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Empire of Atlantis
Player: @Jade Defender
Empirical Standing
Division: '
Rank: Leader of Fathom
Origin/AT: Natural, Scrapper
Security Level: 36
Atlantean's Personal Data
Real Name: Distromedes
Known Aliases: Monster of Verdai Deep
Species: Half-Naga Merfolk / Merridian Merfolk
Age: Unknown
Height/Weight: 7'4", 298lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Yellow, None
Citizenship: '
Current Residence: Fathom
Breeding Status: '
Known Relatives: Nauli (mother, deceased), Phostretes (father, unknown)
Known Mutations
Training / Abilities
Superior sense of Taste/Smell, Fast healing (non super)
Personal Items
Xephon (Sword of unknown element), Creche'neh (shield), Krovhen Bands, [Nehr'zue] Necklace

(Work in Progress)

(Warning: Mature RP)

Distromedes Soundtrack

Soundtrack compliment of @Ik's Last Stand


The Tides of Change (Origins)

Born the Half breed | Naga (WIP) to a | Merridian mother, Distromedes is a literal freak of nature, as the two beings are not compatible for mating.

Nauli, Distromedes mother, had been the victim of wicked mystical forces set upon her by a sea witch. The witch had cursed her, for turning a blind eye to her own suffering earlier, as Nauli, did not want to become involved in the affairs of strangers, let alone a witch. Nauli, had been unfortunate enough too, to have caught in an underwater volcanic event, while gathering pearls for the art academy. She awoke from the catastrophe, captured and though tended to, she was now enslaved. Later, Nauli would be sold to a Naga Master, known as Phostretes, in Merceneary territories. She was a ways from home, and in a completely different world now... Phostretes was a powerful Pirate and Warrior, who had built a small empire out of his bloody work. When Distromedes was born, Nauli did not survive the birthing, and Phostretes branded him abomination and was quick to destroy the child, save for a familiar old witch, who warned him...

"The child is a beast born of the dark gods, clearly marked with their purpose, special rituals must be done to ensure the stayed wrath of these gods in the childs destruction"

Phostretes gave the child to the sea witch, washing his hands of the creature, and the witch promised to "deal with the monster"

The old woman had what she wanted, her cursed fulfilled, she took the child in for a short time, and through dark sea magics and hard work, taught him to be her servant. War is an unpredictable thing, and eventually it found even the sea witch, and her home was destroyed, and her life lost, with her dying breath, she infused unto the servant a curse unlike any she had laid before...

"A beast of both worlds you shall walk the halls of both, but know no love from either, but armored you will bring low the vestibules of Mer, and his halls shall fall... for born by the hand of Hades and loved by the hand of Athena, like them shall the monster walk taller then men."

The child Distromedes was captured by rogue mercenaries involved int he destruction of the Sea witches home, and sold as a slave to the pits, it was not long before his size and strength landed him in the Gladitorial ring. He spent years fighting for survival, fighting to prove his worth, fighting for adoration, some semblance of worth... never to find it. His own keepers appraised him a monster, and preached of his monstrous origins to all, to sell a mightier opponent... In time the curses and leering molded Distromedes into a more frightening visage, his teeth serrated, his back and head, grew boney ridges and knots, like alligator hide. Spines grew from his flesh in fin-like ridges, talons developed upon his clawed hands, and his eyes sank into deep red pits. Bone like scales grew in to hide his mer-like properties, and in time, and through scarring battles, and victory adornments, the boy was gone, and the behemoth remained. Distromedes gained a horrific reputation for his brutal cunning, and savage strength within the pits, and even encouraged the less then savory from leagues around to see his carnage.

The pursuit of the traitor to the surface, brought Distromedes "home" directly in the path of Atlantis' furious and disciplined warriors, and in their passing, many of the mercenaries and Pirates were dealt with, and the opportunity for escape presented itself. A single Atlantean warrior took the time to break the gates to release the slaves left within the pits. Distromedes will never forget his bronze flesh or white-seafoam hair.


