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Before he lost his eye.
Player: @Graffiti Samurai
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Alex Mason
Known Aliases: Graff, GS, Alex
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: Tallish
Weight: Kinda light
Eye Color: Only has one
Hair Color: Messy
Biographical Data
Citizenship: American, Hell Yea!
Occupation: Being awesome.
Place of Birth: Dumpster?
Current Residence: A kinda crappy house.
Marital Status: Totally just got dumped.
Known Relatives: Max!
Known Powers
Bad upbringing
Known Abilities
He's kinda dodgy.
A big sword

Graff's first appearance was in a bar. This eventually led him to meeting Alice Littlefield, Little Zoe, and Plasma Stream. At some point or another Plasma recruited him into the Guardian Force. This meant going into space, and so he did. It was short lived as he was quickly coaxed into becoming part of the Zenvious Foundation, this is where he would spend a considerable part of his career.

The Zen Foundation was the first place he considered home, and a group of the first people he considered family. Though he was close friends with everyone he was still a bit of an outcast, namely due to his rebellious streak and piss poor attitude.

Mainly he worked with Little Zoe, Toxpin, and Bobby Thistle, in what they called Zforce1. Often he would butt heads with Bobby as they were both sorta headstrong angsty teenagers. A lot of stuff happened during this period of his life but I'll shorten it down to the bare essentials.

Important fact 1: Graff met Zen, a man who he considered fatheresque as well as a mentor. Graff would not really take in any of his teachings until long after leaving the Foundation.

Important fact 2: Graff got his first girlfriend. Bendi Jones who he dated for a long while and then broke up with due to something or another. Probably for the better since they were two way different people.

Important fact 3: Zforce1, already sort of went over this, but it was a defining team for Graff.

Important fact 4: Met Lectrician and later Wendy Olsen due to this. Lec was like an uncle, an uncle who unfortunately died. That sucked. He left Graff a lot of money and this was also the catalyst to Graff and Lec's ex wife Wendy becoming friends.

Important fact 5: Graff met Bojay, who became Graff's best friend until he vanished, this sucked too.

Most Important Fact: Graff met Zeal Drain, who he lived with for awhile and is to this day probably his best friend. Go Zeal go.

Eventually Graff started his own group named The Neverenders, this group was more or less a group of misfits like himself causing as much trouble as they could while trying to save the world...well at least sort of help the world.

It was a pretty radical group that often fought in Siren's Call and the Arena's. At the end of the Second Rikti war however the group was disbanded and Graff joined a new group.


Graff e tee by Eargasm.jpg

So somehow he became a member of The Dread Aces which has turned into the best story he has. "Hey baby I was a pirate once. Wanna date me.". This was during a rough patch in his life that was caused by a horrific break up, a Rikti War, and his group disbanding.

As a pirate he actually pretty much kept to himself and sometimes would talk to Kichi. He was lost and trying to find out who he was, but more importantly who he wanted to be. The answer wouldn't reveal itself until long after his piratey days.

During this time he helped The Crimson Cutlass and her crew destroy a blimp, terrorize England, and assault a treasure trove like Indiana Jones.

The group itself was very active and new members came in pretty much daily. Mostly he spent his time with Kichi, Fearghas, Crims, and Jet Nitro.

At some point or another the Aces would disband and Graff would return to Paragon, still lost and now even more bitter.

Graff is a bit of a manslut and has thus had a few girlfriends/love affairs.

First off was Bendi Jones, a christian girl from the south who had fire powers. She was cool but totally disapproved of a lot of the things Graff did, she also had an evil mom who caused Graff a whole lot of trouble. Their relationship ended on a sour note due to a fight that lasted about a week and was entirely pointless.

So then Graff started dating Narcotic who turned out to be preggers. Graff didn't really mind so he kept dating her, which caused a lot of drama. Eventually he said he wanted to move in with her and help her out with the kid. So she dumped him. Then she sort of tried to get back together with him, but not really, so then he got over her, then she sort of tried to get back together with him again. It was pretty annoying.

For awhile he had a big ol' crush on Unchained Melodie mostly because she was flirtatious with him and helped him de-emo. This never went anywhere which is probably alright since she was sort of trying to make him into a villain.

Then he met Lucy Xiao who he fell for hard. For awhile she was fantastic, then she started dating Mr. Yasuda or something and things got bad. Her and Graff became an on again off again couple. At some point or another Graff proposed to her and they became engaged. Lucy adopted some kids and everything was good for awhile. But then they started fighting a lot, and eventually Lucy faked her death and Graff became an alcoholic. Then they got back together a year later, and then broke up.

