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Volo, The Fastest Thing Around
Player: @The Angry Messiah
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper and Defender
Security Level: 50 and 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Jason Goetz
Known Aliases: Volo, Speedy, The Fastest Thing Around, Speed Dweeb, Shades
Species: Mutant
Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 173
Eye Color: Completely Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Chef for the Neverender Ship and bounty hunter
Place of Birth: Wichita, Kansas
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: Married to Ghost Scream
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Super Speed, Speed Control, and Super Reflexes
Known Abilities
Speed stabilizing belt and the SSSS-Suit (Speed, Sea, Space, and Such)
No additional information available.

I was inspired to make Volo because I wanted to start role-playing and needed a character with a good history and such. I've always loved speedsters like Sonic the Hedgehog and The Flash, and I already made a speedster I enjoyed before, but he wasn't RP. So I made Volo II and he ended up being the first character in a year of playing off and on to make it to 50.



The Youth League - Volo's first super group and his second family

Dawnstride Syndicate - A group of bounty hunters Volo works with every once in awhile

Neverenders - Volo's main super group for now

Ghost Scream - His wife who he probably wouldn't care if she killed his fangirls as long as he didn't know about it

Amphitrion - Mentor and the first person to believe in him

Chase Styles - A good friend to Volo who's helped him out many times

Cloudgazer - Captain of the Neverenders, a badass, and the first male psychic that isn't gay Volo's met

Mic Check - A very cool dude. Knows a lot about stuff and is writing Volo's theme song

Giga Gal - A friend that Volo truly respects for being able to beat him while going his fastest

DoubleTime - If Volo had a brother, DT would probably be it

Arlow - Good buddy and really smart, also likes swords

Quic Silver - Gave his life to save Volo, also knew the first Volo

Shade Nefarious - Demon guy who's really not too bad sometimes

Shock Jaw - Speed Shark is the fastest fish Volo's ever seen

Ashigaru Tsuyama - Pretty boy who can actually kick ass

Chill Yeti - One of the coolest people he knows, great at making up new words

Absconder - Once were fake enemies, it was fun

Torch of Glory - A nice lady who also wants Volo to pose in Uncaped...

Break Away - Speedster, psychic, and BDB's bro

Black-Rat - Current sidekick

Speedster's Raced


Amphitrion - Above

Break Away - Above

Korvette - The first women speedster Volo's ever met

Petey Quick - Was a close race

Power Princess - Is a cheater

Zakka - Old sidekick, still slower

Giga Bolt - Likes to talk with Volo about speed a lot

The Thorn Bandit - One of the few speedsters Volo knows who can keep up his speed in a fight

Timefreak - Japanese speedster, talks fast, pretty cool guy

Fist Of Martial Fury - Some martial arts dude that seems to collect autographs from famous people

Chill Yeti - Above and not a speedster, but his ice sure did slow Volo down

Double Time - Above


Striking Speedster - Is still slower than Volo in a fight

Chickened Out

Axxel - Didn't want to race after saying she was faster, not cool

Synapse - Too busy dancing with catgirls at the time, really not cool

Who's Slower Race

Lost to

Dr. Forkenshpoon - Was too slow for Volo to keep down with.


Volo's an easy going, carefree guy. That said, there are times he takes little things like talk of speed or how he looks way out of hand. Other things he doesn't really care about. He doesn't see himself as a mutant or better than anyone else, which might be confusing because of how he talk about himself being the fastest. Volo really just sees himself as a normal guy that's faster than most other things. In the end, he's a good guy for the right reasons and tries to protect those that need help and stop people who are truly evil.


Volo's super speed comes in two flavors. One is the Friction Zone, his own mutant ability to shake himself so fast he enters something of a hyperspace mode and can move in ways that defy physics. The other is a power source that comes from another, constantly moving and shifting, universe called the Amp Field. Named after Volo's mentor and best speedster friend Amphitrion or Amp, the Amp Field is everywhere and speedsters like Volo and Amp can tap into it's golden energy for a power boost. It's later found out it's also the same place the Greek God Hermes gets his powers, and anyone with a bit of his blood is able to access it as well.


