Thermal Sink

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Thermal Sink
Josh Middleton
Player: Pendix
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Joshua Stanley Middleton
Known Aliases: Josh, 'Therm'
Species: Homo Sapiens
Age: 17
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: Coppery red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Available
Known Relatives: Parents, older sister
Known Powers
Capacity to absorb ambient heat and the subsequent manipulation of that energy.
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

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Thermal Sink is an Ice/Energy Manipulation Blaster played by a mysterious Librarian Warrior known only to the Project Corona players as Pendix.



The closest affiliation that Josh has formed with the project is the friendship he shares with Bec Querel and Black Caiman.


Aside from his powers, Josh is one of the most normal teenagers in the Project. When not saving the city he spends his time dodging homework, playing video games (nintendo for preference) listening to music and goofing off.

Marketing-wise, Josh's general normalcy makes him a great feather in the cap for the Project. He's likable and approachable by the everyman, a non-threatening kind of person who has a lot of common ground with the people who like the products he endorses. While the rest of the group has an almost iconic aspect to them, Josh is Normal Guy, the one who, despite his odd appearance, is approachable and appreciable.


Josh’s skin possesses the power to draw the heat out of his surrounding environment at a staggering rate. It then converts this heat energy into raw power that Josh can then manipulate in various ways. The most obvious way he does this is by drawing all thermal energy out of a small section of air, immediately dropping it to Absolute Zero. Josh has become more and more sophisticated with his use of this technique as his abilities have improved.

Cold Manipulation

The simplest type of energy for Josh to manipulate is thermic; it is almost alone in the quantity of energy it allows him access to, as the very nature of the planet means that the temperature is very high compared to the baseline of zero he can render things. Manipulating heat in this way has led to Josh using his powers to generate high-banked rains of ice shards and snap-freezing opponents in cases of ice. More recently he has begun to develop the ability to sense the world around himself in terms of temperature, giving him a sort of heat vision.

The most amazing skills he has developed to date is the ability to briefly drop the temperature around other people's Teleportation Beacon Implant, hence triggering it, and causing the Paragon City's teleportation net-work to begin teleporting the person to the nearest Hospital. He can then, using a slight variation of his heat absorption powers, hijack their energy signature and pull them out of the network where upon they will automatically be reassembled. This takes a great deal of concentration on Josh's part.

Energy Manipulation

Josh's secondary aspect to this skill is more subtle; all the heat energy that he draws out of the atmosphere has to go somewhere after all. Josh's own body assimilates and manipulates it. This allows him to push his body well past the normal human limits, allowing him to preform bursts of speed and vastly improving his reaction time and hand movement. It also boosts his immune system and allows him to live on much lower quantities of food than would be normal. Most particularly he can use it to boost his own heat absorbing powers, allowing him to deepen the chill he inflicts on opponents. Of these powers, however, all are instinctual - Joshua simply does them, and can't adequately explain how they work.


Aside from his powerful mutation Josh possesses no other remarkable abilities. Indeed he often feels a bit out of place in the project, surrounded, as he is, by Geniuses and people with great musical, sporting or artistic skills.

This is just an example of the strangeness of Joshua's powers; while they are amazingly intricate and require a great deal of technical and scientific knowledge to understand, Joshua seems to have no more idea about how they work than does any observor. Many might see him as throwing balls of ice around, not realising how the thermic reactions he generates work.


Josh wears a skin-tight body suit that aids in the limitation and control of his heat siphoning powers.

Character History


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