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I made Vicount to be the arch nemesis of the Young Phalanx, but he ended up be enemies with the Youth League. Well, here it is.

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Character Information

Real Name:

Erik Alphonse Von Crey


Countess Crey(Mother) [[1]]

Count Crey(Father)


Clara Eckhart(Half-Sister)

Early Life

Erik Von Crey, son of Count and Countess Crey, was "Born" in a Crey Industries [[2]] lab located somewhere near Reichenbach Falls, Sweden. Dues to her husbands coma, The Countess Crey had sperm samples taken from the Count and egg samples from herself and had Erik created inside an artificial womb. Erik would then spend the next 13 years living in a Swedish castle, owned by the Crey family, while being raised by several maids and a cruel major domo named Ludwig and was rarely visited by his mother. Ludiwg tormented Erik, finnaly pushing him to the edge at the age of 13, when he fired the young boys favorite maid (whome he would lose his virginity to). Erik, in retaliation, set up a voltiac disk that Ludwig stepped on in the hall near Eriks room. This disk electrified Ludwi,g ultimately leading to his death. After Ludwigs death, Countess had her son moved to England, along with his servants.


During the time he spent in England & Europe, Erik began to discover his talents in technology and his own sexuality. According to tabloid sources, Erik treked to Amsterdamn at the age of 16 and spent a month there, coming back to England with a "Carpe Diem"("Seize the Day") philosophy on life. Following his return, English news papers began reporting Erik Von Crey becoming the Playboy of England, swooning daughters (and occasionally sons) of politicians, businessmen, & royalty. During this time, Erik began designing blue prints for what would later be the Crey Industries Voltiac Armor & his personal army of Crey Decimators, cyborg humans with twice the power of Paragon Protectors. He also discovered his talents in the business world when he resolved a board room issue that would expose his mothers crimes. Then, after 3 years of living there, Erik moved from England and went to live in Japan.

Asia & a First Love

By the time he arrived in Japan, Erik had experienced sex but not true love. This changed for the young man when he met Yuri Okashi, daughter of Industrialist Jiro Okashi and super heroine Silver-Sun(which is also the name of her fathers company). Erik instantly fell for the young heroine, who initially spurned his advances but would later give in. After about a year of teenage romance, Erik discovered that, for the first time, he would have to move to America. Ironhelm, New York in paticular. After spending one last night together, Erik & Yuri ended their relationship realizing neither of them could keep a long distance realtionship. They resolved that should either of them be in town and single, they'd get together as "friends with benefits".

IronHelm, New York

Erik left Japan at the age of 17 and moved to America for the first time, finding his European style did not fit in well. After some retooling, Erik made the IronHelm scene and once again entered his Playboy persona. While co-leading the Crey Industries New York branch, Erik fell for a heroine again. Her name was Sunny Daniels, but she was best known as Frost-Force. An Ice manipulator, she was 16 and often teamed with her father, Flame force (who had flame powers). Erik initially introduced himself as just Erik, leaving out the fact he was a Crey due to the companies reputation in America. The two began dating, but the truth of Eriks family eventually came out and Sunny confronted him in his Crey Industries office. She yelled at him for five minute and ended up losing her virginity to him in the office. After her father discovered what had happened, Sunny & Erik decided to end their relationship due to too much strain. This was fortunate fork Erik, who discovered he would move once more.

He was moving to Paragon City.

Paragon City

Arriving in Paragon at the age of 17(he would be 18 in a few months), Erik instantly made a splash in Paragon. He had taken over Steel Canyon Crey lab operations and had doscovered a cure to a Vahzilok virus and had taken to the skies in his custom Crey Industries Makr IV Voltiac Armor. And his mother was truly proud of him for the first time. The all changed when the teen hero group The Young Phalanx first appeared. Charged with their destruction by his mother, Erik worked long and hard to develop his Crey Voltiac Armor Mark 5. He happened to be working in a lab where Hanson was stationed when Stateslad and Mantikid, YP members, attacked and arrested all Crey personel. Before he was sentenced to prison(which he would later be bailed out of due to a miscarrige of justice), Countess Crey told Erik that the only way to earn her love was to destroy The Young Phalanx. He still follows those orders to the letter, following them with a mad obsession.