To keep up with his intense speeds, Volo's mind has also mutated. The mutation giving him super reflexes. When Volo is focusing, he can avoid almost anything. It does come with a couple flaws though. One, Volo can't stop his eyes from moving. They move so fast it appears as though they're solid blue, which is why he's always wearing those shades, and he tends to miss small details when not focusing. The other is that so much of his brain is devoted to his reflexes, he tends to forget information and other things quickly.

Primary Sets

Speed Fu (Martial Arts): Volo's mutant power of shaking himself fast enough to go into the Friction Zone has also given him quite a kick. Shaking himself fast enough to hit something and transfer that kinetic energy to the target, tearing up the insides, has made Volo a dangerous foe when made angry.

Kinetics (Power gained from absorbing the Speed Beast): After absorbing the beast made of pure Amp Field energy, Volo became closer with the Amp Field and now is able to effect things other than himself with the Amp Field. The only flaw in that these powers draw from a different source of energy, so Volo can't use the Speed Beast powers and his own at the same time.

Secondary Sets

Super Reflexes: See Powers above

Amp Field Blasts (Rad Blast): Absorbing the Speed Beast not only gave him more control over the Amp Field, but also the ability to fire it out of his body for ranged attacks.

Additional Powers

Body Mastery: Being a speedster and running everywhere has blessed Volo with a body in perfect shape. This lets him conserve his energy longer and even focus longer.


Super Speed: Even without tapping into the Amp Field (Using super speed) for max speed, Volo is still naturally one of the fastest, if not the fastest, beings in Paragon and the world.

Light Dashes (Teleporting): For a short amount of time Volo is able to travel at lightspeed without damaging himself seriously.

Weaknesses and Limitations

One of Volo's biggest weaknesses is his focus. Running into things without much thought or just plain not paying attention has gotten Volo into trouble many times in the past. Also, even though Volo is able to move at lightspeed and faster thanks to fusing his suit with dark matter to keep him from turning into light energy, doing so is so hard on his body it could easily kill him, so he only does it in times of great need. Volo is nearly impossible to keep in one spot. Being able to get away from trouble in the blink of an eye, shake through or out of solid objects, and super reflexes has saved him many times. Just about the one place Volo actually isn't fast at is in the water, because he can't swim. He's able to run fast enough to not break the surface tension, but if he were to stop or be forced to stop, he'd be a sitting duck.


Volo's belt is a very high tech piece of equipment. Shaking as fast as he does is very hard on the body, but it's able to absorb some of the vibrations without slowing him down, keeping his body together.

Volo also has his SSSS-Suit (Speed, Sea, Space, and Stuff Suit). Before he'd have to run and get it really quick, but since he traveled throughout time, he got an upgrade and now is able to summon it using his Amp Field energy.

The Youth League Comm. Unit is a very useful device that Volo has had to replace many times from breaking it. Some of it's functions include cell phone, camera, translator, and a MP3 player. Even though he's no longer with the YL, he still uses his custom made Comm made by Little Liberty.

Character History

Volo's history is long and rich with adventures and sorrows. Here's a small summary of his life.


Jason was your average 12-year old boy, as most stories like this begin. He grew up in Wichita, Kansas and lived with his mother, father, and dog. One day his mother and him went shopping downtown. That's when two drugged up thugs figured they'd kidnap Jason's mom. Across the street at a local video game store, Jason heard screaming and came outside to see his mom being thrown in a car and it started racing off. Jason chased after the car and was amazed to find out he was catching up. A kick through the windshield and two knocked out thugs later, Jason found out he had super speed powers.

Everything would've been fine after that, except the two thugs threatened to get revenge on Jason once they broke out of jail. Young and ignorant of the world, this frightened Jason greatly. A few days later the young boy ran away from home in hopes that if he wasn't there, his family wouldn't get hurt if they did come for revenge.

