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I can make you better. I can make you stronger. Greater. Superior. ... For a nominal fee, of course!
Vinnie Frizzle
Player: @ThanatosRa
Origin: Technology/Mastermind
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 50/29
Personal Data
Real Name: Vincent Fairchild
Known Aliases: That Treacherous Little Bastard, Frizzle-Dog, Dr. Frizzle, Vincent Fairchild, Merchant of Chaos,
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'
Weight: 290lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (accent is nondescript and hard to place)
Occupation: "Businessman" A Freelance Scientist and Tech Thief, Archvillain
Place of Birth: Claims to be from Oahu, Hawaii.
Base of Operations: Small apartment in Spider City, Grandville.
Marital Status: Single. No girls with enough cybernetics around.
Known Relatives: Carl Lisilie(Cousin), Eponymous Rex("Son"), Eponymous Lex("Daughter")
Known Powers
Internal Reactor of unknown make. Allows fire manipulation. As Dr. Goldengears: Systems rerouted to create force fields, but not much else.
Known Abilities
Genius-level intellect, skill with robotics and advanced skills with cybernetics.
See the entry.
Treacherous little snake. Treacherous enough to betray himself if it suits him, including random acts of altruism, or otherwise out of character actions.

"Mankind is screwed up in the head. Simple as that. Many an Evil Genius thinks they can bring order to Him. But Man is an asshole. Man doesn't like to be controlled. In that there is Chaos. There is a way to bring Peace to Man. Kill him. This world, My perfect World. A World where Man and Machine are one. It can't exist until the Old world is burned to a charred crisp. That's gonna be a Damn fun Bonfire! C'mon kids, Roast your marshmallows on the heat of the Ashes of Mankind!" - Vinnie Frizzle on his purpose in life.

"Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime. Wisdom. But it's more fun to just set the guy on fire for being an idiot." - Vinnie Frizzle on Fun.

Vinnie Frizzle is played by a player that has decided to use the same name as his character(Since most people he knows ingame already refer to him as... well.. Frizzle.) This gentleman is a rather nice guy. He is a 50 Fire Blast / Kinetics Corrupter, of the Technology origin.



Being the treacherous little despicable bastard that he is, Vincent Frizzle doesn't have any friends... Outside of the Black Tie. It's doubtful he'd last long in Any other organization.


A veneer of fake faces and varied behavior, one could say that Vinnie's "Personality" changes with the situation, as he sees fit. Of course, while once a vile but rational being, Vinnie has descended into a despicable parody. He seems to be an open transhumanist now, and believes the "Coming Storm" will pave the way for his perfect hybridization of Humanity and Machine.

Of course he's going to have his fun in the downfall of Mankind first. While he may once have had regard for human life, he's lost all of that and people live and die depending on which is more fun or profitable.


Not much is known, other than Vinnie Masquerading as an Android in one of his earliest suits of armor, when he first found himself "Employed" by Arachnos after the infamous Mass Prison break at the Zig. Between then and now, he slowly changed his personal to what it is today, and this may not even be the last of it. However, when the Second Rikti Invasion began, Mr. Frizzle, completely against character, immediately signed up with Vanguard and went on a warpath. While yes, he was caught smuggling Rikti technology for his own personal use, he had an otherwise Spotless service record as a voluntary member of the U.N. organization. However, political maneuvering by Longbow and PPD, has made his newfound diplomatic immunity restricted to just the Warzone. In the Post-Invasion period, Longbow recently upgraded his threat level from Villain to Archvillain, following some particularly daring and destructive operations at the behest of Lord Recluse himself.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
Of course, there is a secret history to this. Truth be told, one fact is actually true about Vinnie's youth. Born Vincent Sebastian Fairchild in Reno, Nevada, Vinnie was raised by his single parent father Artemis, with two brothers, Fairbanks and Willard. It was quickly apparent that all three boys, like their father and later mother, were mutants. Artemis had marginal control over Gravity, Fairbanks had heavily armored skin(born similar to Harlequin-type infants, but without the more gruesome and fatal effects), Willard was a capable Teleporter, and Vincent, the youngest, had control over Kinetic forces. Unfortunately, their father was a morally bankrupt scientist and degenerate gambler. This wasn't so bad though, as all four were used to living in spartan conditions, and Artemis was a wealthy superscientist with many connections. Unfortunately, while unable to move into Las Vegas itself, the Infamous Marcone family(the core clan at the center of The Family) were making an attempt to expand into the "Entertainment Business" after AGM Entertainment bought a small casino in St. Martial, hoping to expand business there. Through a reverse infiltration, Family members were spreading through AGM. Through this, they managed to gain considerable holdings in Reno, including the famous Circus Circus casino... Which happened to be Artemis' favourite haunt. Cheated out of a great deal of money and now being threatened by the Family, Artemis saw a business opportunity. Dr. Artemis Fairbanks was not a morally "good" man, and his Sons shared his moral ambiguity. Most of all Vincent.

