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Player: User:Ultimogirl
Origin: Mutant (possibly altered/enhanced by Crey Industries)
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 24
Personal Data
Real Name: Roxanne (no last name known)
Known Aliases: Ro, Roxy, Rox, DL
Species: Human
Age: 15-18 (assumed)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 108 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black (with grape highlights)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Asian American
Occupation: Rogue Hero
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Allison, New Mexico (formerly) Paragon City, RI (currently)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Light Manipulation
Known Abilities
Coming Soon

Deadlight is a character I've brought out of alt retirement, I recently retconned some of her original story to fit in with some other friends characters in game.


Character History


Deadlight doesn't have many memories of her past. Deadlight suddenly woke up (from her perspective) one day in a Crey Biotech Laboratory located in Texas. Restrained in total darkness in a lab chamber, Deadlight felt drawn to a dim light of a digital display that was left on in error. Powering herself up from the light of the display, Deadlight was able to free herself from the lab. While escaping the lab, Deadlight glanced at a clipboard titled 'Project: Deadlight'. On the clipboard she was able to glance the name of 'Roxanne' on it, though she couldn't read the full name due to Crey security attempting to interrupt her escape. She does not know if the name was indeed her name, but she has accepted it as her own for the time being.

Life after Crey

Free from the Crey Lab, Roxanne wandered the streets of Houston for many weeks. Often sleeping in abandoned buildings through out the city, Roxanne quietly observed life in the City. Deadlight began taking advantage of her powers by using them to steal money from criminals while beating them to a pulp. Stealing from one of the local street gangs, got a contract placed on Deadlight. One night while sleeping in a warehouse she recently occupied, Deadlight was tracked down by the gang who got the jump on her and locked her in a old meat locker for days. Trapped in complete darkness and the bitter cold, had rendered Roxanne helpless. After taking a very severe beating and being tortured by the gang members. It was at this time Scout members Rapace and Wayfare happened upon the scene, taking down the gang members and helping the beaten Roxanne as best they could. Bringing the traumatized and battered girl back to their base, Roxanne recovered and eventually was enrolled (reluctantly) into the Scout program, patrolling the area around Allison, New Mexico. Going to school with others like her, Roxanne was still a bit of an outcast and mostly kept to herself, only on certain occasions interacting with the two teammates that had saved her.

Moving to Paragon City

With criminal activity in Allison being contained by local police and the returned Rikti threat in Paragon City, Deadlight found herself wanting to get to Paragon City despite the heavy Crey influence there. Though she would never admit it openly, Roxanne was worried about her teammates that decided to join the efforts against the Rikti in Paragon City and rushed to join them there, hoping that she wouldn't attract the attention of Crey Industries.


Roxanne has many trust issues and is always looking over her shoulder fearing Crey is coming back after her. She doesn't stay in one abandoned building for to long, it seems if she stays in one building longer then 3 days a Crey retrieval team shows up searching for her. As Deadlight, she fights crime with no regard toward criminal rights or their lives if she feels threatened. Because she has nothing, Deadlight will steal money from villains and take anything that looks like it could be worth money. With her trust issues, Deadlight is reluctant to get close to people. She does have a handful or people she considers friends (though she would never admit it) but she easily becomes uncomfortable and annoyed if they try to show affection toward her or talk about personal topics with her.


Light Manipulation

Deadlight has the mutant ability to manipulate and bend light to her will. As long as there is a nearby source of light (no matter how faint), Deadlight can absorb those light particles and harvest them as a power source for her power. Only complete darkness can negate her absorbing ability, leaving her with only the stored power she has stored (which usually would last her 20-30 minutes depending on her usage). In her belt compartments she carries several glow sticks and in compartments in both boots, she carries a pair of flares in case she is ever seperated from light for long periods.

Hand to Hand Combat

Like her other instinctive skills, Deadlight seems to have been trained in many mixed martial arts forms since she woke from the Crey lab.

Light Beams

Deadlight can use her stored power to produce powerful beams of light and project them at her victims.

Blades of Light

Deadlight can focus her stored power around her hands creating energy blades she uses in melee combat.

Barrier of Light

Deadlight can focus her stored power around herself creating an energy barrier that can deflect bullets, most melee weapons, and most other projectiles.

Speed of Light

Focusing her powers, Deadlight can turn herself into a form of light that allows her to travel with Super Speed.


Coming Soon!

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