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And for my next trick...
Herr Spiegel
Player: Vinnie Frizzle
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 11
Personal Data
Real Name: Erik Haus
Known Aliases: Mr. Mirror
Species: Human
Age: Mid-Twenties
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170lbs.
Eye Color: Grey(Wears white contacts)
Hair Color: Natural Platinum Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (German Ancestry)
Occupation: Professional Illusionist, Stage Performer and Stand-Up Comedian.
Place of Birth: Providence, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island (Operates primarily, from his beachfront apartment in Talos Island.)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Marcus Haus AKA Herr Spiegel I
Known Powers
None inherent.
Known Abilities
A great deal of spellcasting in the fields of Illusions and weather control.
His father's enchanted monocle to help him see through the illusions of others.

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"None would suspect such a friendly magician to be able to reach straight into your deepest, darkest nightmares. Even less so that he would pull them out for all to see." -Unnamed Arachnos Agent.

"To know and understand Fear, is to overcome it. Enter my world of wonder, of illusion... of Fear, and I will help you conquer it. To know that there really is nothing to frighten you, unless you let it." -Herr Spiegel II

Played by Vinnie Frizzle, the conniving treacherous bastard. Herr Spiegel Is a 11 Illusion Control / Storm Summoning Controller, of the Magic origin.

Herr Spiegel is a professional Illusionist... And also a Superhero. He's let this identity blend into one, Ala Zatanna of DC fame. He's actually the Second Mr. Mirror in a sorta-fresh Legacy. His father performed under the same name, with the same Super-heroism. However, he was badly injured in the Rikti War, and passed on the mantle to his son, to be a new Herr Spiegel for a new generation. I made him... this afternoon(of the writing of this article), and he's already one of my favorite characters. His comedy is on the dark side. Consider the theatrics of your average Fancy Magician, mixed with the mischief of a clown, and the black "carnival of fear" comedy of the likes of Tom Waits.



Vinnie Frizzle - Through Brother Sentinel. Erik hates the man, but hopes to be skilled enough with his illusions both magic, and otherwise, to trick and toy with the conman.

Ali Mu'Sarat - As a colleague through his friend Brother Sentinel. Eventually Erik will join the Midnight Squad.


Erik Haus has an unusual obsession with fear. His father shared this obsession and passed it on to him. However, a big difference is that Marcus Haus never allowed fear to enter his act. Certainly, his illusions were extraordinary, but they were safe. Many were friendly. Some had a good deal of suspense, but no more. Both father and son are Pranksters and Comedians, but unlike the father, the Son allows this, and his obsession with fear, into his act. Often for Comedic effect. He genuinely cares about all around him, but his pursuit of justice is matched by few. He abhors actual violence, prefering to use his magic to subdue enemies harmlessly. However, he knows when proper force is to be applied.

He has a good feel for theatrics, but doesn't go overboard. Like his father, he uses showmanship and stage performer slang to taunt his enemies. He tends to be a bit snarky, but not too much.

On top of that, he has a great deal of dislike for the Anti-Hero Malaise, due to his destructive uses of fear. Where Malaise seems to prey on it, Erik seeks expose it and nullify it.


Erik Haus has only recently stepped into the spotlight, with Paragon City as his state, his righteous work his act. All with a dash of black comedy and Fear.


Very simply, Erik Haus follows in the footsteps of his father, and well as his shadow. Both as a Showman and a Hero, many remember Marcus Haus as Herr Spiegel. However, as Herr Spiegel II, Erik gets plenty of venues around town, and even found himself with a minor Gig for a short time in Las Vegas. He didn't let it last, however. One of the skills of the Father and Son, is a shrewd business sense. They are, effectively, their own agents. Erik has cultivated a unique audience with his black comedy horror shows, and still manages to maintain most of his father's old fanbase, keeping many of his father's illusions in his own act. To add to it, father and son occasionally mix their styles and have duo venues, most famously "The Croatoa Shocker!" that found the venue under attack by the various magical entities infesting the area. It was a smash hit, though none, not even the audience, would ASK for an encore.

Musical Themes

Metallica - Master of Puppets


The possibility of his being a member of the infamous secret organization "The D-Listers" has been discussed. However, with how much he hates violence, this is highly unlikely.

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