Dr. Dynamics

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Dr. Dynamics
Player: CRR
Origin: Science
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: James Michael White
Known Aliases: Doc Dynamics, Dr. White
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 207
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States of America
Occupation: Theoretical Physicist
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Powers: Dr. Dynamics is able to control and manipulate the gravity around objects, such as living beings, inanimate objects, etc.. He is able to use this upon himself, allowing him to fly through the air. Furthermore, he can make objects "appear" from out of nowhere, although this isn't actually true, as all he does is teleport objects from one space to another.
Dr. Dynamics (Michael White) was created by CRR (global handle: @CRR). Character design and storyline is property of CRR. Everything else is property of Cryptic Studios and NCSoft. He is influenced by Magneto, Professor Xavier, Batman, Beast, just to name a small few. (I'm not a big comic book fan, obviously.)



Supergroup: None


Dr. Dynamics' personality didn't change much along with his humanly capabilities. Dr. Dynamics is known to be somewhat quiet and observant, although when he speaks, he speaks truth and wisdom. A very charming man, he's been known to impress a wide range of ladies in his life, however, he views his work as more important than much else, including romance. Dr. Dynamics, though less spoken than most, will make his voice heard when he feels it needs to be.

Character History


The winter of '74 was a cold one in Paragon City. The entire city was covered in eight inches of snow. Schools and places of word had been called off in mass, nearly shutting down the entire city for fear of accidents due to the freezing cold and ice persisting on the streets. In the Galaxy City Hospital, a child was born to Jonathan and Samantha White. They named him James. James Michael White.

A perfectly healthy six pound, eight ounce baby, Jonathan and Samantha soon took James home and lavished him with the best things money could buy. Jonathan, a physicist of some acclaim who had, as a young man, during college, even worked under Albert Einstein a few years before Einstein's death. His mother worked as a nurse at Atlas City Hospital. To top it all off, his father had invented a machine used in military jetpacks, which would earn him tens of millions of dollars.

Growing Up

The intelligence of James became obvious early on in life. After being enrolled in a private, upper class elementary school, the teachers took notice to the brilliance of such a young boy. From kindergarten to the end of elementary school (6th grade), James never made anything below an A+ on his report card, his tests, reports, and papers he had to do. Three out of three years James participated in the science fair, he won first place, and went on to the national science fair. However, only once, the third year he went national, did he win first place, ending up as the only child to win first place in the national fair.

Scientists of Paragon City, as if they already weren't paying attention to young James by this time, gave him even more of their attention when he, at just twelve years old, formulated a hypothesis on the Neo-Lorentz Ether Theory, which would be widely used to help counteract the once firmly held belief that the reason that "superheroes" could fly wasn't because of any particular "magic" or "mystical" reason, but because these men and women exhibited the ability to, in a minimal way, manipulate the fabric of gravity.

At the age of seventeen, James graduated from Paragon City University with a degree in theoretical physics.

Theoretical Physics Work

After graduating, James went to work for the Paragon City's branch of the US Military. He designed a sonic gun along with other scientists, which earned him much acclaim.

He took a job at Paragon City University as part of their physics laboratory. While working at the laboratory, he filled in for a year as a professor of physics.

The Accident

While working at the university lab late one night, James created a formula which would revolutionize the theory of anti-gravity, essentially making it much more possible. From this theory, he designed a machine on paper that would, in theory, be able to create a zone of anti-gravity around an object.

The developmental blueprint for the RAGGT.

The blueprint that he drew by hand, and the formula which would be used to create what he called the Rotational Anti-Gravity Generator and Transporter, was kept under tight wraps. Only he and a couple other scientists knew that James had postulated this formula, and created the blueprint.

A year later, James had created the Rotational Anti-Gravity Generator and Transporter, or the RAGGT.

After revealing the RAGGT to the general public, numerous organizations, companies, corporations, and even branches of the military became Hell bent on buying it from Dr. White. The most any one person or group offered was three hundred and sixty five million dollars ($365,000,000), and that offer was by Crey Industries. He turned every offer down, wanting to instead donate the machine to the Freedom Phalanx, as he believed it could be used to help others.

Angered by the doctor turning down their offer, they offered him even more money, at over five hundred million dollars. Again, Dr. Whit turned it down.

The board of Crey Industries decided to steal the machine for themselves, and if they had to, kill Dr. White and anybody who got in the way.

That night, a group of covert operatives working for Crey Industries broke into the laboratory and shot a guard and a scientist while making their way into the main lab to retrieve the machine. It just happened that Dr. White was there. Knowing the dangers imposed upon him due to his creation of his machine, he kept himself armed with a gun. A gunfight ensued, and Dr. White killed one of the operatives before being shot in the shoulder. This caused him to misfire his gun, which landed a bullet in a canister of hydrogen. The explosion rocked the laboratory, destroying the RAGGT.

The RAGGT imploded for .00032 of a second, according to Dr. White, before exploding, shooting trillions of protons scattered throughout the room. Dr. White received the brunt of these, and nearly died upon being rushed to the hospital.

Over the course of a month during his recovery, Dr. White noticed he had gained extraordinary powers that he obviously didn't have before. He was able to do what he designed his machine to do: Control and manipulate anti-gravitational fields around objects, put them into a controlled amount of motion, and even condense or expand gravity.


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