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Infinity Incorporated Client Voice Commands

Hybrid Alpha Series Commands

The following voice-biddable routines typically are programmed into a Hybrid Alpha Series minion, and available for client use:



Complex or condition-dependent

(Consult video library for pronunciation guide, along with instructions on any relevant gestures.)

Additional commands available via select Hybrid Delta Series minions

Delta Series control-equipped minions are able to properly deliver all of the above commands, usually with a variety of parameters. In addition, they have access to some special I.I. Only commands, which the Hybrid Alpha Series minions will generally disregard from an unauthorized source:

Note that a Hybrid Delta Series minion who is having to manage a hysterical or distressed Alpha may be observed firmly using the Obey command and indicating the Delta him/herself. Such usage serves to restore a sense of order and security to the Alpha, which may otherwise express its distress as belligerence or withdrawal.

Consult your lease or User Manual to determine whether your Hybrid Delta Series minion is control-equipped.

Hybrid Delta Series Commands

Typically, Hybrid Delta Series minions are sufficiently advanced to take commands in a nearly conversational format, equivalent to instructing a moderately intelligent employee who lacks the ability to grasp any longer-term sense of a situation. Deltas are comfortable with requesting elucidation if they feel any particular lack of information will hinder their ability to perform to the client's satisfaction. Only four command concepts have specificly limited meanings:

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