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The "Real Life" version of SincereAgape portrayed by Matthew Marsden
Player: @Agape
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Devin Boudreaux
Known Aliases: Agent Agape
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 6ft 4in (1.93m)
Weight: 186lbs (111 kg)
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Arachnos Huntsman.
Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA
Base of Operations: Nerva Archipelego, Rogue Islands.
Marital Status: Divorced (Neo Trick Shot)
Known Relatives: Daughter (Selana Rose)
Known Powers
Archery, Energy Manipulation (Imbuned by a greek goddess), and Flight
Known Abilities
Peak Human Stanima, Proficient in Archery, and knowledge of stealth tatics. Enhanced Charisma and above average leadership ability.
The Bow of Paris (The weapon that Prince Paris of Troy used to slay Achilles) and a Crey-Cyro Pistol.

SincereAgape is based loosely on the Marvel Superhero known as Gambit and a romanticized version of Prince Paris from Homer's Iliad. This character was created somewhere mid-way through the release of issue seven and has evolved from a vain hero, to a thrill seeking swashbuckler, to a Longbow Agent, and now back to a stronger and more mature superhero. Over the course of time Agape has committed his fair share of villianous deeds as well as received accolades of heroic virtue. In the end he is simply a hero trying to take one day at a time in order to help those less unfortunate.



Devin Boudreaux's (SincereAgape) powers have been imbuned to him by the greek goddess of love and beauty, better known as Aphrodite. Without furthur adieu here is a brief synopsis of his superhuman abilities

Imbued Archery - With the blessing of Aphrodite, Devin has the ability to tap into her presense, thus receiving her guidance when shooting arrows from his bow. Some of the noted things that he can do with the bow are increase the range, enhance his firing rate, increase the effects of his archery prowess, and triple the damage power of the attacks.

Flight - Aphrodite has provided Devin with a form of mystic winds that guide him in his travels. These same winds are very similiar to the storm that saved Prince Paris from the clutches of Menelaus during their duel in Book 3 of the Illiad.

Stealth - This is a natural ability that Agape had developed as a youth while making ends meet on the streets of New Orleans.

These are the three main powers of Devin. He also keeps himself in tip-top condition, has a natural prowess with the bow, and has the ability to teleport friends and enemies alike.


Marsden matthew2.gif


Does this quote by Tom Hanks have any meaning to you? "Life is like a box of choclates, you never know what you're going to get." And that exactly is the best way to summarize this character. Devin is an enigma of sorts for one day he can be a dashing, valiant, noble hero that is upbeat and enjoyable to be around. Then the other days he can be a depressed, guilt-driven, dark human being who remains silent during missions and portrays himself with a stern demeanor. This can be attributed to a diagnosis of Bi-Polar disorder or as a curse/side effect of being a patron of Aphrodite.


Devin Boudreaux suffers from Bi-Polar II disorder. This often effects him during his daily life and during battles. But the greatest impact that Bi-Polar disorder has had in his life has been in the realm of relationships. Many people who have gotten close to Devin Boudreaux have suffered from the impacts of Bi-Polar, and have had to live with the struggle of being around an unpredictable person.

Character History

Part time thief, part time Longbow agent -- Devin Boudreaux is a modern day cajun Robin Hood who hunts the villains of Paragon City and give money to the poor! Always looking for fun, adventure, and of course romance -- Devin can usually be found earning his keep and constantly paying his dues. SincereAgape's time in Paragon City has been brief yet dramatic, but in this profile you will only get a sampling of what has happened during his past and present. For if everything was written about all of the superpowered beings in Paragon City, I do not believe the world would have enough space to store this information.

SincereAgape dueling with an enemy in battle. It is believed that he weilds the Bow of Paris.

The Prophecy of Aphrodite

Roughly 4000 years ago there was a war that was fought in the Mediterranean underneath the golden walls of Troy. After the "abduction" of Queen Helen of Sparta by a handsome young prince from Troy, the armies of Greece united and set sail to Troy for a battle. This war would go on for ten years before the rage of Achilles, the defeat of Hector, and the infamous Trojan Horse burned the golden city to the ground. During the war of Troy the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite had played a large part in starting the conflict. For it was she who had imbuned the young Trojan prince to fall in love with Helen and to seduce her away. Following the defeat of Troy, a few of the Trojan survivors managed to escape and over time were integrated into various societies. One such Trojan group settled in the city of New Orleans and continued to pay homage to Aphrodite. Due to their loyalty this group (Who later called themselves the "Clan of Assassins.") would receive the blessing of Aphrodite and be given a champion of sorts once every generation. As you have probably suspected, Devin Boudreaux is this generation's inherent of the blessing of Aphrodite.

