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Irish blood flowing with Aztec power
The Emerald Inferno
Player: Player2
Origin: magic
Archetype: blaster
Security Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Siobhan O'Shaughnessy
Known Aliases: The Emerald Flame
Species: human
Age: 23
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 128 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of Ireland
Occupation: student of archaeology
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Base of Operations: Founders Falls
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Dr. Craig O'Shaughnessy (father, missing), ?? (mother)
Known Powers
Fire Blast, Energy Manipulation, Flight
Known Abilities
Leadership, Fitness
various mystic trinkets
No additional information available.




Siobhan has a fiery temper and is quick to take the fight to her enemies.

The Emerald Flame


The primary source of Siobhan's powers is the Aztec amulet she found in her's father's study. It is an artifact sacred to Tlalloc of the Aztec pantheon. Though traditionally a water god, he was associated with the fiery death of the third age of Aztec calendar. The legendary Emerald Flame was the avatar that carried out Tlalloc's will during this event. After his duty was fulfilled, his power was sealed away should the god ever require it again. In addition to the amulet, Siobhan is also prone to use other magic trinkets --her knowledge of the arcane learned through time spent with her father.

Fire Blast

Siobhan can hurl mystic bolts of green flame and even summon a rain of fire akin to the Aztec deity from whom her powers originate, though obviously not on the same scale. Her fiery attacks vary in both range and intensity, usually sacrificing one for the other. However, she can unleash a devastating blazing bolt if she concentrates long enough.

Energy Manipulation

The magic flame that surrounds Siobhan shares little in common with true flame. It cannot be extinguished by immersion in water, nor does it ignite combustible materials unless she wills it to. Its energy signature is erratic, sometimes proving harmless, but when she wills it, Siobhan can focus it into powerful melee attacks.


By willing it, Siobhan can have the magic flames that empower her to carry her aloft at an average pace. In times of heavy combat, she has willed the fire to manifest as emerald hued wings. This has little effect on her power of flight save only that she doesn't need to concentrate on staying afloat as hard as she does without them.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Power is dependent on possession of and triggering an ancient magical Aztec amulet.

Character History

During ancient times, Tlaloc was worshipped by the Aztecs as the god of rain, fertility, and water. He was greatly feared for he was believed responsible for droughts and floods, and also that he made people sick with his thunderbolts. The Aztec calendar indicates that the world collapsed four times and the age in which it was used was considered the fifth world. Each of the previous ages ended in some great cataclism. The first ended in cold darkness after an eclipse, the second ended when most of humanity was magically transformed into monkeys, and the fourth ended in flood --each of these being delivered unto man by one of the gods. Tlaloc is indicated by the ancient myths as raining fire upon man to end the third age, a rather strange occurance for a water god. The truth behind the myth is that Tlaloc had a divine servant, a champion, who carried the flame of his anger for him... depicted as a man covered in green fire, he was called Chalchiuitl Tlemiyahuatl --The Emerald Flame.

Lost In America

One year ago, an obscure archaeologist named Dr. Craig O'Shaughnessy went missing while on his latest expedition. His last known location was the Mexican state of Yucatán where he was researching the possibility of lost Aztec relics that may have ended up in the hands of the Mayan people. No one knows what his research uncovered, though it is known that Dr. O'Shaughnessy had chartered a boat to take him to Florida. His daughter, Siobhan, was attending Oxford at the time. It didn't take long for her to learn about her father's disappearance as there were dubious circumstances, such as the boat he chartered never leaving Yucatán, but the boat's owner being discovered wandering on foot along the Garden State Parkway in Cape May County, New Jersey. He had no idea how he had gotten there and only vaguely remembers Dr. O'Shaughnessy by description. Eventually, the U.S. government returned him to Mexico. Investigators hired by Siobhan indicated the trail headed further north and then dropped the case... those that didn't seemed to disappear themselves.

The Flame Reignited

While investigators and U.S. authorities were looking into Dr. O'Shaughnessy's whereabouts, Siobhan stayed home to review her father's journals, hoping to find some clue as to what he was doing and why he might have been kidnapped. She was planning to follow in her father's footsteps when she graduated from college and had been on several expeditions with him in the past. His journals showed he had planned a dig in Mexico that coincided with his disappearance. His notes detailed a pair of Aztec goddesses, Xochiquetzal and Chalchiuhtlicue, and had notes about a golden idol with sacred gemstone eyes that was stolen by Mayan traders. Her father had many such minor relics he had collected and planned to donate to a museum after his research was complete. While casually inspecting his collection, one piece in particular caught her attention --a gold amulet with an uncut emerald set into it. Around its surface were several icons which she couldn't identify, but she recognized a symbol for the rain god, Tlaloc. She spoke the name aloud as she remembered it. Green fire erupted from the gemstone and enveloped her. When the flames subsided, Siobhan found herself unharmed in spite of the entire room having been scorched. It didn't occur to her immediately, but she had been transformed. Outwardly, she looked much the same, but quickly discovered she had gained incredible strength and could surround her body with an aura of green fire much like that which transformed her. Magical in nature, her fire persists even when fully immersed in water. In time, she discovered other abilities as well, such as the power of flight, the ability to use the flame as a force field, and even limited psychic abilities which come to her in the form of wordless whispers that she somehow understands.

The Adventure Begins

Feeling empowered, Siobhan traveled to America to look for her father. All accounts pointed toward the state of Rhode Island, and that's where she began her search. Paragon City seemed the best place to start with all of its own strange phenomena. It also boasts some of the most advanced technology in the world, and surely such a place would have information resources that might aid her. Once in Paragon City, however, it seemed fate had other plans for Siobhan. On more than one occasion, she found herself helping others in need with the magical powers she had gained. It wasn't long before questions were asked and media attention directed at her. When asked who she was, she somehow felt it was right to call herself The Emerald Inferno.

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