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Jet Nitro is inspired from many different sources, ranging from games, movies, comics, though most of them are generally obscure. She is obviously coming from a strong sci-fi blend of material. She has gone a long way as character, and it would be fair to say her demanor has changed a great deal since her creation...

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Jet Nitro & Kichi: 07/06/23, during the Dread Aces' Bloody Bay raid. Photograph courtesy of The Shinsengumi's villain database.
Jet Nitro
Player: @Dayla
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Deneb Cromlech-Selian
Known Aliases: Jet, Void Nitro
Species: Human, Dimensional
Age: Late Twenties
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 183 lb
Eye Color: White, Cybernetic
Hair Color: Dark Green-Turquoise
Biographical Data
Nationality: Earth Hegemony
Occupation: Space Fighter Pilot, Soldier
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Partial intangibility, Invisibility
Known Abilities
Extensive Military Training
Light Exosuit, Rocket Boosters, Medical Applicator, Extensive Cybernetic & Biologic Modification, Arachnos Mace
No additional information available.


Earth; Possibility, Hope

The very first moment Jet opened her eyes for the first time, on Earth, crumpled in the cockpit of her spacecraft, she first realized the familiar, round, meta-glass canopy was shattered in pieces, some around her, some scattered over her own, almost comatose body, some littering the flooring. Nausea, a few deep breaths. An indescribable smell, so rich with personality - hinted at life hidden beneath the waves, just beyond her ship. It was the coarse but invigorating smell of the sea, which she never had experienced before. Once she came to herself, and realized she could breathe without any trouble in this atmosphere, she instinctively knew she was not where she ought to be - fighting the Enemy, the bio-nightmare, the C'thagon, up in space - she felt a surge of panic. Had she been shot down? What was this strange, peculiar place she could percieve beyond the ruined sheet of glass?

The Einherjar's state seemed to be less than acceptable. While she apparently survived the crash, almost unscratched, save for some blunt trauma, her precious ship's fate was quite different. In fact, it was ruined, and probably would never fly again, from what the system check Jet quickly ran seemed to acertain. The Hull was punctured at at least six thousand critical areas: life support, pulse drives, sub-light drives, atmospheric engines, techno-core, wave spiker... in a few words, everything damaged seemingly beyond repair. She had totalled, on what seemed to be at first glance, an alien planet. Her comms seemed unable to pick up any familiar transmissions. Out of range; Way out of range, apparently. There was not much she could do but leave the battered husk of her ship behind, taking precautionary measures to cloak it from plain view with what little energy it had left, and go off to look for clues in this new, strange world.

An Introduction To The Hegemony Of Earth

In the borderless, vastness of the mutliverse, there exists many dimensions, each house to a number of wonderous, alien sights, glorious variations, or realms where despair runs wild. One such shard, a dystopic reflection of Primal earth, the setting of the City of Heroes, is named Hegemony Earth, after the oppressive goverment that runs it. It is a highly, technologically advanced version of what could have been should sciencific advancements had occured at a faster rate, this due to changes in humankind's history. The Hegemony of Earth is a powerful goverment that reached for the stars and eventually managed to colonize many galaxies, with innumbrable numbers of planets and systems under its control.

It is a spacefaring empire, adapted to life across the stars, its scope able to dwarf many other variants of Primal Earth. It is a universe where control, power and death affect the fate of entire worlds, a process led forward by mad and paranoiac leaders. It is a world without magic or metahumans - where a global, interstellar genocide continues each day as mutants and deviants are hunted down, efficiently and ruthlessly, for the greater good and health of the empire. They are seen as nothing but agents of entropy and chaos, keeping the mass, the whole of humankind from blooming at their fullest.

It is a machine of destruction where crime and corruption runs wild. It is a world of invisible, shadow wars between corporations and goverments, paramilitary forces and revolutionary armies. It is a world leaps and bounds ahead of Primal Earth in terms of technology - all technology - save for one crucial discovery, one that keeps this infernal behemoth contained in a single dimension, that keeps it from unfurling across the multiverse in an orgy of brutal conquests.

