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Sister Pandora aka Alice is a character created by GenericVillain of the CoH boards. Her concept is that she is a walking battery of energy. She was originally created as part of a concept SG called Astral Prospect, but the SG disbanded almost immediately after creation.

Who wants some?
Sister Pandora
Player: @GenericVillain
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Alice
Known Aliases: Panda, Alice
Species: Energy Being
Age: 22
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lbs
Eye Color: Glow based on mood: Blue (normal), Red (Blood Lust).
Hair Color: Light Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Self Employed
Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Currently unknown.
Known Powers
Super Strength, Electric Armor, Energy Draining, Electric Attacks, Flight, Enhanced Speed and Senses, Energy Being Transformation.
Known Abilities
Crey Healing Tricorder
No additional information available.



Former Villain Group: Astral Prospect (disbanded)


Sister Pandora places a lot of emphasis on being strong. Before she was given a second chance at life, she was a helpless paraplegic. Therefore, she tries to distance herself from her old self as much as possible by becoming as strong as possible. She hates anything that reminds her of her old self with a passion. A guaranteed way to start a fight with her is to refer to Pandora by her old name, Alice.

Because of this urge for power of hers, she never turns down a fight and is often looking for one. She rarely loses, so she has developed something of an ego trip over it and is very confident in her abilities. This overconfidence has placed Pandora in quite a few dangerous situations.

As of late, Pandora has been developing a more humorous side to her personality. She can often be found at the bar getting drunk and teasing fellow heroes and villains, especially those she's beaten before in a fight. She's not as serious about things as she used to be. Many think that Alice's old personality is starting to re-emerge.

However, once Sister Pandora begins fighting, she tends to lose herself in blood lust. Her blood lust can last for hours, often continuing until everything near her is beaten to a pulp. She maintains enough of herself not to attack her teammates, but it's still probably not wise to make her mad while she's fighting.

Before her transformation she was stuck in bed for 3 years, and afterwards she has been pretty much non-stop fighting. She is starting to relax a bit and socialize more, but even so, she's often unsure of how to handle herself (usually opting to say nothing in circumstances that she is uncomfortable in). She has a fairly short temper and it usually takes her a while to warm up to people. Despite this, she is a very loyal friend. One quick way to do this is to meet her while she is drunk, as she is a lot more open (although also a lot more excitable).


The natural form of Pandora's energy is electricity. If she changes into her true form, it manifests as an entity of pure electricity, carrying the same powers as her physical body. While in her true form, Pandora is virtually immune to attack. Most physical attacks do nothing to distort the energy that makes up her body, and other forms of attack such as heat and cold are also useless. Her true form is taxing on her psyche to maintain, however. Pandora feels more comfortable in the shell of her human body, but with it comes the associated weaknesses of a human physiology.

Even without assuming her true form, Pandora can augment her body with her energy, making it supernaturally tough. Physical attacks do little to faze Pandora, including heat and cold. When she does so, her body will crackle with electricity as excess energy spills out. This release of energy is dangerous to touch, and can cause injury, and can even disrupt exotic forms of attack such as psychic attacks, rendering them less effective. Once Pandora discovered the properties of her excess energy, she learned to amplify the release of it during combat. The amplified electric field causes great damage to her surroundings, and the electrical currents coursing through foes leaves them drained and weakened, unable to attack or defend themselves well. Pandora can even use excess energy to throw bolts of lightning at her foes over great distances, with the same effects as her electric field.

Of course, Pandora can also channel her energy to augment her in other ways. Her most well-known ability in fact, is her incredible physical strength, which comes through directing her energy as well. This ability is so instinctive to Pandora that she can activate it without thinking, and often does so if she enters a rage; her physical strength increases dramatically during these times. Careful practice of her energy channeling has given her superior control over this ability, and Pandora can hit with enough force to smash buildings and throw around large trucks or armored cars with minimal effort. Her strength has been claimed by virtually everyone she has fought to be "impossible, even among supers" and has carried her to countless victories in the arena and in life or death combat.

