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Luna standing.JPG
Luna's Light enjoying her terrestrial form
Luna's Light
Player: @BurntHeart
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: N/A
Personal Data
Real Name: None
Known Aliases: None
Species: Choir of the Lunes
Age: unknown
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eye Color: Moonglow White
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: none
Occupation: Emissary of the Goddess Luna
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: currently Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
Channels the powers of Luna's dark side into negative mystical energy blasts
Known Abilities
Immortality, healing, flight, and the ability to commune with all creatures connected to the Moon or the Goddess Luna
No additional information available.

Luna's Light is an NPC character created by @BurntHeart to act as a teacher and mentor to the character Grey Lycan. Her purpose was to provide a vehicle with which to explore Lycan's werewolf heritage. She no longer exists in-game, but will still occassionally appear in stories involving Grey Lycan.



Supergroup: None


Luna's Light or simply The Light is extremely curious about humanity. Her mission as mentor and teacher for Grey Lycan is her first terrestrial experience. She has lived her entire life amoung the Choir of Lunes, heavenly creatures who are the aids of the Goddess Luna.

She enjoys her physical form and particularly enjoys any and all sensory experiences such as eating and tasting food, smelling, and touching.

She possesses vast knowledge in many mystical areas, but tries to keep this knowledge to herself as she understands most of what she knows would have a severely negative impact on the humans around her. She tries not to present herself as condescending, but fails at this occasionally.

The longer she remains on this plane of existance the more she finds herself having trouble imagining her eventual return to the Choir of Lunes. This fact has caused her to doubt the choice of her for this particular mission, a doubt she has not shared with anyone on this plane as of yet.


The Light was embued with the essance of Luna's dark side. She is able to conjure blasts of pure negative magical energies, cause terror to overwhelm a foe, and manipulate shadows. The powers given to her by The Goddess Luna were for the sole purpose of protecting her while in this plane, as it is seen a barbarous state of existance by those within the Choir of Lunes and the court of Luna.

As The Light's position in the Choir was one of education, thus "shining the Light of Luna" on all before her, it was deemed appropriate that she wield the Luna's dark side for her own protection.

Negative Magical Energy Blasts

The Light is able to conjure blasts of pure negative magical energies at an attacker. These blasts tear at the mind and soul of those in the line of fire, causing phsycial damage, but also clouding the mind, making counter attacks difficult and often causing them to miss.

The Light is also able to direct The Shadow of the Moon to pass over a foe, overwhelming them with a crippling primal fear that often leaves them quivering in terror.

Shadow Manipulations

The Light has the ability to manipulate terrestrial shadows around her. She can move them at will and often pools them around an attacker making it difficult for them to see, thus decreasing the accuracy of their attacks. She is also able to hide herself within a pocket of shadow if needed.


Being a mytical being, The Light is able to phase her body slightly off this plane and become intangible, taking on the appearance of a specter or ghost. This allows her to effectively end all attacks, but greatly taxes her power reserves and is used sparingly. While shifted part of her mind and soul return to the Choir of Lunes and Luna's court. Because she is becoming more and more accustomed to life on this plane, The Light finds this shift back to her own plane uncomfortable.


As a mystical creature in the court of a goddess, The Light does not age and is effectively immortal. While on this plane she can be injuried and it is possible she could even be killed. Where this to happen her soul would pass beyond the vale that seperates this world from hers and she would join a mass of souls gathering for the end of time. She would be cut off from her position in the Choir and no longer be a sentient mystical being.

While on her plane of existance in the service of the Goddess Luna, The Light is a sentient being and is not able to be killed.


Her immortal status, while not being in effect while on the terrestrial plane, does allow her to manipulate the life essence of others. She is able to draw life essence out of one individual and bathe any allies surrounding her in that very same essence, healing their injuries or any she has recieved herself.

Mystical Communion

Being an emissary of the Goddess Luna allows The Light to connect with any magical artifacts on this plane that are connected with the Goddess. She is able to sense those artifacts if they are near and will seek out the owner of the object if it is being misused. She is charged with maintaining the purity of Luna's court on this plane and is obligated to punish any misuse of objects or artifacts connected to the Goddess.

