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Chill Yeti went through an incarnation before his Corruptor form. He through 33 levels as an Ice/Ice Dominator before I decided to re-roll him.

Also, note that this character tends to swear a lot. And he also makes some offensive remarks. I'll say that while the character is a stupid and abrassive person, the player is not. Please keep that in mind if you ever RP with him.

Art by Graff
Chill Yeti
Player: @T-Pill
Origin: Science
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Blake Thomas
Known Aliases: Chill
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210 lbls
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Capo in The Giordano Family
Place of Birth: Port Oakes
Base of Operations: Port Oakes
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father (Unknown)
Known Powers
Ice Manipulation
Known Abilities
Advanced Agility
A cup



Chill Yeti wears a generic thug-like outfit crossed with ski goggles when he's out on the job or kicking butt. But when he's in his civvies as Blake Thomas, he usually wears a more casual attire. A T-shirt or jacket will last him, unless he feels like being formal. In that case he wears a very nice tux- usually for when he wants to show off his Capo status in the Giordano Family.

But aside from clothes, Blake has a simple earring he keeps on his right ear at all times as well as various tattoos. He has them down his arms and halfway down his forearms, showing generic tattoo inkings not unlike the ones already in the game. He also has them extend over his left pec, over his heart. He also has the Seven Virtues of Bushido on the inside of his left forearm, just simple black inking done by Unchained Melodie. He wears a pendant sometimes when he feels like it under his shirt or jacket, given to him by Don Giordano.


Chill Yeti, or Blake, has always been a very abrasive person. This stems from his inability to think hard enough to grasp things and his one track mind: Having fun. Usually he goes around trying to find hot dates or to look for a good fight or chill with his friends. He usually makes up his own vocabulary of words such a 'dudical' or 'schwinging.'

There's another side of Blake though, because if you get to know him and become his friend, he tends to be much nicer and calmer, not to mention more responsible. He seems very loyal and willing to do anything for anyone he likes.

The Babes

Blake Thomas used to be a self-proclaimed pimp daddy. He believed himself to be one of the most sexy and awesome guys in the Isles, and any chick would be lucky to sleep with him. This is why he made it a mission for him to try and shack with any of them he can. When Blake got bored, he usually went up to random girls in Pocket D and see if he could pick them up. Depending on how hot, amusing, and entertaining they are, that would decide how hard he tried. Sometimes he would it for fun, but sometimes he really wanted to try. It was painfully obvious he wasn't good at it at all when he tried. But oddly enough, when he did't try hard, he had more success.

Now Blake has calmed himself and made himself less hypersexual. He is content with trying to go steady with girls and now needing to hit on any one he sees. He doesn't even hit on them for fun anymore, finding his own fun elsewhere. But that doesn't stop him from still judging girls' hotness and show too much tact.

The Bros

As he is one of the coolest dudes in the Isles, Blake believes that all of the dudes he talks with should automatically want to hang with him. He's usually friendly around most guys who aren't whiny or freaky looking, but he does sometimes say things people get offended by. He usually doesn't make a big fuss of it though unless they do.

With his bros, Blake shows great respect for them. He usually helps them out when he can and often does bro-like gestures such as The Bro-Hug (Also called the Hetero-Hug), daps, high-fives, and celebratory HOORAH!s.


Blake has been known to say various odd words. Dudical is probably his most popular one, which he explains is derived from the words "dude" and "radical" to form it. Other ones include Pimpdelic, Dudacious, Bangnifficent, and many others he usually makes up on the fly. Most people are confused by this and don't understand what he means, not that Blake cares all too much. The greatest of all of this is his typical HOORAH! though.

Chill Yeti's combat attire.


Blake has also coined the word "HOORAH!" and made it his own yell of celebration. He often tells people to give him a "HOORAH!" when he's overly happy. Most of his bros do, but there are some who dare not to give Blake his HOORAH! when they ask. That is something Blake will not tolerate.

Lately though, his HOORAH!s have been catching onto those around Blake. He can typically make a whole lot of people shout out HOORAH! just by asking, and sometimes they don't even have to be a bro or anything.