Later when he resurfaced, Volo would get a letter from the two thugs. They murdered his parents after they couldn't find him. The effects of this have made it hard for Volo to like anything that has to do with killing another innocent person.

Young and alone in the world, the speedster-to-be became something of a drifter. Running across the world, stealing food among other things just to get by. He found that with his speed he could steal just about anything and get away with it. Years passed and he grew older. Now 18, Jason was wondering the Rogue Isles looking to put his stealing skills to the test. A bit hungry, Jason tried to steal some bread from what looked to be an old homeless man. But the man was much quicker then he seemed and grabbed Jason by the ear and gave him a stern talking to. The man was nice though, he agreed to share some of his bread with Jason if he'd let the old man tell a story of a hero who Jason reminded him of. Jason agreed and heard the story of a great speedster by the name of Volo. Inspired by this amazing hero who vanished without a trace, Jason left the Rogue Isles and headed for Paragon to see if he could fill the shoes of this great speedster and maybe even find out what had happened to him.

Being the Hero

That turtle is much faster than it looks.
Volo's start at being a super hero went pretty well. Most called him a natural, although many others also called him impulsive and unpredictable. Volo also had a knack for challenging other speedsters to races in an attempt to prove he was faster.

The Youth League

A group shot of some of the members from the Youth League.
After Volo became a pretty famous and well known speedster, although certainly not the fastest, a hero by the name of Kid Pulsar invited him to join a group of young super heroes called the Youth League. Volo, who had been sleeping on the streets, happily joined and became part of the family.

The first true friend Volo made in the League was Little Liberty. Being somewhat reserved and a loner, Volo found Libby (Little Liberty) interesting enough to bug until he found out why she was that way. Volo's friendly and hyper attitude made him many friends in the League, including his best friend, Bad Day Boy. Bad Day Boy's calm and cool attitude was a perfect balance to Volo's impulsive, run in head first ways. The two were often compared to popular comic book heroes like Batman and the Flash.

Kids at War

Along with the many friends Volo gained when joining the YL, he also gained a few of their enemies. A villain by the name of Hallmark had something of a past with the YL. Well, Volo and a few others had found out Hallmark had broken out of jail and was in Bloody Bay. Tired of everyone always telling him that this Hallmark guy was tough and he should be careful, Volo scouted ahead leaving the others behind. He was the first to find Hallmark... and his friends. Barely escaping, Volo was able to call for back up and then jumped right back in the fray.

After that battle, Hallmark and the group he was with, the Delphian Circle, was able to escape even with the best efforts of the League. But it didn't end there, an accident caused by a member of the YL who hired a merc to try and off Hallmark ended badly when the merc missed and killed one of the other members. Already on bad terms with the YL, the DC blamed them for the attack and threatened to go to war. Volo, hearing about the merc using a bow and arrow, tried to convince the DC there were no archers in the league. It didn't end well when Volo got his own bow to show off. After that, the Youth League and Delphian Circle went to war.

Team Speed vs. Team Shadow

Spying was something the Delphian Circle seemed to do rather well. It all started out with Volo and his mentor and best speedster buddy, Amphitrion or Amp. The two were taking it easy in the D, looking for girls when two members from the DC called them over. Volo and Amp didn't know they were members of the DC, so they thought they were just calling them over to get to know each other. Vyenne and Ghost Scream had actually just lured them into a trap. After talking a bit, two more members came over. Shade Nefarious started threatening to attack the girls when they left the D. Volo and Amp weren't about to let that happen, although they quickly found themselves surrounded by angry villains. Using his quick wit, Amp was able to have them settle it over a duel between him and Volo vs. Shade and another member Sungazer. After a rather quick battle, the YL had their first win against the DC.

