Daross consumes five times the amount of food and liquids as a regular-sized human. His body is capable of healing wounds quickly and he has a superhuman immunity to diseases, including cancer. Daross has a superior sense of smell. His tongue and lips are very flexible, allowing him to enunciate human languages without any difficulty. Daross’s upper limits of strength have never been tested, but he can lift 20 tons with little effort. Daross has mastered control over his strength, and can manipulate soft and fragile items.

Daross's true age is unknown. After experiencing human-like growths-purts (albeit in a larger scale) as a child, his body seemed to stop aging after reaching his early twenties.


Daross is an amicable person and has been described as “The nicest guy in the world” on several occasions. His approachable nature has led him to be the confidant for many people, some of whom he just met. He genuinly enjoys helping others, and gets upset when he sees people unhappy. Daross rarely gets angry, and when he does it is fleeting.

Daross suffers from a poor self-image and low self-esteem. He contemplated suicide a number of times. The time he has spent with the Pillars has improved his attitude and self-image greatly, but he has never seriously dealt with his personal issues.

Daross in the Media

Alternate Versions of Daross

There is a second Daross wandering around Paragon. This Daross jokingly refers to himself as the Preatorean Daross, but is by no means an evil version of Daross.


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