The Monster of Verdai Deep


Far away, the sounds were dull and low... like a rumbling quake as the tide thunders in, with Poseidons rage. Deep in the distance, but pervasive and consuming, the calls and cries for blood, could be bleakly heard. Like ravenous dogs they wanted it, deliriously needed it, filling the sea with their cries for that need to be satiated.

The pits stank of the blood in the water...

A shadow sat, clad in deteriorating coral fragment armor. A heavy broad blade, lazilly cast between his thighs, as he hunched over it, and the edge of the stone bench. From the shadowed cave that was the pit, seperated from the killing field by tall Myrgrrloth teeth, strong as Atlantean steel, erected as a gate. The teeth made an eerie groan whenever they withdrew into the cave ceiling, announcing the doom of another combatant. The slow and monstrous harbinger of your foreshadowed end... The cries renewed with vigor.

The blood was hard to see through, fogging everything in thick red haze, touching everything with its sweet coppery aroma... The dead Mer left the tale tell ribbon behind, testament to their sacrifice. The taste of it couldn't be avoided.

His gills flared, his mind fighting that primal urge to give in to the blood haze... He shrugged off the throbbing pulse above and in his left eye, the reminder from the last combatant that his reflexes needed work. With a heavy breath, and a Snort of determination, he rose from the stone ledge that was the "red row"... The bench so named for the blood that slowly stained it over the ages, from men bleeding, out, awaiting the fight that would be their last. His hulking frame blotted out the lights of the glow moss and crystals the killing field had to illuminate the deathly shows from the caves entrance. He could hear their cries, like they suddenly came into focus, through the static depths of the bloody waters...


They chanted the name... In a cacophonous orgy of bloodlust and depravity. He hoped they choked on it... He stepped through the cave mouth, and they beheld the beast. The Monster of Verdai Deep. He was engulfed in the pale yellow and blue lights of the crystals, and the low greens of the glow moss. The swirling waters, basked him in striking streaks of bent watery light, that played across his ferocious features. His hulking frame stood head and shoulder over large merfolk. His scaled, stone-like flesh was wrought with half healed scars, and sharp whitened striping. His lowered head, was sloped, and flat, without hair, brutal sharp ridges ran down his neck to pointed ears, and jagged gills. He nearly drug the chipped and serrated broad blade in the sand of the killing field floor, disturbing the slowly settling foggy display as the sand slowly settled back to the ocean floor after the last bout. The spectators roared as he took his place upon the field, nearly orgasmic in the knowledge he may deliver another brutal kill or more...

Somehow through the volume of their cries, he could hear the far gate opening... but cared not to look upon his opponent, whatever it may be... The low, groan of the teeth on stone, and the ratchet of chain, was like a mistress' whispered muse, so familiar was her voice. His masters always found something new, something meaner to throw at him, ever eager to deliver something the great "monster" could not defeat. From the depths of the larger cave mouth, sand billowed forth in a fog, as something hurled it about in a fury. It spewed from the cave, like the snort of some cornered Kraken. The hulking gladiator made no move in the killing field, his head still lowered, the cave to his far right... The crowd slowly grew quieter, and for a moment time might have stood still. He could feel the water ambiently cool, and the pressure suddenly build in the vicinity, it was ready to lunge!

With a underwordly roar, and a black watery fog, the shadowy monster launched from its hole. Tendrils of nether energy trailed, like smoky ribbons behind its spined serpentine form, draining the warmth and life from the area. The Gladiator raised his blade first, to level, now ready to wield the steel, his companion, as a device of murder. Time slowed, and the leathery grip gave a low crunch in his mighty hand. He rose his head, with a scowl and a snarl, just in time to face its Horrid maw of razor teeth, and black web-like spines...



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Distromedes' player is also known as Tritonius of Empire of Atlantis,Horizon, and Jade Defender within the Kingdom of Horizons, and is a Retired service member of the Active Duty US ARMY, from Ft Carson, CO.
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