A Duel of Honor

The next battle was thanks to Volo's big mouth and making fun of it's leader, Noble. Noble had put a bounty of three million dollars on Volo's head. Many villains didn't bother, Volo was nearly impossible to catch. One did though, Pridemaker from the DC lured Volo to Warburg with threats of stealing nukes. She didn't go alone though, she also took the mysterious Irish-Fighter. Of course, Volo didn't either, calling the only other YLer on the clock, PsyKid. Fighting for almost an hour, Pridemaker was pretty beat up from Volo's speedy attacks, although PsyKid was as well from stealth attacks from Irish. That's when Bad Day Boy called in and found out, rushing over as fast as he could. Pride gave up on Volo's bounty, and for once, the enemies talked. BDB (Bad Day Boy) wanted to duel Irish, seeing as he had powers much like his own. But it wasn't any normal duel, it was one to the death. Volo agreed, although he knew if things got bad he'd run in and save BDB. The battle started in BDB's favor, then out of no where Irish hit BDB in a fatal spot. More angry then he ever was before, Volo told PsyKid to take BDB's body and leave. Volo only stayed a few more seconds, Volo saw what Irish did as a direct slap to his face, killing BDB before he could save him. He insulted his speed in a way no one ever had before. Later BDB returned, the only reason he lost is because he had to take his weekly nap, which puts him in a near dead like state.

The First Volo

A little while after Volo met Pask, a ninja and, as Volo says it, sister to him, he met a hero who had claimed to know the first Volo. His name was Quic Silver. He was Pask's master and was saved by the first Volo when he was younger. In fact, Quic believed he was one of the last heroes to see the first Volo, seeing as how he vanished shortly after. Sadly, Quic wasn't able to help the second Volo find out what happened. After a duel with Pask which pretty much killed him, the same people that had been hunting him and had hunted the first Volo arrived, sacrificing himself to save Pask and the second Volo, Quic was able to at least give the second Volo a chance to find out the truth.

After BDB's dead, Volo took things a little too seriously. Seriously injuring common thugs, not talking to his friends, and going into out of control fits of rage was only the start of it all. He also began visiting the place where BDB and Irish fought. That's all the Malta needed. Using heroes as power sources, the Malta placed them in robots to control and use them in their fight against other heroes. That's what the first Volo's fate ended up as, the battery to a very fast and deadly robot. The second Volo, ambushed by this robot to be put in one of his own, was at the end of his rope. Then all the training with Amphitrion paid off, as Volo unleashed the power of the Amp Field for the first time. Hitting the robot with such a force it was completely vaporized, Volo was saddened that he wasn't able to talk with the first Volo, but at least he saved him from being a slave.

Also, unknown to Volo, when he used the Amp Field for the first time he wasted and abused much of it's power. Doing this fused with his hate and anger and made another being made of almost pure energy. The Speed Beast.

First Love

Growing up mostly alone and on the streets, Volo never really learned about the birds and the bees. But it seemed he would soon, her name was Mesmera. PsyKid was possessed by the leader of the Carnies and the two of them were teamed up to find him. Mesmera, a psychic as well, was possessed herself in the search. Coming to her rescue, Volo saved the day and found his first girlfriend.

One Bad Nightmare

The DC was suffering a civil war, which ment the war with the YL was pretty much over. Except for one person, Nathan Tilla. Volo and BDB had heckled him many times at the D, and Nathan fought back in his own way.

Volo and Mesmera were about to go on a date when Nate used some psychic enhancing device to put Volo and Mesmera through a very terrible nightmare. Volo wasn't that phased by it, but Mesmera completely vanished afterwards. The two ran into each other months later and officially broke up, Mesmera was so affected by the event with Nate her mind completely blocked off that memory and doesn't remember a thing.

Shortly after Nate attacked another YL member, but was brought to justice by Volo and a few others. Volo has said he was happy and sad at the same time. Nate was Volo's favorite arch enemy, just because it was so easy to heckle and push his buttons.

