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Player: User: @hellcat.
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Cassandra Cane
Known Aliases: Fire-Fly, Hellion, FlashFire
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Apnuity
Occupation: Vanguard Operative, Student, Legionnaire member
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Angela Cane (mother) Gerard Cane (Father) Heather Marane (Aunt) Monica Cane (Aunt)
Known Powers
Living Star, Fire Control
Known Abilities
Excellent Leader, Fast learner


Cassandra Cane or Casey (Fire-Fly), is a blaster Archetype hero most commonly found in the Rikti War Zone She is considered to be of scientific origin, although she hails from a publicly unknown planet, and is more alien in species. Others have called her a living star based on her known abilities.

Early Life

Angela and Gerard Cane, Meteorologists specializing in Meteoritics specifically. A Meteor shower had occurred in the Hexie Mountains on March 3rd 1994. Anxious to be the first to collect data they were the first to arrive at the scene, what they found however wasn't what they were expecting. Sapphire shards surrounded an alien spacecraft, it opened as the young couple approached revealing a sleeping infant. Infertility had prevented Angela and Gerard from having a child of their own, and they quickly obtained everything they could from the scene.

Angela, who had not been in the public eye for several months due to her studies claimed she had given home birth to a child of her own. Her sisters Monica and Heather claimed to be her midwives. Cassandra was recognized as Angela Canes biological daughter from then on and assumed a regular upbringing.

She attended Alamo Elementary followed by Everett Middle. She then attended Independence High School and was head Cheer Leader of "The San Francisco Devils". She remained at the top of her class until her abilities began to surface her senior year. She then was noticed by Vanguard and the truth of her origins was revealed by her parents after an incident known as The Devils Day. Cassandra was then forced to move in with her Aunt Monica in Paragon City, and finish her High School Education. She would then train With Vangaurd and become a member of the Long-Standing Supergroup known as The Legionnaires.

The Devils Day

San Francisco's School District annually hosts a cheer competition known as "Top Spirit" the respective cheerleaders than compete to be claimed the school with the most spirit. It was during this competition that Cassandra Canes powers first manifested. At the end of her squads performance, while perched at the top of the pyramid Cane's Pom Poms burst into flames. The crown cheered at first, the girls below however were startled and the pyramid collapsed leaving Cane hovering without support several feet above the ground. Panic began to sweep the room, and Casey soon became engulfed in flames. This is when the crowd lost it. Hysteria is the only word that could describe the scene as everyone fled to the exits, Casey began to set fire to the building uncontrollably. The event resulted in 3 severe injuries, 2 third degree burns, and several minor injuries.

Vanguard arrived at the scene and used an unknown substance to neutralize Cane. The news would later declare Cassandra Cane "San Francisco's Devil", and refer to the event as "The Devils Day".


Cassandra Cane was admitted into Vanguard April 5th, 2009 shortly after her 16th birthday. She was then educated slightly about what knowledge they knew of her home planet Heeren and trained to control her abilities. She learned she was not the first of her race to make the pilgrimage, and that it was usually performed by her planets current Ruler to ensure the planet remained at peace and in alliance with earth. The fact that they had not heard from Heeren in the last 16 years had troubled them. Learning they had sent an infant to Earth only causes them to be more concerned. Vanguard has no way of reaching Heeren on their own accord. Until Cane has mastered her abilities there will be no way for them to know more about what happened to Heeren.

Known Powers and Abilities

Star Form- While in Star Form Cass possesses enhanced strength and is near invulnerable. She also possesses the ability to fly in this form. It is estimated that while in this form her firey aura is able to reach heats of 5,500° Celsius while her body can reach up to 15,000,000° Celsius though she has never come close. While in this form she has no need for oxygen

Human form- While in her human form she does require oxygen. She can only lift and strike with reasonable force for someone with her build, she does however retain the ability to fly. As a Vanguard operative she has been trained in basic hand to hand combat.

Fire creation and Control- While not as powerful as her Star form she is still able to create and control flames. She primarly does so in an offensive manner rarely using it to shield herself, and mainly using it in a projectile manner (i.e. Fire Balls, flares, etc.

Known Weaknesses

Magic Some forms of Magic has been known to nullify her abilities, or at times weaken them

Telepathy Cane has few mental defenses, her surfaces thoughts should be easy to read, while digging deeper should take some effort. Gaining control of her body should come at exceptional effort though not impossible. If something is to out of character she may become aware of the mental invasion, and use skills Vanguard taught her to shut out the intruder.

Lack of Sunlight Cane's power comes from the Stars. Prolonged in-exposure to Sunlight could result in death with-in a years time slowly weakening her throughout.

Sapphires For whatever reason this gem substantially weakens her powers. Depending on the size it could nullify them completely. (The size of a ring for instance would allow her to light a match, anything larger, and she would have no power.)

Emotional Baggage Cane is highly controlled by her emotions. They could be easily used against her.

The following information is Vanguard knowledge only, in order to access it or have any knowledge about it you must be an operative within Vanguard, or have exceptional hacking skills, as this is her ultimate weakness

Mercury For whatever reason this liquid metal is lethal to anyone from her planet. It not only nullify's her powers instantly but is extremely poisonous. Contact with mercury could knock her out for days. If introduced into the bloodstream it could kill her with in twelve hours. The Vanguard Elite are the only ones with this knowledge and keep it a secret even from Cane. It is their ultimate contingency plan should Cane ever lose complete control

  • War-Pulse: War-Pulse taught her a lot about controlling her abilities. Her only real supporter in the Leigonnaires he has always been there for her. She may hold some romantic feelings for him. At the recent loss of his wife, those feelings cannot be returned.
  • The Legionnaires: Happy to be part of the team, she still remains unsure of a majority of her teammates. While she has grown fond of some, she doesn't like everyone.
  • The Red Master: A legend from Paradise Cass has only faced this foe in her dreams, could it be possible this nightmare of an enemy is real?


Cass enjoys popular music, and keeps up with pop culture, she'll often reference it. She can't stand know-it-all's or dweebs

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