Using his baleful scientific knowledge, Artemis payed off his debts with advanced weapons and other powerful devices. The brothers spent their adolescence and early adulthood in their father's lab, each mastering a different discipline. Fairbanks was a Geneticist, Willard a High Energy Physicist, and Vincent focused on Cybernetics and Robotics. In 2002, while their father worked on a new invention, and Vincent had been sent off at the behest of his father in the Isles to assist the family with a new weapon.

The weapons deal Vincent had been sent to was interrupted by a teen-aged hero named Strange Hound... One of the Nuclear 90. In the ensuing battle, the foolish young hero looking to prove himself had been gunned down. Vincent convinced his associates present to allow him to dispose of the body. Having heard of these mutants before, Vincent contacted his brothers. With their combined knowledge, and the corpse of the mutant, they designed a prototype artificial version of the natural reactor. While each of them could have designed it on their own(and in fact it actually WAS mostly Vinnie's idea and design) only with their combined knowledge and expertise could they pull off successful implantation. Vinnie was the obvious choice. Though nearly dieing in the process, it was a success. Already wired to the bone with his own tinkering, he found it easy to project the fiery plasma of his new internal core.

Of course, Artemis called and asked him to run another errand in the isles before coming home. Fairbanks and Willard returned home. This would be the last time Vinnie would see his beloved brothers and Father. Fairbanks had been working on a genetic booster he designed to exponentially increase the powers of mutants. Didn't work. Strange Hound's attack on the weapons deal in Cap Au Diable was interpreted as a falling out by the Family. They stormed the Fairchild Laboratory in the Nevada desert outside of Reno. During the attack, Fairbanks' serum was somehow leaked into the ventilation system(though Fairbanks likely put it in there himself, hoping his incomplete serum would work.) Unfortunately, it caused the three mutants there to mutate out of control. Fairbanks turned into an armored behemoth, Willard blinked entirely out of existence, and Artemis' latent gravity powers went entirely out of control. The entire lab and about of mile of desert around it were compressed into a single infinitely heavy ball of matter about the size of an average human fist... the blinked out of existence.

Seeing the accident on the news, Vinnie was utterly devastated. However he realized that he was a Scientist. An Innovator. Accidents happen in the name of progress. Though feeling the pain, he decided to get to work on finding a new lab. He would need to find a way to make funds, and seeing all of Arachnos' flunkies running around gave him an idea. Of course... Then the Rikti Attacked. He was trapped in the Isles, fighting for his life. The experiences of the war were more than enough to fuel and absolute irrational hatred of the alien race.

With the war over, Vinnie found himself severely damaged. His systems were working at enough capacity to keep him alive, but not quite enough to do much damage. His body was too vulnerable. Slowly, the thought snuck into his mind. Build a power suit... or at least some armor. Of course he then found himself with the Family on his tail, deciding to reopen old grudges. Fleeing to Paragon City, he decided to make it anew. He needed a new identity... But his first armored suit was ready. The Mk.I Dog body suit.

Of course... while wearing it, he looked... Obviously mechanical. And the conclusion came to him. And thusly began the first of his many identities. The Infamous Android Frizzle Dog.