The final factor that characterizes the dimension is the fact that the Hegemony of Earth does not know about, nor possess Dimensional Portal technology, which is thought to have initially originated from Rikti Earth, though this is uncertain and unproved.

Portal Corp. and Hegemony Earth

As a matter of fact, the Hegemony is unaware of the existance of other worlds across dimensions, even though many originating from other dimensions visited. Portal Corp has never truely accessed it. Some unfortunate souls have managed to stumble upon the world itself, out of the inifinity of possibilities of the multiverse.

(More to Come Eventually)


(The Background section is gone for a little while - due to massive background inaccuracies. It's awkward. It isn't very good and finally it's also way too long. Sorry!)

Youth and Adulthood

Deneb had a rather quiet and pampered childhood, being the lonely child of an extremely wealthy union between an aerospace conglomerate CEO, Marcus Cromlech, and Mia Selian, the CEO of one of Markus' subsidiary companies. Deneb attended a number of private schools throughout her life, looking to become an aerospace engineer, at the great enthusiasm and encouragement of her parents. It was a rather uneventful life, one of clean, endearing efficiency, one with a certain dull quality to it, pockmarked very rarely by situations that would mess the usual order of things. Deneb grew up to become a very shy girl - feeling excessive discomfort around others - which made her run in a few problems during her early life. Deneb really never got over these, and simply remained locked up as much as she could, unwilling to engage at a social level, enjoying the company of inanimate objects better than that of real people.

Somewhere near the end of her adolescence, Deneb entered an identity crisis, like most people of that age, and had an especially hard time coming to terms with it. She became more and more jaded of everything around her, realizing the drab colors of life - everything slowly became meaningless: Day or night, sun or rain, pain, joy, routine. Nothing seemed to make sense or have any purpose. Deneb realized that what was around her, all the wealth her parents posessed, the life she lead and was aspiring towards, was worthless, because it would chain her mind and her body to a concept she found unacceptable - the idea of a collective, social life. She would not live in peace. She could not quietly enjoy herself. Everything would always try to push her away: She found mankind to be a mad machine, one she could not comprehend at all. She did not want to grow up.

This only pushed her ever forward more isolation, and her dissapointment with life slowly crept to her head, making her a little mad to everyone, even to her parents. She quickly lost sight of everything she held dear, slipping ever deeper in the unfathomable depth of her depression. She attended her classes with little interest or care. Her grades dropped radically. Her parents could not accept her attitude, and tried by all means to get her to care about her future again, to join them in their endeavor.

But, nothing would do. Nothing would work. Deneb despised her world, and the people surrounding her part in it. Deneb felt her life slip out of her own control. Before she knew it, her feelings towards the world were reciprocical between herself and the people she knew. She tried to forget her own parents, whom now disliked her for turning her back on them out of exasperation and alienation, which they deemed inacceptable, and went out to live her life on her own, hoping for a better experience.

Deneb lived weakly on her own, misery and quiet strife holding up most of her life in a glass sheen, obtuse and distorted. Being on her own did not help her, and it instead had the exact opposite effect she wished for. It took little time before she was out of ressources, and out of contacts, alone in the world, devoid of faith in herself, in her ability. She eventually joined the Hegemony's Navy, the military being perhaps the only place that would still appreciate her, out of desperation - craving something new, perhaps - and it brough her new purpose in life. She recieved combat training, and with time headed deeper in the organization, with plans to become a fighter pilot. It was during this time that she started to modify her body. At first, it was an innocent - cosmetic alterations and mods - but Jet eventually started getting serious, and mech-ing up, replacing many, many parts of her body with enhanced organs, mechanical and cybernetic parts. It became a sort of a fetish to her, something she actually appreciated undergoing. It made feel her more confident, powerful, and less and less human. The less human she was, the best she felt about herself. There was nothing she liked about them, honestly, including her own form, and to distance herself from the masses brought her a form of contentement she never really could feel before. It was new, and strong. Shiny. Powerful. She was someone else, but she was still Deneb. Her personality changed enormously over the years, her shy-like persona pushed far behind a cold and dark demanor, one that reflected her body and her thoughts. The old Deneb would surface once in a while, but she quickly went back to hide deep in her heart, afraid of itself; she deemed her old form inappropriate, and so she would seldom let it bloom into her conciousness.

