Dr. Novikov

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Dr. Novikov
Player: Holygiant/RobotoHQ
Origin: Science
Archetype: Corruptor.gif
Threat Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Konstantin Novikov
Known Aliases: Doc, Nov, Kon
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: A lighter brown.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of the Rogue Isles, Exile of the Russian Federation
Occupation: Doctor, janitor and all-around villain.
Place of Birth: Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Base of Operations: Moscow, Russian Federation
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Two brothers and two sisters, as well as parents (who are both still alive).
Known Powers
Control of enhanced pain domination powers.
Known Abilities
Above the intelligence of the average human, but certainly not the very top of the line.
Dual Match Compensators, a labcoat full of needles and concoctions for many purposes and a mask to shield his face in combat or during a procedure.
No additional information available.

Konstantin Novikov is a Russian doctor, janitor and supervillain. Although he was the top of his high school, Moscow University's medical division wasn't his thing. He then went on to become a self-proclaimed doctor without an M.D. after his name or a Doctor in front of it. Still called 'doc' by his comrades, and still one of the most intellectually capable in the entire country, Konstantin isn't afraid to use lethal force to fix his problems. Unless he was using them on his medical procedures... that would be bad.


Early life

Konstantin was in the very middle of six children-his three brothers and two sisters. Not the oldest or youngest. He, in particular, excelled in school far beyond his peers and even his older siblings. Although he was in a rougher part of Novosibirsk, and an even rougher part of Moscow, he still managed to get to school and back, coming home at the end of the day with the highest grades in the school. In high school, he was the salutatorian and accepted into Moscow University in their medical department.

Becoming A Doctor

He had always wanted to become a doctor. He had pressed through Moscow University with average grades, as, in a school of the smartest in the Russian Federation, he certainly wasn't the top of the line. It may have seemed so earlier in school, but the truth was, in the largest nation in the world, he was only a little above average. However, his grades dropped and dropped. Medical school wasn't what he thought it would be. Maybe being a doctor wasn't his... well, doctrine. But he pressed on, and he would never forfeit and turn back.

...Or so he had thought at that time.

Konstantin simply could not keep up with the curriculum. He, instead, decided to drop from Moscow University. To him, it was nothing but a wasted life and a wasted college fund. Nobody else had this sort of problem, but Konstantin was... special. He certainly wasn't in the right mind to drop from that college, as if he truly wanted to become a committed doctor, he would excel in it. Of course, Konstantin still wanted to be a doctor-maybe not the same kind of doctor he was thinking he'd become.

Independence and exile

When Konstantin decided to become completely oblivious to the standard regulations of practicing doctoring, he decided to take in the lowest of the low. He found Superadine junkies, called 'trolls' in Russia and the rest of the world. He analyzed them and attempted to treat them, usually very unsuccessfully, resulting in an angry troll and a broken nose. Outraged, he decided that he'd have to make it work for them. He attempted to concoct an anti-serum for Superadine, which has been done before but not by anyone who doesn't have extensive knowledge of chemicals. This resulted in nothing but a toxic batch of Superadine that could turn you into the most unruly troll known to man and cut off your circulatory system at the same time.

Thus, the police had called a HAZMAT unit to cart it to a nuclear waste dump in (you guessed it) Ukraine. Unfortunately, not even on Konstantin's account, the truck had gotten into an accident and caused a massive explosion of super trolls. While that area of Russia was in a state of crisis, Konstantin's was in a state of rage- or at least the officials. Konstantin's case was actually published in a documentary and frequently brought up on the news channels. Without being able to afford a lawyer, he was immediately sentenced to his choice of a 20-year sentence or a permanent exile from Russia. He gladly chose the exile, and decided to scope out his first place-the Rogue Isles.

It was perfect.

Or so he thought.

Arrival in the Rogue Isles

Konstantin didn't exactly like the Rogue Isles, but it was full of potential candidates for doctoring. He immediately serviced quite a few people and made a small sum of cash. But when he looked into the patients' records, he found out what they were really doing. It was cool around here to rob banks, mug people, kill people and invade homes. He wanted to be part of the mainstream, and he wanted back at Russia and all of the bastards who had denied him in the past. He picked up his dual, laser-sighted pistols, enhanced himself with a few 'scientific' power serums he had stolen, and plunged headlong into the fray.

His first chance at an ally was Vindictive. Although he already had affiliations with Operative Valos and thus the rest of Arachnos, he needed allies to help him in his struggle against the rest of the tyranny and bloodshed in the Isles. He became a member and quickly became involved in their own little riot, as three people were injured only around a month after he had joined. He was pretty much appointed janitor as a side-job by default to medic of Vindictive.

People still don't believe in Konstantin's painful, unorthodox ways of practicing medicine. However, if you are bleeding profusely or have some sort of chronic illness that gives you a headache every Tuesday, Doc Nov can fix you up. For a price, both metaphorically and literally.



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