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Fighting Gold
Made a Stand
Player: @Arctique
Real Name
Marigold Kingston
Fighting Gold, Golden Wind, Overdriver, Killer King
April 4th 1995
London, England
Founders Falls, Paragon
Legal Status
Known criminal
Marital Status
Dating Kimiko Matsuoka (Rebelle)
· Known Relatives ·
Sir Eliot Kingston (Father, Midnight Squad member), Jolene Kingston (Mother, Vanguard weapons engineer), ______ ________ (______)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
· Distinguishing Features ·
Beauty mark under left eye. Hair long enough to reach her backside (Usually worn down in an untamed mess). Multiple ear piercings in both ears. Matching gold stud piercings through her tongue and navel. Tattoo of a star on the back of her neck/left shoulder.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Manipulation of electricity via magic, simple forms of magic such as levitation and teleportation, limited knowledge of time manipulating magic (Primarily stopping it for short periods).
· Equipment ·
Concealed cloaking device, magitech energy blade of her own design, custom mace based on Arachnos designs modified to act as a magical focus, small supply of throwing knives, custom collapsible grenade launcher.
· Other Abilities ·
Marigold is an exceptionally fast learner, often able to quickly grasp new skills and improve on old ones within a very short time (Assuming she can be motivated to do so, at least).

OOC: Fighting Gold was my first new character created specifically for the Everlasting server, and has quickly become one of my favourites and most played characters on the server. That's something which was a bit unexpected, as she originally started as little more than a name grab to pay homage to my favourite anime/manga series, but she very quickly blossomed into so much more. So experiencing the ways this character has grown and developed from absolutely nothing has been one of the best times I've had roleplaying in a long time :) -@Arctique


In-game Description

Marigold Kingston is the runaway daughter of two rather influential figures in the hero world. Her father a powerful magi working for the Midnight Squad, and her mother one of Vanguard's top engineering experts. Smothered by the high expectations of her family, Mari fled to the Etoile Isles in hopes of finding true freedom.

There she's known as "Fighting Gold", a free spirited rogue that constantly dances on the line of hero and villain depending on her whims. A girl that wants nothing more than to let nobody dictate her path, and to find her own way in life.

About Marigold


P5Ic9LS.jpg P0xRax0.jpg WjvPRVe.jpg

"Mari is the SINGLE MOST beautiful person in the world and I will PERSONALLY fight anyone who would even think about disagreeing."

- Kimiko Matsuoka (Rebelle), who may have a slight bias on the matter.

Physical: Marigold is as most would agree, a very pretty young woman, and she knows it. Though somewhat short in stature, she often hovers a foot off the ground to make herself appear taller than she really is. Her figure is somewhat slender, yet curvy in all the right ways. Her skin is a bit pale, but not deathly so, with a healthy glow to her otherwise light complexion. One of her most recognizable features is her hair; Light blonde and grown down to her hips, though usually left in a state of chaotic disarray as if she just has a permanent case of "bed head". She will every once in awhile pull her mess of hair up into a ponytail, pigtails, or a pair of tied buns, but more often than not she just leaves it worn down in its messy state. Her light blue eyes typically have a disinterested look behind them, which paired with her usual lack of smile tends to give her a slight case of "resting bitch face". Marigold also has several piercings as a display of her "punk attitude", including multiple rings through both ears, as well as a matching pair of golden studs through her tongue and navel. On her 25th birthday she got a tattoo of a star on the back of her neck, imitating the "Joestar birthmark" from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Clothing: What really helps Mari stand out in most crowds is her keen eye for fashion. Her wardrobe is as expansive as it is expensive, much of her clothing being high end brands made of top-quality materials... Almost none of which she's actually paid for, often choosing to simply shoplift from fancy fashionable boutiques to fill her closet. Though her preferred sense of style tends to lean more towards either "punk" or "goth", Marigold has been known to frequently mix things up and experiment with new styles ranging from fancy dresses, to one time when she'd just randomly decided to wear a cowboy hat and cowboy boots to Pocket D. Most of what she wears, she often accessorizes with that punk attitude in mind with studs, spiked chokers and bracelets, and chains. The majority of her wardrobe also seems to maintain a black and gold colour scheme, with gold clearly being her favourite colour to no one's surprise. One of her most treasured pieces of clothing as a heavily customized leather jacket with a studded collar and cuffs, with several custom designs painted onto it: The name "Fighting Gold" across the back with an image of herself in full costume with some bizarre dynamic pose, as well as "黄金の風" on the right sleeve and "スタープラチナ" on the left.

