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Player: @Xennith
Origin: Mutation/Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Níðhöggr
Known Aliases: The Malice Striker
Species: Norse Dragon
Age: Ancient(?)
Height: Tall
Weight: Heavy
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Norwegian
Occupation: Scholar
Place of Birth: Niflheim
Base of Operations: Inevitable Evolution Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Erica Nidhogg (Daughter)
Known Powers
Fire Blast, Thermal Radiation, Mu Mastery
Known Abilities
Fire Evocation and Alteration, Lightning Alteration, Heat Manipulation, Minor Summoning, Moderate Arcana,
Among various pieces of stolen equipment, he is known to possess Vanguard equipment, Rikti weaponry, and a stolen set of magic Valkyrie armor, taken from the Valkyrie Skogul.
Fire magic is an inherent ability, his 'wizardry' is extremely weak. Possesses no deific powers, whatsoever.

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"From below, the dragon dark comes forth, Nidgogg flying from Nithafjoll; The bodies of men on his wings he bears, the serpent bright: but now must I sink." - Translated from the Völuspá



Nidhoggur, called "Nid" by most who know him, is a draconic humanoid over seven feet in height. Nidhoggur is a corruptor-type villain specializing in arcane fire magic, specifically evocation, abjuration, and alteration spells. He is aloof and intelligent, but his cool attitude can quickly give way to fury and violence if he feels that he, or those he cares for, are threatened. Nidhoggur is a self-proclaimed mage and scientist, and enjoys spending much of his time studying the obscure relationships and principles which govern magic, science, and technology. Nidhoggur was a founding member of The Ministry of Order, and is now an active member of the newly reorganized Inevitable Evolution, as well as a member of both Vanguard and the Midnight Squad. He has worked closely with Arachnos in the past, but has severed his ties with Recluse's minions, save for his continued correspondence with Scirocco.

Physiology and Appearance

Easily mistaken for a reptile, Nidhoggur is, in fact, a warm-blooded creature, with internal biology similar to that of a human. His hulking form is distorted from that of most humans by his scaled skin, monstrous saurian head, huge leathery wings, digitigrade legs, clawed digits, short reptilian tail, unique musculature, limb proportions, and redundant organs. His scales are a dark brown, accentuated by a number of white stripes located on his upper arms, shoulders, waist, and upper legs. Despite his large size, his scales are a soft texture, similar to those of reptiles living in temperate environments, rather than the coarse, hard armor of their desert-dwelling cousins. His eyes are a milky-white color, with vertical reptilian pupils that are barely a shade darker than the rest of his eyes, often making it difficult to determine where he is looking.

Nidhoggur's internal anatomy, as mentioned, is very similar to a typical human's. The majority of his organs are nearly indistinguishable from their human counterparts, though slightly larger than average. His organs' positions show a slight variance from human anatomy, and he also possesses several redundant organs that humans do not. His two hearts, for example, are vertically aligned to one another, between his lungs, in addition to a pair of livers which are layered on top of one another in their typical position. Nidhoggur has one unique, unnamed organ, placed directly under his sternum, between his pair of hearts: an internal single-chambered sac linked to both his circulatory and digestive systems, which produces a crystalline solid similar to a gemstone, supposedly as a biological focusing mechanism to help channel his inherent fire magic.

Nidhoggur acclimated himself to human customs relatively easily, and is not at all averse to wearing clothing. He typically wears little more than a comfortable pair of pants, finding shirts to be a hassle to put on, given wings. He will often don his Vanguard bodysuit (which has been specifically designed for him), or his stolen set of Valkyrie armor, when he wishes to look presentable, or intimidating.


Nidhoggur is surprisingly docile considering his monstrous stature and penchant for hurling balls of fire. At one point in time, he was an embodiment of rage and fury, content to maraud across the land, raining destruction on any soul unfortunate enough to cross his path. Such behavior is now a rare sight, as Nidhoggur spends much of his time on intellectual pursuits, rather than destruction. Scientific and arcane study are his primary past-times, and have left him with a variety of valuable skills. He is a verbose speaker, and enjoys sharing the fruits of his studies with any who will listen, be them philosophical or intellectual. Nidhoggur is cool, collected, and aloof, often causing him to seem bored (and boring), but that attitude can fade quickly. Beneath his calm exterior, Nidhoggur is still just as wrathful and violent as he has always been, but keeps his fiery emotions in check, only allowing them to explode forth in the heat of battle, when he is able to direct his rage at a worthy target.


Nidhoggur's current powers stem from a unique set of circumstances. Through carefully engineered conditions as part of his escape, he now wields fire magic as an ability inherent to his twisted and mutated body. Though truly rooted in magic, misconceptions made by Arachnos resulted in him being classified as a "mutant", a clerical error which still irritates him to this day.

Fire Blast

Nidhoggur's ability to conjure and manipulate fire is his deadliest combat asset. His body is able to naturally control the primal forces of the fire element, allowing him to evoke fire spells as easily as one might flex a muscle. This ability allows him to spontaneously generate fire utilizing energy in a way which violates the natural principles of thermodynamics. Traditionally, fire requires a fuel source, heat, and oxygen to burn. Nid is able to use magical power to violate the laws of energy transfer and use any number of small particles in the air as fuel sources; even a few atoms acting as a fuel source are able to supply a far greater amount of energy when the laws of thermodynamics are bent or broken. He cannot manifest fire in a vacuum, or an environment without oxygen (though his recent attempts at learning alchemy may remedy this weakness).

He uses this innate ability to defy the laws of physics to create super-charged fireballs which are more comparable to plasma than they are to a bonfire or torch. In order to conserve his magical reserves, Nid must control these energies in quick bursts, creating bolts of fire rather than a perpetual inferno. To this end, he may be able to expend more of his energy reserves to create massively damaging effects, but he has not yet been so critically pressed, and it would leave him significantly vulnerable until his reserves are replenished.

He has also been known to use this ability to create and manipulate fire for less offensive effects, creating localized barriers around his allies which mitigate varying amounts of damage from a variety of harmful sources.

Thermal Manipulation

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Nidhoggur has come very far from where his life began, trapped in an alternate reality, as a prisoner in a frozen hell. Through careful scheming and sacrifice, he escaped, and came to Primal Earth. He now revels in his freedom, proud to live as he chooses, free of the "chains of destiny" which he thought once bound his fate-- though just how free he may be has yet to be seen.


Nidhoggur's origins lie far across the astral plane, in the Asgardian constellation of dimensions, who's leaked influence resulted in the ancient Norse religion. In the ancient Norse poetic Edda, the Nidhog is an enormous monster, a dragon trapped within the frozen underworld of Niflheim until the age of Ragnarok, the final battle between the forces of good and evil.


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New Life

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Public Opinion

Nidhoggur has encountered many individuals in his travels, and the space below is reserved for their thoughts. Feel free to add your in-character opinions and experiences with Nidhoggur, here:

"The friendship I forged with Nidhoggur has proven to me that the Pocket D isn't the intellectually void black hole I once thought it to be. If not for his eaves dropping and offhanded comments, I'd have never discovered the wickedly brilliant dragon of Norse myth. He may... poke fun, we'll say, of my lack of knowledge in matters of the arcane, but he and I both know we balance the other out quite well... We make up for the deficiencies of the other. I hold Nidhoggur above any and all other allies. With a being as powerful as Nidhoggur fighting beside me, I- ...Nay, WE are destined to succeed. " - Rezz

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