Jet had finally decided to strive to become more than she'd let everyone else believe. She was just trying to find a way to outperform her peers, as she would do at school before she folded into nothingness. She was hunting for something that would make her feel whole, again. She was eventually given a chance to fight in the deadly vaccum of space aboard her own ship. Flying became something she became quite fond of doing, and quite proficient at, to boot. Her skill did not go unnoticed among her superiors, and she quickly rose in ranks as a result. She joined the elite after a few years of active duty. She served for a few years in a few violent, shadow wars between opposing factions within the hegemony, until something much worse came...

Events within Hegemony Earth

(Will be re-written entirely eventually.)

Primal Earth, The Present

Return of Cthagon

Months after her arrival on Earth, as she fought, Jet slowly realized strange things were occuring. In the scope of a few weeks, she became increasingly aware that something abnormal, supernatural, was taking place whenever she was in danger. It was as if whenever would attempt to harm her, something would make it it would simply miss, not connecting with her physical body.

Of course, it would not always function that easily. She would be easily wounded if she was not careful enough, despite the unknown force at work seemingly keeping her alive and well through extreme situations.

It was not magic, or some other nonsensical source. It was something related directly to her own past, tied directly to the events that occured prior to her arrival, events she did not comprehend or understand completely, even now. Her fight with the Cthagon had ended quickly, and she could not recall it fully. It was a black spot in her memories.

A new feeling - fear, took root, instead. The idea that perhaps, the Cthagon survived her attack and would still be somewhere in her vicinity completely terrified her. A visceral fear that there would be no escape this time, no way out of the situation, and no hidden wildcard to save her or anyone else. There would be no way to destroy it fully this time, with her own ship destroyed.

Strange changes started taking place in her already-mangled physiology, changes which she never really fully realized until much later. The Cthagon was living within her - still living - in a form of twisted symbiotic relationship. It became apparent when a layer of dark brownish, veined alien flesh slowly covered her body, at some points going over her metallic, cybernetic parts, or even over her armor, slowly entangling itself around them.

During the first weeks, she did her best to conceal the covered parts, with bandages and the like, but eventually it grew to such an extent any form of concealment would simply not do. The discovery of this alien matter on Jet's body certainly worried the Aces, in particular Crimson.

Never before did she feel such acute terror. Something awkward was happening: The Chtagon, she was certain now, was not reacting as it was engineered too. This new situation, along with the fact she was slowly engulfed by this semi-sentient alien organism made her believe she was simply about to die.

This condition lasted a few weeks. Feeling impending doom, Jet, along with the Aces, searched the isles relentlessly for a solution that would perhaps allow her to cheat what seemed to be her inevitable death. One such answer was eventually discovered; A reverse-engineered void rifle, with a lower yield and a continuous beam. This modified weapon was used to "peel" away the alien flesh surrounding Deneb's body, a particularly bloody and disgusting process that took a few hours of continuous work. Most of this phase was handled by the Crimson Cutlass, at Jet's demand.

Ever since this type of flesh growth was removed, it has never returned. Jet has been able to live in relative peace of mind, knowing that she was not in visible danger. She does worry, however, that it may return at any moment.

It is an odd situation because the said infection brings Jet many benefits, most of which are combat-centric. The loss of these powers through the possible death of the symbiote relationship would perhaps damage her combat capabilities, rendering her near-useless. It is a dilemma Jet will eventually have to come to terms with.


Jet Nitro shares a link to many individuals and groups, some she regards are more important than others. In any case, they are people she has interacted with in the past with some interest.