Michael Caine as Jean-Luc scolding Devin Bourdeaux (Marsden)

Early Childhood & The Skulls

Belledonna Boudreaux was the mother of SincereAgape and according to the citizens of New Orleans she was an extraordinarily beautiful girl during her youth. Coming from a very prestigious family of New Orleans, Belledonna was expected to marry a brilliant nobleman who's title and status was greater then her own. But being a head-strong woman, Belledonna desired to marry whomever she wanted and made her choice on a penniless thief from Paragon City. By doing so she incured the wrath and broke the hearts of many who had plans to wed the cajun belle. According to the history books this thief had no name, but it was said by those who saw him that he was man of great integrity and virtue. After wedding Belledonna this thief would die in a duel against an Arachnos Huntsman somewhere in Blood Bay about a year later. Soon after the death of his father, Devin Boudreax was born into this world.

Although he was born into affluent lifestyle, Devin had to much of his father's free spirit in him and as a result spent more times in the squats of New Orleans then in it's mansions. He enjoyed the freedom and comradery of thieves and guildsmen over the noble and wealthy. He enjoyed action over talking, he would rather do then say. It was this free spirit that would get him in trouble as a youth for soon afterwards he fell in with a local street gang who called themselves the Skulls.

The Skulls are a common street gang that terroize the streets of Paragon City, but what seperates them from the other street gangs is a morbid. They worship death and wear the front face of skulls as a mask. They wear this both as a trophy, and to strike fear into future victims. The minions and lieutenants are nothing special beyond their looks, however the bosses attack with some sort of necromatic negative energy that can quickly tear down young heroes. They can all be found in Kings row and Perez Park. Before becoming a hero, a young Devin Boudreaux was a member of this street gang. As a member of the Skulls Devin found himself involved in thievery, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and blackmail. Devin was still a teenager during this time period and simply enjoyed the rush of action and the thrill of causing trouble.

As fate would have a Council Archon by the name of Burkholder had planned a meeting of sorts with the New Orleans chapter of the Skulls. The original intent of this get together was to barter off spare computer microchips and large portions of adamantium metal to the Council in exchange for a large supply of old German war trinkets that were said to be owned by Nazi Nobleman. After five minutes of meeting with Archon Burkholder and his men, Devin realized that the Archon had no intentions of honoring the deal. The meeting quickly turned into a massacre, and Devin would have perished as well if it hadn't been the invervention of fate in the form of Aphrodite's powers. In a action very similiar to that of the Iliad Aphrodite summoned a shroud of mist to blind the Council soilders as they searched for Devin which allowed him to escape. With no where else to go, Devin returned home ot his mother and told her the story of what had happened. Without hesitation Belledonna Boudreaux sent him to Paragon City to be under the tutelage of an Uncle by the name of Jean-Luc Boudreaux.

A family portrait. Belledonna Boudreaux, Jean-Luc Lebeau, and Devin.

Superhero Training

A humbled and lost Devin Boudreaux arrived in Paragon City with nothing but a gym bag slung over his shoulder. He was a lost soul during this time for he came to the realization that he had spent the first 18 years of his life causing trouble and committing ill deeds. Enter his Uncle of his Father's side, a man by the name of Jean-Luc Lebeau. Upon coming to Paragon City, Devin had discoverd that this fabled metropolis was a place of new opportunity and light. Heroes from all over the world banned together in this town, brining light and virtue to those who lived underneath it's blue-lined war walls. At once Jean-Luc Boudreaux had recognized that young Devin held imbuned powers of sorts, for Jean-Luc was once a Longbow Warden that served in the military. The old cajun had trained his fair share of superheroes and decided to place his heart and soul into his young nephew.

So it began an intense training regime to mold and shape Devin into something that could represent a light to this world. During this time period, Devin would learn to be proficient with the katana and other forms of weaponry. Yet it was Devin's destiny to weild the bow, as his imbuned powers drew him to the weapon once adorned by the legendary Prince Paris of Troy. One morning Devin placed his hand on a simple recurve and felt a touch of the spirit of Aphrodite. There was an infusion of sorts, a moment when a golden aura began to illuminat from Devin's hands. He then simply turned to his uncle and said "Train me how use this weapon." Upon touching this ancient artifact, Devin immeditely feld the deity known as Aphrodite enter into his soul and fuse with his mind. In a situation very simliar to the legendary fable of King Arthur and Excaliber, once Agape wrapped his hands around the wooden base of this beautiful weapon blessing of Aphrodite were once again released into the world.

