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Player: @Ravenbane
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Rachel Giuseppina Maria Wessex (née Romanelli)
Known Aliases: Rae, Raven, The Daring Ravenbane, Pale and Beautiful
Species: Presumed Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (Italian/Irish)
Occupation: Vigilante, Mother, Hospital lab manager
Place of Birth: Kings Row, Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Talos Island, Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Michael Wessex, aka Darkfang (Husband), Matthew Michael Wessex (Son, born 2005), Sophia Andrea Wessex (Daughter, born 2005), Dominic Romanelli Sr. (Father, deceased), Caroline Romanelli (Mother, deceased), Dominic Jr. (Brother, deceased), Leo (Brother, deceased), Gina (Sister, deceased), William (Brother, deceased), Nicoletta (Sister, deceased), Vincent (Brother, deceased)
Known Powers
Superhuman strength, reflexes, senses, resilience, stamina, coordination and speed. Regenerative ability, heightened immune system and agelessness.
Known Abilities
Proficient in hand-to-hand combat, which she sometimes blends with intimidation/fear tactics to quickly gain the advantage. Is experienced with a range of melee weapons, though this is rarely incorporated in her regular activities. Powers allow for extreme acrobatic and gymnastic ability. Also is of above average intelligence, a talented singer, and skilled cook.
The nature of her powers do not necessitate much in the way of additional equipment aside from a leather uniform, and occasionally a small weapon like a knife or dagger.

Ravenbane is half of a superduo with her husband, the hero known as Darkfang. While they are both Heroes of the City, they try to maintain a relatively low profile with the media. They remain dedicated heroes, despite now splitting their time between crime-fighting and raising their children.



It's a long story, and she'd rather tell it to you herself, if she trusts you.


Ravenbane is vivacious and genuinely content with her life. She is usually friendly with a strong sense of devotion to friends, and even stronger towards family. She has a witty and often sarcastic sense of humor, including about herself and her situation. Having lost her family years ago, she is fiercely protective of those she cares about, and sometimes attaches to younger colleagues in a sisterly or maternal way.

However, she does have a temper, and has been known to fly off the handle if she is crossed or if something truly upsets her, sometimes being unnecessarily harsh in her verbal or physical assault on the offender. She can be impulsive, and has a tendency to be overly judgmental and unforgiving, with a propensity for holding grudges that have, in some cases, lasted decades.


Ravenbane exhibits many powers seen in several myths from across the globe, though there are some abilities that are lacking. Most notably, she cannot shapeshift into any other form (animal or otherwise), fly, control the elements, or manipulate the minds of others.

Physical Powers

Ravenbane displays low-grade superhuman strength, able to lift approximately one to two tons. She can punch or otherwise break through materials like wood, concrete and steel, depending on thickness. She also has superb reflexes with preternatural agility, flexibility and coordination, which allow for exceptional speed and maneuverability, as well as the ability to dodge attacks and even bullets. She can leap several times higher and farther than a human, maintain a run well above 25 miles per hour and perform seemingly impossible acts of an acrobatic nature. She also displays some increased resistance to blunt force trauma, being able to shake off blows and requiring more force to fracture bones or cause internal bleeding.

Sensory Powers

Ravenbane also has heightened senses of sight, smell and hearing. She can see particularly sharply, for great distances and in darkness, can track, recognize, and detect things about other people and animals by scent alone, and can easily pick up on sounds and conversations those around her cannot. Her heightened senses allow her to also detect concealed enemies by scent and sounds of movement or body processes. The strength of these senses is difficult to measure, though it can be assumed they are comparable to those of other exceptional predators like raptors, canines and felines.

Immune System and Regeneration

Ravenbane also possesses a greatly enhanced immune system and regenerative abilities. She does not (nor will not) age beyond the peak physical condition of the early to mid-twenties. Superficial injuries she sustains will heal in moments, while deeper soft tissue injuries and fractures may take up to hours to heal completely. While she may be able to regenerate lost limbs, the ability has not been tested. She is also virtually immune to all diseases, and very resistant to drugs, poisons and other toxins, including alcohol.


Ravenbane has no psychic powers, and therefore any capacity to charm or persuade lies on practice in subterfuge and manipulation along with physical attractiveness; she has had several years to hone these skills. Likewise, she plays on the fears and superstitions of criminals, employing fear tactics to gain the advantage in a fight. She has also had many years of practice at detecting and resisting psychic intrusions.

While she has no true command over animals, they recognize her as a higher predator, and many may react appropriately around her. Her predatory nature also makes her quite adept at stealth, seeming to almost disappear, making her very difficult to track, especially in darkness.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Ravenbane prefers to minimize skin exposure to sunlight. The nature of her abilities refuses to let her body age or be damaged in any way, and, since sunlight does both of these things, it will relentlessly reverse the effects of sun exposure as they happen. The greater the amount of skin exposed and the strength of the sunlight will worsen this effect. This also accounts for the extremely fair color of her skin; it will not tan. Prolonged exposure will lead to symptoms similar to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and eventually heat stroke.

As a side effect of the extreme effectiveness of her immune system, it is nearly impossible for Ravenbane to become, or perhaps more accurately, stay pregnant. It is likely she has miscarried dozens upon dozens of times. It was only through the help of a close friend, The Hydrophidian, that she was able to carry her twins to term, and it is uncertain when, if ever, she will ever be able to have a successful pregnancy otherwise.

It should be noted that Darkfang and Ravenbane's particular lineage is unlike those seen in most other media. ((We came up with the origin ourselves. If you'd like to know more about it, feel free to contact me in-game. I'd rather not write it all out here.))


Ravenbane was trained from a young age in combat, particularly military hand-to-hand, as well as marksmanship, knife, and other weapon techniques. She proved to be a quick study, showing skill, improvisation and resourcefulness, though it would prove to be insufficient for vigilantism. Though her need for weapons has decreased significantly since gaining powers, her earliest training has carried on with her to this day. She is also proficient in other forms of martial arts and fighting styles.

During her childhood, Ravenbane often aided her mother in housework and caring for her younger siblings and grew skilled in cooking and basic sewing techniques. She was, at the time, nearly fluent in Italian, but is now less than conversational. She is also a talented singer and of above average intelligence, but nowhere near superhuman ability in either.


Ravenbane does not require much in the way of equipment. In fact, she prefers to carry as little on her person as possible to avoid restriction of movement. She prefers leather to spandex for her costume, and has a few small items either strapped to her leg or belt, such as her comm and perhaps some throwing knives.



Ravenbane and Darkfang have belonged to supergroups in the past, notably The Sodality and the League of Justice. However, now they are registered as The Wessex Family, which consists of just the two of them.





Peter Chess


The Family - Ravenbane's family were victims of a Family mob hit many years ago. They continue to be at the top of her list of preferred criminal targets.

5th Column - Ravenbane witnessed some of the 5th Column's brutality first-hand when she was a teenager, and is always eager to put the hurt on them.

Council - In 2005, when she was pregnant with her children, the Council had plans to kidnap herself, and/or her children, for use in enhancing one of their own super-soldier programs. Rae took this very personally.


Ravenbane adores Atlas, and to this day considers him the greatest hero Paragon City has ever seen.

(( Ravenbane has been rerolled as a Natural origin Dark/WP scrapper due to more appropriate power choices and is finally level 50 again. She originally hit 50 in March 2005. I will never pose that that makes Rae "level 100" or anything else idiotic like that, but she has been a top-clearance hero in Paragon longer than the badges on her current incarnation suggest.))

(( There have also been minor changes to her backstory and real name that most people didn't know anyway.))

((More to come!))

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