Costumes: Just like with her casual attire, Marigold keeps a wide selection of varied costumes that she wears while out on the prowl as "Fighting Gold". These costumes cover a wide variety of styles from spandex tights, to practical yet stylized combat gear, to high tech suits of powered armour. The most frequently used of these costumes is one she refers to as her "Stand Suit". An unusually designed skintight black body suit with a zipper down the front, worn with a golden pair of high tech gauntlets and matching boots with a variety of functions such as amplifying her electrical magic and using small hidden thrusters to boost her flight speeds. With this suit she also usually wears a full helmet with a white visor and large ornate golden horns, the inside of which containing several screens providing her with a tactical HuD along with other useful features in combat... As well as some less useful in combat like a built-in music player. How she manages to get all that hair inside her helmet is one of the world's unsolved mysteries. These high tech elements of her costumes all appear to be completely custom made, unique gadgets of her own designs; Though a keen eye may notice many technical aspects of those gadgets share similarities with equipment used by Vanguard.


"Worry about Mari? No, no, we don't need to worry about Mari, bitch does a good job at being just fine."

- Mike Ramiro (Mike Ramiro), completely unaware of Mari hovering right behind him while saying this.

Attitude: A free spirit is what really defines Marigold's personality. She's a girl that's determined to march to the beat of her own drum, even if that beat is a bit off. A rebellious young woman with a clear disdain for any sort of authority, which to her is more or less just anyone that tries to tell her how to live her life. Despite all this and the standoff-ish vibes her usual expression may give people, Mari is surprisingly friendly and laid back when meeting new people. Even to those she expresses a clear lack of respect for, she may still joke and make small talk with as if they were good friends... Though she does make her lack of respect for them very, very clear in these cases. Her sense of humor also seems to lack an "off" switch as no matter the situation, Marigold is likely to inject it with a large dose of deadpan sarcasm, geeky references to anime and video games, and dumb memes. However, underneath all the snarky comments and youthful rebellion still lies a big heart. Due to her incredibly sheltered upbringing not allowing her to make many friends, Mari values the friends she has now above anything else. Though she may often make crude jokes a their expense, she would gladly fight the world for any single one of her friends.

Morality: Chaotic Neutral best describes Marigold's morality. As stated above, she has very little respect for any form of authority and will not think twice about breaking laws to get her way... Or she's just as likely to break those laws just to spite those imposing them on her, as she's been known to commit acts of theft and vandalism just for the hell of it. Though while she's not above lying, cheating, and stealing to get what she wants, she just as often will lend a hand to people in need or take matters into her own hands to fight injustice in the world. Constantly skirting the line between good and bad, Marigold just lets her gut decide which side she'll fall on and always follows her whims above all else. One thing of note is that despite her willingness to commit crimes and dish out her own vigilante justice... Marigold has never killed another human being. She fears the ways that crossing that line may change the way she looks at her fellow man.

Flaws: She has none! Just kidding. Nobody's perfect, and while Marigold may often seem to believe she's the exception from that, she can be an incredibly flawed person. That very same confidence often being one such flaw, as she has a habit of overestimating her abilities or underestimating the danger of a situation. Her overconfidence isn't just in her abilities, but the things she says as well. Marigold will rarely ever doubt herself, always believing herself to be in the right, or that a plan will succeed simply because it's one that she came up with... Even when it's clear as day that she's completely wrong. This can become incredibly dangerous when combined with her very impulsive nature. When making decisions, Mari will always just go with her gut and act before really thinking things through. Her choices can also be very easily swayed by her emotions, especially when it comes to her strained relationship with her family... Leading to her taking irrational actions that just make a bad situation even worse. Marigold also tends to find herself lacking in ambition, despite her obvious talents. Instead she is usually content to just make trouble with her various skills and never seems motivated to do more than that until a situation raises some personal stakes for her. In that sense, she can be a bit selfish and self centered.











