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Fist Fighter by Eargasm.jpg
Buses are thrown.
Fist Fight
Player: @Graffiti Samurai
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Casey Mason
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Presumed Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Pink
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Member of the Dread Aces, Muscle.
Place of Birth: Paragon.
Base of Operations: The Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Graffiti Samurai
Known Powers
Super Strength and Invulenrability.
Known Abilities
Cute Bandana.
No additional information available.


Character History

Fist Fight came from the player's love of Tank Girl and over the top independant comics. She is a bubbly extremely hyperactive ball of crazy and a bit of a tomboy.

Fist Fight's backstory is that of a mystery. On one hand she tells everyone tales of growing up in an Orphanage and being found by a man who made her into the superpowered fist fighter she is today. On the other her memories of before becoming Fist Fight are scarce and she rarely talks about them. What is known is she spent significant time in a lab being poked and prodded and built into the ultimate fighter. They wanted another Statesman, but one they could control. Fist Fight went thru months of what she would describe as torture to become this machine, and why you may ask? Because she was driven by revenge, to kill a criminal named Denarii, a man who she claims to have destroyed her home and killed her friends. This claim has never been supported with any form of proof and may be false.

The Fist and The Blade

Fist Fight-By Sayterra

Fist Fight started her career by infiltrating a group known as the Sadists Blade. It was an assassin's guild or something run by Denarii, the man she wanted to kill. She spent a lot of time there meeting people, fighting with people, and all in all enjoying herself. She even went to Denarii's wedding, all the time holding the grudge against him. However when it came down to it she could never kill Denarii, when she realized this she left the group in search of her own path. The scientists that created her were none to pleased and would make a point to get their revenge.

Sparks fly!

Her first most noteable criminal activity was against Jade Ohm who she sent out to kill by the people who made her. Fist Fight not being a killer at heart utterly refused at first until she was threatend and scared into doing as she was told. In the end she was fought back by both Jade Ohm and Lectrician, she is happier having lost the fight even though she knows it means nothing but badness for her.

You can drain my zeal, baby.

Zeal Drain and Fist Fight met thru a series of unfortunate events that ended with her being rescued by him and The Graffiti Samurai. She had a sort of childish crush on Zeal, mainly because of his innocence and the fact that he stood up for her when no one else would. The two hit it off fairly well and eventually Zeal mustered up the courage to ask her out. Of course she said yes and they went on their first date.

When bad times hit and she commited the crime against Jade Ohm, Zeal hid her away in his appartment to protect her. Zeal wasn't to thrilled to be doing this but did it anyway which probably won Fist's heart even more. They called Jade and Fist apologized to her, Jade dropped any charges under the condition that Casey would stay under her custody, Fist said yes and joined the Zenvious Foundation.

For awhile her and Zeal would have great times, stuff of legends, but it would all come crashing down when Fist would leave Paragon to return to the Isles and a life of freebird crime. Zeal feeling upset and betrayed ultimately broke up with her and attempted to arrest her, Fist Fight would fight hard but eventually would end up incarcerated only to be broken out by Huntsman Fury.

Fist truelly loved Zeal and felt terrible for what she did to him, eventutally she would apologize to him and things between them would cool down sort of.

Iron Fist and the Mafia.

File:Fisty Fighty by Eargasm.jpg
Fear the Bandana-By Graff.

In an attempted to better herself and her fighting technique Fist Fight joined up with the Iron Fist dojo. The group was run by Mr. Yasuda a man who Fist Fight had maybe a bit of a crush on because of his cool trenchcoat and kung fu skills. She would train under him and meet many new friends such as, Thorn Bandit and Huntsman Fury. Eventually though, she would move on yet again with Thorn Bandit to join the Giodarno Family and be a total mafia gangster chick.

She only spent a breif time with the Gio's before leaving yet again to become a sky pirate with the Dread Aces, for now she stays there and is a totally awesome pirate.


Fist Fight is generally a happy bouncey girl and a bit of a tomboy. She'd rather kick your ass then argue with you, but at the same time really enjoys making friends and being nice to people. Most of the time she carries a large smile and is pretty carefree, but there are times when her past haunts her and her bubbly self dies.

She's pretty stupid and often mixes things up or gets confused, this makes her easily manipulated and has been the case many times in her past. More then any thing she likes a good over the top fight, and showing off.


Fist Fight is your straight up supergirl chick. She's insanely strong and can lift just about anything, leap tall buildings, run super fast, and all that good stuff. Her fist packs a mean punch that's been known to break more then one jaw. She's also got tough skin and very little can hurt her, she's even been known to survive large explosions that would kill any normal person in an instant. Oh yea and she can shoot electricity.



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