He was locked up in the Zig after a week. Unable to remove the body armor or disable him by normal means, they merely placed him in restraining shackles that kept him running at minimum power. Spending a couple years on the inside, he began to gather information on proper villainy from all around him. Improving his conman routine, making connections, stealing inventions and designs from other imprisoned scientists and tinkerers, etc. Just as he's figured out his restraints and gotten them off, Arachnos attacks. One of many independent villains ushered out as potential "Destined Ones," Vinnie found himself dumped in Mercy, penniless and injured. Still, he struggled to survive and is secretly glad it happened.

Spoilers end here.

In recent times, Vinnie seems to be laying low, but a suspiciously familiar new villain has arrived in the isles, by the name of Dr. Goldengears.

On top of that, Several months ago, Vinnie was seen in several legal records stating him as an employee of Aeon Corp, and as a liaison of Aeon Corp to Arbiter Death's Shadow Spiders. Unfortunately, Dr. Frizzle found himself underpaid, overworked, and constantly hounded with Deadlines, often by Doc Aeon himself. In addition to that, the constant annoyance of having to work with Operative Dennis Griffin. After raiding the supply closets of the Shadow Spiders, and uploading some trap-door trojans into Aeon Corp's research Databases, Vinnie "submitted his two week's notice." And by that I mean "Blew up a lab directly involved in Project: DESTINY."

In an interesting turn of events, Vinnie swallowed his fear of Lord Recluse and with offers of information about Aeon Corp and the Shadow Spiders, joined the Black Tie. On top of that, he seems to be recognize his original identity and is moving against specific targets within the Marcone crime family. He appears to be doing this entirely on his own.

Also recently, Vinnie has been seen taunting the Shadow Spiders about their most recent struggle, apparently only for shits and giggles. Doubles have been seen in multiple places, some of which even appear to be heavily modified Nemesis Automatons, others modern robots, and even a new range of Body Doubles using bodies cloned directly from Vinnie. Chances are pretty good that some one's gonna notice his antics and do something about it.(Nemesis characters are free to antagonize him.)


Magnetic Microfusion Reactor: He has an internal fusion reactor instead of a heart. However, unlike the natural reactors of the mutants the "Nuclear Ninety," this reactor purely technological in origin. Vinnie considers it his greatest invention. How he managed to install it on his own, in a garage in the Haven District of Cap Au Diable is probably better left unanswered. However, while obviously not natural, it's arranged in such a way that it looks identical in layout to those of the famed Mutants. With their persuasion toward becoming Superheroes, at least a few have fallen battling Evil. For all we know, Mr. Frizzle could have acquired one of the bodies and used it as a template. In recent times, following the Second Rikti Invasion, Vinnie has upgraded his reactor with Rikti reactor components, increasing his output Ten-fold.

Nanotech Plasma Distribution Systems: In layman's English, the ability project burning plasma outward from his hands and mouth in fiery blasts, all fed by his internal reactor.

Advanced Kinetic Manipulation: His other, most dangerous power. It's best explained that through control over kinetic forces, he is able to drain others to empower himself and others. Everything from physical strength, to draining electronics and machinery. Even He doesn't understand quite how it works or why. But it's undeniably effective. He's never explained if this was an implant, or a mutation of some kind... It's possible that after all the experiments he's done on himself, he doesn't actually know.

Superconducting fabrication of neural dendrites: After reading some science fiction late at night, Vinnie got an idea. Alter the bio-electrical transduction of his brain cells to a shielded electrical transduction. However, his experiment was initially a failure, as he failed to get the fabled increased reflexes. He DID however, get a substantial increase in his own intelligence and thought speed and an increased control over his cybernetic implants. With this he was able to create his next power. Unfortunately for him, it's made him no less susceptible to psychic attack.

Bio-Neural Hacking: With the increased thought speed and durability of his neural pathways, Vinnie decided to try something else. He literally grafted a Cat5 cable to his brain through a port in his neck and stuck it in an old Dell desktop tower. The initial experiment was a failure, as his mind turned out to be an incompatible OS. Later work from some hacker friends gave him an universal compatibility program, allowing him to access and modify any computer with just his mind. In addition to other functions, This is his primary control system for his Decoys.