V archetypeicon corruptor.png

IceBlast IceBlast.png
Ice Blast

Chill's first choice of powers are forming ice into his hands and chucking them at people. Usually he'll make them ice shards to do more damage. Along with this, he has the power to make Ice fall from the sky, as well as the ability to send beams of ice at his opponents so he can freeze them. He excels greatly at being able to damage his enemies with his ice blasts.

ColdDomination Infrigidate.png
Cold Domination

As well as using his skills in creating ice, Chill Yeti is very good at manipulating the heat in the air around him or around anyone. He can chill people to the bone, as well as create a shroud of fog around himself and others. Along with this, Yeti can drain the heat from anyone and convert it to energy for himself.

With this power, he has achieved many feats against the toughest of opponents, forcing them to be so cold that they literally can't do anything and makes their movements incredible. He's even brought the fastest of speedsters to a crawl with the potency of his ice and chilling powers.

Other ice tricks he can do are materializing snow balls and blankets of ice as well as slick the ground under people. He'll also pull a page out of Ice Man's book and make an icey skate path when he gets bored.

Due to these powers though, Blake's skin is naturally cold to the touch. Anyone with a keen eye can probably see a thin, fog-like film around him.

Arachnos Patron TargetedHold.png
Leviathan Shark Powers

Because Blake had himself embedded with the power of the Leviathan, he can shoot sharks at people, or as he calls them... ****ing Homing Ice Sharks of Doom. He doesn't really shoot them, but instead uses them to bind his opponents to the ground, forcing them to stay put while Blake can do what he wants to them. He's still not quite sure it was worth the effort to get them though.

Jump LongJump.png

As well as gaining ice powers from his accident, Chill also seemed to be more agile. Being able to jump and dodge with relative ease, he is often able to give anyone who excels at melee range a hard time. Especially since he tends to slow them down.

Often times, this gets him called a 'pussy' for dodging attacks instead of taking them, mostly due to them wanting excuses and being frustrated. Blake calls these people retarded.

Character History

Young Years

Blake Thomas was born in January, 1987. Not too long after he was born, his father ran off, leaving only Blake's mother to care for him. He grew up in a beaten up house inside Brickstown. Blake's mother was stressed most of the time, not having much any time at all for her son. So Blake just lived normally, going to school and hanging out with any friends he made along the way.

When Blake hit age thirteen though, he began to get tired of not having anything cool like his friends did, so he started to work when he was off from school. It was a dinky job from a family friend and it bought him new shoes and an N64, among other things. By age sixteen, he got a much better job and Blake actually became one of the cooler kids at school. He had the money for himself and he used that to essentially gain his popularity. During this time he started to use a word that caught on around school... "Dudical." Everyone loved it, and they loved his "HOORAH!" even better. Blake would randomly shout someone's name in the halls and then say "Gimme a hoorah!" And normally they'd comply and shout it back. To add on to his popularity, he was also a starter for the basketball team.

At around this time though, Blake's mother started to ask him for money, promising to pay him back since she was in between jobs. Blake gave it to her because it was for bills and such. His mother never paid him back, and she never got a job either. She instead started to spend her money on booze and smokes. Blake was still the cool kid at school, but he didn't have time to play basketball anymore and was forced to get another job to keep a roof over his head, as well as his mother's. From age seventeen to eighteen, he began to party in his free time and drink it up with his friends. He'd find new girls to spend the night with often and rarely did a relationship last with him. He also lived it up when he could escape from his double jobs.

But still, all of the jobs he was doing weren't enough and he dropped out of school his senior year to work more and keep his house. He continued to party and work... not doing much else. He told his mother that she needs to go get a job repeatedly, but she wouldn't listen and just kept drinking her life away. Finally, he told her he was done and moved out to live on his own, which was just a crappy apartment.