Pandora's control over energy has evolved to the point where she can extract energy from people nearby. Combined with the exhausting effect of her lightning bolts, she has gained a lot of reputation as an extremely taxing opponent. Furthermore, while other foes can drain her energy with ease if they have the powers to do so, Pandora is almost unaffected by it. Her energy reserve is so large that she can be drained of enough endurance to bring another hero or villain to full power without even slowing her down.

Pandora can fly like a lightning bolt across the skies and often does so just to relax. She has made the claim that she could probably have evolved her powers in some other way, but would never do so because flying puts her at ease.

During her battle with Pandora, Shion Phoebe 2.0 dropped her Personal Medical Unit. Pandora retrieved it after the battle, and has found it instrumental in keeping her human body in good health. She doesn't know that Shion dropped it on purpose, but suffice it to say, the device has stood the test of time and Crey is quite pleased with the results. Pandora damaged it when she tried to use it during a blood rage, and took it to an electronics store, owned by the retired Mercad Calypso. He repaired and upgraded the device and in the process removed the tracking bugs implanted in it.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Sister Pandora has become rather reliant on her PMU to keep herself going during battle. Even though she's quite adept at using it in the heat of battle, it is still rather easy to distrupt her efforts, causing her to mess up.

Pandora has a lot of pride, and anyone that challenges her pride can easily goad her into a fight. People that use this to their advantage can trick her into situations where she can be overwhelmed.

Her body is still easily affected by toxins. She hasn't learned to use her energy to combat poisons inside of her, so she is wary of anything that's poisonous or acidic.



Pandora was badly beaten in a fight against Dragonberry, partially due to her weakness to toxins. She has since developed a complex over it and is actually quite afraid of fighting her for reasons unknown. She is to date the only person Pandora is afraid of, although no one knows the reason why.

There is a theory that Dragonberry's spines - which contain mood altering substances that normally cause euphoria in people - reacted differently in Sister Pandora's alien biology and gave Pandora a phobia of Dragonberry. Since Sister Pandora refuses to submit to testing, however, no one will ever know for sure.

During the first Master of Melee tournament, Pandora battled Dragonberry again, and despite the debilitating effect of Dragonberry's spines, Pandora was determined not to lose. The two exchanged both words and blows, and each learned much about the other over the prolonged battle. In the end, Pandora emerged the victor. The two have been good friends ever since, and often joke around and tease each other.

Charlie's Angels

Lucy Xiao - The two met at a Pocket D bar while drunk and instantly hit it off and became good friends. Sister Pandora saw a lot of herself in Lucy and thusly warmed up to her incredibly fast. Her personality around Lucy is very reminiscent of when she was Alice. Pandora's life is never dull around Lucy as something is always happening. Being that Lucy is the first real friend she's had in a long time, she's also fiercely protective of her and her friends (but especially Lucy), due to a fear of losing them.

Kilowatt Cat - Best friend of Lucy and Pandora. She disappeared all the sudden without so much as saying goodbye. When asked, Pandora will state that she is sure Asha will be back. Deep down, however, Pandora is sure that Asha is gone forever, just like all her other friends.


High Jinks - Lucy's 'brother'. Pandora considers him a good friend now, and often refers to him as her #1 club member. He also, according to her, makes the best Long Island Ice Teas ever. They aren't actually hard to make, but she doesn't know that.

Zaerek - A very seemingly carefee elemental that is also an ex of Lucy's. He's the first person to help her get some answers about herself in a long time. He also probably saved her life when he gave her a ton of energy shortly before she went up against Zaraki woefully unprepared.

Masume Yasuda - Once she wanted him dead. Now, she's one of the first people she looks to whenever something goes wrong. Funny how things work. The two sometimes spar, but it's always friendly these days.

Enerix - Pandora met her at Pocket D one day. She isn't sure why, but Pandora finds the girl interesting. Unlike most people she knows, Enerix brings out the eviler side of Pandora's personality.

Dragonberry - See above for details. Friend of Sister Pandora and sparring buddy. Comrads in arms against Jordan Vailo.