In addition to learning how to use the bow and weaponry, Jean-Luc fused a young Devin with virtues like integrity, honor, justice, truth, character, and discpline. At times Devin felt like throwing these things up because of the way it seemed they were being shoved down his throat. But in reality it was not his nature to be a hero, for there were many thing inside of him that rebelled against these forms of action. Devin expressed these thoughts and feelings to his uncle in hopes to learning why he felt the need to rebel all that he was taught. Uncle Jean-Luc told him "That's what life is about lad."

An Agent of Longbow

At the age of 22, Devin felt that it was his time to head out into the world and to repent for his past deeds. But before heading out into Paragon City his uncle introduced him to a man by the name of Justin Sinclair, otherwise known as Manticore. It turns out that Devin's father was originally an Agent of Longbow and upon hearing the story of Devin Boudreaux from Jean-Luc, Manticore decided to take a shot at the young hero. After meeting the young man, Manticore was impressed with Devin's charisma, cavalier-esque aura, and of course his flair for the dramatic. Sinclair offered Devin a job within Longbow operations. Thinking that this was the best course of action Devin gladly accepted. Since then Devin has moved up through the ranks of Longbow and has accepted his role as a liason, public figure of sorts for the faction. He is one of the few agents of Longbow with superhuman powers of sorts, which makes him a great asset.

Agape and One of his many conquests..

The Wedding

On July 15th, 2007 the hero known as SincereAgape married the heroine Neo Trick Shot. The wedding took place at the Galaxy City Arena and many heroes from around Paragon City were in attendance. Some notable heroes and heroines include Wyndsong, The Nitedevil, Deft Bow, Miles, The Havok Brothers, Capt. Starfall, The Midnight Kestrel, Sir England, John Flag, Brendan Aft, The Crimson Cutlass, members of the Galacto-Rangers, members of The Frontline, and members of Hyperion Force. The wedding part included Red-Havok [Best Man], Arrowtek [Groomsman], Xirella [bridesmade], and Ava Adore who served as the maid of honor. This wedding culminated the hard work and dedication of SincereAgape and was truely a joyous moment in his life. In what was probably the most suprising turn of events, Ghost Widow, the countess of the Arachnos army attended the wedding and proceeded to merely observe the special occassion. It apppeared as if villainous was fascinated by the romance that had developed between the two heroes, thus she made an apperance to perhaps fulfill some sociological based study of a concept which she had been devoid of. As a momento for the wedding the banshee opened up the Pocket D ski chalet for to furthur celebrate the wedding.

Honored by all of the heroes that attended and of course the beautiful bride that now stood at his side, SincereAgape vowed to turn away from a life of swashbuckling and daring. No longer was he going to pick-pockets from fallen villians nor spend nights on in gambling at the Pocket D. Instead he re-dedicated himself to the pursuit of becoming a hero that those who knew him would be proud of, hence the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

Dawn of the Silver Age

Within the past few weeks the hero Sincere Agape, has made the public announcement that he has left the Longbow organization and has decided to pursue a part time career as a public superhero. This recent turn of events is not a suprise to many because of his marriage to the heroine Trick Shot. Agape has accepted a position as a social service counselor for a non-profit organization based out of Skyway City, becoming one of their lead field counselors in the contested zone of Bloody Bay.

"I 'ave battled many villains in Bloody, and it's hard not to notic' de state of the citizens of that area. It is my vision' to act as a hero who will' better serve dat area with the use of knowledge of social services and medicine in conjunction with de bow and sword." -Sincere Agape stated at a news conference conducted in Galaxy City.

There are many rumors circulating that Agape has roots in the warzone and seeks to start a reclimation project to rid the area of the Arachnos influence. Many heroes and government officials know of the deeds, accomplishments, and battles this charasmatic hero has conducted for the City of Paragon since his arrival roughly a year ago. But for the first time, Sincere Agape will be known as a public figure in the City of Heroes.