As Dr. Frlzzle

Air Pressure Manipulation: In a half baked attempt to convert his systems into a Weather Control machine. He was successful at the cost all his other powers. This is unexplained as of yet. He can activate his other powers at will, but loses weather control.

Equipment, Abilities, and Skills

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Vinnie Frizzle is a genius self taught cyberneticist and Mad Scientist. As such, he has many toys and gadgets to his disposal. Everything from Power suits to advanced firearms. However, he has some specific pieces of equipment he prefers to use.

Mk.IV Wolf Power Suit: Confiscated by Vanguard. Built using stolen Rikti technology(Specifically an intact Headman Gunman suit), the Wolf was probably Frizzle's most powerful power suit. While lacking the teleportation abilities of Gunman armor, it maintained the durability and offensive firepower of such a suit, with Flight capability added on. Unfortunately, his hidden lab in White Plains(AKA the Rikti War Zone) was discovered and the armor was confiscated. Vinnie only escaped incarceration due to an outstanding service record during the war. It was also painted in Vinnie's standard color scheme of Gunmetal Grey with red accents.

Mk.V Greyhound Body Suit: However, Vinnie learned all he needed from the Mk.IV, and internalized much of his adapted Rikti components. Using pieces of Vanguard Issue impervium armor plates, and some advanced electronics and flight systems, the sleek, streamlined Greyhound Body Suit was born. It has no internal reactor and Vinnie has to rely primarily on his internal reactor for power and weapons, but with his upgraded internal systems he's just that more dangerous. On top of that, the protective durability of Impervium Armor covers his body, culminating in the head breastplate. Deviating from his standard color scheme, the Greyhound is Black with Gold accents. Standard Armor. Repainted Gold and Red. Repainted once again with Black and Dark Grey.

Praetorian Warhound Body Suit:(RETIRED) The greatest oddity in Vinnie's collection is the Warhound. It relies primariy on his internal reactor as it's just flight boots and an old "Armored Skin" that Vinnie used to wear when masquerading as an Android, with Roman Soldier armor in his deviated Black and Gold color scheme over top. He used it when time traveling with his companion Ali Mu'Sarat. He's stopped using this one for some unknown reason.

Puppy Cybernetic Decoy: His most vile creation yet. Using a mix of mutagenic drugs, plastic surgery and advanced cybernetics, Vinnie has created a line of Cybernetic Decoys that act as proxies and distractions. To create them he kidnaps men of similar age and appearance to himself and converts them. While being used, their minds are overwritten by Vinny in a "Mind Ride" style control system. However, if they are conscious but uncontrolled, they feel unimaginable pain almost constantly. For this reason, he keeps them asleep when not in use. They are also equipped with a similar internal reactor to his own. This one can be forced into overload, causing a massive explosion. Unfortunately, all other systems shut down causing the pain suppressant systems to fail and cutting Vinnie off, leaving the decoy to spend it's last moments in even greater agony than before.

Catspaw Cybernetic Decoy: Far from as common as the Puppy, the Catspaw is Vinnie's most advanced decoy. Every single one is a mindless direct clone and copy of Vinnie. Everything but the brain is identical. Their brains, however, are highly advanced hybridized control units directly linked to Vinnie's mind. Vinnie wisely restricts their Autonomous Mode to prevent them from becoming fully sentient and attempt to replace him, though still enough to pass off as a decent facsimile. He's also more than capable of directly controlling them. The biggest disadvantage is how much more expensive they are to create than the Puppy, both in time and money, since Vinnie is loathe to accelerate the growth of his clones TOO quickly and clones them individually so that he may take pains to made them as identical as he possibly can, replicating perfectly every single injury he's ever suffered(even adding new injuries to existing clones, or adding injuries an actively used clone has suffered to himself to keep them all consistent.)

Repoman Autonomous Decoy: Repomen are, simply, stolen modified Nemesis Automatons rebuilt to look and act like Vinnie. In fact, Vinnie may well have done this specifically to piss off Nemesis. The name is in reference to the fact that they have been "Repossessed."

