Empowered Woman

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Empowered Woman
Union Supreme Mentor
Player: Ultradynamic
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 49
Identifying Data
Real Name: Minal Sarwesa
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 31
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Additional Data
Place of Birth: New York
Citizenship: US Citizen (Empowered Woman claims global citizenship)
Current Residence: (Paragon City, RI, Steel Canyon district
Occupation: Director of Women Initiating New Global Solutions (WINGS)
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: No criminal record
Known Relatives and/or Associates
None revealed
Known Powers
Super strength, physical resistance, enhanced endurance, enhanced reflexes, enhanced perception, enhanced awareness, flight, healing, ability to commune with patron goddesses, transformation into Empowered Woman
Training / Abilities
Extremely skilled in melee weapons, skilled hand to hand fighter, skilled diplomat and communicator, leadership
Magic sword and shield blessed by patron goddesses, magic axe for combating undead and demonic foes, armor, blackwand
"Together we can make a better world"



Minal Sarwesa was chosen by goddesses from three ancient pantheons, Athena, Isis, and Freyja, to be their Earthly champion. The three were individually impressed with the dedication Minal had shown in her professional and personal life to the cause of advancing women's rights and equality and came together in order to grant her great powers. Instead of championing any one region's traditions or practices, Minal was selected to represent the potential of women worldwide. This was partly decided because of her own background, which she has described as being "an ethnic potpuri."

One night while sleeping, the goddesses transported Minal to an extradimensional realm where they explained their intentions for her. Agreeing, she was transformed, gaining stature and power, and was given her weapons as gifts. Told she could come commune with the goddesses as needed, she was sent back to Earth where she appeared in her home normal except in possession of an amulet. Drawing upon its power, she transformed herself into Empowered Woman.

Abilities and Powers

Minal's physical transformation into Empowered Woman grants her incredible abilities. Physically, she becomes much taller and much more powerful. She has estimated her strength is such that she can lift around 50 tons, she can absorb a great deal of punishment, she has much greater agility, and incredible endurance. In addition, as Empowered Woman, she has angelic wings which grant her the ability to fly. She also has almost instinctive combat ability.

Empowered Woman's sword and shield are made of an unknown mystical metal and have received blessings from the three goddesses. Her sword has been able to inflict damage on any foe she has faced, although she does not use it to kill. Her sword has shown the ability to reduce the defensive abilities of her opponents and makes them more vulnerable with each strike she delivers. Her shield has withstood a large variety of attacks and has successfully protected her each time. The limits to what either item can withstand are currently unknown.

In addition to her primary equipment, Empowered Woman also carries a magic axe and blackwand. Both are primarily used for dealing with either undead or demonic foes and are not her preferred weapons, although she is quite skilled in using them.

Minal also has the mystical ability to heal. So far, she has used this only to help friends deal with wounds, but it is assumed that since Isis is one of her patrons, she may be able to use this power to resurrect. Minal has also demonstrated an ability to detect magical energy and gauge its relative level of intensity. This has made her somewhat more adept at dealing with magical foes than others.

Beliefs and Worldview

While Empowered Woman is a superhero, she also sees herself as an exemplar of women, as well as a protector of them. As a result, she will often focus on cases involving female victims or come to the aid of female contacts before males. This preference does not apply to children, however. With that said, if she were only able to save either a male or female victim, her first priority would be the female.

This largely stems from Minal's feminist views. She has described herself as a "third wave/postmodern feminist[1]." One thing she tries to make absolutely clear is that feminist does not equal 'man hater.' Instead, it is her goal to achieve equality for all, regardless of racial, gender, or sexual orientation distinctions. She chooses to focus on women because she sees the most problems worldwide still occurring along gender lines.

Notes on WINGS

WINGS is an organization Minal started with several other professional and academic colleagues. Their purpose is to provide resources and training to women around the globe who have identified problems in their communities so that they can devise solutions for these problems. WINGS does not provide the solutions, as their philosophy is that "it is the height of presumptuousness to assume that a group of educated, North American women would know more about female circumcision in African countries, femicide in Ciudad Juarez, or immolation of schoolgirls in Afghanistan than the women living in those communities." Instead, women who come to WINGS for assistance are given resources to seek their own solutions and then are able to take these back home.

Union Supreme

Empowered Woman was asked by Solairis to join the Union Supreme, a group of superheroes dedicated to a better world. Seeing her aims as compatible with theirs, Minal agreed to join. Recently, Minal was asked by the Emerald-Sentinel to serve as one of the group's mentors, which she accepted.

Recently, Minal was asked to serve on the Union's Council, an honor which she humbly accepted.

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