Lost Knowledge


The Runaway





- Kimiko Matsuoka (Rebelle), before getting to meet Mari's dad for the first time.

Name: Eliot Kingston

Alias: Sir Kingston

Relation: Father

Details: Eliot is Marigold's father, as well as a highly respected member of the Midnight Club and one of London's leading experts on the arcane. He is skilled in several forms of magic, but his main expertise is research into the unknown, particularly old gods and eldritch horrors. This research lead to him first investigating The Unnamed and acted as the catalyst for his daughter's recent conflict with the mysterious entity. Much of Mari's knowledge of magic was taught to her by her father, in an effort to have her follow in his footsteps and carry on his legacy. The overbearing way in which he tried to make her follow in his shadow was one of the major factors in Marigold eventually running from home and why she seems to view her family so negatively.

Name: Jolene Kingston

Alias: Chief Engineer Kingston

Relation: Mother

Details: Jolene is Marigold's mother, and one of Vanguard's top weapons engineers responsible for the prototyping of much of the equipment employed in their fight against the Rikti. She is a trained soldier as well, and has served on Vanguard's front lines plenty before eventually putting her technical skills to use in their labs. Mari's own knack for inventing was thanks to her mother's teachings when she was young, and much like her father Eliot did, served to push the young girl away from her family with the demanding way Jolene expected her daughter to follow in her footsteps as well. Between both parents trying to pull her down completely opposite paths throughout her childhood, is it any wonder that Marigold is so driven by a desire to forge her own way in life?

Name: ______ ________

Alias: _____

Relation: _______ ______

Details: ______ __ ___ _______


New, Better Family



- Jojo (Marigold's pet pug).

Name: Kimiko Matsuoka

Alias: Rebelle

Relation: Girlfriend

Details: Mari and Kimi are seemingly inseparable, usually when one of them is around the other isn't that far behind them. Spend any amount of time around them when they're together, and it's readily apparent how strong the bond between the two is and how much they enthusiastically enjoy every moment of the other's company. Ever since their first fated encounter in Pocket D when Kimiko collapsed at Marigold's feet from a harsh drug crash, their relationship was quick to blossom in some surprisingly heartwarming ways. They always bring out each other's best qualities and give 110% support to each other's choices. Even when those choices are terrible choices, because they're kinda both idiots... But they're the perfect idiots for each other. So why is Mari always grabbing Kimi in a headlock, or threatening to drop her from dangerous heights, or making fun of her teeny tiny butt? She does it all out of love! No, really she does, don't give me that look. Underneath the threats and teasing, she knows Kimiko trusts her with all her being to not actually harm her or mean what she says. So they torment each other all in good fun, because it always makes them both laugh and to Mari there's just no better way to show somebody affection than to make each other laugh.

Name: Joseph J. Kingston

Alias: Jojo

Relation: Pet dog

Details: The impulsive nature that often gets Mari into trouble isn't all bad, as without it she wouldn't have one of the most important "people" in her life... Jojo. Her adoption of the tiny pug was completely on a whim on her way home from a night of drinking and mischief at Pocket D. Seeing the lonely little ball of pudge through the window of a local animal shelter in Cap Au Diable, it could have only been fate. Learning that the dog's previous owners had originally bought him from a breeder only to abandon him after discovering the health issues pugs can develop, there was zero hesitation for Mari to start filling out the paperwork to bring the pup home with her. She now seems to treat that dog better than she treats most actual people, perhaps to the point of spoiling him a little too much. How much can one girl possibly spoil their dog, you ask? Marigold built him a small puppy-sized car to ride around in, as a Christmas gift. So yeah, that little potato is pretty spoiled.