As Dr. Frizzle

Battle Drones: Currently he possesses a number of robots, but his main three are the battle drones "Frank"(general combatant) "Brain Bot"(Field Command) and "Torgo"(Butler and Personal Assistant).

Protector Bots: Another common model of military robot re-purposed for Vinnie's uses. The main two are named "Clayton" and "Pearl".\

Assault Bot: A heavy grade robot designed and built for heavy combat, Vinnie has several. All named "Bobo."

Scavenged Rikti Rifle: Vinnie has recently acquired a slightly used Rikti Rifle.

Mk.III Pit Bull Power Suit(MODIFIED): The Third instance of his personal power suit(and default costume). Based on a former Crey Tank suit, the Pit Bull is designed to increase his physical durability and give him the power of flight(though in recent times, following upgrades to his own internal systems, he's perfectly capable of unassisted flight). In addition to mobility and durability, the suit has it's own Microfusion reactor to augment his own powers adding to his firepower and kinetic vampirism. He keeps the suit on standby, and just because it's one of his older models, doesn't mean it's any less dangerous. The Pit Bull's similarity to Crey Tank suits is only superficial. The internal components are, for the most part, radically different. Once retired, he's brought it back to enhance his weather control powers and improved it by adding a layer of ablative armor to give him better protection until he figures out how to get his Scorpion Shield to work at the same time as the weather control device.


"There's always a way to cheat. A way to get around a defense. Not just to even the odds, but to tip them almost entirely into your favor. Fair fights aren't fun. Losing sucks, and you need to find every way possible to win a fight, and if you can't win, get the hell out of there! Heroes Die, but Cowards Live." -Dr. Vinnie Frizzle on Fighting.

Fighting Prowess

While Vinnie is quite strong due to muscular strength implants, he's unwieldy in close combat and all but useless. However, being close to him is probably a BAD idea because more likely than not, you're not fighting the man himself, but rather a Cyborg Double set to explode.


Interestingly, Vinnie has few extra weapons. Sure he's got stockpiles large enough to last the Freakshow a week, but he never uses any of them. He seems to be content using his own powers and Bots to do this dirty work.


"BOOM MOTHERFUCKER!" Like his boss, Vinnie LOVES blowing shit up. A large portion of his doubles and robots and specifically designed to overload with weaponized versions of his internal reactor. Grenades, satchel charges, plastiques, good old fashioned dynamite. Explosives are his favourite product to Sell as well.

Programming and Hacking

Sure, Vinnie stole the plans and old source code for Millnobot to build his own self aware robots. But it's a credit to his own genius that he was able to decode and reverse engineer such ingenious and advanced programming. Even without his neural-interface setup, Vinnie's an ingenious hacker as well. He rarely uses the skill personally, though, outside of Black Tie Ops, preferring to let others leave fingerprints to track after he steals from them.


First and foremost, Vinnie is a coward. Headstrong, and ballsy, but ultimately a coward, and will run if he realizes he's in over his head. Two of the strongest forces in his mind are Greed and Self Preservation.. The main reason he's lived as long as he has with his lifestyle is that his Self Preservation is the strongest force. Not even his immense greed can overcome his sense of self preservation.

Of course, his greed can also be exploited. Short of betraying Bad Dream, Vinnie can be bought off or otherwise offered a trade of services to ward him away.

There's also his physical stature. For a Mad Scientist focused on cats paws and picking off from a distance, Vinnie is unusually fit... Of course he's still quite weak by Superhuman standards, and if one were to catch the man himself, or at least one of his more advanced doubles, they'd be in for a very easy fight.

IC Quotes

If you have anything to say about Vinnie, Fess up. He'll find out anyway.

-Bad Dream
-Operative Griffin
-Markel Smythe

Musical Themes

Warren Zevon - Mr. Bad Example

Tom Waits - Step right up

Tom Waits - What's he building in there?

Dr. Steel - Build the Robots

Dr. Steel - Marionette.

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