Jordan Vailo - One of Sister Pandora's rivals. Pandora strives to be better than him, and may be, but he has disappeared so it's unclear who is currently stronger.

Mercad Calypso - An enigma to Sister Pandora, he has aided her on several occasions. He upgraded her PMU that Shion dropped and removed the tracking bug in it. It's unclear to her what his goals are, but for now she considers him her friend.


Shion Phoebe 2.0 - The cold calculating assassin responsible for destroying Pandora's second family. Pandora doesn't know much about her, except that she is a second generation clone (hense the 2.0), and that she is completely loyal to Crey. She recently reappeared, approached her friends, then disappeared as fast as she appeared. This caused Pandora to go into hiding. It's been about a month since this event, however, and she hasn't shown up again, so it's anyone's guess what she's planning.

Zaraki Yasuda - He beat her down, called her a nobody, and nearly killed her. She tolerates his presence because of Lucy, but she makes it no secret she still hates him.

Fan Club

Typhoon One - #4. Cool old guy with a powersuit. Recently promoted to #4 when Pandora found out he had installed a portable minicooler into his powersuit.

Jill - #5. Her name is Jill.


Giga Gal - Pandora wants to challenge her to a fight someday.

Bow-SIinger - Lucy's new little brother

Ein Yoshida - Lucy's mean doctor friend. Also a go to guy.

Maki Aikawa - Friend of Lucy's and Gold's. Pandora doesn't know much about her, but is on good terms with her.

(Feel free to add yourself here if you know Pandora)

Character History


Before there was Sister Pandora, there was Alice, generally known by all of her friends to be a bright and cheerful young girl. She didn't really have a goal in life as she always lived for the moment. She was happy with that, though, as she was surrounded by friends and pretty much lived the ideal life.

That is, until the car accident. One day, on her way home from school, she was struck by a drunk driver who smashed into her on the sidewalk. The driver managed to escape and elude the police, but Alice wasn't quite so lucky. When she came to, she found herself in a hospital bed. As disturbing as that was, what came next shattered her life forever. She found out that she was a paraplegic, basically, paralyzed from the neck down.

The next few years of her life were a living hell. Everything she had taken for granted had either disappeared, or disappeared soon after the accident. There were no more midnight excursions to Sherry's with her friends, no more afternoon walks, and she couldn't even pass the time with her love of drawing. What's worse, all the people she thought were her friends started coming to visit her less and less, until one day, she realized it had been months since she had seen any of them.

Another year passed by slowly as depression slowly set in. She had come to realize that she wasn't going to get better and that she was going to have to live the rest of her life like this.

A Second Chance

Alice looked outside where it was raining. She sighed.

"I'd give anything to be out in there, walking in that rain," she said wistfully to herself.

"So child, you wish to leave behind the mortal confines of your body? It saddens me so to see you like this. Your spirit begs to be free. I offer you this, in return for your devotion," a voice boomed out of nowhere. She would later learn that this mysterious disembodied voice was known only by the name 'Sol'.

"What? Can you do that?" Alice shouted out, incredulously. A small corner of her mind was screaming at her not to listen, to refuse the voice.

But the chance for redemption was so overwhealming that she immediately answered, "Yes... yes... anything you want!"

As soon as she said those words, she wished she hadn't. But it was too late. "So it shall be. From now on, you shall be known as Sister Pandora."

Her body rose up from the bed, energy coursing through her like lightning. She felt like she was changing into raw power. She felt less human, less restrained, more free. And she was filled with an overwhealming urge. She must find Brother Saturn.

Astral Prospect

Sister Pandora struck out on a quest to find Brother Saturn. She unfortunately didn't have any money, but she instinctively knew where he was. The rogue isles. With her moral restraints now gone, she didn't have any problem robbing a nearby bank. Using the funds, she attempted to grab the next flight to the Rogue Isles. Unfortunately, she hadn't really thought things through. She now had horns on her head from the transformation and her eyes glowed. This wouldn't be such a big deal in today's superpowered world, but it really made her stand out. With her face on wanted posters everywhere, she only lasted 5 minutes in the airport before she was arrested. She was then sent off to the Zig, the prison for superpowered villains.