Name: El Presidente

Alias: Pres

Relation: Pet turtle

Details: Mari's pet turtle is far more than meets the eye, and its shell houses a very important secret. El Presidente serves as the gateway into the realm known as Memoirs, a special pocket dimension Marigold created as a safety measure against the memory wiping powers of The Unnamed. Within Memoirs exists several chambers, each containing physical manifestations of the memories and knowledge of several of her closest friends. Beyond that, the realm is frequently used as a safe meeting point for her friends and allies to discuss some delicate situations away from prying ears. So El Presidente is not only an adorable pet, but also a vital asset in her battles with the unknown.


Name: Mike Ramiro

Alias: Gravedigger Thrash

Details: Coming soon!

Name: Riley [REDACTED]

Alias: Strudel

Details: Coming soon!

Name: Engel Linden

Alias: Engel in der Hölle

Details: Coming soon!

Name: Hunter O'Rourke

Alias: Hellion Firestarter

Details: Coming soon!

Name: Currently unknown

Alias: Nameless Mystic

Details: Coming soon!


"NYEH HEH HEH HEH! Prepare for your doom, young Marigold! You shall not defeat me this time!"

Oscar D. Redd (Lord Dreadnaut), showing up to Mari's apartment to play Mario Kart.

Name: Oscar D. Redd

Alias: Lord Dreadnaut

Threat: Befriended (?)

Details: Dreadnaut is a villain which Marigold has an... Interesting relationship with, compared to most of her foes. When the wacky cartoon skeleton was making his presence known to the real world, Mari and a few of her friends were some of the first to meddle with and ultimately foil his schemes. Yet despite meeting as enemies, and her still continuing to interfere with Lord Dreadnaut's "evil" plans, they've formed an odd sort of friendship as well, to the point that the nefarious skeletal supervillain now makes frequent visits to Marigold's home to hang out and play games with her and Kimiko. She frequently likes to compare this to Mario inviting Bowser to come play golf or race go-karts.

Name: ____________

Alias: The Unnamed

Threat: Active and Dangerous

Details: A mysterious entity that has had its eyes on the Kingston family since Marigold was a child, which began directly haunting her in late 2019. The Unnamed is a being that seems obsessed with the idea of being forgotten. Actively erasing the memories of those that have seen it, and hunting any who learn too much about it or the twisted plane it comes from. Ever since Marigold's first direct encounter with The Unnamed, it has been a constant threat looming over her and her friends, threatening not just their lives but their continued existence entirely. Under the assumption that naming the entity would weaken it, Mari and friends have begun to frequently refer to The Unnamed as "Karen" at first as a joke, but now it's the name they use most when talking about it. Unfortunately, this didn't end up doing anything to weaken its powers... Instead, it just pisses it off even more.

Name: Rinad

Alias: Hammer of the Forgotten City

Threat: In hiding

Details: While searching for an artifact that could save ______, Mari and a large team of her various friends and allies ventured down into some long lost ruins beneath the earth in Mexico. It was there that they accidentally awakened the ancient might of Rinad, "The Hammer of the Forgotten City." The strength of the strange warrior woman proved far more than they could handle, and forced the team to retreat empty handed. Though little is known about Rinad so far, she has proven to be a real force to be reckoned with and has declared her intent to wipe out humanity so she can rebuild her lost civilization over their ashes. It was when Rinad and her recently awakened partner Sukina attacked Marigold's home in Founders Falls that they'd finally managed to win against the ancient stone woman. With the power of "The Runaway" and the summoning of a powerful Omnimental, the Hammer's empowered mask was taken and she was forced this time to retreat. She now lurks in hiding underground, licking her wounds and plotting her next move.