Dark Times/Divorce

Sadly, the time spent with Trick Shot and Devin was not meant to be as the two divorced shortly after they were married. It was complicated. Many say the life of two public superheroes being married was what lead to the break up, but in reality they were two different. In a matter of weeks the cajun playboy was on the prowl and Trick Shot went on with her life of charity. He was seen in public with many adoring women and superheroines, but none of them made him happy. The flames died quickly, and with his superhero career quickly fading away like a fallen star, Devin was approached by the empire of evil, Lord Recluse and asked to join the Arachnos Army as a highly ranked Huntsman. Wanting to escape the many pains and broken relationships he endured in Paragon City, Devin took his most trusted friends with him and took Recluse's offer. Prowling the lands of the Rogue Islands, Devin is once again armed with his bow and a new group of henchmen.

In the end. Agape knew that he had not treated Neo Trick Shot with the respect and did not show her the love she deserved. Since then, the two of them have made amends. They are now very good friends, meeting on neutral terms to battle threats such as the Rikti and Cimeroran Traitors. At the present moment, Agape still roams the Rogue Islands as a member of the Arachnos. But as time goes on, Agape is beginning to realize where his true roots is now only a matter of time.


Agape returned to Paragon City after long absence from the superhero realm. He found himself in another shard/dimension where the City of Heroes existed, but on a different plane and in another world This shard was entitled 'Exalted.' On the world of 'Exalted' Agape has formed alliances with new friends and superheroes. He is in the process of assisting his old mentor Manticore and the group known as the Vindicators to battle any threats that may arise to harm the people of Paragon.


There have been many who have teamed with SincereAgape on numerous occassions and here is a brief list of some heroes and villains that have played a part in his life. Heros in here include his current supergroup teamates, longtime friends, and arch-enemies. The people listed here by no means represent all of the people that have been dear to Devin, but are mainly the people have have been listed in this handbook.

Neo Trick Shot - Not only is she one of the founders of the Hyperion Force, this young lady has the burden of being Sincere Agape's wife! Even though they have very differnt personalities, Neo Trick Shot is the one girl that has impressed Devin with her inner qualities. They met around Valentine's Day while defending Freedom Base from a wave of villains that sought to enter Paragon City. Soon after that the two remained close friends before their relationship began to naturally progress. In the end they ended up falling in love. Both Trick Shot and Agape had walked down many relationship roads, and as fate would have it...their paths eventually crossed. Now they travel together down the same path, hand in hand ready for any challenge which presents itself. Sometime in the beginning of the summer of 2008, Devin proposed to Trick Shot on the city hall steps of Atlas Park, and then a few months later they were married in Galaxy City. They are now divorced after a tragic break up, but have since then mended their relationship and are now good friends.

(From the Journal of SincereAgape) If you were to look up the word 'heroine' in the English Dictionary you would find a picture of Trick Shot. She is the greatest person I have ever met. Loyal, dedicated, strong, passionate, kind, loving, devoted, caring, adventurous, dynamic.... I fell in love with Trick Shot when I saw her interacting with others. She had that glow. She was so unselfish. She sacrificed, bled, fought, crawled, scratched, and hurt to make those around her happy. Her fiery red-hair and amazing legs did not hurt the attraction at all either. Trick Shot. You'll always be the one. The one who made me feel like the luckiest guy alive. To bad I couldn't see past my own faults to realize this until it was to late. Here is to your life. Here is to your happiness. Trick Shot. The greatest hero in Paragon.

John Flag - Adopted father of Agape's wife, John Flag is not only his father in law, but he is also a close friend. They first met shortly after SincereAgape proposed to Neo Trick Shot and it was an interesting encounter. The two partnered up to battle the Ritki somewhere in another dimension. The two immediately took a liking to each other and Agape began to recognize and admire John's sense of humor, witt, and of course desire to do good in this world. Since the meeting and even after the wedding between Agape and Trick Shot, Mr. Flag and him have remained close friends. Recently they went off to do battle in the Ritki War Zone together and managed to run into a few villains from the Rogue Islands along the way....

The Havok Brothers - Devin's current supergroup teamates. Shortly after the formation of the Frontline, Red-Havok approached Devin with an opportunity to join them in their battle against crime. Agape joined shortly afterwards and has not come to regret that decision. Since then Agape has discoved that the Havok Brothers enjoy being proactive in their pursuit to defend Paragon City. Both of them have displayed excellent combat skills in battle. Red-Havok served as Agape's best man at his wedding, while Blue-Havok was co-leader in the night's security. Recently the Havok Brothers have appeared to gone underground and it has been awhile since Devin has encountered either brother. The three of them still remain friends till this day, despite crossing paths on different sides of justice. Devin and Red-Havok can still be seen battling the Ritki and Romans together just like the good old days.