Fortunately for her, Arachnos was watching and was very interested in her. More specifically, they were interested in her new found abilities and the method in which she tried to get to the isles.

They waited until the right moment and then executed one of their trademark prison breaks. She wasn't the only villain they were interested in, of course, but they still had their eye on her all the same.

Once in the Rogue Isles, Sister Pandora quickly located Brother Saturn and as a result, the rest of the members of Astral Prospect.

She found out that her name was not, in fact, a mention to Pandora's Box (even though it shared an uncanny resemblance). Apparently Pandora was a moon of Saturn. All the members of Astral Prospect had similar names. The planets were supposed to be the leaders, and the moons were supposed to be aids to the planets. Sister Pandora was a moon. A rather minor role. Still, this was satisfactory as anything was better than her life as 'Alice.'

They set out and for a small time, made a great team. Nothing stood in their way. However, for various reasons, one by one, they all left Astral Prospect. It was gravely disappointing to Sister Pandora. She thought she had found her new family, but once again, fate had decided it was not to be.

Shion Phoebe 2.0

What Sister Pandora didn't know, was that Crey was also interested in the Children of Sol, although the reason why she hasn't figured out yet.

Pandora returned home to the Astral Prospect's base only to find the area littered with bodies of all her friends and filled with Crey Agents. She rushed to the base hospital, annihilating all Crey in her way, only to find it sabatoged beyond repair. And that's where Pandora met her, Shion Phoebe 2.0, standing over the body of Brother Saturn, her cold calculating eyes boring into Sister Pandora.

"Good. The last of Sol's Children are here. This will make my job 76.3% more efficient," she had said.

Pandora was infuriated by many things: That her family had just been killed, that Shion considered this a math exercise, and that Shion stood there so calmly as if this was just part of her daily routine. And there's only one thing Pandora knows how to do when infuriated. Attack.

However, Shion just disappear in a cloud of mist, Pandora's fist wiffing through the air.

"As expected," a cold voice stated from behind Pandora, just before Pandora felt herself nearly freeze down to core.

Pandora slowly turned to face Shion, and tried to charge her again. But this time, her run was barely a walk, and Shion easily kept her distance, as she threw razor sharp shards of ice into Pandora. It was hopeless, and Pandora knew she was going to lose. But there were 2 factors Sister Pandora had going for her. One was that with every shard that stung her, with every halfhearted dodge Shion made whenever Pandora got close, Pandora got madder. And when Pandora gets mad, she gets strong. And Pandora was REALLY mad. So Pandora did the only thing she could to save her life. She released all of her anger into a tremendous foot stomp, causing a localized quake that started to bring the base down.

Shion sighed. "This is beyond the predicted metrics. Mission Parameters dictate that I must now leave. Consider yourself lucky."

And with that, Shion left as the place came down around Pandora, burying her and her comrades. Fortunately, Shion, in her haste to escape, dropped her Personal Medical Unit (what Pandora refers to as her Crey Healing Tricorder), and Pandora was able to use that to heal herself and escape the wreckage alive.

Alone Again

Once again, she was the only one remaining. The only one to carry out Sol's will. But he hadn't spoken to her since he transformed her, so she didn't even have him. However, this time she wasn't helpless as she still had her power. And the more she used it, the more familiar with her new body she became, and the more powerful she got.

She decided that people could not be trusted and that she could only rely on herself. She vowed to leave her old self and life behind and become strong. So strong that she would never again be helpless. So she set out on her journey. Sister Pandora quickly became a powerful and feared villain. She showed no mercy to the world that had abandoned her and clawed her way to the top.

As she fell deeper and deeper into her dark side, she slowly transformed. Her eye's glow became reddened with blood lust. She grew more horns. It seemed she was turning into a devil. It's not clear if the form change was due an actual physical transformation, or if her form was merely showing the her inner soul's transformation.

