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"I call it a sin NOT to rule the world... if you've been blessed... with the strength!"
Justice, Afro-Samurai

"In Hoc Signo Vinces: Regina Mundi Gloriana Bellica"
Player: User:Iron Ghost
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Carrissa Kricorian
Known Aliases: Shock-Front
Species: Posthuman Cybernetic Organism
Age: 32
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 225 lbs. (Added mass due to partly metallic biological makeup.)
Eye Color: Metallic Silver
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Citizen Currently Wanted on Charges of Murder and Grand Theft
Occupation: Engineer, Metallurgist, Supervillain
Place of Birth: Portland, OR, USA
Base of Operations: Mercy Island, Etoile Islands
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Phillip Kricorian (Father), Sarah Kricorian (Mother), Novastriker (Nanite Donor)
Known Powers
Superhuman Strength, Electrical Shielding, Nano-Augmentation
Known Abilities
Unmeasureable Intellect, Numerous PhD's in the fields of Engineering and Material Science, Speaks Fluent Armenian, Well versed in paramilitary tactics
Derived weaponised nanocolonies from Novastriker. Functioning as Armor, Life Support and an inbuilt personal computer.
CAUTION: If sighted, do not approach. Contact your nearest Longbow Representative.
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On April 8, 1977. Phillip and Sarah Kricorian, Two college professors, welcomed what was to be their only child into the world. When most children are born, they cry. A scream to let the world know that they've arrived. Carrissa instead wrinkled her nose and squinted her eyes, seeming to regard the new world that she'd been thrust into with reverence and intense curiosity. From the very begining, she wasn't like most children. Shunning the outdoors and reluctant to show even the slightest interest in the family dog, she instead focused her fascination on the household electronics. At the age of four, she completely disassembled and reassembled the family telephone. At the age of five it was the television. On her sixth birthday, she received her first soldering iron.
Always inquisitive, she was from the start highly organized, frightfully intelligent and driven. Preparing her own lunches before school and keeping her room in a state of the utmost organization. It was noted that she never acted out in class, never made problems on the schoolyard and that she had a distinct lack of friends with children her own age due to a complete lack of shared interests. Instead, she chose to lose herself in learning and it showed in her rapid advancement through her schooling. At the age of ten, she began her first year of high school at a prestigious private institution in Portland, Oregon. Two years later she had graduated and after taking a year off and the Kricorians relocated to the east coast in order to be with their daughter as she began her schooling at the Massachussettes Institute of Technology. Earning her first degree in record time within the engineering department with an emphasis on metallurgy and materials science. Carrissa proceeded to move onto her master's degree and then her first PhD. Somewhere along the way, she patented a process that used exposure to high voltage currents to allow a previously unheard of level of purity and toughness in the process of creating chrome-moly steel. This development came at the young age of 18. Instead of stopping, she instead threw herself into academic life at MIT, rapidly building on what she had already discovered in order to earn one PhD after another in related disciplines. No field of endeavour seemed closed to her and she blossomed both socially and academically. Everyone wanted her for a tutor or lab partner, her professors doted on her and for the first time in her life she had friends. People that she shared interests with and could connect to on an intellectual level. She had friends, a measure of popularity, respect and a fiance who seemed a bit to preoccupied with her meteoric rise to scientific stardom.
Fueled by a righteous belief that science could save the world and her grandfather's horror stories of the Armenian diaspora, she set to work on an idea that had been brewing in her mind for the longest time: A super-magnetic liquid mixture of metals. Not quite an alloy but a colloid, it would utilize magnetic energy to force microscopic particles of metal to rotate around each other, harnessing and simultaneously focusing free electrons into a clean, limitless supply of energy. With clean energy would come environmental recovery and the obsolescence of the conflicts that raged around the globe over a dwindling supplies of energy. In her haste and optmism, however she built too hastily and without care. Equipment was bought second hand and prototypes were rushed into use without proper testing. Such was her conviction that the world needed this technology, that she instead decided to go ahead even when the prototype of "Colloid X" began to display "anomalous behaviors" that a metal shouldn't under normal circumstances. Initially, the test seemed to be going perfectly. As Carrissa opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate her triumph, a second crack could be heard. Containment had ruptured and her lab was annihilated in a hail of crackling, arcing lightning and explosive force. Caught in a tidal wave of liquid metal, Carrissa should have died by all rights but someting strange happened. Instead of electrocuting her, the strange substance that had bathed instead began to sink into her skin, permeating her entire body and staining her skin a sickly grey. Blackballed in the wake of the experiment, she was found liable for the explosion that annihilated her lab. Unable to secure funding and relegated to a remedial position teaching basic subject matter, she instead began to withdraw into herself becoming cold and aloof. Too preoccupied with survival and the death of her ambitions, she did not notice the prodigious strength growing in her frame or the increasingly frequent electrical anomalies that began to follow her wherever she went. As her grant money began to dry up and her professional prospects began to look bleak, her fiance broke off their engagement a month and a half before they were to be wed. Within a week, he was found in a bathtub with a shorted out transister radio, having apparently thrashed so hard as to break his own neck. Coinciding with Carrissa's virtual disappearance at around the same time, the coroner ruled his death murder and a warrant was issued for Carrissa's arrest as a "person of interest" in the case. The investigation came to no avail however, she had gone to ground and covered her tracks, only surfacing as a grainy image on a security camera in a Norfolk, Virginia liquor store (where she simply ripped an ATM out of the wall and dragged it from the store without saying so much as a word to the startled onlookers) and later as a costumed villain in the Etoile Islands. Not long after that, she had aquired weaponized nano-colonies which she then used to fuel the growth and expansion of her already prodigious powers.