The Rogue Isles

After his release from jail, Erik requested to his mother that he be given charge over Cap Au Diable Crey Industries operations in the Rogue Isles. Initially reluctant, the Countess eventually agreed and Erik moved to his current manor in Cap Au Diable. After he settled in, and gathered a harem of beautiful maids, Erik founded The Young Rogues to help him combat his brothers super group. Initial members included Praetorians Diabolesse(Necril), Despot(Stateslad) & Wild Pyre(Nature Boy), the monstrous Speed Beast, the psychic Mindburst, the chilling Retsu-Tema, & the insane Cackling jester. After their formation, Erik met and began to hate the speedster Volo in Pocket D, who constatnly heckled him for some unknown reason. Erik & his Rogues ten began a rivalry of Volo's super group The Youth League, which continues to this day. After a few initial battles with the YL, Erik once again fell in love. This time, it was with YL member Maria Artago, who recently left him after she saw Erik attack Volo in a Crey Lab he ran. Erik went into a depression and later slept with Diasumat to relieve the stress. He has now sworn revenge on Volo & intends to make his life a living Hell.

Erik & Iris: A Couple?

Upon the break down of his relationship to Maria, Erik went off the dating scene for a while, only getting booty calls from the maids of Crey Manor. Then, during his registration at Aeon University, YR member Diasumat made her move on Erik, coercing him into going on a date with her. Erik decided it sounded like a good idea and the two hit it off, the evening ending with Iris (Diasumat) and Erik frolicking around in his bed. The two slowly fell in love, Iris eventually becoming pregnant with Eriks child. Sadly, the child died in the womb, possibly due to further attacks by Norman Morningstar.

Crey Vs Volo.jpg


Leader of the Young Rogues


Crey Industries Mark VI Voltiac Armor

Erik is granted electricity manipulating powers by his custom Crey Industries Mark VI Voltiac Armor. The suit also allows him to fly, via anti-gravity disks intalled within the boots of the armor.


It has been rumored lately that Erik has mutated and can now manipulate electricity without his armor. This was show after he was seen firing electricity at some assassins from the Death Corps who had been hired to kill him. It is not known how this mutation occured.

Personal Information

Personality: Erik is similar to a modern day Dracula. He is at one point the charming young aristocrat who makes women fall into his arms (or bed) just by looking at them. When facing enemies, he is a cunning strategist and vicous.


All his life, Erik has held a strange atraction to female super heroes, such as his mpst recently failed relationship with Maria Artago, a member of The Youth League. He has also dated Silver Sun, a heroine from Japan who he claims was his first love & Frost Force, teenage partner and daughter of Iron Helm New yorks champion, Flame Force. It has also been rumored that he harbors an atraction to Veronica Volt, though this maybe just to piss of Volts boy friend Merrex. Young Rogue member Diasumat is now dating Erik, after weeks of harboring feelings for the young man. After a few months, the two had fallen in love and Iris had become pregnent, much to the couples delight. Sadly, their child died in the womb.


Erik is a masterful business man and charmer of women. In his own words "I'm like James Bond but Evil. I get the mission done and sleep with my female enemy and a half a dozen blondes by the end of the movie."



The Youth League


The Young Phalanx


Vicounts name is actually derived from several iconic characters who influence his behaviors, including his title.

Vicount= Title given to Raul De Changy from the movie Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Loyd Webber version. The title contributes to Eriks occasional acts of heroism and kidness, as well as his nobility of blood.

Erik= Real name of the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera ALW version. This contributes to Eriks romantic side, as well as his darker more tragic side. It also contributes to his obsessivness with beauty.

Von= Part of the real name of Doctor Doom. Contributes to Erik's more Evil side & his massive ego. Again, this also contributes to his nobility.

Crey= Obviously relates him to Crey Industries and the evil corporate figure.

Vicount De Crey/Maria Artago story line

Erik & Iris's date

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