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The Emerald Soulcatcher in her normal gear
The Emerald Soulcatcher
Player: @Destrina
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Esmeralda M. Lancaster
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: English
Occupation: Linguist
Place of Birth: London, England
Base of Operations: Chelsea neighborhood in London, but after being taken to the Zig is currently working out of the Rogue Isles.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Succino and Rubi (sisters), Zafiro (brother), Edward and Mercedes (Parents)
Known Powers
Mind Control, Telekinesis, Flight, Psychic Assault
Known Abilities
Speaks English, French, Spanish, Icelandic, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, German, Hindi, Greek, Swahili, Quechua, Portugese, and Japanese. She also knows sign language for many of these languages.
Nothing at this time.

((The Emerald Soulcatcher was the first character I made on City of Villains beta. It wasn't until a long time later that I started to actually play the retail version of the game. She wasn't made to emulate any character that I know of. I got her name from her costume, the straps vaguely resemble a dream catcher and while they aren't emerald green, they are green and emeralds are my favorite stone and fit well with the name soulcatcher. This wasn't her name in beta, but I don't remember that name.))


Character History

Family History

The Emerald Soulcatcher was born on March 27th, 1980 in London, England. She was named Esmeralda by her parents Edward and Mercedes Lancaster. Her father is a linguistics professor at Middlesex University in North London, while her mother is a small time novelist. Esmeralda is 100% English on her father's side and 100% Spanish on her mother's side. Mercedes is a 3rd generation Spanish immigrant, making Esmeralda and her siblings 4th generation. Esmeralda has two sisters, Succino and Rubi, and one brother, Zafiro. Esmeralda is the oldest, followed by Rubi, 26, Succino, 25, and Zafiro, 23.

Early Years

Esmeralda grew up in a small house in Chelsea. Mercedes stayed at home with Esmeralda, while Edward worked at the University and finished his masters degree. Edward became a professor at Middlesex and shortly thereafter Rubi was born on September the 21st, 1982. Mercedes finally got a novel published early in 1983 and the money flowed into the household. On July 18th, 1983 Succino was born and on Oct. 31, 1984, Zafiro was born. Esmeralda grew up as any little girl does, a princess to her parents and with all the squabbles having two sisters and a brother entails. She led a normal life until just after her 14th birthday.

The Grimoire of Ms. Clarabelle Lloyd

Shortly after her 14th birthday, Esmeralda and her mother went to the estate sale of a local woman who'd recently died, one Clarabelle Lloyd. Ms. Lloyd was a wealthy woman, and Mercedes was looking for an antique desk for her study. Esmeralda had been learning foreign languages from her father and loved books of all kinds. One of the lots in the auction was a collection of rare foreign books. Esmeralda pleaded with her mother to bid on the books, and Mercedes did so. They won without opposition and after Mercedes won the desk she was after they went home.

Esmeralda poured through the books until she found one written in an alphabet she'd never seen. After some research at the local library, she found the book was written in the Runes of the Elder Futhark. The book was in English, using the Runes instead of the more common Latin alphabet. It was Ms. Lloyd's Book of Shadows. 64 years of magical work were stored in the book. Ms. Lloyd was a master of magics of the mind and psychic powers, and all her knowledge was kept in the book. Esmeralda learned from the tome for the next thirteen years. During this time she graduated High School at age 16, got a Bachelor's Degree at Middlesex University at 19, a Master's Degree from University College London at 22, and a Doctorate from Oxford at 26, all in the field of linguistics. Esmeralda speaks 9 languages fluently, and has at least a rough understand of another 20.

A fateful day in Chelsea

The summer after her graduation from Oxford, Esmeralda was speeding on her way home after receiving a call that her mother had fallen from a ladder while cleaning the gutters of the house. A police officer pulled her over, and Esmeralda, who was very impatient to return home, used her mind control abilities to send the officer on his way. Unfortunately for her, the officer had a member of the Freedom Corps along with him, who was part of a training operation to defend London against super villains. The Freedom Corps member detained her and she was taken to a secret trial, charged with assault on an officer of the law with Meta-Human powers. It was a minor offense but she was convicted and sentenced to 1 year in the Ziggurat.

The Zig

Esmeralda was only in the Zig for four days before Arachnos staged a jail break to free another inmate, Doctor Nikolai Krogronov. Believing she had been falsely imprisoned anyway, Esmeralda snuck out of the Zig during the confusion and used her mind control to make the Arachnos Pilot take her with them to Mercy Island. Upon arrival she was approached by Kalinda the Fortunata, who sensed her psychic gift. Kalinda believed her power could be of use to Arachnos and had her mentored by another Fortunata named Crystal. For months Esmeralda honed her psychic abilities for battle, all while working for Kalinda and then Mongoose in Mercy. During this time she gave herself a new name, The Emerald Soulcatcher, and made a costume. Upon developing her powers to a point where she could strike off on her own, she did so.

The Supreme Society

Recently, the Emerald Soulcatcher joined a group of super villains called The Supreme Society, a group bent on world domination. They are led by a man called Agonus, and his Inner Council. Esmeralda has recently attained the rank of a full agent and is becoming friends with a few members, most notably Shock-Front and Eiko-chan.

Trouble At Home

Esmeralda recently took a sudden leave of absence from The Supreme Society when her sister Rubi was detained by Longbow in England. Rubi had been working with a local gang using magical powers she gained from some magical items she obtained. During one of the missions she was captured by a local super hero and the Longbow members assisting him. Esmeralda spent a good portion of her money on mercenaries and other help to free her sister. After six months of work she successfully broke Rubi out and fled with her to the Rogue Isles to escape pursuit.

Vanguard & Cimerora

Esmeralda's most recent work has been with Vanguard and in Cimerora. Upon returning to the Rogue Isles, Emerald had made enough of a name for herself that the Midnight Squad invited her to help them with a problem in the Ancient Mediterranean. The area known as Cimerora has been interfered with by a time traveler whose identity is unknown. Near the same time Esmeralda was contacted by a member of Vanguard and invited to help them battle the Rikti menace. She is currently dividing her time between these two matters.




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