Gaining His Powers

After Blake moved out, he found his job wasn't cutting it. He couldn't keep up all of the bills he had the play or have any time for his friends either, so he looked elsewhere. And he decided to go right to Crey to join their Cryo Tank program. He thought it'd be nice... he'd just need to sit around and kick some ass if he needed to in a big suit. When they brought Blake in, they gave him a bunch of shots and sent him on his way to the chamber to fit him for his suit. He put on the suit and the Crey scientists did some tests... when a squad of Longbow rushed in and started to bust up the place. The area that Blake was in collapsed and he his suit was smashed up badly. Blake awoke a few hours later, machinery broken around him and cryogenic tubes flailing about. He didn't feel cold, and he actually felt alright after he got out of the suit.

The problem was that the entire Crey lab was broken down completely. Not only that, it didn't take him long to realize he had ice powers too, actually being able to form it in his hands with ease and able to do more with concentration. So he decided he was through with Paragon- giving up with how everything was there- and instead decided he should just head on towards the Rogue Isles instead. After all, the Rogue Isles were much more relaxed and fit him more than Paragon ever did. He figured he could just beat up people for money because, well... he had super powers now. And getting a place there was easy. So Blake pooled all of his money and headed from Paragon and straight to the Isles without a single word to anyone he knew.

Frigid Yeti- The first version of Chill Yeti.

Starting as Frigid Yeti

When Blake first hit the Isles, he immediately liked it and found himself a place to live in Port Oakes. It wasn't anything special... and Port Oakes sucked dong to him, but at least he found it easy to make money. He wore a big elaborate white and black ski outfit at first and began to call himself The Frigid Yeti. But still, he felt like he needed a group to hang with to watch his ass.

He spoke to Faceless Saint after seeing a flyer to join PAST. People Against Stateman's Tyranny, not that Blake would ever remember it. Saint invited him into the group and Blake found himself... a little out of sorts. He made a few cool friends like Jessie Crow and Ballyhoo but the rest he never really warmed up to. Mainly because they were pretty flippant or obnoxious to him... which is hard to imagine considering Blake's general personality.

While in PAST, Yeti would rub people the wrong way with his personality, often getting people ticked at him. He didn't seem to mind much, because he had fun most of the time. He was honing his skills and getting paid just to kick Longbow's ass every once in a while. Plus, he still had time to pick up the honies on the side. Life was good... mostly.

His Darker Side

Unbeknownst to Blake, he had a darker side. A side that was opened up when he became very emotional. He had a a brawl with Faceless Saint in this form, surprising the man because when he became darker and more serious, along with changing his hair to white also, he rivaled him in sheer power. He ultimately lost though, and Blake felt horrible because of it.

It was no surprise that Blake hated Unchained Melodie though and ended up fighting her once. She beat him handily, messing up his mind badly enough for him to revert into the same ultra form of Blake. He ended up beating her, astonishingly, and he went to take advantage of her, being a much more sadistic persona in the form. She managed to fight him off when he had a head splitting headache from the change and she ran off and told Faceless Saint.

Saint was furious, seeing Melodie as very close, but he didn't fault Blake for it but instead told him that next time, he would kill him. However, after one of the fellow PAST members started to heckled him greatly... Blake changed yet again. He ended up fighting most of the PAST but ended up being defeated... and badly hurt.

Saint didn't follow through on his promise to kill Blake there and actually defended him from being murdered. He sent Blake to a hospital and had him stay there for a long while to recover from all of his injuries.


When Blake got out of the hospital, he noticed that most of the PAST had disappeared. He didn't know where they went or what they were up to, so he ended up staying and collecting a pay check for the next few weeks then finally left the group.

Out on his own, he didn't do a whole lot. He played Xbox a lot, he would pimp it up with the ladies, hang out in the D, the works. He would really only do some mercenary stuff only when he needed to get by. He kept getting his rep at the D for being a stupid perv. He didn't care all too much, he just didn't have any sort of aim or goal now.

During this time, Blake also wanted to repent for what he did to Melodie, so she put tattoos of the seven Bushido on his forearm. Each one would do something if she said the words so she could 'control' him incase another incident happened. Unfortunately for Blake, after she started using them enough, everyone else began to pick up on it. So he was finding it pretty frustrating to hang out sometimes, but worked through it.

Dating Haika

During the Valentine's Day event where villains needed to team up with heroes, Blake ended up teaming with a hero by the name of Wytchfire, or Mari. She was at first extremely put off by Blake's generally cocky and abrasive attitude, but for whatever reason she accepted when Blake asked her out.