The Dread Aces

Jet has had many friends within the Dread Aces, of which she was a founding member. Time has passed, and, Jet decided in the end that she would be better off on her own way. Notables connaissances among these include mostly The Crimson Cutlass and Mick Hawkeye.

Jet has, for all intent and purposes, left the airship and the crew for good.

Other Friends & Contacts

On top of the previously mentioned individuals, there are a few choice individuals Jet had the opportunity to exchange a few words with, some of which she may openly consider friends.

Vidunder: Karen's knowledge of Xenobiology could eventually become precious should some dark fate befall Jet. There has been some attempts between the two to more properly understand the Chtagon's unusual reaction Jet had been the recipient of since her arrival on Primal Earth. Karen was supposedly looking to understand the power behind the weaponized symbiote. However, she seems to have gone missing...

Dead Eye Jake One of the first members of the Aces, Despite his peculiar personality, Jet appreciates the man's experience of the isles, and knows she could likely trust him with her life, and vice versa. Many things have occured since, they have met one fateful night in the Pocket D. Despite these developments, Jet still holds a measure of trust and appreciation for Jake.

Manny de la Locust: Though they have been introduced to each other a long time ago, Jet did not have to chance to really interact with Manny until lately. In a recent development, Casa de la Locust, Manny's very own domain, launched a distress call to the Dread Aces, to which they responded. Upon their arrival, they found the city bombed out and destroyed, and helped Manny save his people from their Rikti agressors. It was during this incident that Jet had the chance to involve herself with Manny a bit more. Jet holds a great deal of contempt for the insectoid humanoid and his people, even though she believes his blind trust in Arachnos is probably a little misguided.

Unchained Melodie: Melodie, or Mel, is quite, quite mad sometimes. Her behaviour can change at random in the middle of a conversation. Mel is a typically approchable and intelligent person, and is often really nice to boot. For these reasons, she appreciates her presence. It is notable that Jet owes her for services rendered to the Aces, on her own personal behalf.

Spiral: Spiral is a giant, overgrown wolf with green, mossy fur. Despite this, Deneb has learned to appreciate him, for his calm demanor which reminds her of herself. Spiral is painfully kind-hearted to those he chooses, and Jet seems to be one of those. Something tells her that, somehow, their ideologies regarding life seem to mesh - though obviously they do not agree completely - and that it is for that reason he seems to have a genuine interest in her. She was first introduced to him by Melodie.

Soul Thief: One of the Anathema, Jet has had many occasions to meet and speak with Alex, and would consider her a friend. She seem decent and generally nice, two traits Jet seem quite keen of. It is certainly a change to meet some people from the isles whom are not completely psychotic.

Enemies, Rivals

One cannot live on without conflict and strife, and thus, Jet has a few enemies of her own she has become familiar with since her arrival to the Isles.

The Arachnos and Associates: Arachnos has always been an enemy of the Dread Aces, but this was never as true as lately. Not only is Arachnos involved in a number of disgraceful, hateful actions against members of their crew, but Jet also believes that the cold-blodded carelessness they reserve for the civilian population of the isles is also something unacceptable. Deneb believes the only way to solve the problem is to destroy the organization, brick by brick, if need be.

The Essence of Cthagon: This bulky insectoid creature has been making mysterious appearances in Jet's mind as she sleeps. Thought it is incapable of coherant intelligible speech, she is lead to believe it is an omen of things to come. She has the certainty it is looking or hunting for her.

Jet had had a plethora of other enemies, but they do not need mention here.


The Anathema

Jet does not know the Anathema very well as of now, even after getting drawn in a business agreement of some sort with their group - between the Aces and The Anathema - and what little contact she had with them portrayed them as a tight knit group, almost as a tribe of some sort. They seem particularly appreciative of magic, and as such, Jet keeps her distances as much as possible.