Which brings Graff to being single. Awesome.


Commission Graffiti by hugohugo.jpg

Graff has gone through ups and downs which have mostly defined him as a person. His humble beginnings were as a loud mouth rebel who didn't know when to shut up. As more and more things happened to him he became more angry and hostile towards others. This would fluctuate depending on who he was with. For example if Zeal was around he'd usually be in a good mood, however if someone he didn't like was around then he'd be ultra emo.

His mood only became worse during the second Rikti War, where he became more than a little detached to the rest of the world. For a long while he struggled to find himself, when he couldn't find any answers he became very bored with everyone and would mostly just reply with "Whatever" when someone talked to him.

This ended when he and Lucy met, she forced him to be a person again. Even when times got tough he kept his chin up and stayed relatively happy. When Lucy faked her death however he sunk back into old ways, this time worse than ever. For a long while he lived on his friend Unhearted's couch, until he vanished off to Japan without a word.

A year went by in Japan before Max (Smoking Mirrors) found him and told him to come back. Lucy was apparently alive again and looking for him. Graff returned to Paragon but he wasn't the same person. After awhile him and Lucy got back together but this didn't last long. They broke up on good terms and both went onto their own seperate lives. With this closure Graff returned to life happier than he had been in a long time. Consciously he made a decision to become the best hero in Paragon and live the rest of his life without regrets. So far it's going well.


  • Smoking Mirrors - Graff considers Max his little brother, he's someone Graff confides in often and looks to for advice. Often Graff finds himself giving Max advice, though part of him knows that Max doesn't need it.
  • Zeal Drain - Zeal Drain is Graff's best friend through and through. Though they're almost opposites in a lot of ways Graff can't help but love the guy. Graff will often sell Zeal Drain merchandise or tell Zeal about how he has seen people wearing it.
  • Kichi - Kichi is a nice old lady that made Graff her daughter's godfather. Graff likes her well enough and listens to her advice when she isn't being crazy.
  • Unhearted - Niki looked out for Graff while he was going through hard times, he confides a lot in her and never misses an opportunity to hang out with her. He is the godfather to her twins which bring him up to a total of three children he may have to take care of someday. He doesn't mind however since Niki let him sleep on her couch.
  • L.Xiao - He dated her for a long time, then they broke up, then they got back together. Now he considers a close friend but still avoids some topics with her knowing it will either cause a fight or a large amount of annoyance.
  • Sister Pandora - Lucy's best friend and also a person Graff likes to hang with. She likes to drink and beat up nerds for lunch money. Graff has some of the same hobbies.
  • Guttersaint - He went on a date with her then totally decided he wanted to date some other girl instead. She was really cool with it and is even helping him get together with this girl. She's cool in his books.
  • Advent Ace - Most manly rival ever. It's hard to tell if Graff gets dumber around Kenny or if Graff was always that dumb and Kenny brings it out of him. He plans to one day kill Kenny, and Kenny plans to do the same to Graff, until then they'll be friends.
  • Toxpin - Nick is the man. Enough said.
  • Hyperdrive - Piper is one of Graff's best friends, part of him still wants her to be with him over De-Mo but he isn't waiting for that to happen.
  • Crimson Cutlass - Crims is the only person Graff thinks might actually be the same person as him. They have very similiar attitudes and always tie in a fight. He hasn't seen her for awhile and assumes she probably went to Japan or something.
  • Volo - So manly.
  • Chill Yeti - Blake pisses him off mostly, but they're bros.
  • Chase Styles - Chase should be in a fighting game, or a series of fighting games. He's a total baws.
  • Ghost Scream - Volo's wife as well as an ex Dread Ace. Graff doesn't know her very well but he likes her.
  • Fearghas - James has amazing hair and sweet gloves.
  • Empyre - Devon is Graff's current love interest. She's a sweet girl who he can't help but act softer around which is something he doesn't find himself doing often.


  • Aura Crush - She's not really an enemy since he actually likes her a lot. She stabbed him through the chest once though so she ended up here.
  • De-Motivator - He stole Graff's woman. For this he will pay.
  • Mr.Yasuda - Graff can't stand that guy.
  • Shirts - Just say no to wearing shirts.
  • Breaker - Breaker once tried to drown Graff in a lake, when that didn't work he sent him to the future. He's a bad dude.



  • Graff is missing an eye.
  • Graff has a really big sword.
  • Graff has dated your mother. Twice.
  • Watched Star Wars Phantom Menace first. Was very disappointed.
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