Character History

The history of Luna's Light as an individual being is vast and expansive and hardly relative to issues occuring in or revolving around Paragon City. Since her decent from the Choir of Lunes to Paragon City, The Light has engaged in minor episodes of dealing out justice to abusers of magics such as The Hellions and certain members of The Family involved in nepharious smuggling operations of mystical artifacts. She has mostly stayed out of the sort of "Heroing" work that is done by the Heroes of the city, as she was sent to this plane for the sole purpose of educating Grey Lycan. To this ends, Luna's Light, has spent most of her time and energy providing him with knownledge of his heritage, his breed's history, and offering direction to his own work as a hero. The remaining bulk of her time has been spent enjoying the realities of a terrestrial existance and endulging in exploring her "human" senses.

As she is primarily here as an educator and mentor a summerized version of what she passed on to Grey Lycan would more useful information on her "history." The following information represents what Luna's Light has reportedly told Grey Lycan of his species history, whether this information is factual cannot be proven or disproven, what is factual is that this is the information she passed on to Grey Lycan and it is what in factual to her. This is her account:

Origin of the species

In the beginning the Gods and Goddesses were taught magic by a powerful being. In this pantheon was the Goddess Luna, who governed over the moon and the moon's effects over the earth. At a time when the earth was still young lived a wolf in the Forest of the World. This wolf, known later as The Patron, hunted and prowled the Forest of the World as part of the Great Balance of all living things. Helping to ensure the eaters of plants and berries did not out number the plants and berries that grew in the forest.

The Patron was a skilled hunter of the night, using the dim light provided by Luna. Luna would watch him hunt and was enthralled. The more she watched The Patron the more enamored of him she became, until the night she decended to this terrestrial world in human form and called The Patron out into a lush meadow hidden deep in The Forest of the World.

The Patron came and feel deeply in love with the beautiful goddess. The two continued their meetings in the meadow over several of Luna's cycles and coupled regularly. Luna found herself with child and eventually gave birth to The First Cubs, seven in all. Not able to care for the cubs in her celestial court Luna brought them to the meadow and charged The Patron with raising their children and teaching them ways of the hunt and importance of maintaining the Great Balance.

As the cubs grew, The Patron noticed they were different from him in several ways. For one, they not only spoke the language of the beasts, but also spoke the tongue of the gods, During the night, their eyes would glow the shade of moon light, and finally, they had the ability to detect the presence of the magics that had been the domain of the gods alone. Magics were creeping onto the face of the world in the hands of a new creature called Man.

With cubs growing into adulthood over the next thousand years The Patron and his Pack kept a weathered eye on this creature Man. The Pack detected major shifts in the mystical energies around several tribes of these Men and noted that for the first time a new mystical force was entering onto the face of the world. Dubbed deamons by some in the race of men, The Pack understood that evil now walked on the face of the world.

One by one each of the seven children of The Patron and Luna fell prey to the whisperings of these deamons, creatures without true form in this world. They convinced The Pack that in order for them to take their rightful place as the rulers of The Forest of the World they would have to kill The Patron and allow him to accend into the heavens to be joined eternally with their mother.

Waiting for day break, when their mother's eyes would not be on them, The Pack lured their father into a silent and still cave and attacked without mercy. The deed done The Pack was found the deamon spirits cackling with glee over the death of The Patron while The Pack stood in horrified silence, their own muzzels covered in their father's blood.

Night fell and Luna's eye searched The Forest of the World for her lover. Instead she found The Pack gathered at the entrance of the cave, howling sadly and loudly into the night's sky. Enraged by what her children had done, Luna cursed them to walk the earth for all time and charged them with protecting all living creatures from the influences of the deamon spirits.

Each of the seven children were charged with different aspects of the world to watch over and protect from the vile spirits. One of the females, Uman, was charged with watching the race of men, since they had been responsible for release the filth onto the face of the world. Uman and her offspring would forever be charged with watching over the forge makers, the race of men.

