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"Name's Dash, fastest man you'll never see." - Original Dash

"Dash, Contract Fulfillment Agent, at your service" - Current Dash

'Vanguard Outfit at an old haunt' by @LoktheNomad
Player: @LoktheNomad
Origin: Science
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Human
Age: Twenties
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Contract Fulfillment Agent - Retired
Place of Birth: Cap Au Diable
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: In a Relationship? /Widowed
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Blade Claws/Energy Auras/Super Speed
Known Abilities
Calculating, Methodical, Agile
Known = Tech Goggles, Claw Blades
No additional information available.

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Development History

Dash was originally developed and created for two Aberrant games. Of which for people who are interested was permanently tainted to be invisible and had hypervelocity. Thus he is a rather original character, which many modifications becoming his own kind of "Dash".

Character History

Late 70s, to early 80s a man that is going to be here by refer to only as Dash was born. Born to a small poor family in Cap Au Diable, and lived a normal violent life for the time. Violent because he was involved in gang activities but then again in Cap Au Diable who wasn't involved in gang activities. Though the gangs he was involved in weren't serious and he eventually got out of them and lived quite normally for many years, even going to school and the University and obtaining a Physics degree. His family and his fiancée were quite proud for him, and were especially proud when he got a well paying job at Crey Industries, working with his specialty of radiation, in his early twenties. The two were eventually married and his wife had a child. La de freaking la, what a boring story. Well it gets interesting and far more violent from here on out. As many of the readers know Crey Industries has some underhanded testing and techniques done on people and it's employees. The man that will be refer by as Dash in the future was one such man. The company attempt intimidation and blackmailing to make him go through testing, though at first he rebuffed them. Meanwhile back at the homestead a Capo mobster who decided that Dash and his wife and kid should pay protection money for living in his "turf". For a some time Dash suffered at work and while at home he had to make sure that money was paid up. This lasted for a few months, before finally Crey needed him to be present for the testing of a new frequency of radiation. This "test" was the start of the Dash that we all know and love.

Powers and Abilities Explained


Dash at the beginning of his career as a Contract Fulfillment Agent, was almost robotic and naive in nature. He would constantly question statements, and would not understand humor. Though thanks to people in his life and the abandoning of certain people, he has come into his own and perhaps now is more like himself then he has ever been after the incident.

He speaks now with a level and calm voice, capable of projecting emotion that a year or so ago he was not able to. Formality is still an important factor in his life, and still prefers to bow to people than shake hands. He has given up his masked look and is confident enough to not wear obscuring clothing. Though is still not seen out of at least a shirt and tie.



One must have Honor, for without Honor one is lost. One must have trust, for without Trust one is without faith. One must have Loyalty, for without Loyalty one is forgotten.


Dash is human. As much as he can try to compensate for that or fight against it he is still just human. Thus that being stated his weaknesses are that of humans, though the major weakness is that of time. Eventually he will die.

Known Associates

Arani Na'Sheel - Green skinned, purple hair alien that Dash has remarked as his significant other, and has been dating her for quite sometime now. Though there has been something going on, and he has been working more than being around her and has been noted that he has moved out, and rejoined his former employ.

Jon Q Vigilante - For some reason Dash and Jon have been friends for quite some time, years even. They are as close as people that have each of their own dynamic personality can be.

Special Notes

Dash is retired from his work with corporations, and is "retired" from freelance work, though has taken multiple contracts out post-retirement, and has been noted to state that "You can't stop working"

Author's Notes

I am actually attempting to finish this, starting on 12/16/08. The date is to note how much or little I actually work towards. Though I am tired of linking people here to an unfinished page, picture will be updated when I return home.

I am cleaning my language up because I wish to make sure everyone doesn't mind reading this.

About Said Author

Hi everyone, so my actual name is Seth and I live in the Northeast of the United States of America. I am a professional student with multiple part time jobs that I juggle. I am also by hint of the name, a male. I am 21, and am a Junior in college. I plan on obtaining higher education, and getting my law degree. If you wish to reach me, I am available at my global @LoktheNomad. I currently don't use any messaging service because I am a cool cat.

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