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You mean you have to try?
Player: @TalenLee
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: Striga Clearance
Personal Data
Real Name: Blaise (Blaze) McLeary
Known Aliases: Pericles, Pegasus
Species: Human[1]
Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red-blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA Citizen
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Uncertain
Known Relatives: None on public record
Known Powers
The Flammeleben'
Known Abilities
A hand-and-a-half sword, body armour, some minor cantrips
No additional information available.

In the days leading up to Issue 12's release, I found myself entertaining the possibility of alts based on the upcoming powersets. In the process of doing this, I would randomly /friend names to see if I could find any real gem names that weren't taken. I found this one - and originally concepted it as a magical individual, whose powers was borne out of a patriotic angle towards America's founding fathers. When I wound up using that angle elsewhere, Emblazoned instead picked up a bit of game canon. Trying to emulate the Warriors, I found Emblazoned's personality while watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2[2]. I wound up with a relaxed, somewhat courtly analogue - somewhere between the Rogue and the Knight.



Since his departure from the Warriors, Blaze's work affiliations have mainly been the heroine Note and the hero 'Caerbear', a pair he met in the Wincott Troll Task Force. He is technically a member of the Youth Supergroup Project Corona, but that's mostly a bookkeeping issue in his case.

Powers and Abilities


"Some people say there's no subtlety to violence. You know what? They're all dead."

- Jaya Ballard, Task Mage

Blaze is a skilled swordsman. He often downplays the skill involved in his style of bladework, jesting that he's swinging a log with sharp edges, but it's false modesty. Much of Blaze's skill is expressed in wielding such a heavy weapon with deftness and grace.

Oftimes sneered at by wielders of more exotic weapons, and dual-wielders, Blaze tends to shrug off the scorn without much care. He's a scholar of weaponry throughout the ages, and his knowledge extends down through the ages - he knows full well the weapon he wields has a classic history, and proved itself in multiple conflicts as an apogee of the technology.


When Blaze absorbed the Linnorm's Eye, with it he gained a measure of the wurm's power. He is armoured in flame, has draconic scales that let him bathe in flame to recover his health, and can smell the air. He leaves a trail of fire behind him as he runs, and his mere presence makes the air boil.

This state is, supposedly, the flammeleben, the 'fire's life', and its presence seems to be based on the presence of opponents. In normal, day to day life, Blaze is nothing more than a baseline human - the strength earned through his training as a Warrior is there, and he can still wield his sword without any difficulty, but he does not have the fire of the linnorm within him. However, when facing something the Linnorm might view as 'war' - and Paragon City is many, many small wars - he is invigorated.

To this end, Blaze seeks out greater and greater wars, wanting to find a place where the Linnorm's soul rages strongest. In all his travel through Paragon City, he feels the place he could show his greatest strengths are those zones deemed off-limits to the normal citizens; the Hollows, Striga, Dark Astoria, and the Rikti War Zone.


"Uh, I was a kid. I don't know how many kids you've dealt with, but they're mostly dull."

- Emblazoned, on his life before joining the Warriors

Blaze's significant history begins when he joined the Warriors. Rising through the ranks of the weapon classicists, he favoured the broadsword, and survived more gang wars and counterculture fights than most of his fellows had ever seen.

The turning point - because there's always one - came just before his nineteenth birthday. The Warriors successfully stole a Bavarian artifact called the Eye of the Linnorm, a small jewel crafted to look like a dragon's eye. The Eye of the Linnorm, supposedly, was dormant in the hand of anyone who lacked 'a heroes' spirit'.

When Blaze was given reason to hold the Eye, it absorbed straight into his skin, igniting him into a fiery inferno. Suddenly, he had the perspective brought upon him by the spirit of the ancient landwyrm, and the perspective of what exactly the Warriors do to people who are suspected for being thieves and infiltrating heroes.

On the run from his former gang, empowered with fire, and hinted at having the soul of a hero, Blaze figured, in his typically laconic style, it was worth giving a try. From there, he registered, and made his way to the Hollows - to see what wars could be won.


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  1. Despite the Linnorm's influence, Blaze is still quite human.
  2. The personality was that of Porthos The Pirate from The Three Musketeers, an actually good film.
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