The final curse leeved on the children was that they were forbidden to bare any offspring with any of the world's wolves. Luna decreed that no other wolf breed should be tainted by their sin and cast the children out of The Forest of the World. The children skattered across the face of the world to begin the tasks set before them by Luna.

Each of seven children took members of the race of men to be the fathers and mothers of their offspring. The children created by these unions were the first generation of shape shifters to walk the face of the world.

Origins of the Forge Watchers

Uman, like her brothers and sisters, took to human to father her children. Her first litter she called the "Forge Watchers" as her task, assigned by Luna, was to watch over the humans, or the forge makers. Uman raised her litter in this task and set them out into the world. As time marched forward the first litter begat litters of their own, which begat litters of their own and the clan of Forge Watchers grew to all corners of the globe where humans reached.

The offspring of the original seven children, had the ability to shape shift from wolf form to the form of whatever creature their parent took as a lover. Forge Watchers took human lovers so that their offspring would be able to assume human form, making the watching of the forge makers all the easier. Most of the other six clans also mated exclusively with humans as they were quickly becoming the dominate creature on the face of the world, but sometimes, in other clans, other creatures might be mate partners.

For the Forge Watchers, assuming human form was essential to their task and most of the clan kept their human form during the day, shifting to their wolf forms at night to cleanse the tribes of men of those known to be in league with the deamon spirits or practicing dark and forbiden arts.

As her offspring spread across the globe in their tasks, Uman distanced herself from them. She wanted her clan to be able to keep to their task without her constant supervision. Uman secluded herself from the world for nearly 300 years, before emerging to find the world a vastly different place and the work that her offspring were doing to have bloosmed into a well organized and structured mission. Uman, having raised her offspring in dedication to the task Luna had set before her, and having created a strong clan that could continue without her was offered redemption by Luna for the sin of having partaken in the murder of The Patron. Luna gave Uman the option of dieing a natural death and to accend to the celestal court of The Goddess.

Uman accepted this pardon and passed in her sleep in the year of man, 1407. Around the world at the time of her passing all Lycanthrops of the Forge Watcher clan were drawn to the places where the world was still wild and spent the night howling at the moon.

Dealings with other clans

The Forge Watcher clan was charged with watching over the human herds as they developed from tribes to civilizations. Historically this meant Forge Watchers formed their dens and packs on the outskirts of human settlements. As time moved on and humans created cities and civilization, Forge Watchers made a choice that in the end isolated from many of their own kind over the centuries that have followed.

Forge Watchers moved into the human cities and spent most of their time in human forms, living and even working, along side humans. Forge Watchers forbade themselves from taking human lovers or mating with humans, though the occassional dalliance amoung the clan has occurred, they have still been seen as tainted by human stink by other clans of Lycanthrope.

Forge Watchers generally only assume their lycan forms when hunting dark mages, vampires, and other manner of other worldly spirits and feinds. They are also know to sabotage human attempts to establish meaningful connections with occult forces or mystical powers. These actions have placed Forge Watchers on the opposite side of both the Lycan clans as well as many within the know amoung human mages and mystics. Forge Watchers take very seriously their charge to shepard over mankind and ensure mystical forces are not abused or misused and tend to see humans as nothing more than disobediant children playing with dangerous toys.

Cursed Breed vs Pure Blood

Within the ranks of Lycanthrope decended from the union of the Goddess Luna and The Patron are two classes of lycan, The Cursed Breed and the Pure Blood.

Pure Blood are lycan born of two lycan parents. Pure Bloods are born with their abilities to shapeshift and detect mystical energies and are also born with the ability to learn to control their shapeshifting. They have the ability to transform partially or fully into lycan form and flow between their forms with ease as their mastery over this grows with age. Pure Blood lycan also age at an extremely decreased rate and have been known to live up to 300 years.