Name: Sukina

Alias: Blade of the Forgotten City

Threat: In hiding

Details: During Marigold's second encounter against Rinad, she and friends learned that the Hammer was not alone. After being awakened, Rinad went searching for the ruins where her partner Sukina also slumbered. The Blade has shown herself to be an even far more dangerous fighter than the Hammer, with the frightening degree that she can bend metals to her will. Her motivations however seem far more simple than Rinad's, driven only by love and a desire to see "her pebble" happy. This does however include helping her "pebble" in her conquest to wipe out humanity, and as such she is just as much a danger to not just Marigold but society as a whole with her partner. After their retreat from the battle in Founders, she has been quietly in hiding with Rinad, preparing for when they may be ready to strike again.




Skeleton in the Closet


The Unnamed


The Pillar Woman


Other Plots


Fun Stuff



Mari when noticing Arahk'ne watching her in Pocket D:

Mari -> "... Nice dress."

Arahk'ne -> Literally wearing a copy of Mari's dress. "Thank you."

Mari's and Kimi's advice to Mike:

Mari -> "So don't worry about being the guy to solve all this stuff. Be the bro that helps figure out how to solve it, and encourage everyone else. Be the bro. Be the Speedwagon."


Mike -> "..."

The next day after giving the above advice and giving Mike a magic key:

Mari -> "Oh, right. I should've explained. Speedweed. To use the key..."

Mike -> "SPEEDWEED." Dies

Mari -> "Are you listening, Pussywagon?"

Mike -> "HAHAHAHAHAH." Donkey brays.

How Marigold deals with Podge Hodge:

Mojo -> "She's approaching him?"

Mari -> After silently floating up to Podge... Just fucking DABS right in front of Podge's face. With magic, she even makes a bass-y BOOM as she does it. Then just as silently floats back.

Podge -> "NNNNOOOO!" Falls backward and hits the ground with a shockwave.


Lee -> Flinches at the BOOM. "-Eh-!? Ca c'était quoi?!"

Mojo -> Takes a terrified step back. "-Holy shit, dude.."

Mari and Jess, on the subject of boners:

Jess -> "Is there a less sexy word for a sexual organ than boner? Don't answer that."

Mari -> "Gooch."

Jess -> "Goddamn it."



- There are currently 6 versions of Marigold in-game: Fighting Gold (Level 50 Elec/Nin Stalker), Fighting-Gold (Level 50 Elec/Martial Dominator), Golden Wind (Level 50 BS/Elec Stalker), Overdriver (Level 50 Time/Elec Defender), Killer King (Level 50 Bane Spider), and Eyes of Heaven (Level 38 Beam/EA Corruptor).

- Marigold shares her birthday with Jonathan Joestar, main protagonist for the first part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

- Mari's favorite Pokemon is Mega Ampharos. Mostly just because of the majestic hair and Electric typing.

- Her parents currently have a bounty of £5,000,000 posted for Marigold's capture and return home to them. The bounty specifies she must be alive, and unharmed.

- A Praetorian counterpart to Marigold exists, under the name "Gold Requiem". Her Praetorian is a glimpse at what could have been, if she had chosen to follow her parents; Gold Requiem is a former IDF soldier, taking after her mother.

- El Presidente, Mari's pet turtle, is based on Mr. President from Part 5 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. This similarity is intentional in-character, as the main reason Mari used a turtle as the gateway to Memoirs was so she could reference this.


Fighting Gold - Cover by L Lockser (Main theme. Obviously.)

Jojo Pose - by Apollo Fresh (Mari gag theme.)

Runaway - by Bon Jovi (The Runaway theme.)

Rebel Girl - by Bikini Kill (Mari and Kimi theme.)

Golden Sins - mash-up by LiterallyNoOne (Mari vs. Lord Dreadnaut theme.)

Chase - by Batta (Mari vs. The Unnamed theme.)

King Nothing - by Metallica (Mari vs. The Unnamed after gaining Lost Knowledge.)

Faceless - by Red (______ and Mari theme, from ______ to Mari)

Hymn For The Missing - by Red (______ and Mari theme, from Mari to ______)


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