The first few dates were so-so, nothing really to write home about since Blake didn't exactly have the best of social graces. But eventually she warmed up to him and the two became infatuated with each other. She then started to do more work in the Rogue Isles under the moniker of Haika and began to stay with Blake in his apartment. This was nice because he didn't clean up much, and she decided she would clean up for him most of the time. The two had a lot of good times together and unlike most of Blake's relationships, he took it slow... waiting until she was ready to have sex. (And also astonished she was still a virgin at her age)

This was probably the first time Blake ever actually fell in love. The two had their very big differences, often arguing with each other often and for frivolous reasons, or Blake's general stupidity. But in the end, they'd resolve it and stay together. But one day when they were finally ready to have sex, Blake ended up going into his darker form in a moment of deep passion. She fended him off tearfully until she knocked him out, then waited until he got conscious before screaming at him. Blake had withheld the information that he would change sometimes, even after she asked if there was anything she should know many times.

After a short separation, they got back together and Blake realized he could use one of the words that Unchained Melodie put into his head in order to make sure he wouldn't change when he was getting deeply intimate. So their relationship began to blossom well once again and even though they still argued a lot, they still loved each other.

Change to Chill Yeti

(OOC Note: This was when I made the change to go from a Dominator to a Corruptor, simply because I couldn't stand playing an Ice/Ice Dom.)

Blake decided that he was bored of his combat style. It was too passive for him and he needed something that was more... in your face kick ass. So he began to adopt a new fighting style that was more hard hitting and crippling to his opponent. It worked for him and he decided to re-do his image too. Not interested in keeping the same armor, scarf, hood... he decided to go for a more thug-like attire. Because, after all, that was really all he was. In addition to that, he was no longer the Frigid Yeti, he went by the name of Chill Yeti. Mainly just because the name was ballin'. He sped through Threat Levels like mad, loving how he was kicking ass.

Joining The Giordano Family

Blake's friend Ashigaru Tsuyama was appointed a Consigliere in The Giordano Family. And soon after, Ashi invited Blake to join the group, knowing Blake was in between groups at the time. So naturally since Ashi was his bro, Blake decided he'd join him. Ashigaru took him to speak with Don Giordano in order to get him in the group. Blake tried to explain his case and about why he'd be a good fit for the Family, but he ended up making absolutely no sense to The Don, so he just told Blake he could be in, but he was under Ashi's watch.

Blake was amped to be a part of the Giordano Family. He finally had a place to belong to once again and was loving just hanging out with his sort of people. The kind of people who were just thugs like him and had a similar care free attitude like he did. He quickly became a very noticeable presence in the Family, often hanging with the crew and making himself known. Blake finally had a real family for the first time in his life.

Cheating On Haika

One day Blake was really upset, having just gotten beat up badly by Cyber Brute, a member of the Giordano Family due to a disagreement that escalated. On top of that, he was even ordered to get the crap beaten out of him by his boss, Don Giordano.

So he went to his girlfriend and asked her if she would help him relax, eventually mentioning that they should go back home and have sex. Haika refused him, knowing that the more she would get too emotional, the worse she would be able to control her fire powers. Blake practically begged her to have sex and eventually got so upset that he just up and left.

He started to beat up Longbow and met up with an old friend in Meia. The two had gone on a date before this, but they never really followed up on it. Blake was still really frustrated and upset that he asked if Meia would have sex with him. She complied and Blake didn't even realize how awful of a thing he did until right after.

Blake was devastated that he did something so awful like cheating on the girl he loved, but told her anyway. She was furious and stormed right to the Giza where Blake was and began to fight him. He fought back, mostly in self defense until the security in the Giza threw them both into the water. Haika cried and flew away after telling off Blake, leaving him to just soak in the water in his sorrow.

Blake confided in his friends, telling them how awful he felt and how horrible of a person he was because of it. He asked Ashi to talk to her for him to try and beg for her back. He complied and even got Haika to talk to Blake again.