The Glade

Spiral's hideout has welcomed Jet many times in the past. Despite feeling in what seems to be a completely alien and hostile environnement, somehow manages to find relative peace in the Glade. Some of the Glade's residents seem not to have much contempt for Deneb. For that reason, her visits have been brief and rarer, intent on not disturbing the status quo more than she has already.


Partial Intangibility

Jet Nitro became something she never imagined could be possible when the C'thagon husk infected her ship and body, something that would have doomed her to unholy immortality as C'thagonian control nerves, warping her body to be used to control her own ship. However, it did not react as C'thagonian infections typically function. For a reason Jet cannot explain, the husk effectively infused her with its own essence. Jet now possesses similar capabilities to the C'thagon, partial intangibility and invisibility, two traits which were engineered into them as biological war machines. The biggest, most noticable effect of this fusion is that a typical melee or projectile attack imagined as "hostile" by her body is likely to simply pass through her as it reverts to a non-physical form, letting said attack traverse her with no negative effect. This does not always occur on time, however...

The infection, as she calls it, eventually took shape and matured into a biological coating, a few months after her initial contact with the creature's infection particles. The coat was eventually removed by force from her body (with assistance from the Dread Aces) but there is no telling when it might return and become active again. Jet, of course, has no idea what the coat could be for, but it quite certain by now that it seems relatively harmless to humans she seems to come across every day. Like any virus or microbe, perhaps the infection is unable to spread if it cannot find a proper host, which are unavailible, perhaps because Jet's genetic stock, or physical composition is different enough to lock it inside her own body, making it harmless to others.

Nevertheless, the knowledge that she holds within herself, perhaps permanently, a part of the greatest menace of her own universe, troubles her quite a bit. However, she is technically a metahuman now, and this fact opened her eyes and made her attempt to be more forgiving and tolerant of those she finds around her constantly.

Biological and Cybernetic Enhancements

Jet underwent surgery with the intent of being augmented cybernetically or otherwise hundreds of times before she arrived in this new world. Some of these enhancements are not visible, while some are glaringly so. All in all, most of her body was modified in some way. Most mods are top-military grade augmentations originating from her own world, with little to no chance to fail in their tasks - they are likely to outlast her, in fact. Some of them, however, were installed after her arrival, and do not share these proprieties.

Particular attention should be brought to her cybernetic arms. They are able to project a limited disruption field capable of ripping or melting through almost any material. This modification was initially ment to deal with the power-armored, energy-halberd wielding Rikti assault forces that would present themselves during airborne bombardments, as they warped from their assaulting ships to the interior of Hegemony holdings with ease. It is what makes her so deadly in close-ranged encounters. Her arms are capable of many other functions, but they are of little importance in Jet's current situation on Primal Earth.

The rest of her modifications include bioware organ replacements, other cybernetic implants, and a few less important cosmetic augmentations. These ameliorations procure her with enhanced senses, and greatly enhanced physical potential.


Jet has been the recipient of numerous combat training regiments back in Hegemony Earth, and has learned a great deal about warfare. She has lived through countless engagements, both in space and on firm ground, in almost every imaginable condition, granting her a great deal of actual combat experience.

Melee Combat

Jet, being from a pseudo-future, would be thought to shun melee weapons and other hand-to-hand methods and favor weaponized ranged combat, but this is not the case. When the Rikti initially invaded her own dimension, Jet was thrown in many situations where melee combat was not an option, and has thus gained some experience in that field, leading eventually to having her arms replaced completely with cybernetic ones to faciliate this sort of situation. With the advent of her new metahuman nature, Jet has been solely relying on this knowledge and her enhancements to fight. She has since become quite proficient at it.

General and Specialized Military Training

Jet Nitro is elite in many ways. Not only she has recieved a complete military training, she also took part in many specialized courses: she can be expected to survive in the harshest of conditions for days, if not months, with the help of her enhancements. Her resiliance and willpower is such that she may be able to withstand otherwise deadly wounds or conditions. She has been taught first aid techniques, how to administer long-term medical aid, and how to make use of a medical applicator. She may know her way around technology considered very advanced for Primal Earth, such as Rikti technology, but might be deficient when it comes to "normal" technology, which she considers archaic and "ancient". All in all, Jet Nitro is versatile and can be expected to live up to the challenges of the Rogue Isles, and rival with Primal Earth-born Metahumans or deviants in terms of capabilities.


