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Face-Lift, real name Herbert Dollinger, was the latest in a long line of generational supervillain tailors. He had made costumes for several super-powered menaces, from steet-level thugs such as Reshaper, all the way to global threats such as the infamous Baron Blitzman. While Face-Lift lacked any real super powers of his own, he did posses a multitude of bladed instruments that he used in fights, as required. He was also rumoured, after having come into contact with the villain Exadeus to have absorbed a small amount of Dark Matter.

His position as tailor to the many dangerous clients he has in the criminal underworld brought with it a large amount of respect and trust from his peers. While many heroes sought to take advantage of Face-Lift due to his unique position - none were successful. Villains, much like their heroic counterparts, like their secrets kept secret.

Face-Lift had a brief stint as the tailor for Team Doom, a short-lived villain group lead by Revolver II, Phanto, and Spikeman. But he ultimately met his end in 2012 as one of the many super powered beings slayed by Rularuu in an event that has become known as "The Battle for the Multiverse".

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