The Stupid Pervert Slowbie Von Pin Head

Erik gettin' a speedy foot to the face.
Volo's mouth and impulsive nature didn't leave him without enemies though. After running into a villain by the name of Vicount De Crey, Volo had accidentlly made himself another enemy. The test tube son of Countess Crey herself, Erik Crey found Volo very annoying and has tried to kill him many times.

The first real battle between the two happened when Erik took over most of the city using a giant mind control tower. Volo and the other heroes and villains resistant to mind control teamed up to fight the mind controlled heroes and Erik's Young Rogues. The battle started with Volo fighting the Speed Beast which Erik found and kept as a pet. Volo absorbed the Beast back into himself and ended up pumping the mind control tower up with so much kinetic energy it exploded. The force of the explosion and speed at which Volo was shaking pushed him passed the speed of light and flung Volo two weeks into the future. During that time many believed Volo to be dead.

Back from the Past

Two weeks after the fight at the tower, Volo reappeared and ended up in the hospital. His body was in terrible shape and mind fighting off the Speed Beast, who was trying to take over since it lost it's own body. Erik, who has cameras set up in the hospital quickly came and tried to kidnap Volo. Struggling, Volo was able to shoot himself off the target location of the teleport and ended up in Nerva, Rogue Isles.

After that all hell broke loose as Erik's Crey lackeys, who were trying to get to Volo's body which was resting on the Thorn Tree, were fighting off the Circle of Thorns, who were defending the tree. Volo's old enemy now turned friend Ghost Scream happened to just get done with a mission and found Volo's body dangling from the tree. She was able to protect him until his YL friends got there and brought him back to Paragon where Kid Psyche, Psi-Nullifier, and Break Away were able to free Volo's mind from the Speed Beast.

Make Love Not War

Shortly after Volo got back and was getting into the groove of things he ran into Ghost Scream. Thanking her for saving him, she confessed she had a crush on him. Volo, who had a crush on her for awhile now as well but didn't want to say anything because she had been in a relationship with Grey Mace, confessed he had a crush on her too. The two have been dating ever since.


Done by FuriousshoveL aka me.

Volo's biggest dream is to be the fastest thing around. After researching something called dark matter, he believed he found it. Volo had always been able to reach lightspeed, but was afraid to stay there too long or go faster because of the fact he'd be turned into light energy. But with dark matter he'd be able to reach speeds faster than light and truly become, the fastest thing around.

Volo wasn't ready for it though. Going passed lightspeed, Volo entered the time stream and ended up way in the future nearly dead. The Pendulum Effect, which is something of a universal fail-safe, swung Volo back and forth through time until he returned to his correct time period four days later. Volo on the other hand, lost a year of his life traveling through time.

Even though Volo is now able to move that fast, he only does it if there's no other choice because it's so hard on his body and the chance he could seriously screw up time.

The Student Becomes the Master

Shortly after Volo's return, Amp and him went on a mission to explore a new world Portal Corp. found. The world turned out to be the source of Amp Field. The excitement soon ended as they were attacked by beings made of pure Amp Field energy. Volo was hit by one and instantly drained of all his energy. Amp was able to throw Volo back through the portal but was left behind. This had a huge impact on Volo, who doesn't know if his friend and mentor is dead.

A few days later a new speedster joined the Youth League. Zakka, who reminded Volo a lot of himself when he just started out, asked if he'd teach her after he beat her in a race, which he ran backwards the entire time. The lose of his own mentor, almost made Volo say no, he was still young and had other dreams, but Volo's kind heart and speed loving ways wouldn't let him do that.

It didn't take long for Zakka to transform into a fine young speedster. Shortly there after, one of Volo's friends, Black Rat, also known as Teekee, asked if he'd teach her how to be faster. He agreed when he saw Teekee's new costume.