He told her how sorry he was and how awful he felt and the two cried together and Haika told him that she was willing to take him back if he would never do anything like that again. Blake agreed, but this reunion was short lived. She had said a few spiteful things to other people, and Blake wasn't sure what to think about it all. He still felt miserable, even though they got back together. Finally, he took her aside and told her that he couldn't stay with her. Mostly because he was tired of arguing and feeling awful... and actually began thinking that maybe that was the reason he cheated on her. The two then went their separate ways tearfully.

Haika still longed for Blake, and he didn't want her to so he would treat her awful, even though he still cared for her. He proclaimed to everyone else that he refused to stay with her because he was an awful boyfriend, feeling exactly like that and deciding to stick with one night stands from then on.

Working With The Giordanos

Blake was happy with the Giordano Family and tried his hardest to be productive in it. He made sure to do any of the work that the boss Don Giordano asked him to. He kept making a name for himself and working hard, then began to get a name for himself amongst the Giordanos and anyone else who was interested in a good fight. He would win fights and lose them, but he always learned from it and was pretty chill about it all. He began to garner a "brawlers' respect" as he called it with any of the others around. He then decided that he should try to become the best fighter he could be because of that, wanting a sort of wicked rep for it.

While most things are good, Blake and a few others were always against Cyber Brute, one of the Don's Capos. They thought she was entirely too strict and tossed around her power a little too much, and talking to the Don wasn't doing much good with it. Blake tried his best to ignore her but sometimes it became rough. Especially since at this time, Skye Valentine and the Valentine Family were causing problems since Absconder, one of Blake's bros and a member of the Giordanos broke up with one of their family. Skye and his side would constantly make threats about killing the entire Giordanos... just because Abs broke it off with one of their family. Needless to say, the exchanges between the Giordanos and the Valentines were more annoying and irritating than productive.

All of this was really getting to The Don though, and Blake was there to offer him help while he was feeling down. Blake then tried to constantly cheer him up and make him feel better while at the same time trying to calm things down in The Giordano Family. He managed to do a decent job, but there will still some problems. In the end, it all worked out but the numbers of the Giordanos thinned a little, but the numbers there were still tightly knit, making them very close with each other.

Becoming Capo

After a long while of service in the Giordano Family, Blake earned his keep with his continued work for them, placing him in high regard with Don Giordano. One day his friend and fellow family member Thorn Bandit cheated on his girlfriend Requiem of Saints. While Thorn (Ryu) was down, Blake actually made many smart and mature points about it. The Don, being amused and happy with this actually asked Blake if he would like to be a Capo. Blake was stunned, then finally asked if he was serious. When the Don said he was, Blake took the position happily.

He hired a few people into the Giordanos as well as did other Capo duties like keeping people in line. Though he has tried a few things with his power such as kidnapping Poca Muerte because she offended him. ...Kind of. But overall he wasn't doing a bad job and actually loved that he had a position of authority and responsibility now. He grew more mature as a result.

Maturity and Depression

Blake had grown much more mature in these days, actually calming down a lot more and flirting a lot less. They were baby steps though, as he kept being rather perverse for a while also. He was more than willing to help his friends now and always reached out for his bros and his babes.

Eventually he began to grow a lot closer to Poca Muerte (Petite) who he knew for about a year. She was having very bad times and Blake had helped her through those a lot patiently, which was something for him. He spent more time getting to know her and content to just talk. He then became very infatuated with her but patiently waited until she fixed a mental issue she was having to ask her out, because he didn't want to screw up his chance.

Unfortunately, a day before Blake planned to ask Petite out, she had gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend (unnamed). Blake hated this dude because he always thought he was a horrible boyfriend and made Petite way too upset at times for it to be healthy. Blake was obviously very upset and devastated as well as frustrated. He talked to King Genesis, his favorite bartender, and explained his situation. Genesis told Blake that he should pour his heart out for Petite pretty much, and Blake did. He even used the word "love." Petite still turned him down though, feeling bad herself.

Blake was still devastated, taking it all very hard. He held onto a hope that Petite would come to her senses and dump the unnamed dude, but it seemed less and less likely. What made matters worse was that while he was trying to change from less of a lecherous party boy, many people around him seemed to resent that and a few women even offered to sleep with him to make him feel better. His anxiety grew and his frustrations grew also.