Shock-Front is the archetypical Alpha Female. Carrissa could have been the person that was described in that personality profile if only she had been born earlier. She has been described as blunt, overly aggressive and overtly threatening when she does not appear cold and unemotional. Carrissa moves with the sureness of ironclad conviction. She has goals. She has an expansive and radical world view and if firmly of the opinion that it is not only the ideal state of the world but also the only acceptable one. A dyed in the wool extremist and technocrat, there is no unacceptable use of force, no tactic that she won't at least consider and noone that she will not kill if they become an active threat to her goals. When questioned about this, she has remarked that she "follows only the law of battle and conquest". She has little patience for deception and social-game playing and overtly despises those who indulge in it on a habitual basis, valuing forthrightness and her own twisted sense of integrity above all else. If she wants something, she takes it. If someone attempts to stop her, it's their own dumb luck if they survive her passing.

Personal Morality

That being said, she does follow a code. She does not target non-combatants, she does not use her sexuality as a weapon, she does not betray her comrades under any circumstances or attempt to engage in real-politik behind their backs. She strongly values the loyalty of others and of herself. If she should come into conflict with her "comrades" and "peers", she does so openly and respectfully; she does have her professional credibility to think of, after all.

Goals and Motivation

An intellectual at heart, Shock-Front has one goal and one goal only: The complete destruction of the old civilized order and a radically altered dynamic of human existence. Everything from politics to culture to economics. Capitalism has proven too unstable, Communism is a failed ideal that has only spread tyranny and brutality in it's wake and anything in between is a compromise at best. To her way of thinking, the time has come for new ideals and ways of thinking to replace institutions that she considers archaic and decrepit. Corrupted from her once noble and self-less goals, she has come to believe that civilization in it's current state is both in inherently broken and untenable. Reform is impossible and the only solution is to forcibly sieze the reins of global power and to steer humanity away from it's inevitable slow descent into extinction through war, genocide and environmental devestation. It goes without saying that Carrissa is obviously the most qualified person to lead humanity into this new golden age (in her mind).


Non-Combat Appearance

Elegant is the operative word here. Carrissa's taste in clothing strongly reflects her academic background and as such is primarily composed of dress shirts, ties, slacks and tasteful skirts in dark colors and conservative cuts. Shock-Front strongly believes in maintaining a professional appearance as a complement to her threatening demeanor. Her main thrust is to be taken as seriously as possible by those that she encounters as a means to achieving whatever goal that she has in a social setting. Glasses are also worn and her hair is kept in such a way as to be neat and appealing if a bit plain.

Combat Appearance

An old school supervillian mindset is at work here. Shock has designed her "uniform" (she refuses to call it a costume) to project the impression of a singularly dangerous and focused personality. The Cuts of the material are revealing without being showy, the patterns used are severe and built for comfort in order to avoid interfering with the raw physicality that she brings to the battlefield. To her, a costume is a symbol. Donning one transforms a rampaging metahuman into a symbol of something greater than themselves. Instead of being seen as a murderous posthuman, she now affects the image of 21st century warrior queen. Something that she earnestly aspires to...


Carrissa draws her powers from two distinct, sources. The first, Colloid X, is an anomalous high energy blend of metals that bonded to her cellular structure to grant her the basis for her incredible strength and "living dynamo" status. Though as the saying goes, the candle that burns at both ends burns twice as bright and half as long. The enormous energy and stress generated by this slowly began to kill her, forcing her to accept the Novastriker nano-colonies that she deceptively aquired. After reprogramming them with her own operating system (dubbed "Singularity") She replaced her own blood with them in a successful bid to control her own cellular degeneration and regulate the tremendous forces inside her body. It was not without, cost however. As they increased in volume, their neural network began to increase in processing power and intelligence and they began to make certain... changes. Building a hard drive within and her spine and increasing the strength and durability of her bones and muscles. As more time goes on, she grows closer and closer with the machines, blurring the line between organism and computer.





Did you know that Shock-Front...

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