Safe Havens

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Safe Havens
Founder: Masonry and Keen Frost
Side: Heroic
Motto: All Are Welcome Here
Leader(s): Raina Sylvir/Kalius
Logo: Sun and water
Group Colours: Red and orange
Levels: All
Play style: Heavy RP
Roleplay: Heavy
Timezone(s): All
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @TaylaEwa
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Safe Havens is just as it sounds, a place for people in trouble to take a breather and hopefully get some help.


Safe Havens was created because of discomfort between members of another supergroup. Two members, Masonry and Keen Frost, created the group with the purpose of accepting any and all members, regardless of security level, origin, or background.

Eventually Masonry and Keen Frost relinquished control of the group to Suicidal Wombat, who then passed it on to Timetripper, the present leader. They have changed from simply accepting anyone to providing a "safe haven" for those who may be in transition, running from something in their past, dealing with villains or any sense of discrimination. They purchased an old warehouse in King's Row and began converting it into a base of operations.

Time passed. Members of the group came and went. The base fell into neglect.

Then an old member, Grimaulkin, found himself and some friends were being hunted by the Phalanx of Paragon City (A front for the Villains of Paragon City). Grim contacted Timetripper, who reopened the base for them. Dusty and old, Rusted Man suggested some upgrades. Trip agreed, and in fact let him know if he wanted to do any upgrades, he was more than welcome to. She relinquished some of the leadership responsibilities to the new members, and basically informed them of the only rule, to welcome those in trouble.

Eventually, leadership passed to Raina Sylvir and after a falling out and radical differences in opinions, Grim chose to leave the group to start a school to teach others.

House Rules

  1. No secrets that can harm others (Though, in the words of Kal, "If you wear frilly underwear under your suit, we don't need to know that.").
  2. Do not interrupt rituals in the magic room.
  3. Do not summon demons outside the magic room.

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