But Winsome Blue, Don Giordano's former fiance, recommended that the Don and Blake go on a vacation. Blake got pretty amped about it immediately and Don said he had business to do anyway. The two went down to the beach and hung out for half a week. Blake had loads of fun and cleared his mind a lot. He didn't hit on any girls at the beach and instead just partied most of the time when Don was busy. He came back to the Rogue Isles satisfied and with a much clearer mind on what he wanted to do now.

Moving On

When Blake returned to the Isles, he was satisfied and happy. He first went to talk to Petite who was busy, and Fearen started to argue with him. Later, Petite told Blake that she wanted him to talk to Fearen and Blake decided he'd humor her by doing so. It ended up being a bad idea because Blake tried to express his point only to be told he should know why Fearen is an a-hole to everyone before he passes judgment on him, which Blake decided was dumb because it doesn't matter. Fearen later revealed that Fearen is only an a-hole to everyone because they're a-holes to him first. This was what solidified Blake in not wanting to ever be his former self. He'd end up being a guy like Fearen, making that same excuse for his behavior. He didn't want that. So once Blake realized the conversation would be futile, he decided to bail it.

Soon after that, Blake's former crush in Miss Judgement, or Melody, came back to Paragon and the Isles. At first Blake was incredibly pissed off that she had ditched out of town when he was so close to dating her and had a rocky reunion with her. After the initial freak out, he was happy that she was back and his feelings for her stayed. They still argued a lot though, but it was usually just hanging out.

Eventually though, Blake got sick and tired of all of the triggers Unchained Melodie put into his head. So he asked Melody to go find him a psychic he can trust not to mess up his head and get the triggers out. Melody found one after about a week in a Giordano member named Violet Thought, or Vi as he called her. They spent days together while she extracted half of the triggers, relieving Blake greatly.

But then Blake's best friend, Thorn Bandit, had a clone of his sister running around who actually killed his sister and promised more. Blake tried to console him as best he could, but wasn't too good at it, even admitting so to himself. He offered to try and kill the clone for him and although they failed once, he still stands by Ryu (Thorn) and promises he'll help kill her one day.

Avoiding Yasuda Da Beast's Fury

One day Blake got tired of Melody saying he was pudgy when he would always say he wasn't. So finally Blake bet Mel that he could get a six pack in a week and she agreed to go with the bet. If Blake won, Mel would have to be nice for a week. If Mel won, Blake would have to pay for her rent for a month. With that bet on, Blake began to ask around for help. People offered him training regimen advice until Blake got to the guy he thinks is the most hardcore mofo out there: Masume Yasuda, or as Blake always calls him, Yasuda Da Beast.

Blake knew how awesome Yasuda was and asked him for help to get more buff and get a six pack. Yasuda then said he'd show Blake just a part of his training, so Yasuda called in Nikolai de la Larken and had him wallop on Blake for a while. Blake got thrashed and said that this training was BS and wanted something better. So Yasuda offered to let him borrow a binding weight that goes under his shirt and over his upperbody. It constricted the muscles and forced them to do more work, making the muscles stronger and more defined. Blake didn't get it and said it was some weird bondage training thing to most people he talked to it about. This was very important to Yasuda though, because it was something he spent a lot of money on and was actually used by Bruce Lee. Blake, however, told everyone he killed Bruce Lee for it.

When Blake wore it though, he ended up having a horrible time. For a few days, anytime he moved his arms or anything, the training weight would make Blake's muscles spasm and he usually ended up hitting himself. Not only that, but Blake was in constant pain. After a few times, Cloudgazer ended up starting to anger Blake greatly to the point that he'd end up trying to do something to Cloud, but actually just started to 'beat himself up.' Melody was there the whole time and Blake ended up making a miserable mess of himself, effectively kicking his own ass. Mel finally said she threw the bet, not wanting to see Blake humiliating himself anymore. Blake was stunned at first, then he thanked Mel for it and went to the Pocket D bathroom and tried to get Yasuda's training weight off him so he could go fight Cloudgazer. Blake kept challenging Cloud and he kept refusing saying he didn't want to until Blake mentioned to someone that he wanted to fight with "the guy with the faggy looking scarf." Cloud then told him his scarf wasn't gay, then said that they should have a friendly spar. The two fought and Blake finally got over his hatred for Cloud, sort of. Blake said that he's okay with Cloudgazer now, but he still hates him.