Later, Sister Pandora learned to unlock her true form temporarily and become what was apparently a living ball of energy. It isn't clear how far her transformation abilities extend, but she has never pursued them, so no one knows for sure.


As Sister Pandora fought, she began to feel a sense of unease, as if something was missing. She began to spend more and more time in Pocket D, observing the other people in an attempt to figure out what it was.

As Sister Pandora spent more time in the D, she slowly shifted back into her old form. Her horns slowly shrunk and most disappeared altogether. Her eyes went back to a cool blue glow. She started to relax more and more. She was still ill-tempered but she was much calmer. Much more at peace.

She wasn't completely content to stop fighting, so she took to competing in the arena. It wasn't the same, but it helped her to somewhat keep her edge.

Eventually, she even stopped doing that. She began to think that maybe, just maybe, she could go back to her old life.


During Sister Pandora's villainous career, there was a particular blaster by the name of Jordan Vailo. She took great pleasure in brutally beating him down, then mocking him for his weakness.

Jordan, being a lot like her, had a lot of pride. Greatly upsetted by his losses, he strove to get stronger. Stronger than her.

Back to the present, Sister Pandora had finally started to relax. She had completely forgotten Jordan, but he had not forgotten her. Because she was not fighting regularly, she got weaker. Jordan, on the other hand, had gotten stronger.

He challenged her to a duel, finally ready to test his new strength and upgraded gadgets. She accepted, her pride not allowing her to say otherwise, and was subsequently defeated badly.

Upon reflection after the event, she realized that she had become weak. In her prime, she probably could have won, but in her new state, she was tossed around like a rag doll.

With new determination in her eyes, she got back on track for her search for power.

A new friend

Almost a year later, Pandora was back at the top of her game again. On a whim, while waiting for a duel, Pandora decided to run to the closest bar. She ended up meeting Lucy Xiao there while drunk.

Lucy was upset about her boyfriend having run off yet again and was rather vocal about wanting to break his legs, which sounded like a good idea to Pandora so she voiced her approval (much to the dismay of her friends). The two quickly got along after that.

For the first hour or so, Pandora was trying to turn her evil by telling her that her friends were holding her back and that she should come to the Isles and meet her true potential and all that. But Lucy's personality quickly won over Pandora instead, and ironically, the opposite happened and Lucy brought Pandora much closer to her good Alice side. Soon, Pandora came to call Lucy her best friend. From Lucy, she met Asha and Jinks and other people she would call friend. And her third family formed.

History Repeats

Soon after, a man by the name of Masume Yasuda went crazy and nearly killed a lot of the Neverenders, Lucy included. Pandora was extremely upsetted by this, and as luck would have it, she was given a chance to fight him. She leaped at the chance and beat Yasuda, warning him to never cross her friends again.

Unfortunately for Pandora, Masume's father Zaraki heard about this and was not pleased. He came to the Pocket D looking for her. Pandora could somehow sense his presense due to his immense strength and killing intent directed toward her and she was drawn toward him like a moth toward a flame. She initially tried to reason with him as she was trying to now help Masume and she needed his help, but he kept calling her worthless and insigificant and soon she cracked and attacked him.

Pandora had been granted a ton of energy by Zaerek shortly before, so she felt like she was in her prime again, and that she could take on anyone. However, Zaraki prevailed, and continued to call her a nobody. Pandora believes that if Zaerek hadn't granted her energy, she would have died in that fight, and she's probably right.

Once again, Pandora started training harder than ever to improve herself. This time, however, she didn't abandon her good side while doing so. She soon became stronger than she had ever been, but ironically has also become a lot less aggressive too. She's even turned down fights to go drinking with her friends.

A mistake

Pandora, finally starting to relax, has decided to get a place to live. She originally didn't live in a place as she didn't sleep, had no use for stuff, and didn't want to be found. But nothing seems to be happening these days and thus she decided she could finally relax and get a place.

Random Trivia

Background Information

The following are all facts about Pandora, her past, and her present. These are all things one could possibly find out if they were to do enough research, but they are also mad spoilers. You have been warned.

No really, I mean it, mad spoilers.

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