Allison Skye - (From the journal of SincereAgape.) "Allison Skye. What can I say. She is the old fire within me that will never die away. I believe I fancied Allison shortly after I met her. She seemed lost, yet full of passion and confidence. Despite my own problems at the time, Allison was one of the first people to believe in me after the tragic events with Katrice. For that I owe her much. The time we spent together was not perfect by any imagination, I can't count the number of times we argued and bumped heads with each other. Figures, when you have two alpha type personalities demanding the spotlight to shine upon them. But once again I'll never forget Allison, and nor would I want to. After we parted ways, I used to run into her once in awhile in either the Rogue Islands or Paragon. She always managed to stir up some emotion in me, in other words she makes me feel alive. I shoot this red stemmed rose into the air right now with the Bow of Aphrodite. In remembrance of a girl I once had much devotion, and search in my heart for that everlasting emotion." -SA.

The Midnight Kestrel - The Midnight Kestrel is one of Agape's oldest friends and is one of the few people from his early days defending Paragon City that he still keeps in touch with. During their time as members of the Skypirates, Kestrel and Agape shared a bond as fellow archers and would often exchange techniques on better ways to utilize the bow. More then not, they would get into large debates about the weapon as well, being Kestrel harnassed her power through the use of technology and Agape's abilities based off magic. After Agape left the Sky Pirates he and Kestrel lost communication with one another until one fateful day in Founders Falls when both heroes responded to the alert of a Malta Kronos Titan wrecking havok in the Venice like city zone. Once that battle once completed the two of them resumed their friendship which still stands till this day.

The Nitedevil - A member of the Frontline whom has earned the respect of Agape. Devin finds Nitedevil's interesting at times, and has yet to be annoyed by the vigilante's stern demeanor. Although he has only teamed with him once, Agape finds this masked crime-fighter to be one of the best and despite the Devil's lack of supernatural powers, he still is able to hold his own in any given situation. Occassionaly Devin runs into the Nitedevil patroling the city. In a recent interview conducted by Madeline Casey, Agape has gone on record to state that he thinks Nitedevil is one of the best heroes in Paragon City, despite the attitude that the vigalantte eminates.

Bidon De A - An old friend simply put. Devin believes that Bidon can be head-strong at times, but despite her abrasive personality there are few others people that SincereAgape would rather have fighting alongside him. Bidon is a caring individual who will sacrifice much for those she loves. Agape and Bidon both served as members of the Sky Pirates, a group of heroes banded

Kegi-Bot - One of SincereAgape's most recent allies, the adorable android known as Kegi-Bot has been seen around Paragon City on numerous occassions fighting side by side with the cajun superhero. In her many forms, Kegi-Bot is always full of passion, energy, and in Agape's opinion always has her heart in the right place. The Kegi-Bots and Agape share the same taste in music.

Miles - A longtime friend of SincereAgape's. Together they formed an incredible duo that fought off the Nemesis from Founders Falls, tanked the Freakshow from Independance Port, counquered the Council in Bricktown, and you get the point. Miles's skill with the katana made the perfect crime fighting partner with Devin. Now Miles has formed with his own group that call themselves the Galacto-Rangers and they are closely linked to the Frontline.

Wyndsong - Wyndsong, a weather matron of Paragon City is a close friend to Devin. As Agape began to rise in Paragon City security levels he came into contact with a young woman who was able to summon storm and electricity based powers. Together Agape and Wyndsong accomplished many things for Paragon City and as a result the two remain friends till this day.

Capt. Starfall - SincereAgape views Captain Starfall as one of the classic Silver Age heroes that laid the foundation on what it means to defend a city. Starfall is symbol of everything that is good about the heroes that hail from Paragon. Agape has teamed with Starfall on a few occassions, but knows the leader of the Peacekeepers through various other events.

Nyte-Owl - One of the two main empaths of The Frontline. Nyte-Owl also serves as the supergroups technology expert. Nyte-Owl appears to be the classic hero who is unsure of himself despite being the glue that holds the team together on many missions. Nyte-Owl is friendly, funny, and has a great personality according the Agape.

Dread Aces -

Kichi - SincereAgape has encounted Kichi numerous times in Siren's Call and in the war zone known as Bloody Bay. These two have always managed to cross one another in the battlefield and have exchanged jabs and barbs with one another. It is believed that their rivalry is on a friendly level.

Crimson Cutlass and Jet Nitro - The leader of the Dread Aces is the Crimson Cutlass and according to what Devin can gather Jet Nitro is either her bodyguard or second in command. Devin has felt the strength of Jet Nitro on more than one occassion.

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