Blake then realized another few days later that he lost Yasuda's weight training device and started freaking out, saying Yasuda would kill him over it. He searched all through Pocket D and realized he probably left it in the bathroom when he changed out of it to fight Cloudgazer. Blake franticly looked in every trash can until he decided to ask DJ Zero where he puts all of his garbage... in a special garbage dump dimension. Blake then asked to go there and ended up digging through the whole place miserably. Then eventually he talked to a weird guy who actually lived there about if he's seen it. The hobo-esque person said he gave it to a succubus, prompting Blake to declare war on 'succubusses.' Blake camped out and went succubus hunting relentlessly.

Blake did run into Yasuda one day though and while Blake failing at making Yasuda not be suspicious about him losing the weight training thing, Yasuda told him that he needs the training weight to help Thorn Bandit with his training. Blake's heart sank and he told Yasuda he'd have it by then, but tried a few times to get Thorn to tell Yasuda he couldn't wear it anyway due to a pulled hamstring and a torn heart muscle. Yasuda didn't believe it though and said Thorn would still need to wear it for the training and Blake still needed to return it.

Blake the meanwhile had started devising various plans to make sure he would be able to live once Yasuda found out, including disguising himself as Thomas Blakington. But before this could happen, Yasuda ended up having a side of him turn him 'evil' and he was kept aboard The Neverender, relieving Blake until he realized he could win Yasuda a favor by breaking him out. Unfortunately, he ended up breaking out and there was a fight to get a collar to save Yasuda or keep him contained forever which Blake participated in with Melody.

That ended up in general failure, but eventually Yasuda emerged normal again. Blake was in a foul mood so instead of running away, he told Yasuda to his face that he lost his training weight device. Yasuda said he knew and he actually picked it up sometime after Blake lost it. Yasuda merely wanted Blake to admit he lost it. Blake was kind of ticked, but shrugged it off, having much bigger things to care about than that at the moment.

(To be continued)





Bro/Babe Pending

The following statements have been noted to offend ONE person mentioned here. So in the interests of preserving that ONE person's feelings, we're putting this warning up so that no one, not even that ONE person, could ever possibly think this stuff was serious. - The Management


Note: These names are all Blake's names for these characters and in no way reflect my own opinions of these characters or the players. Infact, I'm even close friends with a good bit of them. These are simply Blake's names/thoughts on these characters.

PS- Except for the Marcones.

Chill Yeti's epic rivalry with Chase Styles continues.

Chill's Soundtrack

Making a Chill Yeti soundtrack was very easy for me, mainly because at his core he's just a party boy who wants to have fun out of life. I narrowed it down comparing the other parts of his personality and picked out the songs I think best fits Blake. If I had to pick one that best emphasizes his personality, I'd go with "Survival of the Sickest" because it's probably the song that makes the best note of his changing. "So Far," "Anthem," "Kiss Me Deadly," and "Next 2 You," also relate other parts of his personality I think.

Side Note: Ignore the videos. I just linked to a video for the song.

Side Note 2: There's naughty language in a lot of these.

Soundtrack Listing:

Holiday Outfits

For every holiday Blake has tried to make it a tradition to dress up in an insane costume for it. He tends to make it very sexual- wearing little clothing and ending up looking like a goof. He doesn't mind it and even enjoys it. He often gets very odd remarks and some laughs from it all (both IC and OOC), so Blake has kept wearing them, if only for fun.

Here is a list of what Blake has worn for each Holiday:

The Holiday Outfits
Pimpin' Cupid.
The Hotter Leprechaun.
The Ghost of Christmas Pimping.
Thomas Blakington.

  1. It should be noted that Kate recently told Blake that he would get the rebound.
  2. Yah. This is the ONE person.
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