Light Exosuit

Jet usually wears a suit of light armor on top of her usual flight garb. It had been customized specifically for her and connects to several outlets on the surface of her body, granting not only a series of stable anchors, but also enhanced movement by having it temporairly graft to her own body, preventing her from being incommodated by loose movement or misbalanced weight.

The armor itself does not weigh much by itself, being built out of advanced, self-repairing alloys and plastics. It is not technically power armor, and neither it is ment to serve in intense combat. Despite that fact, it does protect efficiently from blunt trauma, and can stand up to Primal Earth firearms with a decent degree of efficiency. Jet, however, does not rely on these factors very much, putting her faith in her newfound ability to temporarily phase out of harm's way.

Rocket Boots

Jet possesses a pair of boots capable of granting her limited flight capability. These boots originated from her own world, and are custom tailored for her use. They are a variant of the design considered standard issue among space-faring paramilitary forces of her world. They were created to provide enhanced mobility in zero-g and atmospheric conditions, with powerful thrusters and electro-magnetic soles aiding movement. Jet has been seen keeping up in speed with a world-war II era cargo plane, while in flight.

Like her Exosuit, the boots are capable of grafting to her own body, essentially becoming a part of her. They have been modified since her arrival to use a new power core, losing in some efficiency, in exchange for simple compatiblity with Earth-based fuels and power sources.

Medical Applicator

This small object comes in the shape of a small cylinder, which Jet usually conceals within one of her arms. Upon pressing a button, a series of large, thick metallic needles juts out from one of the sides, and connect to an outlet on Jet's suit. Once connected, it sends out a signal, along with a jolt of energy to her medical nanobot hive, which then activates and begins administering treatment as needed. The hive is built in such a way that manual activation is needed before it can do it it's job to prevent overcharges, stamina drains, and other less than favorable complications, such as malfunctions. It is notable that the device needs to recharge after each use. It prevents misuse of the system, possible by overloading the recipient with nanos, which then become lethal if released in large numbers.

The other end of the cylinder is able to send out its own, self-manufactured nanobots through a single, similarly designed needle which directly infuses the target with a dose strong enough to stabilize critical wounds. Similar failsafes are built in to prevent abuse, and the device needs to manufacture new nanobots after each usage, again limiting it's use.

Jet obviously finds this little object quite a boon in the middle of a heated engagement.

The Einherjar

The Einherjar are Humankind's final attempt at creating a space superiority craft which would be powerful enough to overcome the C'thagonian life-forms. It is a weapon of desperation, born out of the Hegemony's greatest minds. They are outfitted with weapons able to seek out and disrupt C'thagonian life-forms, effectively cleansing infected ships, making their husks salvagable for possible repair or future use. During operation Gleaming Spirit, a thousand of these ships were launched at different critical areas in space where the Hegemony would gain the most of a C'thagonian defeat, buying more time for humanity to launch a proper counter-attack and escape its almost-inevitable defeat.

They were typically are sent alone against overwhelming numbers, with no support, and with a single mission - a suicide strike - to cripple the largest of C'thagonian horrors to give a fighting chance to the Hegemony's conventional strike fleets.

The Einherjar fighters hold their title from the warriors of Norse mythology of the same name, who would fight during Ragnarök, alongside Odin, against Hel and the Giants. In many ways, the purpose of these ships is strikingly similar: a beacon of hope in Mankind's darkest hour.

A informed, and well equipped traveler could remark that Jet's wrecked ship has vanished from the shores on which it crashed, assuming, of course, that they could see through the cloak, previous to the ship's dissapearance act. It's current whereabouts remain a mystery to most.


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