Cursed Breed are lycanthropes that once were fully human and were bitten by another lycan, infected with lycanthropic cells. During the three nights of the full moon, Cursed Breed transform, against their will and quite painfully, into full werewolf forms. While in this form they are generally mindless predators hunting for the kill. They generally have no control over their actions while transformed and revert back to human form at the first rays of the morning sun with no memory of the events of the night before.

Among the seven clans of Luna and the Patron it is considered a blasphamy to infect a human with "The Curse". Cursed Breed are normally hunted down and slaughtered by Pure Blood lycans and where ever possible the lycan responsible for the curse is also hunted down and brought before a council of elders of which ever clan he or she is a member of.

If it is determined the lycan accidentily infected a human with "The Curse" punishment is doled out to ensure the lycan does not make this mistake again. If the infection is deemed intentional, the lycan is summarily exicuted to ensure they do not have another opportunity to infect another.

Such harsh judgements are the result of a mixture of superstition amongst lycan that their race is the result of the blessing of Luna on the earth and the savage mindless result of cursed bite is an affront to that blessing. It is also seen as a failure among the current generation of lycan clans to atone for the sins of the original cubs responsible for the killing of The Patron.

The House de Clair and Sabastion

The most powerful house, or den, of Forge Watchers nearest to Paragon City is the House de Clair, located in Boston. House de Clair is ruled by their patriarch, Sabastion de Clair, who rules the clan with an iron fist.

All Forge Watcher clan members in whole of Massachusets are decended from his blood line and fall under the rule of House de Clair. As the most powerful Forge Watcher house in the area he also rules over other smaller Forge Watcher clan Houses in the North East. All major metropolitan cities in the North East maintain at least one Forge Watcher den and several have more than one House; however, all yeild authority to House de Clair and Sabastian de Clair.

Luna's Light, herself, appeared before Sabastian prior to appearing in Paragon City to alert him to the creation of Grey Lycan and inform him of her mission as given by the Goddess herself. Sabastian is aware of Grey Lycan's existance, but has yet to make contact with him personally.

While House de Clair rules over all Forge Watcher dens in the North East, his influence does not extend beyond the human cities. Lycan clans and dens residing the wildernesses of Main, Vermont, and the mountains of the extreme North East do not recoginize the rule of House de Clair and are scarsely aware of it's existance, as most lycan clans shy away from human cities and prefer to reside in the wild places of the world.

Valon the traveler

Valon the traveler, the Forge Watcher lycan responsible for infecting Spirit of Stone was once a trusted member of House de Clair and was Sabastian de Clairs second in command of the entire House and it's holdings.

He earned his name "the traveler" due to his tendancy to spend much of his time away from the main physical house of House de Clair, visiting other Forge Watcher dens in the North East, ensuring their loyalty to House de Clair.

Eventually Valon grew tired of being second in command and in spite of Sabastian's offer to give him a House of his own to rule in the name of House de Clair, Valon broke ties with House de Clair and set out on his own. During this time Valon committed a cardinal sin amoungst Forge Watcher, he hired himself out to humans to use as an inforcer or hitman. He was then known throughout the Forge Watcher clan as Valon the betrayer and was hunted down whenever and where ever he was sighted.

Valon eventually came to work for an organization known as Black Karma and while in their employe appeared in Paragon City to cause chaos and confusion for The Guardian Angels Reborn as Black Karma set into motion their true intentions in Paragon City, the kidnapping of GAR member, Silverblade.

It was during this operation that Valon the betrayer came face to face with Brimstone Bobby, Spirit of Stone, and Silver Scalple of GAR on Talos Island. The three were attempting to stop a rampage Valon was on in Talos while heading to Founder's Falls. In the battle that ensued on the bridge to Founder's, Valon bit Spirit of Stone on the shoulder, infecting him with lycanthrope cells.

Valon was finally defeated by the GAR team, but only after he was about to deal a death blow to Silver Scalple. Brimstone Bobby produced a silver cruxifix and with it killed Valon to protect his team mate. The killing of another sentient being, allbeit an evil being intent on killing his team mate, caused Bobby to dip into a severe depression that he barely recovered from.

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