Family Ties

As time went on, Volo ran into someone from his actual family. He was the maker of the Amp Field and first legendary speedster, Hermes. Volo's touch of Hermes blood running through his veins is what makes him so skilled at using the Amp Field. But of course, after finding this little bit out, Volo had to race his grandpa. The race ended in a tie and Volo learning how to create a time distortion around him by using his mutant and Amp Field powers together, he named it Godspeed.

A Blast from the Past

Volo's history finally caught up to him in the form of an old childhood friend. Kidnapped after a depressing, lonely night at the D, Volo ended up in an old space station used to keep powerful, mentally unstable villains from escaping. Volo's friend, Dylan or Puto as Volo subconsciously thought of him for being psychic and somewhat into other guys, opened Volo's eyes as to what happened to him and the killers of his parents. The killers dead and Volo seeing his parents dead as well caused him to black out, releasing the Speed Beast from it's prison and attack Puto and escape the space station. After a fast, deadly battle, Volo regained control and seemed his normal self again. The two exchanged powerful blows which took off Puto's arm and knocked Volo out. Puto then suppressed Volo's knowledge of how to use the Amp Field to keep the Beast locked away and at the same time cutting off a great deal of his top speed. With all seemed lost, it was lucky that Volo's final attack unlocked the time warp he created when fighting the robot using the first Volo as a battery. The first Volo made short work of Puto and finished him off. After the battle he gave the second Volo his red shades and ported him back to the hospital before he was sucked back into the time warp.

After he recovered he left the Youth League and wondering what kind of trouble will run into him next.

A Special Gift

With Fallon's birthday coming up, she told Volo that she wanted something special. Volo, a little confused but still having a pretty good idea, went to see his friend Samoht. Sam knew of a lot of cool items and such, and seeing as how Volo and Ghost have quite a bit of money, he didn't want to just buy it. So after Sam told Volo of something that sounded good, they went to Thorn Island to rain a CoT base and steal the jewel with a genie friend of theirs.

Things Picking Up

Going solo for a bit, that all changed when Chase talked Volo into joining the Dawnstride Syndicate. Afterwards Chase and Volo became closer friends and have agreed to help each other out in any fighting tournaments that come around. Shortly after that Chase left to fight his father. Volo stayed behind, knowing if something went wrong he couldn't help but jump in to save him. But they did trade sun glasses as something of a promise Chase will come back.

Shortly after that the Devil known as Norman Morningstar attempted to open up gates to hell and turn Earth into hell itself. After Volo saved Ghost Scream from being killed by the devil, Volo joined in with the rest of the heroes and helped stop Norman and his plans.

It doesn't seem like a day went by when Volo got a note saying to check out his friend Pask's apartment. When he went there he found a woman who claimed to have killed her. Very upset the young speedster fought the woman only to end up getting stabbed in the back of the knee. He still gave chase, but once they reached Warburg the blood lose was so great he passed out and his medi-vac teleported him to safety.

A Very Important Person

After all the craziness passed, Volo's been spending more time practicing his Speed-Fu, trying to make it more legit like Chase Styles. This caused him to miss both Christmas and Fallon's(Ghost Scream) birthday. Late but better then never, when he and Fallon had the time to meet, Volo asked her to marry him. Saying yes, the two went right back to giving each other crap for getting in trouble. Volo hasn't been this happy for a long while.

A Wedding Fit for Rome

Volo and Fallon had their wedding in Cimerora where Mr. Yasuda and Alastor Kuro married them. Two people were injured in the process. It was neat.


He's on his honeymoon. Awwwwww yeah.


Did you know Volo's favorite food is gumbo?

Did you know it's been said Volo's ego is big enough to crush everyone in Siren's Call?

After my friend read through his history, he suggested "Easier to Run" by Linkin Park would be a good theme song. And even though I don't much like the group, I'd have to agree!

Did you know Volo's not always as dumb as he seems, sometimes he just plays along just to bug a villain.

Did you know Volo, in Latin, means speed or to move rapidly?
Volo dashing down the streets of Paragon.
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